19 Best Trade Schools In Florida In 2023

If you are looking for the best trade schools in Florida, this publication will help you choose the right school for your educational needs.

The trade schools presented in this list just like Trade Schools In Maryland offer quality training at various faculties, such as health care, technology, construction, etc.

About Trade Schools In Florida

Florida trade schools teach freshmen of any profession of their choice, allowing them to be absorbed in the labor force in less time. There are also Engineering Trade Schools in Florida and the US at large.

Trade schools in Florida provide students with hands-on activities relevant to a particular field.  Thus, it is easier to find a job in this field at first.  In addition, many vocational school programs focus on areas where there is a high demand for workers.

What Can I Study In Trade Schools In Florida?

At the trade school you can get a degree in areas such as plumbing, nursing, medical science, training in automotive engineering, ownership and more.  The duration of the program varies, but it can usually vary from eight months to two years.

Acquiring a professional profession at a vocational or trade school can be an ideal way to realize your dream of a high-paying job and a personally rewarding career.

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How Long Is Trade Schools In Florida?

Unlike other colleges where you study for four years or more, vocational schools offer students the best practical education in less than two years.

Less time at school allows you to gain more work experience and advance in your career faster.  Also, if you are not in school, you will not have to pay for these extra years of college.

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Are Trade Schools In Florida Accredited?

Some trade schools in Florida are accredited by regional organizations, such as the Southern College Association and the College Schools Commission. 

Other schools may be accredited by national organizations, such as the Accreditation Commission for Schools and Career Colleges or the Distance Education Accreditation Commission.

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What Are The Best Online Trade Schools In Florida?

The Florida College of Technology (FTC)!  The FTC understands that there are many commitments that can prevent you from continuing your education, and we believe that there should be nothing between you and the opportunity to obtain a degree. 

It is very important to be able to attend online classes and study in your spare time.  The current job market is demanding, competitive, where you are expected to receive a degree, as well as certificates related to this degree. 

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What Are The Best Trade Schools In Florida?

#1 South Florida Institute of Technology

The South Florida Institute of Technology offers students a variety of academic programs designed to train qualified support staff in health, business, and construction.

The South Florida Institute of Technology is licensed by the Independent Education Commission of the Florida Department of Education and accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Schools and Career Colleges (ACCSC).

Representatives of the admissions committee are available to guide future students.  Applicants need a valid driver’s license or photo ID, social security card, high school diploma or G.E.D. and / or college transcripts.


#2 Elite Bartending School and Event Staffing

Elite Bartending School is a licensed state bartending school, fully regulated by the Florida Department of Education.

Today, Elite Bartending School trains bartenders in 5 different locations in Florida: Florida, Fort Lauderdale, Florida Keys, Fort Myers and Orlando.

Classes are conducted by instructors with 25 years of experience in this field. Elite classes are practical, conducted and taught in one of the Ft. Myers’ best nightclubs.

Southwest Florida’s elite bartending school offers all students entering the school a computer training at the point of sale.  Flair workshops will be offered free of charge through the school through bartending forums.


#3 Career Tech

Career Tech is a school of transportation and logistics in Central Florida.  The philosophy of the school is that everyone can learn the skills they need to increase their earning potential, and thus improve their lives.

Career Tech is licensed by the Independent Education Commission of the Florida Department of Education.  Classes are small, averaging 6 students for truck driver and commercial driver training programs.

Graduate certificates will be recognized throughout the country. Career Tech is accredited through the COE, the Board of Vocational Education, and the Atlanta Accreditation Agency, Georgia.

Applicants must provide a birth certificate proving that he / she is at least 18 years old.  Prospective students must also present an identity card with an image, such as a driver’s license or a state-issued identity card.


#4 Tulsa Welding School – Jacksonville

Tulsa Welding School offers a 7-month training program for future professional welders.  80% of the program consists of practical welding courses taught by experienced professionals. 

Students will spend only 1 day a week in class. The school offers a flexible schedule: morning, day and evening welding classes are available on the campuses of Tulsa, Oklahoma and Jacksonville, Florida.

Applicants must be high school graduates with a standard or higher degree or have a GED or high school equivalent.  All applicants must be at least 18 years old.

Applicants must have good eyesight with corrective lenses, if necessary, and be able to work with the physical requirements of the welding profession.  Tulsa Welding School also offers a variety of scholarships for eligible students.


#5 Florida Education Institute

Founded in 1995, the Florida Institute of Education offers quality career education for future qualified professionals in a variety of fields.  Education at FEI focuses on practical training.

The institute offers a flexible schedule with daytime and evening classes.  The school’s mission is to provide a quality, student-centered career education that prepares students for new career opportunities.

The Florida Institute of Education is nationally accredited by the Vocational Education Council (COE). The age of future students must be at least 16 years. 

They must provide a valid driver’s license, a state ID card with a photo or a valid passport with an application for admission.  Applicants must also provide evidence of high school graduation or GED.


#6 Southern Technical College

Southern Technical College is an accredited private institution that offers career education on its campuses in Oberndale, Brandon, Fort Myers, Orlando, Port Charlotte, Sanford, Tampa and online.

Southern Technical College aims to provide education and training in various medical and technical fields that allow graduates to obtain entry-level jobs.

The college offers programs for the degree of associate professor, specialist in applied sciences and diploma programs. Southern Technical College is licensed by the Independent Education Commission of the Florida Department of Education.

The Fort Myers, Port Charlotte, and Tampa campuses are accredited by the Accreditation Board of Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) for bachelors, academic, and graduate degrees.

The Orlando, Auburndale, Brandon and Sanford campuses are accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Schools and Career Colleges for the award of specialist degrees and diplomas.


#7 Brewster Technical College

Brewster Technical College can be traced back to 1925, when it was opened as a school specifically for vocational training.

The college provides technical education that allows every adult student to be a successful and responsible citizen. BTC is part of Hillsboro County Public Schools, accredited by the Board of Vocational Education Commission.

As a first step in the enrollment process, applicants must attend student services.  Prospective students must provide an approved high school diploma or GED and a social security card.

Applicants pay $10 non-refundable for applications, $5 for testing, and $ 10 for student activities.  Fees also include school insurance of $12 and liability insurance of $15.


#8 Florida Vocational Institute

The mission of the Florida Vocational Institute is to provide the community with training that prepares students to succeed in many high-demand industries.  The institute has two campuses in Florida.

Miami’s main campus consists of 13,339 square feet of theoretical classrooms, medical and computer labs, a student lounge, a reception area, fully equipped administrative offices, and a library / resource information area.

The Miramar campus consists of 30,000 square feet of special space, including a shared lounge, reception area in addition to theoretical classes / laboratories.

The Florida Vocational Institute is accredited by the Vocational Education Council.


What Are The Best Trade Schools In Jacksonville Florida?

#9 LeaderQuest Jacksonville

LeaderQuest Jacksonville is approved and regulated by the Colorado Department of Higher Education, Council of Private Vocational Schools.

Prospective students can register at any time, and the application requirements will depend on the chosen program. The school has defined certain eligibility criteria, as not all entrants can be admitted.

Prospective students must have a high school diploma or equivalent diploma. They must show a strong desire and willingness to learn.


#10 Concord Career Institute – Jacksonville

Concorde Career College is accredited by the Accreditation Commission of Schools and Career Colleges.

If you believe Concorde is the right institution for you, you must meet the general admission requirements to be accepted as regular students, and those who do not meet must not apply.

The first thing to do is a personal interview and a tour of the campus.  After you meet with a receptionist, you will discuss programs and possible financial aid, as well as admission requirements.

After the meeting, if you still believe that this school meets your interests and desires, you should submit complete documentation for admission.


#11 Tulsa Welding School – Jacksonville

Tulsa Welding School is proud to announce that it has been around for 65 years and that its professionals continue to successfully help the younger generation gets the most out of their education and future careers.

With flexible schedules, financial aid, career services, and student housing available in Tulsa, many young people choose to try their luck by applying to one of its programs.

If you have thought well and decided that Tulsa Welding School is the right choice for you, you should apply for the best welding training in Florida.


#12 Alpha School of Massage

Alpha Massage School is the oldest massage school in Jacksonville, Florida, since it has existed since 1992.  They offer 25 years of experience in the world of aesthetics and facial care.

They are proud to announce that they are licensed by the Florida Department of Education’s Independent Education Commission.

The school staff has identified some qualification requirements that must be met: First, students who study at our school must have a high school diploma, GED certificate.


What Are The Best Trade Schools In Tampa Florida?

#13 Brewster Technical College

Brewster College of Technology (BTC) offers training programs in technology and healthcare.  Brewster is a state technical college after high school that is part of Hillsboro County Public Schools.

The college offers hands-on programs that teach students the skills needed in the field.  In addition, the college offers basic adult education (GED, English and Applied Academics for Adult Education).

BTC is accredited by the Commission of the Council for Vocational Education.  Applicants need a high school diploma or GED, social security card, driver’s license or IDFL vehicle registration or voter registration.


#14 Jersey College

Jersey College offers a hands-on nursing program and an RN program on the Tampa campus with multiple start dates throughout the year.

Students study in modern conditions with experienced instructors who provide comprehensive medical education that can prepare students for a real career. Jersey College is accredited by the Council for Vocational Education (COE).

The Professional Nursing Program (Senior Specialist Diploma) on the Tampa Campus is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Nursing Education. Applicants must take the entrance interview and pass the entrance exam.


#15 Aguilas International Technical Institute

Aguilas International Technical Institute provides quality medical care and technical training in Spanish and English.

The school offers diploma programs in medical care, pharmaceutical technology, home medical assistant, as well as preparation for nursing assistant exams, as well as preparation for billing and coding exams.

The Nursing Diploma Program teaches students how to perform clinical functions, as well as clerical and administrative roles, and prepares them for the National Health Care Association (NHA) exam.

The 4-week Home Health Aide Diploma Program covers topics such as basic health care, emergency response, and household responsibilities. The school has 98% of graduates with more than 200 graduates annually.


#16 Ewin Technical School

Ewin Technical School offers programs designed to prepare students for a new career in just 12-15 months.

The school offers full-time programs that prepare students for entry-level employment and part-time courses designed to help students improve current work skills or explore new topics.

Erwin Technical College is accredited by the Council for Vocational Education (COE). Admission requirements are program-specific and may include a standard high school diploma (or GED) or other documents.

Students who meet the admission requirements are placed on a list on the next available start date of the program.


What Are The Best Trade Schools In Miami Florida?

#17 Florida Vocational Institute

The Florida Professional Institute teaches students basic skills for careers in healthcare and IT. Graduates are ready to get entry-level jobs as medical assistants, pharmacists, patient care technicians and nurse assistants.

The Florida Vocational Institute is accredited by the Vocational Education Council (COE). The institute is licensed by the Commission on Independent Education (CIE).


#18 Florida Education Institute

The Florida Education Institute (FEI) offers training programs in health, business, and the culinary arts.  Education at FEI focuses on practical training. The institute offers a flexible schedule with daytime and evening classes.

FEI offers student-centered education and prepares you for new career opportunities.  The curriculum includes programs that meet the needs of the employer. The Florida Institute of Education is nationally accredited by the Vocational Education Council (COE).


#19 South Florida Institute of Technology

The South Florida Institute of Technology offers high-quality educational programs designed to help students get entry-level jobs and improve students’ existing technical skills in their field.

The school offers a flexible schedule of lessons to fit students’ schedules.  The institute offers a variety of academic programs in health, business and construction.

 The South Florida Institute of Technology provides a viable alternative to traditional college education, excluding some general education programs and focusing on specialized facilities.



Florida provides a wide range of career opportunities for its residents who wish to pursue education and training, not limited to admission requirements, costs, and time required to complete traditional bachelor’s or bachelor’s programs. 

To help you make this very important decision that will affect your future career, we’ve gathered comprehensive information on the state’s many online schools and colleges.

The high demand for skilled workers is a great opportunity for many Florida residents to consider a career in commerce.  The job prospects are bright, especially for plumbers, electricians, masons and carpenters, who can earn between $55,000 and $75,000 a year, including full benefits and pensions.

Trade Schools In Florida FAQ

How Do Trade Schools In Florida Work?

Trade schools are arranged in such a way that it is easy for students to supervise.  These controlled teacher-student relationships in these schools give students an excellent individual learning experience.  This is especially important because vocational schools often have programs that require careful monitoring, hands-on training with equipment and tools.

How Many Trade Schools Are I N Florida?

There are more than 129 trade schools and career centers in Florida that provide vocational education in a variety of fields, from health care to construction.
However, for those who intend to or are already attending trade school programs, Florida is also recording a high demand for jobs that require technical skills that are not exactly covered by four-year diplomas.

Are There Scholarships For Trade Schools In Florida?

Most trade schools in Florida offer scholarships, grants, and other forms of financial aid.  One of the schools is Florida Gold Seal Professional Fellows, candidates who must receive three full credits under one vocational / technical education program to be eligible.


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