11 Best Trade Schools in Utah in 2023

Utah offers some of the best trade schools in the country, with many highly respected vocational programs available to state residents at little or no cost.

Trade schools in Utah provide valuable hands-on training and allow students to get started with the career they want as soon as possible.

Whether you’re interested in becoming an electrician, chef, or welder, Utah has programs that can help you achieve your goals, regardless of what part of the state you live in.

The following list gives more information about some of the top trade schools in Utah. Be sure also to check out the Best Trade Schools In Colorado.

How Do Trade Schools in Utah Work?

A trade school in Utah, a technical school or a career college is a type of post-secondary education institution.

Most trade schools in Utah focus on teaching vocational subjects such as carpentry, plumbing and electrical work, automotive repair, and HVAC.

Although some schools offer academic classes as well.

These institutions typically cover high school courses and courses that last two years that are meant to be completed before entering a university or college.

However, they are structured by state or provincial requirements and are generally associated with shorter training programs.

They do not usually award degrees—unless you complete additional schooling after graduating from one of these programs.

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Why go to Trade Schools in Utah?

For those not seeking a degree, trade schools in Utah offer skilled training for lucrative careers.

Most of today’s highest-paying jobs require a postsecondary certificate or an associate’s degree rather than a four-year college diploma.

At trade schools in Utah, you can specialize in HVAC installation and repair, network system administration, and drafting.

With some hard work and smart choices when picking your program of study, you could be well on your way to success before long.

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How Much Do Trade Schools in Utah Cost?

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of potential schools, it’s time to gather information on how much attending those institutions will cost.

When looking at average trade school costs, be sure to account for tuition and fees as well as room and board, books, and supplies. All this might cost around $7 to 10k per year.

And keep in mind that these costs don’t reflect what you may need for tuition down payments or other upfront expenses.

Most students take out student loans to cover some or all of their educational expenses.

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What are the Best Trade Schools in Utah?

Here are our top picks for the best trade schools in Utah. We looked at several factors, including tuition, financial aid availability, accreditation, and reputation.

  • Avalon School of Cosmetology
  • Taylor Andrews Academy of Hair Design
  • RTDS Trucking School
  • ccCNA Certified Nursing Assistant Classes
  • Healing Mountain Massage School
  • Dixie Technical College
  • Bridgeland Technical College
  • Granite Technical Institute
  • Violin Making School of America LLC
  • Acaydia Spa and School of Aesthetics
  • Uintah Basin Applied Technology College

#1 Avalon School of Cosmetology

Avalon School of Cosmetology offers training for future beauticians, hairdressers, beauticians, and make-up artists.

Students study with licensed industry professionals with many years of experience in this field.

The school offers flexible programs and day and night classes.  95% of Avalon graduates take licensing exams.

Some possible careers students can get after graduation are salon owner/manager, hairdresser, fashion stylist, beauty blogger, and special effects artist.

The National Accreditation Commission accredits the Avalon School of Cosmetology for the Arts and Careers. 

Applicants need a high school diploma or equivalent and are fluent in English.


#2 Taylor Andrews Academy of Hair Design

Another great school for future beauty professionals in Utah is the Taylor Andrews Academy of Hair Design.  The academy has 3 locations in Utah: Orem, West Jordan and St. George.

Experienced instructors teach students the skills to become experienced cosmetologists or hairdressers.

The duration of training depends on the program: the cosmetology program can be completed in 50 weeks, and hairdressing students usually complete their studies in 31 weeks.

Students can choose between day and night classes.  The Taylor Andrews Academy is NACCAS accredited.

Applicants need a copy of their high school diploma or equivalent, a copy of their driver’s license/birth certificate or passport and a social security card.


#3 RTDS Trucking School

RTDS offers a variety of truck driving training programs designed to give students full preparation for the CDL A test. The school provides classroom, training and road training.

While in the classroom, students learn by watching videos, working with books, demonstrations, and lectures. 

Before starting the field study, students will be tested in all subjects.

During training on the training ground, the instructor provides students with clear training on the RTDS training ground.  Road training is the final part of CDL A training.

Students will practice turning right and left in traffic, visual search, skills of switching on light highways, interstate and rural routes, and most importantly – safe driving.


#4 ccCNA Certified Nursing Assistant Classes

CcCNA Certified Nurse classes teach students the knowledge and skills needed to work as a CNA in Utah.  The 100-hour program can be completed in about two weeks.

The program includes 60 hours of classroom and 40 hours of practical training. 

After passing the ccCNA final exam, the school enters your name and address into the state computer system, indicating that you are ready to take the state exam.

UNAR will immediately email you how to pay for and schedule the certification exam.

The CNA state exam is divided into two parts: the written and the skills part, costing $75.

The ccCNA Nursing Assistant Program is approved and controlled by the Utah Registry of Nursing Assistants.


#5 Healing Mountain Massage School

Healing Mountain Massage School offers therapeutic massage training, spa therapy training and a comprehensive physician’s degree program.

The school offers primary, secondary and advanced classes.  Students can choose between morning and evening classes. 

Classes are held in spa centers in school educational centers of holistic massage.

The Holistic Health course includes 900 hours of therapeutic massage training and 300 hours of additional Holistic Health training.

If you graduate on time, the school will pay for your MBLEX exam, Utah license fee, and professional indemnity insurance for one year.

The school has 100% and 90% exams on its campus in Salt Lake City and South Utah, respectively. 

The Health School Accreditation Bureau institutionally accredits Healing Mountain Massage School.


#6 Dixie Technical College

The Vocational Education Council Commission accredits Dixie Technical College.

People who want to apply should know that the registration process is simplified so everyone can apply.

First, you must visit the school’s website and find a link to the application form.

You will move on to the actual form, which personal and educational data should supplement.

Then your next task is to make an appointment with a representative of the school’s admissions office, whose task is to talk to you about admission requirements, programs, financial aid, and conditions.

If you need financial support, you should meet with a financial assistance representative to discuss available payment options.

The last step is to review the application, and if you are accepted, you will receive an email notification.


#7 Bridgeland Technical College

Bridgeland Technical College is accredited by the Vocational Education Council (COE) Commission.

To be enrolled in the Bridgerland Technical College program, a student must have a high school diploma or its recognized equivalent.

You must complete an online or in-person admission form, and complete additional requirements for the selected program.

Academic assessment can be avoided if a student has an ACT with a minimum score of 17 or a SAT with a minimum score of 930 within four years of enrollment.

Part of the application process is a meeting with a Student Service representative.  The last step is to register for courses online or in person at the direction of the teachers of the program.


#8 Granite Technical Institute

To register for the Granite Technical Institute programs, you need to talk to a career coordinator at your home school.  It is recommended to have 2.5 GPA and 2.5 CPA for students

In addition to the application form, which must be completed with accurate information about your personal and educational information.

You must include a health plan signed by a nurse, IEP, or 504, as well as the contact information of the file owner.

The application form can be found online on the official website of the Institute or obtained at the Career Center of your higher education institution.

It is very important that the application is complete and signed by both the student and their guardian and returned to the Career Center for consideration and approval.


#9 Violin Making School of America LLC

The Violin Making School of America offers its students a curriculum designed to immerse students in the world of the tool.

The school program is designed to be completed in 3 years, and upon completing the graduation conditions, the student receives a Luther certificate.

The application process consists of a few simple steps. First, you need to fill out a questionnaire, send it, and the school staff will contact you when you receive your application.

You must write a letter of personal intent on one or two pages, stating the reasons for your desire to attend school and your qualifications.

The next requirement is to describe your financial plan for tuition and accommodation briefly, and all these documents must be sent to the school.


#10 Acaydia Spa and School of Aesthetics

Because all Acaydia Spa programs focus on the skin, they offer their students state-of-the-art and diverse skin care training programs.

There are qualification requirements that Acaydia sets for each potential candidate.

He / she must be physically fit to work as a cosmetologist and have a high school diploma, or equivalent, or a college or university degree.

In addition, the applicant must reach the age of compulsory schooling in Utah (18) and be able to benefit from studying at Acaydia.

The prospective student must take a nationally recognized, standardized, or field-developed test that meets NACCAS guidelines.

In addition, individual counseling will be provided to determine the applicant’s ability to benefit.  Eligible students can apply by submitting a completed application to Acaydia.


#11 Uintah Basin Applied Technology College

The Vocational Education Council Commission accredits Uintah Basin Applied Technology College. The entry process is not too complicated.

You will need to complete your account information online and visit our Student Success Center to complete the entrance exams and set up a class schedule.

Many programs have special admission requirements, and some may require a competitive application process.

First you need to choose your program, and then the school would like to make sure that your math, reading and language skills match the program you have chosen.

Therefore, you will be asked to take a test at the Student Success Center.  All this is organized after you meet with one of the students’ performance specialists before enrollment.


What are the Best Welding Trade Schools in Utah?

When choosing welding trade schools in Utah, it’s important to consider your career goals.  Are you looking for training that can help you start working right away?

Most trade schools offer short-term programs designed to get students working quickly.

Others provide longer-term instruction with hands-on experience through internships and apprenticeships.

  • Davis Applied Technology College
  • Dixie Technical College
  • Jordan Academy For Technology And Careers – South
  • Mountainland Applied Technology College
  • Ogden-Weber Applied Technology Center

What are the Best Trade schools in Salt Lake City, UT

There are many trade schools in Salt Lake City, Utah. Each institution focuses on training for a specific area of work.

Some trade schools in Salt Lake City, UT provide their students with classes that train them to be auto mechanics, while others teach them how to install hardwood floors properly.

When you attend one of these schools, you’ll learn valuable skills that can help you earn more money when it comes time to find a job after graduation.

  • Fortis College – Salt Lake City
  • Echelon Edge Academy Of Hair Skin & Nails
  • Healing Mountain Massage – Orem Branch Campus
  • Neumont College of Computer Science


In conclusion, those wanting to learn a trade can do so without leaving their home state.

Whether it is an online degree or an apprenticeship program at a local school, some options will fit their needs and allow them to move forward with their career.

Best of all, they won’t break the bank in the process! Students must consider what they want out of life before choosing a path toward achieving that goal.

An honest assessment of one’s interests can help ensure they take classes that reflect what they enjoy doing most—and ensure they have great success after graduating.

Taking the time to evaluate career options could mean achieving more than expected down the road!

Trade Schools In Utah FAQs

How Many Trade Schools are in Utah?

Utah is home to many trade schools, from cooking to computer and business schools.

Not only do these schools provide affordable career training, but they are also convenient and many have campuses across Utah.

What City Has the Best Schools in Utah?

Some of the best schools in Utah are in Salt Lake City, Utah. With 7 colleges, more than 544 schools and 12 universities to choose from students will find that they have a wide range of options.

Local schools include the University of Utah and Salt Lake Community College, which offer undergraduate degrees, masters’ degrees and doctorate degrees.

What Trade Jobs Pay the Most in Utah?

Utah’s annual mean wage for trade and technical jobs is $40,280. By the end of 2021 it increased by 5% according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Occupations typically pay high salaries are heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers, plumbers and pipefitters, and computer network architects.

Not only do these jobs offer good pay but they also provide opportunities for job security—occupations expected to have increased employment by 10 percent between 2014-2024 according to the BLS.


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