How to Announce Rebranding on Social Media

It often happens that the name has ceased to fulfill its direct tasks and has begun to slow down the brand’s evolution. What can you do in such a case? The only thing left is to take radical measures – to change it completely. The reason for renaming can be anything – an unsound name, inconsistency with the brand’s essence? Or it is very long and difficult to remember. There are several steps to create a renaming.

Announcing the rebranding is considered one of the most important parts of the process. What will it take? You will need to prepare your audience well. Surprises are very specific, and not everyone is ready for them. But even more importantly, a sudden branding change can confuse your audience. It is better to consider creating a preparatory post (or several) a few weeks or days before rebranding.

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The Process of Communicating the Rebranding to Your Audience

Here are the basic steps on how to accomplish this task:

1. Storytelling

    The first step is the most obvious. It is necessary to conduct an advertising and PR campaign. You will need to make a series of mailings to partners and regular customers and presentations of the new name. It is desirable to approach this issue creatively, unusually telling the audience about the renaming.

    2. Without complications

    If you want to keep the old audience and communicate your new name, consider the option of easy changes. If the new name clearly connects with the old one, if the audience almost instantly understands that it is the same brand, you can save on advertising campaigns and will not have to convey to people renaming.

    3. Intermediate name.

    It is an acceptable method in many situations when a drastic radical renaming is not necessary. It is enough to create a name combining the old and new names. It will be a bridge on which the audience will move from your old image to the new one. This way, she will understand what exactly happened and accept it calmly.

    If you don’t want to make drastic changes and fear losing your audience, you should start with a redesign. 

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    About Posts

    You must prepare a social media post for your audience or make a media placement. It’s important to warn that the changes will be gradual. It would be a good idea to ask on social media what your customers want to change first. It will help you to engage in a dialog, gather different opinions, and show your audience that their opinion matters.

    It will also be necessary to develop a communication strategy. By focusing on the new strategy, you can implement the changes.

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    What’s the Final Result?

    There is an option to implement rebranding gradually or immediately. In the first case, you help your audience get used to the changes: they will already be prepared and adapt to the new together with you. If you change the brand strategy abruptly, you should realize that users may still have questions and comments. In that case, you need to give them time to get used to it – they will discuss it and forget everything.

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