How to Know Your Interview Went Well in 2024


Between the time you’re done with an interview and the time you’re waiting to get a response from them, you can really be wondering if the interviewers are really interested in what you are offering.

During this period You will be analyzing and thinking about whether you performed well or not. You may even say to yourself I wish I had some hints that show whether or not they are interested in me.


In this article, you’ll be learning Four key signs to look out for that really shows whether the interviewers are interested in you and hiring you as their number one choice. 

Let’s get to it!


#1. How Long was the interview?

The length of the interview is the biggest sign that really shows whether they’re interested in you or not. This Is the case, if the interview took a lot of time, that’s a good sign, that is not always the case but it potentially shows that they’re interested in you.

If they are not interested in you then they will not want to spend much time with you.

If the interview took the exact amount of time or if it was under time, then it actually shows they either want to just get away with you or everything flows very well from both ends. That is, the interview went very smoothly.


As I said,  this is not always the case but this is a sign you should look out for. 

You may want to ask, how much time is the right amount of time? It really depends on the level of the interview you’re in. If it’s a phone interview, you won’t expect a phone interview to take an hour or two. 

If it is an in-person interview then that can be different, the length can be determined by how the interviewer is taking the interview and your response could be a contributing factor to the length of time.

Some interviewers can be so efficient that they could make their decision from a 10- 20 minutes conversation. Don’t feel bad if everything is short because it’s not always the case.

But the rule of thumb is to look at the length of time. If it’s longer than the time they have allocated then it’s a good sign.

#2. Was the interviewer prepared?

A good way to tell whether the interviewer is interested in hiring you is if they show up in the interview prepared. This is an indicator of the quality of the job and organization you’re interviewing at.

The more prepared the interviewer is, the better the opportunity is as well. If the interviewer was prepared, they’d come up with relevant questions and ask you to give a good answer to them. They’ll take it seriously and, as long as you answer correctly, they’ll hire you.

If the interviewer was not prepared and instead they ask you to come up with your own questions, then that’s a bad sign.

It means they’re not taking their search seriously and they’ll potentially not only not be interested in hiring you but also not interested in hiring anyone.

#3. Did they seem intrigued by your answers?

This comes down to body language and how they’re interacting with you. Signs that the interviewer is interested in you are; 

  • wide eyes
  • Smiling
  • Nodding
  • When you sense that they are listening to you intensively because they are engaged.

Signs that the interviewer is not interested in you are

  • Standoffish 
  • Reserved
  • Uninterested
  • Bored

Also, pay attention to whether they ask you follow-up questions or if they mention little details you have mentioned during the interview. If you find out that they are engaged, they will likely be asking you questions about things you have mentioned. So that’s a good sign as well.

#4. Did it feel like a natural conversation; like you were getting to know each other or like you were in a Q&A hot seat?

The goal of an interview is not to make it a stiff question and answer period but a natural conversation where both you and the interviewer are getting to know each other.

Many may consider it hard to read the interviewer’s facial expression and body language and sometimes after going through all these questions, they still don’t know if the interviewer is interested in you or not.

But if you use these questions as a guild it will sharpen the way you interact in your next interview. So, there you have it, the 4 questions you can use as a sign to determine whether your interview goes well or not.

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