Marist College Acceptance Rate 2023: Admissions, Courses, And Scholarship

The three significant factors you need when considering admission into Marist College are Marist College acceptance rate, SAT/ACT scores, and GPA scores.

All these crucial factors can determine your chance of getting admission to Marist College. Here is all you need to know about Marist College’s requirements for admission in 2023.

History Of Marist College

Marist College is a liberal arts college that is run privately. It is a private institution that accepts students from all races and regions. Marist college acceptance rate is selective: in 2021, half of the student who applied was admitted.

Marist College was located in Poughkeepsie, New York, United State. The private institution was established by the market brothers in 1905.

Marist College has 59 degrees program and 2 certificate programs in other academics discipline. Marist was accredited in 1929 to offer degrees in arts and sciences.

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Why Choose Marist College?

Marist College support and paves the way for several opportunities for students after graduating.

Marist College doesn’t accredit all departments with the Bachelor of Science degree, the degree is only given to the major in arts, but the college considers every other non-liberal arts course to be a professional program.

After one year of graduating, over 80% of students at Marist College are employed, while the remaining 20% are pursuing higher education.

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What Is Marist College Acceptance Rate?

Marist College acceptance rate for 2023 is 55.7%. In 2021 Marist College admission, half of the students who applied for admission to the school were admitted. This report shows that getting admission into Marist College is hard and competitive.

What Is Marist College Transfer Acceptance Rate?

The Marist transfer acceptance rate is 65.76%. Marist College’s transfer acceptance rate is competitive, so you must have their entire requirement to get admission to the school.

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What Is Marist College GPA Requirement?

To get a chance to be admitted to Marist College, you will need to have the required GPA. Marist College GPA requirement is 3.15, but for a better chance of getting admission to the school, 3.48 is a good shot for it.

What Is Marist College SAT Requirement?

For a new SAT score (1600), the 25th percentile of the new SAT score is 1150, while the 75th percentile SAT score is 1320. Anything below the New SAT score of 1150 is below average, and anything above 1320 is above average.

Marist College does not have any particular SAT requirement, but the school will not accept anything below 1150, and such a student will not be considered an admission.

Having an SAT score of 1238 or above will give you a great chance at getting in.

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What Is Marist College ACT Requirement?

Marist College acceptance rate is 55.4%. Marist is extra selective with its acceptance rate. Though there is no absolute ACT score for Marist College, to get a better chance of getting admission to Marist College, you should get an ACT score between 24 and 30.

Is Marist College Hard To Get Into?

Marist College can be so competitive in its acceptance rate, but if you have all its requirements, there is a high chance of getting admission into the institution. If you have all the requirements, it is worth trying.

Does Marist College Have Masters Program?

Yes, Marist College runs an online master’s program. Marist College’s online master’s program was highly ranked as one of the best online master’s programs today.

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What Is Marist College Tuition And Fees?

Marist offers student and parent electronic services for billings and payment of tuition and fees. This electronic payment includes ACH payments via checks and savings accounts.

Marist College accepts cash, checks, and credit card for student tuition and fees. Here are the tuition and fees for Marist College.

  • Freshman Tuition and Fees
  • Tuition – $43,700
  • Housing- $9,790
  • Health service- $410
  • Meal plan (dining)-$7,550
  • Book and supplies -$1200
  • Travel/Transportation- $950
  • Total-$63,190

The total fee can vary depending on the student’s housing and dining choice.

Does Marist College Give Full Scholarships?

No, Marist College does not give full scholarships to students, but the school gives scholarships to students to aid their educational expenses.

One of the scholarships available for students at Marist College is an academic-based merit scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to students with high academic performance during their entire high school career. No set of rules ensures a scholarship or the amount to be awarded.

A student who has taken their program of studies seriously during their high school career can be considered for this scholarship award. The scholarship can be renewed for four (4) consecutive years.

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Does Marist College Give International Graduate Program Student Scholarship?

Yes, Marist College gives International student scholarships. All qualified students outside the United States admitted into Marist College are given financial aid through a discount on their tuition.

The Tuition merit-based scholarship is awarded based on the student’s performance during undergraduate academics and GRE score. The amount of scholarship awarded covers the whole time of the program.

What Are Marist College Decision Dates?

Application Deadlines

  • Early Decision I-  November 1
  • Early Action- November 1
  • Early Decision II- February 1
  • Regular Decision -January 15
  • Notification Deadline
  • Early Decision I-  January 15
  • Early Action- December 15
  • Early Decision II- February 15
  • Regular Decision -May 1
  • Enrollment Deadlines
  • Early Decision I-  May 1
  • Early Action- January 7
  • Early Decision II- February 15
  • Regular Decision – April 1


Are you a student ready to pursue his/her dream and become a world changer? Then, Marist College is your best choice to explore, discover your passion and pursue it to achieve your goals.

Marist College is a private institution committed to helping students discover their passions and successfully achieve their purposes and goals.

A home for all to discover themselves and achieve their goals. Marist College is highly ranked as one of the best academic institutions in the United State.

The benefits are numerous, and though the acceptance rate is competitive, the university is worth the try.

Marist College Acceptance Rate FAQs

What Are The Requirements For Marist College Admission Process?

The Marist College’s admission committee considers different aspects when reviewing the student application process. Nevertheless, the crucial factors you need to consider which should meet the school requirements when applying for Marist College admission are your GPA scores, SAT/ACT scores, Marist College acceptance rate, and 2 letters of recommendation.

Does Marist College Offer Scholarships/Financial Aid To Freshman Students?

Marist College offers financial aid to fresh students with graduate degrees and certificate programs such as scholarships and students loan. There are no criteria used to award the scholarship. For more information, visit the scholarship board.

What Is Marist College Graduate School GPA Requirement For Admission?

Marist College GPA requirements for graduate school admission are 3.15/4.0. To get a chance to be admitted to Marist College, you will need to have the required GPA.

What Is The Requirement For Marist Financial Aid?

You don’t need to do anything to be awarded a scholarship at Marist College. The scholarship is evaluated based on your academic grades and lay-down needs. However, to apply for a scholarship at Marist College, you must document the FAFSA (Free Application for Financial students Aid) form along with your approved state grant application (if necessary).


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