Top Military Schools in Vermont 2024 | All You Need to Know

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the top military schools in Vermont. Whether you’re a parent seeking the best education for your child or a student considering a future in the military, this article has all the essential information you need to know.

We’ll delve into the distinguished institutions offering rigorous academics, leadership training, and a structured environment to help students excel academically and develop valuable life skills. Discover the top military schools in Vermont and embark on a transformative educational journey.

First, choosing to study in Vermont is a great choice as most of the schools in the state encourage small class sizes, which foster one-on-one learning and interaction. 

Vermont is home to many schools, colleges, and universities recognized for their track record in delivering quality education. And also, there are recognized military schools in the state.

Identifying the best military school can be a daunting task. Hence we have engineered this guide to show you how to choose the right military school, the best military high schools and colleges in Vermont as well as their admission requirements, tuition cost, and academic style.

Let’s dive in!!!

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How to Choose the Right Military School in Vermont

Choosing the right military school in Vermont can be a difficult decision, but by considering certain factors, you can find the best school to meet your needs. Here are some steps you can take to choose the right military school in Vermont:

1. Define your goals and priorities

Before you search for a military school, consider your goals and priorities. Do you want to pursue a career in the military or attend college? Are you looking for a school with a strong academic program or one that focuses more on military training and leadership development? Identifying your priorities will help you narrow down your search.

2. Research and scout for schools

Once you define your priorities, research different military schools in Vermont, starting with the list below. Look at their websites, read reviews and testimonials from students and alumni, and contact admissions offices with any questions.

3. Consider the curriculum 

Look at the curriculum of each school and make sure it aligns with your goals and priorities. Consider the academic courses offered, as well as the military training and leadership development programs. Is it something you can cope with?

4. Evaluate the faculty

In your search for military schools in Vermont, research the faculty and staff at each school to ensure they have the experience and qualifications to provide quality education and effective military training.

5. Check accreditation and rankings

Ensure the military schools you are considering are accredited by the appropriate agencies. Also, ensure they have a good reputation. Check rankings from U.S. News and World Report or Military Times.

6. Consider location and facilities

Consider the location of the school and whether it is convenient for you. Look at the facilities, such as dormitories, classrooms, and training facilities, to ensure they are adequate.

7. Check for financial aid and scholarship opportunities

Consider the cost of tuition and whether the school offers financial aid and scholarship opportunities. Research the requirements for these programs and make sure you qualify.

8. Visit the school for inquiries 

If possible, visit the school to get a better feel for the campus and community. Attend an open house or schedule a campus tour to meet with faculty and students and see the facilities.

How Many Military Schools are in Vermont?

Vermont is home to just one military school: Norwich University. However, there are 2 other military-friendly high schools in the state. What this means is that there are no military high schools in Vermont, just military-friendly high schools. 

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Vermont’s Best Military Schools

As we have stated above, Vermont has just one military school. Here we give you details about the recognized Vermont military school: Norwich University and other military-friendly schools in the state. 

Without further ado, let’s review the best military and military-friendly schools in Vermont;

#1. Norwich University

  • Grades: College
  • Number of Students: 3,450
  • Address: 158 Harmon Drive, Northfield, VT 05663

Norwich University is the only military school in Vermont. It is the oldest private military college in the United States. 

Since its inception 100 years ago, Norwich University is home to America’s Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) cutting across all four branches of the armed forces; the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Army, the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Marine Corps. 

Norwich University has a lot of scholarship and grant programs for students in need of financial aid. To apply to Norwich University ROTC program, all you need is a review of High School Transcripts. However, if you’re a transfer student you will be reviewed by your GPA and High School Transcripts.

Upon graduation from the Norwich University ROTC program, cadets become competent, effective, and strong leaders. 


#2. Vermont Academy

  • Grades: 9-12 
  • Number of Students: 225
  • Address: Saxtons River, VT 

Following the only military school in Vermont is one of the best military-friendly schools; Vermont Academy. Vermont Academy is a co-ed preparatory school for high school boys and girls.

Although the Vermont Academy is open to ages 9-12, the cadets also offer a post-graduate program for students in this educational institution. Vermont Academy is not only one of the military schools that admit troubled youth but also those with difficulty in learning and those with ADHD/ADD. 

It’s important to know that Vermont Academy has existed since 1876.


#3. The Greenwood School

  • Grades: 4-10
  • Number of Students: 3,450
  • Address: 158 Harmon Drive, Northfield, VT 05663

The Greenwood School is an all-boys military school in Vermont. Greenwood is a good choice for boys who do not want distractions from girls. 

One good reason to enroll at Greenwood School is the personal enhancement programs the school uses. This personalized program is designed to help students discover their strengths in academics, creativity, and even social gatherings.

Also, Greenwood School is one of the best military schools and colleges that have emphasized bettering every student, whether a troubled youth or not.


Are there Military High Schools In Vermont?

There are no military high schools in Vermont. However, there are military-friendly high schools such as The Greenwood School and Vermont Academy.

You can find other states with numerous lists of military high schools, such as Texas, Georgia, Indiana, and Alabama.

How Much Does it Cost to Attend Military Schools in Vermont? 

Each military school in Vermont has its own tuition cost. Norwich University 2023 tuition is $46,860 plus $14,000 if you’re residing on campus for room & board.

To be exact on the cost of tuition fees in the various military schools in Vermont, visit the school’s website for details. Also, remember that some schools may offer financial aid, scholarships, and payment plans.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Military Colleges in Vermont  

What is the Best Military School in Vermont?

The military school in Vermont Is Norwich University open to college students who are seeking a blend of traditional college courses and military training. 

What is the Student-to-Faculty Ratio at Military Schools in Vermont?

The student-to-faculty ratio varies by school, but most military colleges in Vermont maintain a low ratio, with an average of 10:1. These colleges believe that low-class size encourages one-on-one learning and interaction. 

Do Military Academies in Vermont Offer Online or Distance Learning Options?

Norwich University military programs do not offer distance learning options as a majority of its curriculum requires students to attend classes in person due to the hands-on nature of military training.

Can Students Attending Military Schools in Vermont Participate in Sports and Other Extracurricular Activities?

Most military colleges and academies in Vermont offer a range of sports teams, clubs, and other extracurricular activities for students to participate in.

What are the Dormitory Living Arrangements Like at a Military School in Vermont?

Dormitory living arrangements vary by school, but typically students live in barracks-style housing with roommates in military schools.

What are the Graduation Requirements for Military Schools in Vermont?

Depending on the school, graduation requirements vary. But typically, graduation requirements include completing a certain number of academic credits, participating in military training and leadership development, and passing a physical fitness test.

What is the Average Class Size at Military Colleges in Vermont?

The average class size varies by school, but most military schools in Vermont have small class sizes, with an average of 15-20 students per class.

Do Military Schools in Vermont Offer Summer Programs for Students?

Yes, some military schools in Vermont offer summer programs for students, such as leadership camps or specialized training programs in areas such as aviation or engineering.

What are the Admission Requirements for Military Schools in Vermont?

Admission requirements for military schools in Vermont may vary depending on the school but typically include 

  • A minimum GPA
  • Passing physical fitness tests
  • Meeting age and citizenship requirements. 

Some schools may also require an interview and letters of recommendation.


Now that you have all the information you need to pick a school for yourself or your ward, get started. Visit the school’s website and apply. You can start your military career by applying to any of these colleges. Apply to as many as possible to stand a chance. 

As you examine the schools above, choose the school whose program best suits your preference. Ensure to check out these schools’ websites for more details before applying.

We hope you find it a perfect pick for your child. If not, visit our website to explore other states in the USA and the available military schools. 


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