Best Acting Schools in Michigan in 2024

Are you looking to get a degree in acting? Are you finding it hard to decide which acting schools to apply to?

Then you’re on the right track. Acting is a popular professional degree that has come into the limelight for decades. 

Michigan has brought up only the best actors in the state, currently doing well and taking lead roles in their respective careers. 

At the end of this article, we’ll compile a list of the best acting schools in Michigan and everything you’ll need to know about acting in Michigan. 

What are the Acting Classes in Michigan?

Acting classes are important for a person who wants to take their acting career to another level.

Michigan offers acting classes to help acting students improve their stage presence, teach industry business tips, and allow students to work with industry experts and professionals to fine-tune their acting skills. It inspires creativity in students and allows them to find themselves.

Acting classes in Michigan are worth their price as they introduce students to the important elements of making it big as an actor in the industry. The acting classes in Michigan are:

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1. Michigan Actors Studio

The Michigan Actors Studio is among the state’s leading acting schools. This state-licensed college is located in metro Detroit.

The school offers online live virtual classes, workshops, and private coaching. Actors can choose between options like voice-over, film acting, improvisation, stand-up comedy, writing, and classes and camps for kids and teens.

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2. The Actor’s Workshop-Detroit

The Actor’s Workshop is a drama school in Madison Heights, Michigan, as an acting, film, and art studio specializing in training actors for film and stage.

Over the years, they have trained thousands of actors and film artists. The school provides various services for filmmakers: from hosting rehearsals and casting assistance to production support services. 

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3. OpenSpot Theatre, LLC

OpenSpot Theatre is a program for people with disabilities to cultivate their acting skills. It makes acting accessible to everyone as they bring art everywhere, from students with developmental disabilities to seniors.

This national theatre company educates people of all physical, emotional, and cognitive abilities.

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What are the Acting Jobs in Michigan?

The acting jobs in Michigan allow actors to find themselves and improve their craft.

These jobs can be quite tasking, but any professional actor can pull through and be good at it. Michigan has many acting roles for actors willing and qualified to take the roles. 

Here is the Acting Jobs in Michigan:

Theatre director

The job of a theatre director is primarily the visionary and the unifying force behind every theatrical production.

The director is responsible for shaping every performance aspect—from the actors’ performances to the setting and design choices.

A theatre director also gives a playscript or musical score a realistic and imaginative interpretation.

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Lead Actor

A lead actor is a person who can express ideas and portray characters in theater, film, television, and other performing arts media. 

The Job of the lead actor is the largest role in a film or movie, so an actor who is opportune to play this role is meant to do all he/she can to make sure the movie succeeds.

Acting Instructor 

An acting instructor trains performers typically in a film, television, theatre, or musical theatre. He/She mentors and coaches students to enable them to improve their acting and dramatic performances.

The Acting Instructor also prepares actors for auditions to take better roles.

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What are the Best Acting Schools in Michigan?

Picking the right school to study acting can be one of the most important decisions of your life. With many options in mind, it is not obvious which to go for. 

To help you make that decision, we briefly researched the best acting schools in Michigan after carefully looking at the track record for leading successful careers in these schools. 

These rankings are in the order of the top to the least based on their teaching method, academic curriculum, class size, specialty, and schedule. 

Here are the best acting schools in Michigan:

1. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

The University of Michigan is a public research university in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It was founded in 1817 as the Catholepistemiad, or the University of Michigania, 20 years before the territory became a state. The University is Michigan’s oldest.

In the most recent rankings for the best schools for theater majors, the University of Michigan came in at #20. This puts it in the top 5% of the country in this field of study. 

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2. Hillsdale College

Located in Holland, Michigan, Hope College is a Christian liberal arts institution. It was founded in 1844.

Its curriculum is based on Western heritage, a by-product of Christian tradition and Greco-Roman culture. 

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3. Hope College

Hope College was founded in 1851 as the Pioneer School by Dutch immigrants four years after the community was first settled. The University received its state charter in 1866. 

It offers an academic theatre program that develops students into practicing theatre artists. 

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4. Wayne State University

Wayne State University is Michigan’s third-largest university. It was founded in 1868. The undergraduate program offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre with a concentration in Performance (Acting), Design and Technology, or Stage Management. 

Its theatre program is designed to provide students with a solid foundation in all aspects of theatre and production.

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What are the Acting Colleges in Michigan?

Acting colleges go beyond just professional training. It enables you to experiment with new methods, find easier ways to work, and try new things to improve your acting skills. 

Acting Colleges in Michigan give students an upper hand over other actors by helping them decide what career part they’d like to take in acting. Here are the Acting Colleges in Michigan:

5. Western Michigan University

Public research university Western Michigan University is located in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Dwight B. Waldo founded it in 1903. 21,470 students were enrolled as of the Fall 2019 semester.

Western Michigan University is ranked #263 among National Universities. It has an acceptance rate of 85% and a graduation rate of 52%.

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6. Oakland University

Oakland University, a public research university. It is the second-largest university in the Detroit Metropolitan Area, with 20,012 students.

The university has received top-ranking recognition for several degree programs. They evaluated the university and thousands of other public institutions nationwide for the thorough research guide created after reviewing 2,277 accredited colleges and universities. It has an acceptance rate of 81% and a graduation rate of 55%.

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7. DePaul University

DePaul University is a private Catholic research institution in Chicago, Illinois. The Vincentians established it in 1898. The 17th-century French priest, Saint Vincent de Paul, gave his name to the university.

According to enrollment, it surpassed all other Catholic universities in North America. It has an acceptance rate of 70% and a graduation rate of 72%.

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8. Baldwin Wallace University

A private university in Berea, Ohio, is called Baldwin Wallace University. John Baldwin, a Methodist businessman, established it as Baldwin Institute in 1845.

In 1913, the institution merged with the nearby German Wallace College to form Baldwin-Wallace College. It has an acceptance rate of 70% and a graduation rate of 64%.

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9. Columbia College Chicago

Chicago, Illinois, is home to the private art school Columbia College Chicago. It was founded in 1890, offering a distinctive curriculum that blends creative and media arts, liberal arts, and business.

Officially, it has about 5,928 students pursuing degrees in more than 60 undergraduate and graduate degree programs. It has an acceptance rate of 90% and a graduation rate of 46%.

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What are the Acting Schools for International Students? 

As an International student with a passion for acting, you’ll find yourself juggling a lot of options. This can be very overwhelming, especially when you don’t have any school in mind, but we’ve been able to categorize the acting schools for international students. 

International Students often find themselves deciding between the following schools:

  1. The Juilliard School
  2. Royal Academy of Dramatic Art
  3. USC School of Dramatic Arts
  4. Tisch School Of The Arts 

How to Become an Actor in Michigan?

When deciding to pursue acting, you must prepare your mind for the struggle ahead. Becoming an actor in Michigan isn’t as easy as other professions because it takes a lot of hard work and commitment.

Actors often go through many struggles and ups and downs before they can reach the peak of their careers.  Here are the steps to take to become an actor in Michigan: 

Step 1: Start with High School Drama classes 

High school plays and musicals can pave the way for acting careers. Students can learn how to perform, explore various acting techniques and schools of thought, write their material, and explore various character arcs in drama classes.

Students can hone their skills and learn what it’s like to perform in front of a large audience in high school drama classes and productions. Additionally, they are crucial in preparing students for the countless auditions that will undoubtedly be required once they enter the world of professional acting or enroll in a college or university drama program.

Step 2: Gain experience off-campus 

The best thing to do is look for an experience outside your comfort zone. Off-campus experience can help you stand out by honing your acting abilities and developing your mindset.

Look for small theaters and playhouses in the area and go to auditions for different parts. Even if it’s just as an extra, it will still be experienced behind the scenes, which counts as acting abilities are refined.

Step 3: Get a College degree. 

A college degree is typically not necessary to be a successful professional actor or actress, but it is important if you want to advance your acting career. In addition to honing skills, these classes will aid aspiring actors in comprehending what goes on behind the scenes, such as contracts and business dealings.

Classes in stage production, dance, music, and other topics might be offered. A chance to be seen by agents and producers looking for up-and-coming talent may also be offered by college productions for aspiring professionals.

Step 4: Practice till perfection 

You need to practice if you want to become better at everything you can do. Daily practice is part of the acting profession.

By providing a space where they can exercise their creative muscles and hone their craft, acting workshops and small theater companies help keep actors in top shape. They also offer one of the best opportunities for networking out there.

Step 5: Build up your acting resume

Take as many roles as possible to expand your acting experience and resume. An actor would be required to submit a resume to apply for any position, and to the extent that your resume lists more qualifications, you will keep getting jobs.

Act as frequently and in as many different roles as you can. Create a resume that features a variety of performances, such as those from stage productions, commercials, extra work, music videos, and anything else that attracts attention.

Are there Free Acting Schools in Michigan?

Yes, there are free acting Schools in Michigan. Some students find it hard to be able to sort out the complete bills an acting school would be requesting. These free-acting Schools in Michigan consider the financial sacrifices students make and give out affordable tuition fees. 

Students can also apply for a full tuition-based scholarship or take student loans to manage their activities on campus. Here are the free acting Schools in Michigan: 

  1. The Actor’s Workshop
  2. Triple Threat Dance & Theatre Company 
  3. Project Theatre Company 
  4. Motor City Youth Theatre
  5. Big Starz Youth Theater Workshop
  6. Your Entourage Agency

Frequently Asked Questions about Acting Schools In Michigan

Are acting schools hard to get into?

Acting in Schools isn’t hard to get into, but becoming a professional actor can be incredibly hard because actors face much rejection. It’s not impossible if an actor is hardworking, dedicated to learning, and persistent enough to keep going despite the odds. 

Can I get into acting schools with no experience at all?

Yes, getting into an acting school without experience is possible, but it isn’t certain. To decide to go into any acting school of your choice, you must have at least a form of experience that will be an advantage. Other applicants must also have been taking courses and roles in plays for years. 

What are the requirements for studying acting in Michigan?

There are no formal requirements for studying acting in Michigan, but a bachelor’s degree in theater arts, drama, and performing arts may help give you technical skills. Gaining experience first is important because it’ll reward you to higher paying roles at the end.

How long is an acting degree in Michigan?

Getting a degree in an acting school in Michigan takes about three years. You can offer a foundation course to prepare you for the degree before diving into it. 


If you decide to pursue acting, you should put your time and money into the best acting program. Choosing the right acting school is important because any decision you make concerning it can make or mar you. 

Acting in Schools in Michigan will allow you to step outside your comfort zone and expand your horizons beyond academic learning. You’ll learn how to be self-assured and creative instantly.

We hope you’ve been able to sort out your needs and questions concerning the acting schools in Michigan if you find yourself applying to any. 


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