10 Best Printers for College Students in 2024


Your printer should certainly be among the best printers for college students in 2024. The amount of value you can get for having one of these just keeps pouring in.

Being able to print out homework, coursework, term papers, reports, or even pictures at your comfort.


It’s the best feeling.

Even when you’re running late in submission, you can quickly print it out at the last minute before class.


Not having a printer or owning a crappy one does you more of a disservice. You’ll constantly need to rely on external sources like your library, and be subject to their availability.

However, with your printer, you call the shots. In our list of the best printers for college students, we’ve included budget printers for affordability.

The performance of the printers here has been affirmed by different users. They offer good quality printing with sharp and clear printouts. Moreover, we ensure they are reasonably priced.


Since they are student printers, you don’t have to grab the most expensive ones on the market.

But the most efficient. So let’s get started.

How Do Students Choose a Printer?

Waiting for shared printers to become available can have its inconveniences. Purchasing your printer is a good investment as it’s always available for you and you don’t have to leave your room.

But since there are so many printers on the market, where do you begin?

Key things to note when trying to pick the best printers for yourself are as follows:

  • First, avoid laser printers; while they are quick, the toner cartridges are frequently more expensive than the printer itself. Inkjet printers are the best option because they are inexpensive to purchase. Moreover, most models include an integrated scanner for copying crucial documents.
  • Another thing to keep an eye out for is the printer’s cartridge system. Some models use a single cartridge that includes all of the colored inks. This is the most expensive option because you are required to discard the cartridge after one of the colors runs out. Even if the others have not.
  • Consider printers with good reviews and fair pricing

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Do College Students Need Printers?

If you haven’t already, I’ll show you why you should own a personal printer as a college student. Yes, I know that some universities have enormous printing halls where printing services are available.

However, you should have a printer at school for a few additional reasons.

For starters, having your printer will relieve you of much tension.

It will allow you to print your work whenever and anywhere you choose. It will also assist you in properly packaging clean prints of your coursework.

Furthermore, If your school only provides limited printing resources to its pupils, you’ll need your printer.

More importantly, if you plan on printing documents when school facilities are closed, you’ll need one too.

How Much Does a Printer Cost?

Generally, printers often range in price from $12 to $200. Depending on their features and capabilities, some may be more expensive.

The price of a printer is mostly determined by its worth. The printer values are different.

So several factors might affect the value and cost of a printer.

You must consider them.

The following are some of the factors that can affect a printer’s price:

  • Cost of the cartridges/refills
  • Page per minute (ppm)
  • Approximate volume printed per month or year
  • Print coverage
  • Cost of printer maintenance

These are the factors that will influence the printer’s quality, value, and, ultimately, cost.

Best Printers for College Students 2024

Now here’s a good list of some of the best printers for college students in 2024.

You can now get one and make college life a little easier for yourself.

  • Brother INKvestment MFC-J995DW 
  • HP Envy Wireless All-in-One Photo Printer 
  • Epson EcoTank ET-2720 (ET-2715 in the UK)
  • HP DeskJet 2755 printer (2710 in UK)
  • Canon PIXMA G1220 (G1520 in the UK) 
  • Epson Expression Premium EX-6100 (XP-6105 in the UK) 
  • HP Envy 5055
  • Canon PIXMA G4210 (G4510 in the UK)
  • Brother DCP-J1100W All-in-box
  • HP Tango Printer

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#1. Brother INKvestment MFC-J995DW

The Brother INKvestment MFC-J995DW is the finest printer for students overall.

It offers the best value for your money by purchasing running costs, beyond its sharp printing, scanning, and copying features.

Typically, the ink that comes in the box is estimated enough for a year’s worth of printing.

This is one of the best printers for college student dorms.

The all-in-one inkjet is also outstanding in other ways.

Printing is fast and better than average when compared to other inkjet printers.

It also includes scanning, copying, and faxing capabilities.

As well as an additional specialist media slot for handling picture paper and other unusual paper types.


  • Very low cost per page
  • Quick scanning and copying speeds
  • Fast at printing text and graphics


  • Only one sheet of specialty media can be used in the tray.
  • Mediocre color-photo scans

#2. HP Envy Wireless All-in-One Photo Printer

The HP Envy Wireless All-in-One Photo Printer is an all-in-one printer from HP.

It stands as one of the best printers for college students.

It prints everything you could need, especially if your artwork, assignment, or project work requires a short run of color.

Moreover, the HP Envy Wireless All-in-One printer works well for plain text as well.

Students love it for its speed and high-quality graphic printing capabilities.

It also has a scanner that can enable you to print extra copies of notes.


  • High efficiency
  • More tasks can be handled including photo printing


  • Quite pricey 

#3. Epson EcoTank ET-2720 (ET-2715 in the UK)

Although they were fairly pricey, Epson’s super tank range demonstrated that cartridge-free printing is the way forward for inkjets.

Thankfully, prices have come down, and the Epson EcoTank ET-2720 is both inexpensive to run and inexpensive to purchase.

It also has a scanning bed, a color LCD screen, and built-in Wi-Fi, including Wi-Fi Direct.

The key draw for students will be the inexpensive operating costs and the generous amount of ink contained in the box — enough to last three years of study.


  • Very low running cost
  • Plenty of ink in the box


  • Limited paper capacity
  • Small display

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#4. HP DeskJet 2755 printer (2710 in UK)

The HP DeskJet 2755 (also known as the DeskJet 2710) is a low-cost color inkjet printer for the home office.

Particularly being an efficient printer for college students, it has features like auto duplex printing and dual-band Wi-Fi.

It can print on picture paper, envelopes, and plain paper of any size up to A4.

Moreover, It’s simple to print from your smartphone with AirPrint and Google Cloud Print support.

Also, HP’s companion software for iOS/Android is particularly great.

The main tray doesn’t have much space for paper (just 60 sheets of A4).

However, its conveniently compact form makes up for it.


  • Great value
  • Appealing design


  •  Expensive cartridges
  • Limited paper capacity

#5. Canon PIXMA G1220 (G1520 in the UK) 

This print-only device is Canon’s most basic and affordable MegaTank model.

It is not just affordable, but one of the best printers for college students.

In the same way, it is ideal for students who print frequently, and it won’t run out of ink.

Upon arrival, the kit contains enough bottled ink to print 6,000 mono A4 pages and 7,700 color pages.

This should be enough to last you till graduation.

Furthermore, it can print high-resolution images on glossy photo paper as well as crisp coursework on plain paper.

However, there’s no auto-duplex, no scanner, no Wi-Fi, and the print speed is slow.


  • Great for documents and photos
  • Enough ink to see you graduate


  • Slow print speed
  • No scanner or Wi-Fi

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#6. Epson Expression Premium EX-6100 (XP-6105 in the UK) 

The XP-6105 is the smallest member of Epson’s Premium range of home printers.

Thus making it ideal for student housing.

It has Wi-Fi, auto duplex printing, USB and SD card connections, and the capacity to print on any type of media from blank CDs to A4 photo paper.

It’s more than just a fax machine.

It doesn’t have a touchscreen display, but it’s simple to use and performs well for the price.


  • Sleek design 
  • Great price


  • Costly cartridges
  • No touchscreen

#7. HP Envy 5055

For college students, the HP Envy 5055 is the ideal printer.

It has many intriguing futures, such as Smart Bluetooth and Dual-Band Wi-Fi.

With such features, you can print wirelessly from a variety of devices quickly and efficiently.

You can even print directly from any social media account or cloud service, such as Dropbox, iCloud, or Google Drive, using the HP Smart app.

In addition, HP’s optional Instant Ink replacement service can automatically reorder ink cartridges when your printer runs low.

The HP Envy 5055 delivers college students the right combination of price and quality.

It also can print high-quality borderless photos.

It also comes with a one-year guarantee and free online support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


  • Sleek design 
  • Very adaptable


  • Ink costs

#8. Canon PIXMA G4210 (G4510 in the UK)

The Canon PIXMA G4210 printer provides a substantially higher page yield and cheaper per-page cost by replacing ink cartridges with bottled ink.

Normally, you can see when the ink reservoirs are running low, and it’s simple to scan and print using your mobile device.

This is done through the built-in Wi-Fi on this printer.

Furthermore, It has an automatic document feeder and fax capability, as well as the ability to print in duplex mode.


  • Low ink cost 
  • Plenty of ink included


  • High price point
  • Small display

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#9. Brother DCP-J1100W All-in-box

Another of the best printers for college students is the Brother DCP-J1100W All-in-Box.

It’s a great three-in-one inkjet printer that can copy, scan, and print at a decent resolution.

Documents produced are always clear, colorful, and crisp.

Also, it can produce duplex pages quickly and has a color touchscreen interface for easy operation.

In addition, its Wi-Fi Direct access allows college students to print their work quickly and easily.

The printer weighs 8.8kg and has a printing speed of 12ppm.

However, it’s not as fast as other Brother corporate printers, but it comes with enough ink.

With the high-capacity ink cartridges fitted, it’s much more cost-effective for a college student to use.


  • Very versatile
  • High ink storage
  • Cost-effective


  • Not so fast in operation

#10. HP Tango Printer

The HP Tango printer is a ‘smart printer’ which you can use from your mobile device with or without a Wi-Fi network.

This is due to its two-way cloud-based network connection.

However, it lacks USB and Ethernet connectors, as well as a scanner.

Instead, it relies on wireless connectivity, with the Tango companion software scanning and straightening photos for printing using your smartphone’s camera.

All of the technology enables the Tango X to be smaller and less expensive than competing inkjets.

It’s quite user-friendly, due to its amazing software, and it can even be voice-controlled with Alexa’s help.

Replacement ink cartridges are expensive.

But you may save money by signing up for HP’s Instant Ink service.

Doing so, HP will send you replacements in the mail. 


  • Alexa enabled
  • Seamless cloud services


  • No USB port 
  • Expensive ink

You can also watch this video for more information

Best Printers for College Students | FAQs

What is the best printer with the cheapest ink cartridges?

The HP OfficeJet Pro 8210 Printer is one of the most cost-effective inkjet printers on the market.

The HP 952 ink cartridge is used in the printer, and it prints over 1000 pages with a basic cartridge. Even more, it prints 3000 pages with an XL or high yield cartridge.

How much does a printer cost?

Printers often range in price from $12 to $200. Depending on their features and capabilities, some may be more expensive.

Which printer brand is best?

HP is without a doubt the most dependable printer brand.
Any printer will be found in their inventory whatever your specification.

They make every effort to maintain the highest level of quality in each product.
Then, if you’re concerned about printing or the ideal color contrast of your prints, Canon is the printer brand to choose.

What is the difference between an inkjet printer and a laser printer?

The main difference between inkjet and laser printers is that inkjet printers require ink and are best for low-volume printing.

They are also the most popular choice among home users.
While laser printers need toner, they are best for high-volume printing and are most commonly found in offices. It is a more cost-effective option for household use.

What you print, and the volume will generally determine whether you need an inkjet or laser printer.

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If you also seek the best printers for college students’ dorms then you’re just right.

We have outlined a selection of high-quality and effective service printers that can serve all your needs.

The printers listed here easily qualify for the best printers for college students.

They have a large ink bank, quality, crisp printouts, and reliability.

You would want it to stop in the middle of your work.

However, we picked those with optimized costs for college students.

We’ve included both inkjet and laser options while keeping your budget in mind.


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