10 Best Electrician Courses in Dubai 2023 | How to Apply

Let’s say you’re considering becoming an electrician in Dubai. Still, you’re wondering which course will lead you down that career path and what schools, colleges, and universities have such programs. 

If that is your problem, I believe this guide will help you. Dubai does not just come to mind when you think of vacations and relaxation spots; Dubai is also a good place for work.

Due to how industrialized the emirate has become over the years, the use of electrically powered devices, smart homes, systems, and machines has increased, leading to an increase in the need for more electricians for all cadets in the emirate.

In other words, being an electrician in Dubai at such a time is one of the best decisions you will ever make due to the availability of jobs, good job security, and income the emirate offers.

According to the report released in 2019, electricians in Dubai earn about AED 2,675 monthly and more, depending on where they work.

Before making the leap and enjoying the dividends of the electrician profession, you ought to undergo prerequisite training in college to become an electrician.

Here in this guide, we have come up with a list of accredited colleges, universities, and schools that offer classes and apprenticeship course programs on becoming an electrician in Dubai.

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How Do I Become An Electrician in Dubai?

The journey to becoming an electrician in Dubai requires you to follow the step-by-step guide and rules of the Emirates to function and work as a professional. 

The process starts with proper training in any of the schools, colleges, and universities or by taking up an electrician course in any of the institutes in Dubai.

After obtaining the required training, the next step is to get your license, which validates your ability to work and practice as an electrician.

The rules and regulations may differ depending on where you work in the emirate. However, to become an electrician in Dubai, here are the steps you ought to follow;

  • Enroll as a trainee or electrician helper.
  • Complete the required training hours to qualify as a journeyman electrician.
  • Obtain your professional certification after completing the licensing requirements.
  • Proceed to apply to become a master electrician 
  • Acquire the number of hours required.
  • Sit for the licensing exam.

How Long is Electrician Training in Dubai?

On average, it can take around three years to complete an apprenticeship program, which typically involves four days working in a related role and one day a week at college. 

Many colleges also provide a fast-track option for more experienced students, which can take around two years to complete.

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List of the Best Electrician Courses and Schools in Dubai

Here is the list of the best schools, universities, and colleges accredited by the qualified accreditation bodies in Dubai that offer electrician course programs for you to study to become a professional electrician in the emirate;

#1. EdTech Training & Consultancy

  • Price: AED 2000 
  • Mode Of Study: Online
  • Course Duration: 2 DAYS
  • Course Title: Electrical Low Voltage And High Voltage

EdTech Training & Consultancy offers a low and high-voltage course to all electrician students who apply through its 2 days online course.

The EdTech & Consultancy training for electricians will also enhance their skills, experience, and professional knowledge.

The course will focus on the safe practices and regulations that apply to low- and high-voltage power systems. 

Also, the instructor takes the students on a journey of understanding the advanced LV switching operations on industrial LV networks.

By enrolling in this course, you will also be able to fast-track your electrician profession by adding a professional touch in all matters of low-voltage and high-voltage power systems.


#2. International Brighter Career Development (IBCD) 

  • Price: AED 6000 
  • Mode Of Study: Online
  • Course Duration: 8 DAYS
  • Course Title: Electrical Engineering Professional Diploma

International Brighter Career Development (IBCD) offers a week-long course to all students who want to earn a degree in an electrical engineering profession in Dubai.

The electrical engineering course in International Brighter Career Development (IBCD) focuses on the knowledge and skills of the profession as well as the required leadership skills to navigate the administrative cadet.

Classes are more practical than theory. Therefore, all students will engage in top-notch hands-on practicals for 8 days, after which they earn their professional diplomas.


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#3. Promise Training & Consultancy FZE

  • Price: AED 12855 
  • Mode Of Study: In person
  • Course Duration: 5 DAYS
  • Course Title: Circuit Breakers & Switchgears (Safe Operation & Maintenance)

Promise Training & Consultancy FZE electrician course in Dubai focuses on the basics and advanced learning of circuit breakers and switch gears.

From the rudiments and basics to the advanced and professional technical know-how on circuit breakers and switch gears, the Promise Training & Consultancy FZE 5 days course makes it plain on tablets.

Also, the course focuses on the Safe Operation & Maintenance of Circuit Breakers & Switchgears, supervised by an expert and qualified trainer.

All classes are held at the institute’s physical location in Dubai, which encourages hands-on projects and practicals to the highest degree.


#4. Mesk Management Sciences Institute

  • Price: Not Specified 
  • Mode Of Study: Not Specified
  • Course Duration: Not Specified 
  • Course Title: Electrical Equipment & Control Circuits

Next on our list of electrician courses you can take in Dubai is the electrical equipment and control circuits program offered by Mesk Management Sciences Institute.

The Mesk Management Sciences Institute prepares students to fix the electrical construction industry on all fronts. Classes are held in both practicals and theory, which helps students gain hands-on experience on all the requirements to navigate the industry upon graduation.

You should visit the school site for details about the program and not specify the electrician course offered by Mesk Management Sciences Institute. 


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#5. ASTI Academy

  • Price: AED 9500 
  • Mode Of Study: Online
  • Course Duration: 80 HOURS
  • Course Title: Certified Electrical Engineering

ASTI Academy stands for Al Shabaka Technical Institutional Academy: an academy focused on training students to become future professionals in all trades and disciplines.

Through the Certified Electrical Engineering program at the Al Shabaka Technical Institutional Academy (ASTI Academy), students become certified Electrical engineers having gardenia required skills, expertise, and technical know-how to deliver on different fronts in the industry.

The electrical engineering program offered by Al Shabaka Technical Institutional Academy (ASTI Academy) is organized by the Ministry of Education.

Students learn from experienced trainers and industry experts on electrical safety, instruments, measurements, power generation, and other basic and advanced training required in the profession.

Hence, Al Shabaka Technical Institutional Academy’s certified electrical engineering is not just a good electrician course in Dubai; the Academy is the leading technical Academy in the emirate.


#6. APEX Training, Consultancy & Solutions Provider

  • Price: AED 14000 
  • Mode Of Study: Online
  • Course Duration: 5 DAYS
  • Course Title: MV Switchgear Panels Installing, Testing & Commissioning

APEX Training, Consultancy & Solutions Provider is on our list of the best electrician schools, colleges, and universities in Dubai.

The electrician course is one of the best-rated all across Dubai. In 5 days, students learn the basics and advanced programs of MV Switchgear Panels Installing, Testing & Commissioning.

In the classes held during this period, students learn from expert teachers about the application, installation, operation, maintenance, and testing issues related to low, medium, and high‐voltage switchgear and electrical circuit breakers.

All classes are practical. Therefore students undergo hands-on training in all categories.


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#7. Nbiz Infosol Information Consultancy

  • Price: AED 2500 
  • Mode Of Study: Online
  • Course Duration: 30 HOURS
  • Course Title: Electrical Design

Nbiz Infosol Information Consultancy’s 30 hours of electrical design course teaches all who enroll how electrical distribution systems for commercial and industrial buildings are designed and operated.

Rather than advanced jargon, the Nbiz Infosol Information Consultancy electrical design course emphasizes basic electrical concepts.

At the end of the program, all students can take up any form of design plans and electrical distribution systems.


#8. Proliance Automation & Training Solutions (IPCS-Dubai)

  • Price: Not Specified 
  • Mode Of Study: Online
  • Course Duration: 40 HOURS
  • Course Title: Electrical Controls & Panel Designing (EPD)

The Electrical Controls & Panel Designing (EPD) course in Proliance Automation & Training Solutions is one of the best programs for electricians in Dubai.

Not only is the Electrical Controls & Panel Designing (EPD) reckoned in Dubai, Proliance Automation & Training Solutions is one of the emirate’s best schools, colleges, and universities.

Students who enroll in the course take on comprehensive hands-on training on VFDs and Control panel designing. Also, they get to understand the core of all industrial automation projects and details of Electrical Controls & Panel Designing.


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#9. Infinity Studies & Technical Solutions

  • Price: AED 1900 
  • Mode Of Study: Online
  • Course Duration: 30 HOURS
  • Course Title: Electrical Design

The Infinity Studies & Technical Solutions electrical design course is one of Dubai’s pride electrician programs. 

Students who enroll in the program gain the knowledge, understanding, and exposure required to manage or design low-voltage electrical activities in building systems with maximum energy utilization.

Also, at the end of the program, students can design electrical plans and distribution systems.


#10. UK College of Business and Computing Dubai

  • Price: AED 30000 
  • Mode Of Study: Online
  • Course Duration: 12 MONTHS
  • Course Title: BTEC Level 2 Diploma In Engineering

UK College of Business and Computing Dubai is one of the Emirates pride schools in our list of the best colleges and universities with the best electrician programs.

In 12 months, students focus on hands-on learning to get the practical capabilities essential for progressing in the electrical engineering field.

Beyond the engineering components, the UK College of Business and Computing Dubai BTEC Level 2 Diploma In Engineering program also emphasizes the leadership and business extension of the profession.


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Frequently Asked Questions About How To Become An Electrician in Dubai

Where Do Electricians Work In Dubai?

Electricians in Dubai have a variety of work options all around the emirate. The high level of industrialization makes it a thriving area for all who want to start a career in the electrical construction industry.

Working electricians in Dubai can work in the following fields;

Designing, building, and maintaining electrical equipment, machinery, and control systems.
Producing large-scale production of electronic devices and their maintenance.
Electrical engineers also work with computers and other modern technologies. 
Some go on to own their businesses and employ other electricians.
Others work in residential, government industrial, and commercial buildings.

How Much Is An Electrician Course In Dubai?

How much you get to pay for a course for electricians in Dubai will depend on the school you enroll in. Dubai’s electrician colleges, schools, and universities have varying program costs.

However, from our research, most of the electrician courses in Dubai cost between 1500 AED to 30000 AED.

Which Course Is Best For Electricians In Dubai?

An associate degree in electrical technology is perhaps the most popular option for future electricians who attend two-year programs. 

Some students specialize in fields like renewable energy or industrial electrical technology.

How Much Do Electricians Earn In Dubai?

The average salary for an Electrician in Dubai is AED 2,675 per month. The average additional cash compensation for an Electrician in Dubai is AED 2,400, ranging from AED 250 to AED 5,000.


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