Navigating the Path to Excellence: GEMS National School Al Barsha’s Admission Process Unveiled

Gaining admission to a prestigious educational institution marks a significant milestone in a student’s academic journey. GEMS National School Al Barsha, renowned for its commitment to excellence, offers a comprehensive admission process that ensures the selection of talented individuals who will contribute to and thrive within its vibrant learning community. 

In this article, we will explore the comprehensive admission process of the school, shedding light on the steps, requirements, and considerations involved in securing a spot at this esteemed educational institution. From initial inquiries to final enrollment, discover how the school strives to make the admission journey seamless and transparent for prospective students and their families.

Embark on Your Child’s Educational Journey

The school has a simple and inclusive admissions process. They highly value personal interaction and aim to interview both the child and their parents before admission. Additionally, each child will be required to take an age-related placement test to ensure readiness for the exceptional education provided at our school.

The Registrar can accept submissions any time. However, the Ministry of Education establishes specific cut-off dates at various times throughout the year. They also have requirements that must be submitted by students before they can be enrolled in Dubai’s educational system.

The school accommodates children with additional learning needs. During the admissions process, they will talk to parents to understand the support and resources needed for these children. The school, however, cannot provide for children with severe or complex special educational needs.

The Application Process

  • Submit an online enquiry for school admission, simply provide your details and contact information. Upon submitting the enquiry, check your email inbox for a confirmation email containing your unique Enquiry Number. It is essential to retain this number as it will serve as your reference point for all future communication regarding your application with the school.
  • Pay the registration fee. Additionally, bring the following documents to the school: copies of passport (child’s and both parents’), including the UAE entry stamp and/or Residency Visa page, two recent passport-sized photos, copy of the child’s previous school reports for students entering Year 1 and above, transfer certificate from the previous school, comprehensive details regarding any special educational needs, individual education plans, and an Educational Psychologist’s report if available, copy of child’s birth certificate, full details of the child’s vaccinations and immunizations, and copies of Emirates ID cards(child’s and both parents’).
  • The school will get in touch with you to schedule an interview and/or assessment test as part of the admission process.
  • Please ensure that you bring your child to the school at the designated time for their scheduled interview and/or assessment test.
  • You will be contacted by the school if your child is offered a place after the interview and/or assessment test.
  • It is important to note that receiving an offer of a place at the school does not guarantee automatic access to any other GEMS school. Each GEMS school has its own admission process and criteria, and a separate application must be made for each individual school.

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Virtual Admissions Centre

This platform provides you with the opportunity to book virtual meetings and access updated information regarding school tour timings.

You have the option to schedule a virtual meeting with the Principal, Mr. Karim Murcia. On Tuesdays, from 10:00 am to 11:00 am, parents can participate in a live Virtual Q&A group session with him via MS Teams. Following the meeting, a member of the Admissions team will provide guidance on the next steps for enrollment.

You also have the option to book a virtual meeting with a member of their Senior Leadership Team. Simply select a convenient 20-minute time slot to schedule your meeting with one of their esteemed leaders. 

Additionally, they offer the option to book a live chat session with one of their Admissions Representatives. You can schedule a 20-minute one-on-one live chat session with their knowledgeable Admissions representative, who will provide assistance and guidance throughout your child’s admissions process. The virtual meeting will take place via Microsoft Teams or Zoom and will be facilitated by either the school’s Parent Relations Executive, Registrar, or Admissions Secretary.

Enrol Online

Online Enrolment at Gems Al Barsha National School is simple. Simply visit their website and fill out then submit the application form. Make sure you provide the correct and necessary details in the form. The next step is to wait for the school’s enrollment team member to get in touch with you. 

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Why Choose the School?

At GEMS Al Barsha National School, they prioritize building a strong community by fostering connections and partnerships. They believe in providing role models and mentors for their students by connecting them with Emirati leaders and innovators from both the local and international community.

They value the active participation of families in cultivating a harmonious and supportive school community. Moreover, they actively collaborate with the private and public sectors to establish close partnerships, ensuring numerous opportunities for student involvement and nurturing future leaders.

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