How to Apply for Jobs Online in 2024 – 10 Tips to Get More Interviews


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The importance of learning how to apply for jobs online cannot be overemphasized as days go by. This is because more and more employers are now using online platforms for their hiring process.

So for you not to miss out on the next job opportunity, you need to learn how to properly apply for jobs online.


In this article, you will be learning the step by step process of finding jobs online and completing your application online.

So, from the comfort of your home, with your phone or laptop, and an internet connection, you can apply for any job online.


This will not only save you the stress of visiting the employing company, but it will also save your time and the cost of transportation.

To apply for an online job, you will have to update your resume, know the job application instructions, and use relevant search keywords.

Also, you need to a couple of other things which you will get to know as you continue reading this article.


Applying for a job online means that your online application is your first impression.

What this means is that you will have to give your online application a professional touch.

If you don’t give a good first impression with your application, you may lose the opportunity

So, what is the best way to apply for jobs online?

Let’s find out!


What Do I Need To Apply For  A Job Online?

Before applying for a job online, there are a couple of things to put in place to make the entire online job search and application easier for you. 

Just like surfing the net and chatting with friends on social media, applying for a job online requires that you have a good internet connection. 

You can’t have a good internet connection without the right device. 

While you can always use a smartphone to access the Internet, for the best user experience, you should consider using devices with larger screens, like a laptop, desktop or tablet. 

In their absence, you can always make do with a smartphone. 

Whatever device it is, just ensure that it has a good internet connection.

The next thing you will want to do is to get all necessary information ready, review your resume, cover letter and employment history to make sure they are up to date.

Most online job applications will require you to have an email address through which an employer can reach you.

Tips On How To Apply For A Job Online

After getting everything you need to apply for an online job, here are basic tips to follow when seeking a job online.

1. Review And Update Your Resume For Each Job

Aside from creating a top-notch and professional resume for your job applications, one thing you do not want to overlook is reviewing and updating your resume for each job.

Ensure that your employment history and contact information are up to date.

Go through the job description for that particular job and update your resume accordingly to suit the job.

While trying to make your resume suit the job requirement, you must make sure that you remain truthful.

Only put the details and qualities that you actually possess.

Don’t overpromise beyond what you can actually deliver.

2. Create An Account With Professional Job Sites And Networking Platforms

When searching for a job, you will want your profile to be in the face of potential employers. 

A good way to do this is to create an account with job sites and professional networking platforms.

Some major platforms to consider are LinkedIn, Monster, career builder and Dice.  

It does not stop at creating an account, it is important to regularly update your profile.

Some employers will require you to see your profile on a platform like LinkedIn, so you should avoid posting pictures that don’t speak well of you.

3. Use Relevant Keywords

Before submitting your resume for any job application online, search for the job description of that job and input keywords for that job on your resume. 

For example, if the job requires those who give attention to details, you may want to include that in your resume, this makes it easier for the recruiter to scan through your resume. 

This is why you have to update your resume for each job application. 

Some companies use applicants tracking systems to search for applicants who use relevant keywords in their resume.

4. Don’t Just Apply For Any Job

When you are searching for a job, you can easily get carried away by your need for a job.

As a result, you may decide to start applying for just any random job online.

This ought not to be so because that is not the best way to go about your job hunt.

You should be selective with the kind of job you apply for.

Read through the job description carefully to know if you fit the employers need.

Also, check whether or not the job meets your needs before you apply. 

Being selective when applying for Jobs online saves you time and energy.

5. Visit Job Search Websites And The Company’s Website

Most companies post their job vacancies on the career section of their official website.

So, if you know the company you will like to work for always visit their website to know when there is a job vacancy that you can apply for.

Aside from the official company website, most companies also post their job vacancies on Job search websites.

Again, you may want to go through such websites carefully to search for jobs that you qualify for.

Not all companies have websites, smaller companies that do not have a website will provide an email address through which you can send your resume. 

The subject of the email you are sending to the organization should contain your name and the position you are applying for.

As for the body of the email, it should contain reasons why you are the best candidate for the job.

At end of the email, attach your resume and cover letter and then send.

When emailing your application, avoid using an unprofessional email address, advisably create a separate professional email for job applications.

6. Follow Job Application Instructions

When you are applying for a job online, always follow the instructions given.

Even though you are applying to more than one company for the same position, ensure that you pay attention to the different application instructions.

Treat each application differently from the other and only do what each organization wants you to do.

Some organizations may have a limited size of documents, for such organizations, you should compress the size of the documents you submit for the application.

Before applying for any job, it is very important for you to thoroughly go through the job application instruction, and follow them when applying.  

7. Your Application Should Be Accurate And Complete

When applying for a job online, you want to present yourself as a truthful and professional person.

As such, you should carefully go through the application to ensure that you use the right sentence structure and spellings.

You also don’t want to use misleading or confusing words or information.

Let the information you provide be as simple as possible in such a way that at a glance, the recruiter gets the message you are trying to pass.

Most importantly be truthful.

You can get a job by lying your way in.

However, if the recruiter should find out, you may lose your only opportunity of getting a job with that company for life.

8. Take The Employment Test

Not all companies require job applicants to take a pre employment test.

While there are some that may require that you take the test immediately after applying, others may get back to you on a date to take the online test.

The essence of this test is to help the employers assess your emotional, mental and cognitive skills to know whether or not you are fit for the job.

After taking the test, some company’s systems have been built in such a way that you will be informed whether or not you can now move to the next application step or not.

9. Follow Up Your online Job Application 

Your online job application does not stop at submitting your documents and resume to the employer.

Even after applying for the job, you still need to do some follow-ups to increase your chances of getting the job.

You can research to find the contact of someone who is already working in the organization.

When you get the contact, you can send text messages to schedule a call or send a follow-up email.

Talking about follow-up emails, here is how to write a good follow-up email that will attract a quick response from the receiver.

Through the help of the person you contacted, your resume may easily get noticed by the recruiter and hiring manager. 

Some job posting contains contact information which you can use to get to a contact person to follow up your application.

Another good platform to get contact information of someone in an organization where you have applied for a job is LinkedIn. 

Through this contact, you can asked for a referral to the hiring manager.

Alternatively, college graduates can also go to the career office to search for contacts of those alumni who are currently working in your organization of interest.

Some of them may be willing to help you get the job.

10. Keep Applying For More Jobs

To place yourself at a better chance of getting a job, it is advisable to apply for as many jobs as possible. 

This does not mean that you will not be selective.

Apply to as many jobs as possible as long as you qualify for the position.

Even when your online job hunt and application seems to be unsuccessful, do not give up on applying.

The more you apply for more jobs online, the better you become at it, and this puts you on the path to getting a job.

How To Apply For A Job Online FAQ

1. How do I Apply For A Job Online and Get it Fast?

Here are a few tips on how to apply for a job online

  • Review And Update Your Resume For Each Job
  • Create An Account With Professional Job Sites And Networking Platforms
  • Use Relevant Keywords
  • Don’t Just Apply For Any Job
  • Visit Job Search Websites And The Company’s Website
  • Your Application Should Be Accurate And Complete
  • Follow Job Application Instructions
  • Keep Applying for more jobs

2. Are Online Job Applications Really Worth It?

Yes, applying for a job online is absolutely worth it.

Most organizations now carry out a good part of the entire hiring process online.

Just ensure to follow these tips on how to apply for a job online, and you are good to go.

3. Are Online Job Applications Only For Online Jobs?

No, although for most online jobs the entire application process happens online, most offline job applications are also carried out online.

After applying for the job online, if you are selected for an interview, your physical presence may be required at the organization.

Conclusion: How To Apply For A Job Online

Now, you know how to apply for a job online, we have an entire category of articles on this site where you can search for the job description of different positions.

Do well to go through this job description for the particular position you are seeking for, as it will help you apply for the job better.

You may have friends who also need to learn how to apply for jobs online, be kind enough to share this post to them. Academic related is wishing you a successful job search.


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