10 Best Lineman Schools in Missouri 2024: Tuition & Requirements

Being a lineman isn’t a day’s job; it requires commitment and dedication to stay true to it. A lineman construct, maintains, and repairs overhead and underground transmission lines. They are also involved in some specific certain preparation tasks.  

Missouri is home to some of the best lineman schools in the country. The lineman schools in Missouri are known for having applicants from different parts of the world every academic year. 

Are you considering applying to one of the lineman schools in Missouri? Here’s all you need to know. 

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Are there Lineman Schools in Missouri?

Missouri is not new to the recent trend of getting a lineman degree, as it has few schools. These are some of the lineman schools in Missouri: 

  1. St. Louis Electrical Industry Training Center
  2. State Technical College of Missouri 
  3. Ozarks Technical Community College 
  4. Kansas City Electrical Joint Apprenticeship Program
  5. Kansas City Metropolitan Community College
  6. Lewis and Clark Career Center
  7. Dodge City Community College 
  8. Manhattan Area Technical College 
  9. KMU Lineworker Apprenticeship Program
  10. Pratt Community College 

How Long is Lineman School in Missouri?

It takes about four years to go through lineman school, complete the necessary training and graduate to work in Missouri. This is approximately the calculation for a full-time apprentice in a lineman program. Students might take extra internship courses to add to their portfolio and experience. 

How much does a Lineman Make in Missouri?

According to a recent estimate, the salary of a lineman in Missouri ranges between $78,861 and $88,023. After lineman school, one can choose to specialize in any field in the path of a lineman; specialization significantly affects the pay of a particular lineman. This shows that some linemen get paid more than others because of the different disciplines.  

How Much Does Lineman Schools Cost in Missouri?

When considering which lineman school you should go for, you should have a budget that would enable you to make the right choices. At every point, the school you decide to attend depends on how much you can set aside throughout the study period. 

Lineman schools in Missouri typically cost about $1,340 – $23,000 yearly. This also covers costs like accommodation, books, and other expenses. Students applying to school here might decide to go for a housing choice that might be off-campus or on-campus. 

What are the Requirements for Lineman Schools in Missouri?

There are specific requirements for lineman schools in Missouri you should be familiar with. You might not be accepted into the school if these requirements are unmet. Most lineman schools require applicants to possess the following:

  • High school diploma or equivalent.
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Valid Driver’s license
  • Be 18 years of age
  • Application fee

What are the Best Lineman Schools in Missouri?

If you’re considering applying to one of the lineman schools in Missouri, then you should go for the best options. Below are the best lineman schools in Missouri:

1. St. Louis Electrical Industry Training Center

Location: St. Louis, Missouri

Term Length: 6 to 25 weeks

2022 program cost: None

St. Louis Electrical Industry Training Center is the top high-tech training center in the country for communication technicians and apprentice and journeyman electricians. Electricians and contractors from IBEW Local #1 can learn about established and cutting-edge technologies here.

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2. State Technical College of Missouri 

Location: Linn, Missouri

2022 Program Cost: $2,800

Term Length: 5 Semesters

State Technical College of Missouri is a public technical college in Linn, Missouri, known locally as State Tech. The college experienced its largest enrolment, with 1,483 students enrolled for the 2018–19 academic year. In May 2019, there were roughly 600 graduates.

This practical program gives students the information and abilities to generate and maintain power. They would be able to learn safe work procedures, how to construct and maintain electrical distribution systems, how to do pole top rescues, and how to climb utility poles safely.

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3. Ozarks Technical Community College 

Location: Springfield, Missouri 

2022 Program Cost: $23,000

Term Length: 2 years

Ozarks Technical Community College is a public community college in Springfield, Missouri. On April 3, 1990, it was created by the public school systems of Springfield and thirteen neighboring communities.

Ozarks Technical Community College has an EDS program, a 2-year Associate of Applied Science degree, where students come two days a week to learn a lucrative trade. 

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4. Kansas City Electrical Joint Apprenticeship Program

Location: Kansas City, Missouri

Term Length: 5 Years

2022 program cost: None

Kansas City Electrical joint apprenticeship program was created as a technical college in Kansas City. The program offers apprenticeship opportunities to interested applicants who want on-site experience in becoming a lineman.

Through classroom instruction and on-the-job training throughout the five-year Inside Wireman program, apprentices are required to gain technical knowledge and essential skills. After completing your apprenticeship, you’ll receive training in every facet of the electrical trade. Metropolitan Community Colleges will also allow you to transfer 42 college credits toward an Associate’s degree in Applied Science.

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5. Kansas City Metropolitan Community College 

Location: Kansas City, Missouri.

2022 Program Cost:$11,500

Term Length: One Year

In the United States, Missouri is home to the Metropolitan Community College, a public community college system. Five distinct campuses make up the system, located in Lee’s Summit, Independence, and Kansas City. In 2019, there were 15,770 students enrolled across the campuses. The program is adjusted to fit the needs of the real world.

Kansas City Metropolitan Community College offers lineman programs. The program starts with a one-year certificate and only runs once a year in the summer. After taking four more classes, you can get an associate’s degree for transfer.

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6. Lewis and Clark Career Center

Location: St Charles, Missouri. 

2022 Program Cost: $700 to $5,000

Term Length: 12 weeks

Lewis and Clark Community College, which opened in 1970, presently has about 12,000 undergraduate students. The college offers different lineman degree programs for interested students.  

The training school collaborates with the St. Charles County school district. The Lewis & Clark Career Center provides students with a rigorous, supportive, and meaningful career and technical education program to meet the community’s needs.

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7. Dodge City Community College 

Location: Dodge City, KS.

2022 Program Cost:$1,340

Term Length: 2 Years

Dodge City Community College is a public community college in Dodge City, Kansas, in the United States. This program offers higher-level coursework and solid professional ties to Kansas region utility businesses for contractors wishing to hone necessary skills.

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8. Manhattan Area Technical College 

Location: Manhattan, KS

2022 Program Cost: $2,975

Term Length: 2 Years

Public technical college Manhattan Area Technical College is located in Manhattan, Kansas, in the United States. Established in 1965, it offered technical certificate programs and associate of applied science degrees in eight fields.

The Electric Power & Distribution program enhances students’ knowledge and technical skills to succeed in the electrical distribution industry. The Electric Power & Distribution (EPD) program’s graduates will be qualified to join underground gas and electrical generation facilities and establish, maintain, and operate electrical networks to distribute electrical energy to residential, commercial, and industrial consumers. 

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9. KMU Lineworker Apprenticeship Program

Location: Kansas, United States.

Term Length: 4 Years

2022 program cost: None 

The KMU Lineworker Apprenticeship Program is a thorough training course that gives staff members of KMU Member Cities the skills to find and train electric lineworkers in their neighborhoods. 

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10. Pratt Community College 

Location: Pratt, KS.

2022 Program Cost: $8,732

Term Length:1 Year

Pratt Community College offers one of the nation’s most comprehensive electrical power lineman programs. It provides students with several accessible methods to attend classes, including on-campus courses, distance education, and on-the-job training. It is one of only three in the state of Kansas. 

Located in Pratt, Kansas, Pratt Community College is a public college. Its campus is situated in a rural area. It has 1,234 students overall. The school utilizes a semester-based academic year. The student-faculty ratio is 13-to-1. The highest degree offered at Pratt Community College is an associate’s degree. 

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Are there Lineman Schools in Kansas City, Missouri?

Kansas City is one of Missouri’s cities with few lineman schools. Below are a few of the lineman schools in Kansas City: 

  • Kansas City Electrical Joint Apprenticeship and Training Center
  • Metropolitan Community College – Maple Woods

Are there Lineman Schools in St. Louis, Missouri?

There are lineman schools in St. Louis. These schools have been able to train quite a good number of students. They are:

  • Electrical Industry Training
  • Cardinal Ritter College Prep

Are there Lineman schools in Chesterfield, Missouri?

Chesterfield is home to a few lineman schools in Missouri. Here are some of the lineman schools in Chesterfield, Missouri:

  • Logan University
  • Marquette High School

Best Paying lineman jobs in Missouri with Salary

Immediately after graduation, the next thing on every student’s mind is how to get a good-paying job. Lineman schools in Missouri prepare students to take positions or start independently after school.  

Here are the best-paying lineman jobs in Missouri with their respective annual salary: 

Senior Power Lineman – $77,937

Head Of Power Lineman – $77,923

Director Power Lineman – $77,376

Remote Power Lineman – $74,900

Electrical Power Lineman – $74,656


Lineman Schools in Missouri engage students to use the best of their abilities. Students who have endured until the end of the training program do remarkably well in the field. 

Becoming a lineman is a good career option if you have what it takes and are finally qualified to practice. If you’ve been able to read through the process of becoming a lineman in one of the schools listed, you should have no problem sending in your applications. 

We hope you’ve found the information in this article very helpful and will be able to sort out any issue you’ve got applying to a lineman school in Missouri. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the highest-paying lineman job?

Electrical line installers and repairers who work in the electric power generation, transmission, and distribution industries are the highest-earned linemen overall. 

What state pays the best for linemen in the country?

According to the most recent salary earnings in the United States, North Dakota is the best state that pays the best for lineman jobs, and Minnesota has the second-highest median salary in the country.  

Do electrical lineworkers have a good salary?

The average base salary for a person with a bachelor’s degree from a lineman school is $65,000 per year. An electrical lineman can earn more than that with an associate’s degree or no degree.

What skills do I need to possess to become a good lineworker?

To become a good lineworker, you must understand electrical and power equipment and know electrical currents, voltage, and resistance. One must possess strong analytical and problem-solving skills, particularly when assessing power cables for repair, replacement, or defective troubleshooting equipment.


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