13 Best Massage Therapy Schools in Texas in 2023 | How to Apply

Do you want to do something with your hands? Do you want to help others? If so, massage therapy could be the perfect career for you. 

As more hospitals, clinics, and private practices incorporate massage therapy into their treatment programs, the need for educated massage therapists has skyrocketed. 

When you’re ready to take the next step in your profession, look into massage colleges in Texas.

Massage therapists not only help patients feel better, but they also frequently get to work around their schedules, and many even open their own offices. 

However, before you can begin working on others, you must first identify Texas massage schools to get trained and licensed.

Keep reading to find out more!

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Are there Massage Therapy Schools in Texas?

There are many massage therapy schools in Texas. Here are some of them:

  • Lone Star College
  • San Jacinto Community College
  • Tarrant County College District
  • El Paso Community College
  • Amarillo College
  • St Philip’s College
  • McLennan Community College
  • Navarro College
  • Parker University
  • Western Technical College
  • South Texas Vocational Technical Institute-Brownsville
  • Platt College-STVT-McAllen
  • Avenue Five Institute

How Does One Become A Massage Therapist in Texas?

To become a massage therapist in Texas, you must first complete high school or obtain a GED. Health and science classes assist students in preparing for MT training.

According to the state board, a prospective practitioner must enroll in an approved postsecondary school with an MT program that offers 500 or more hours of study. 

The curriculum must include the following:

  • Theory, technique, and practice totaling 200 hours (including at least 125 hours of training in Swedish massage)
  • Anatomy 50 hours, physiology 50 hours, and kinesiology 25 hours
  • Pathology takes 40 hours.
  • Professional ethics, legislation, and business procedures for 45 hours
  • CPR and first aid are among the topics covered in 20 hours of health and hygiene classes.
  • Hydrotherapy for 20 hours
  • 50 hours of internship

Many Texas schools provide programs that go above and beyond the minimum requirements. Some schools offer a broader range of massage methods, demand more business courses, or provide more hands-on experience.

Graduates are entitled to seek licensure with the board.

They must pass the Massage & Bodywork Licensing Examination (MBLEx), administered by the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards. Pearson VUE testing centers are where students take the exam.

Every alternate year, therapists must renew their licenses. This entails completing 12 hours of continuing education.

What are the Best Massage Therapy Schools in Texas?

In Texas, there are 23 massage therapy schools, including private and public colleges, but in this article, we will discuss only the best 15. 

Some only train massage therapists, while others provide training in a variety of professions.

Most students pursue certificates, which can be earned in a year or less. One college grants an associate degree in applied science after 16 months of study. Classroom lectures, lab sessions, and clinical internships are all part of the curriculum.

Below are the best massage therapy schools in Texas:

1. Lone Star College

  • Graduation Rate- 18%
  • Student Population- 73499

Massage therapy students at this public college attend classes on the North Harris Campus in the Woodlands region, east of the Hardy Toll Road, about 20 miles outside of Houston.

The full-time, 23-credit certificate program entails completing eight courses in nine months. The last prerequisite is to complete an internship at a local spa or clinic. 

Students gain practical experience by giving one-hour massages at the school’s salon.

Although class sizes are limited, LSC has an open enrollment policy and a 100% acceptance rate. There are no application costs.

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2. San Jacinto Community College

  • Graduation Rate- 32%
  • Student Population- 32137

According to the Aspen Institute, this Houston-based school is one of the top ten community colleges in the country. It features a massage therapy department on its Pasadena Central Campus.

The 592-hour, 23-credit curriculum satisfies state requirements. It teaches spa modalities as well as “healthy lifestyles.” 

A certificate takes nine months to complete, divided into two semesters of full-time study. There are day and evening class schedules available. The programs start in March and October.

The school features an on-campus clinic where students give real-world massages to clients and continuing education programs for practitioners.

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3. Tarrant County College District

  • Graduation Rate- 19%
  • Student Population- 51100

TCCD is a big public school in southern Fort Worth that provides a massage therapy certificate on its South Campus.

The 580-hour curriculum consists of nine courses. Students learn chair massage, hot stone massage, deep tissue massage, and foot reflexology. 

Before performing internships, they provide and receive treatments from other class members.

Full-time students finish in five and a half to six months. 

Monday through Thursday, they attend day classes, with clinical rotations on Fridays. Part-time options include eight to nine months of evening classes Monday through Friday, with Saturday clinics. The programs start in January and July.

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4. El Paso Community College

  • Graduation Rate- 21%
  • Student Population- 28819

This public school offers a massage treatment program at the EPCC Administrative Services Center on Viscount Boulevard, which it touts as a “state-of-the-art facility.”

A certificate can be obtained in as little as seven and a half months. The curriculum comprises 525 hours of study, including a 75-hour internship. 

Also, sports, prenatal, spa, and clinical massage techniques are taught to students. The class schedule is adaptable, with a weekend option.

All of the instructors have at least 20 years of massage experience. The institution brags about its “military-friendly” policies, inexpensive tuition, and job placement services.

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5. Amarillo College

  • Graduation Rate- 31%
  • Student Population- 9854

AC, a public institution in the same-named west Texas city, offers a massage therapy certificate program on its West Campus.

To finish the 550-hour curriculum, students must attend classes for two semesters. One class provides advanced massage techniques. To accommodate those who work during the day, all classes are held in the evenings.

Students gain practical experience through community service projects in addition to internships. For example, the school has given wild-land firefighters free full-body and chair massages.

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6. St Philip’s College

  • Graduation Rate- 21%
  • Student Population- 11590

This San Antonio public school, founded in 1898, is an HBCU member (Historically Black Colleges and Universities). It provides over 90 programs, including a massage therapy certificate.

The 23 credit hours of courses in the curriculum meet state requirements. Placement tests are given to applicants to see whether they require tutoring in reading, writing, arithmetic, or natural sciences.

Students are taught how to write resumes and conduct interviews. The institution also assists its alumni in finding work by displaying daily job postings in the neighborhood. Employers routinely visit the school to recruit practitioners.

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7. McLennan Community College

  • Graduation Rate- 25%
  • Student Population- 8955

A public school in Waco, WCC, offers a certificate that may be obtained in less than a year. The training focuses on “mind-body integration.”

There will be 470 hours of classroom training followed by a 50-hour internship. Students take fundamental courses and classes on medical language, healing foundations of the body, equipment use, and safety procedures. There are day and evening class schedules available.

MCC, like most community schools, has cheaper tuition prices than the average private university. 

The institution offers “endless opportunities for continuing education,” as well as success coaches, tutoring, advising services, student development, and counseling.

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8. Navarro College

  • Graduation Rate- 22%
  • Student Population- 8601

This public school was established in 1946 as part of the Texas community college system. It is headquartered in Corsicana and has five campuses.

Corsicana and Waxahachie both provide massage therapy certificate programs. The program consists of 24 credit hours in the fall and spring semesters. The curriculum meets state standards.

Students applying for admission must complete the TSI assessment, which assesses their reading, writing, and mathematical skills.

Those with low scores are not automatically disqualified. They may be required to pursue preparatory courses.

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9. Parker University

  • Graduation Rate- 80%
  • Student Population- 1435

Parker is a privately managed institution founded in 1978 that offers MT certificate and associate in applied science programs recognized by the Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation.

Nutrition, Myofascial Therapy, Neuromuscular Therapy, and Eastern Modalities are among the 600-hour certificate courses. 

An extra 26 credit hours of general education classes in computers, English writing, speech communication, college algebra, American literature, and general psychology are required for the AAS.

It takes 16 months to complete both programs. Day and evening class schedules are available, with programs beginning three times a year. Interaction with Parker’s chiropractic students benefits students.

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10. Western Technical College

  • Graduation Rate- 71%
  • Student Population- 495

This El Paso career training school offers an MT certificate program that is approved by the Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation.

The 750-hour curriculum includes 355 hours in the classroom and 295 hours in the lab. The remaining 100 hours are spent in two on-site internships. 

The program is divided into 25 weeks of day classes and 47 weeks of evening classes. Deep tissue, sports, and chair massage courses are available, as well as spa and wellness treatments, trigger point therapy, and myofascial release.

Students hone their skills in anatomy and organ system mannequins. All classes are taught by faculty who have worked in the field.

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11. South Texas Vocational Technical Institute-Brownsville

  • Graduation Rate- 70%
  • Student Population- 491

STVT is a private school with five locations that provide technical vocational training. McAllen and Brownsville both have massage therapy certificate programs.

The curriculum includes 600 clock hours of instruction (299 in lectures, 249 in labs, and 52 in internships). 

Thirty weeks of full-time study is required. Students study trigger point palpation and deactivation, myofascial therapy, lymphatic drainage, sports massage, and therapeutic approaches for particular populations in addition to the state-mandated courses.

The school can help you with résumé and cover letter writing, interviewing techniques, and job searches.

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12. Platt College-STVT-McAllen

  • Graduation Rate- 71%
  • Student Population- 425

This privately run school awards massage therapy certificates at its locations in McAllen and Brownsville.

The 30-week diploma program comprises 600 hours over the course of 30 weeks (30.5 credit hours). 

This involves 299 lecture hours, 249 lab hours, and 52 weeks of clinical work. Students learn sports massage, patient services, spa therapies, assessment processes, client communication, deep tissue massage, and Eastern modalities in addition to state-mandated training.

The school offers resume writing instruction, interview coaching and practice, soft skill development, communication improvement, and job placement aid.

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13. Avenue Five Institute

Graduation Rate- 74%

Student Population- 297

This beauty and massage school is the only one in Austin where students can receive federal financial aid.

The 750-hour “advanced” MT certificate program can be completed in as short as 22 weeks of day classes or 43 weeks of evening programs. 

Also, client Consultation and Assessment, Aromatherapy, Body Wraps, Foot Scrubs, Exfoliation, Positional Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, and Energy Work are among the courses available.

Chair, prenatal, deep tissue, therapeutic, sports, hot and cold stone, and specific populations massage methods are also taught to students. They work as interns at an on-campus clinic.

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How Long Are Massage Therapy Schools In Texas?

To become a massage therapist in Texas, you must complete a minimum of 500 hours of education. 

Likewise, massage therapy licenses in Texas demand a minimum of 500 hours of instruction in the profession of massage therapy. 

In accordance with the Texas Department of State Health Services, at least 125 hours of this must be in Swedish massage therapy theory and technique. 

Anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, pathology, hydrotherapy, massage therapy laws, business practices, professional ethics, health, and cleanliness are also essential. 

A 50-hour internship in which the student conducts massages in a student clinic under the supervision of a massage therapy instructor is accomplished. 

Following your massage therapy studies, you must pass either the NCETMB or the MBLEx national certification examination. 

After that, the state will award you a massage therapist license, and you will be able to work as a Licensed Massage Therapist in Texas.

How Much are Massage Therapy Schools in Texas?

The cost of a massage therapy course and the available financing methods are crucial factors to consider before committing to this path and selecting a school. 

Before you can call yourself a qualified massage therapist, most state health boards need 500 to 600 hours of training and pass the MBLEx (Massage and Bodywork Licensing Exam). 

Most programs last this long, though some may take up to 1000 hours before you can get your certificate.

The cost of instruction per hour ranges between $6 and $17. This amounts to a program cost of $3,000 to $11,000. 

Aside from the tuition fee, which is the single greatest component, there are several extra costs associated with the program. 

These expenses include an application fee, the cost of a massage table and table linen, the cost of lotions and creams, the cost of textbooks and other study materials, and the cost of licensing.

How Much Do Massage Therapists Make in Texas?

The average annual compensation for Texas practitioners is around $42,750, or more than $20.50 per hour. This is slightly more than the national average, roughly $41,400, or $20.

The top 10% of massage therapists in the state earn roughly $91,350 or $44, compared to approximately $78,300 or $37.60 nationally. 

Wages for the bottom 10% are $21,800 in Texas, or around $10, and roughly $21,350, or $10.25 nationally.

According to the US Department of Labor Statistics, Texas had 11,360 practitioners in 2016. The department anticipates 14,950 jobs by 2026, representing a 32 percent increase over the expected 26 percent countrywide.


Massage therapy is a profession as large as the state of Texas itself. Bodywork’s power enables experienced massage therapists to delight, refresh, and treat clients for stress and pain relief. 

A massage therapy school in Texas can educate you on how to operate with your hands and make people feel better. 

Massage therapists can typically create their schedules and even open their private practices. 

As more hospitals, clinics, and medical practices incorporate massage therapy into their treatment plans, the need for massage therapists has increased accordingly.

I hope this article was helpful.


Can you massage without a license in Texas?

A state license is required in Texas to advertise or practice massage therapy.

How do I get my massage license in Texas?

The Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination (MBLEX) administered by the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards is required for a Texas massage therapist license (FSMTB).

Is massage therapy in Texas hard?

Massage therapy will inevitably demand you to use your body for several hours. This can include standing for long periods, working with your hands all day, or having too much time hunched over a massage table. As a result, overworking your body can lead to physical exhaustion.


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