Southern Methodist University Acceptance Rate 2024 and Admission


Suppose you are looking forward to applying to Southern Methodist University SMU. In that case, this article will help you cover the Southern Methodist University acceptance rate for state students, the SMU acceptance rate for transfer and international students, SMU SAT requirements, SMU GPA requirements, and other SMU admission requirements.

History of Southern Methodist University

Southern Methodist University (SMU) is a private institution in the university park(near the heart of Dallas), Texas. It has an additional satellite campus located in Taos County, New Mexico.


A Methodist Episcopal church South founded this university on April 17, 1911. This university is a nonsectarian teaching institution that enrolls and admits students of different religious affiliations.

It is one of the religious institutions with the highest number of students. The university has over 15,273 students that enroll yearly as a student, including undergraduate and postgraduate students.


South Methodist University acceptance rate is higher than most university’s own, which is why they enroll a lot of students every year.

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Why Choose Southern Methodist University?

Southern Methodist University offers unique learning research and social and career opportunities that enable our students worldwide to make innovative impacts on the world.


The university’s innovative, flexible curriculum builds solid liberal arts foundations that enable students to pursue different majors, experience different cultures, and deliver what employers want.

Graduates of this school embrace the workforce with multiple exceptional competencies and global surveys.

More than 93% of Southern Methodist University graduates have jobs or are in graduate school after graduation. Southern Methodist University was ranked top as the highest-paid graduate and the best college based on salary potential.

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What is Southern Methodist University Acceptance Rate?

South Methodist University ranks as one university with the highest acceptance rate. World reports and the US news have classified this university as the least selective among other institutions.

South Methodist’s acceptance rate is 52.7%, but for early decision applicants, the acceptance rate is 55.6%.

South Methodist University receives over 18,670 applicants yearly but still tries to admit just the deserving students. SMU acceptance rate implies that for every 100 applicants, they accept just 56 students.

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What is Southern Methodist University Transfer Acceptance Rate?

South Methodist’s acceptance rate for transfer students is higher than most private universities. The transfer acceptance rate for SMU is 59%.

This high rate doesn’t mean it’s not competitive; every year, SMU receives a lot of applicants, and they have limited space available, which means they’ll pick only the best transfer students.

Does Southern Methodist University Have A Nursing Program?

SMU is no longer running a nursing program. However, when it existed, it was highly recognized with an award degree as the first medical school to be established.

Southern Methodist University Sat Requirements

Southern Methodist University requires SAT scores for their admission. You must have the required SAT scores to be admitted into the school. Southern Methodist University SAT requirement is SAT 1250/1450 and above.

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Southern Methodist University ACT Requirements

The ACT score required by Southern Methodist University is ACT 29/33. Every student planning admission into SMU and using ACT requirements should have up to ACT 29/33 scores and above, the Southern Methodist University ACT requirements.

Southern Methodist University GPA

The Southern Methodist University acceptance rate for 2023 is hard and a bit competitive. To have a chance to be admitted, your GPA should be 3.63 at the least, and for a better chance of being admitted3.78 will be more favorable.

Southern Methodist University Cost

The freshman Southern Methodist University tuition fee for 2023-2024 is $61,980. The average fee for housing and dining is $17,750. The Southern Methodist UniversityCost cost is $79,730—the housing and dining range depends on the student’s choices.

Southern Methodist University Undergraduate Yearly Tuition And Fee

The tuition and fees of Southern Methodist  University are $61,980, and the average housing and dining are $17,750. The housing and dining ranges depend on the choice of the students. Tuition and fees cover about two-thirds of the total cost of the institution.  While the remaining 1/3 covers gifts and other annual revenues.

Southern Methodist University Undergraduate Scholarship/Financial Aid

75% of 100% Southern Methodist University students receive scholarships/financial aid. Here is the list of the categories of scholarship awards you can apply for as a Southern Methodist  University student.

All Southern Methodist University undergraduate student scholarship

Southern Methodist University Online Masters

Southern Methodist University Online Masters’s programs enable you as a professional to earn a master’s degree while maintaining your current job duties.

 By enrolling in the master’s program, we can join the SMU community and fully access the university’s high-quality curriculum, faculty, and resources. Below are the Majors you can enroll in our online master’s program.

Masters In Business Administration.

  • Time of completion of the program: 24 months (32 credit hours)

Masters In Computer Science With Artificial Intelligence Specialization.

  • Time to complete the program: 20 months (30 credit hours)

Master In Data Science

  • Time to complete the program: 20 months (33.5 credit hours)

Master In Network Engineering

  • Time to complete the program: 20 months (30 credit hours)

Southern Methodist University Courses

  1. Accounting
  2. Advertising
  3. Africa and Mexican American studies
  4. Anthropology
  5. Applied Physiology and sports management
  6. Hearts
  7. Art history
  8. Biochemistry
  9. Biological science
  10. Business
  11. Business administration
  12. Business analytics and supply chain management
  13. Business energy management
  14. Business entrepreneurship
  15. Chemistry
  16. Chinese
  17. Civil engineering news, like computer science new like computer science with a cyber security specialization
  18. Corporate communication and public affairs creative computing
  19. Data Science
  20. Dance performance
  21. Economics
  22. Economics with finance application specialization
  23. Educational studies
  24. Electrical engineering
  25. Electrical engineering with a biomedical specialization
  26. Engineering
  27. English with creative writing specialization
  28. Environmental engineering
  29. Ethnic study
  30. Fashion media new life film and media arts BT a
  31. Finance
  32. Finance with an alternative asset management specialization
  33. French
  34. German
  35. Health and society
  36. History
  37. Human rights
  38. Individualized studies in the liberal arts
  39. International Studies
  40. Italian
  41. Journalism
  42. Marketing
  43. Management
  44. Markets and culture
  45. Mathematics
  46. Mechanical engineering
  47. Mechanical engineering with management and entrepreneurship specialization
  48. Medieval studies
  49. Music Composition
  50. Music performance
  51. Music therapy
  52. Philosophy
  53. Political science
  54. Pro-health
  55. Prelaw
  56. Psychology
  57. Real estate
  58. Risk management and insurance
  59. Sociology
  60. Spanish
  61. Sports management
  62. Sports performance leadership
  63. Statistical Science
  64. Theater audition required
  65. Women’s and gender studies
  66. World languages and literature

Southern Methodist University Deadlines

 Fall admission commenced on;  April  1  (for the scholarship deadline),  June 1  (for the regular deadline), and August  1  (for the final  deadline)

Spring admission starts on the 15th of November and commences on the 1st of June.

All transfer applications for summer and fall open on  November 1, and our spring transfer application open on August  1.

SMU Acceptance Rate FAQs

Does SMU Offer A Health Program?

Yes, it does. It offers a health program, Health, and Society, with a Bachelor of Arts degree. This program is intended to promote a wider and broader understanding of health for students planning to participate in the health profession.

What is SMU SAT and ACT Requirement?

Even if the Southern Methodist University acceptance rate is high, the university still has standards and high requirements regarding academic grades. They generally admit students who score in the top 10 percent with SAT scores of 1250/1450 and ACT scores of 23/33. They typically accept A+ and B+ Students Irrespective Of The Race And Ethnicity Of The Person.

What Is Southern Methodist University Ranking In The Nation?

Southern Methodist University is ranked 68 on the list of the best university in the nation, 60 best private institutions on the Forbes list, 72 best research institutions,s and 240 American best value colleges. The university is recognized nationwide as one of the best private universities of increasing eminent.

Can Graduate Programs Be Taken Online At Southern Methodist University?

Yes, it can. The Southern Methodist University is one of the few institutions that allow persons who want to take their graduate program online to earn a master’s degree. It gives them full access to the institution’s resources, faculty, and curriculum.


Southern Methodist University (SMU) is a well-respected university. Apart from the SMU acceptance rate being one of the reasons why it is so recognized, the students at this university can acquire knowledge in a very comfortable learning environment.

It has many benefits, like premium access to highly qualified professors and specialists, outstanding research opportunities available, and an international exchange program for those willing to study abroad. This and many more benefits are what you set out to gain if you decide to study at SMU College. Good luck.

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