Top Tips for Getting Remote Internship Positions

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Are you a student or graduate looking for tips for getting remote internship positions? If yes, then this article holds some tips that will help.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, the adoption of remote work was not in vogue.

But because businesses need to operate in spite of the lockdown, they now allow their workers to work from home.

This is huge progress in today’s world.

Companies are now able to cut down the cost of renting huge office spaces and workers can save their transport.

With just your phone or laptop and a strong internet connection, you can work from anywhere.

And this style of working condition is now available to those who wish to apply for an internship.

There are a lot of remote internship positions today, but you need the right tips for getting them.

The competition is now very high.

And since you may not need to meet with the employer, you will have to prove yourself with your application.

So, what are the tips for getting a remote internship?

Let’s find out.


How do you find a remote internship?

This is the first question many students who are in search of a remote internship ask.

It is very important because of you don’t look I’m the right places, you will never find one.

Here are the tips that will help you to find the best remote internship positions.

1. Do your research using Google:

The first thing you must do to find the best remote internship opportunity is to do your research.

And Google is one of the best places to search for any available remote internship positions.

You may be overwhelmed by a lot of information if you simply search for a remote internship. 

But if you narrow your search down to a specific field or company, you will easily find one.

So, instead of searching for “remote internship,” You can narrow it down to “Software engineering remote internship” or “marketing remote internship.”

This way, you will only get results that are related to your interest. 

2. Search on job listing websites:

Job sites, as they are popularly called, is a good place for you to search for remote internships.

There are thousands of remote internship positions that you can find online by simply checking on job sites.

You can check on general job sites as well as niche sites that focus only on internships.

This reduces the job of sifting through a lot of information just to find the right remote internship for yourself.

A good job site to start from would be Indeed.

3. Search on LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is a popular social media platform for professionals across several industries.

So, it is very easy for you to find valuable contacts on the platform and get a recommendation for a remote internship position.

For you to excel on LinkedIn, you need to be as professional as possible.

Also, you must make sure that you complete your profile so that anyone who sees your profile will immediately know your skills and capabilities.

Even if you are not deliberately searching, you can make a post about your abilities and how you can help the company.

At the end of the writeup, leave a call to action asking people to recommend you or take you in for the remote internship.

This always works out fine.

4. Search in your College’s job board:

Sometimes students look so far in search of internship positions whereas such opportunities are right at their doorsteps.


You can actually get a remote internship position without searching outside of your school.

All you have to do is to go to your college’s career services office.

When you are there, request access to your school’s job and internship database.

They usually keep a log of so many of such opportunities.

If you search carefully, you will be able to find open positions that you can apply.

Also, you can inquire about other resources that will make your search very easy, if any.

5. Contact people you know:

Contacting people you know can be a great way to get remote internship positions.

This works just the same way as when you are in search of a full-time job.

You might contact someone who will have a link to an organization you will like to intern with.

If that is not the case, then the person may know a different organization that will be suitable for you.

All you need to do is to ask the people that you know.

It could be your parents, your lecturer, or your mentor.

Surely you will get a lead that may be of help to you.

How to apply for remote internship positions

Now that you have found the right remote internship opportunity, the next step is to apply for the position.

Already, you know that the application is not going to be a physical process.

As a result, you must make your application stand out so that the employer will notice you.

You have to prove through your application that you can actually work from home without difficulties.

Time management and internet connection problems are usually the major challenges with remote working conditions.

So, you have to prove that you can beat all of that and nothing can come between your work input in the organization.

But how are you going to prove your worth in your application?

Here are a few tips that may help;

1. Apply early:

Usually, when a company is taking applications online, the applications are received and arranged according to the time stamp.

This means that people who submitted early enough will get their documents reviewed first before from the top.

Although you cannot be certain how the applications will be reviewed.

However, it is best to have your documents in there early enough so that you are not caught in the rush of submitting before the deadline.

Also, you have enough time to review your application over and over again for any corrections before submitting it.

2. Share your remote working experience:

Since you are applying for a remote internship position, the company may not be ready to make any arrangements that will help you learn how to work remotely.

So, you have to prove that you have previous remote working experience.

This experience does not necessarily have to be from a previous internship or from a job you have worked on in the past.

Instead, it could be the experience of attending virtual classes or completing group projects remotely.

3. List virtual software programs that you can use:

When doing your internship remotely, there are a lot of software programs that you will need for collaborations and filesharing.

Examples of these software programs include Zoom, Google Meet, Google Drive, Slack and so on.

By listing some of these software programs in your application, the internship organization will believe that you can handle task remotely.

Also, it sends a strong message that you have experience working remotely.

4. Outline your skills:

Seize the opportunity to sell yourself in your application.

You need to outline the valuable skills that you have that shows that you can work remotely.

Need to outline such skills as communication skills, time management skills, and the ability to use technology to get work done.

Employers look for people with these type of quality skills, so you want to let them know you possess such skills before they ask.

5. Be care of scams:

Even though there are a lot of genuine internship opportunities on the internet, there are still frauds out there.

So, you must be careful to who you are submitting your details to.

A good way to avoid that is by doing proper research about the company before you submit your application.

How to prepare for your remote internship interview

After applying for an internship position with an organization, the next stage is to face an interview session.

Note that it is not all companies that require having an interview with you, but you have to prepare yourself for everything.

Obviously, if you are going to pass through an interview session, then it will have to be done online.

For this reason, you must try to leave a good first impression so that the employer will consider you.

Here are some tips that will help you to prepare properly for an interview to send a good first impression;

1. Get your environment ready:

The first step for you to have an excellent virtual interview is for you to be in the right environment.

So, you must ensure that the environment is clean and you are not in a noisy place.

Also, you must make sure that you are sitting down and the room is well lit.

2. Dress properly:

Even though you don’t necessarily have to attend a face to face interview, you still need to dress properly for the virtual interview.

Dress in corporate wears and make sure you have nice hair.

Your looks goes a long way to determine whether you will get the remote internship opportunity or not.

3. Prepare yourself for the interview:

Besides preparing your environment and making sure that you are well dressed, you need to also prepare yourself.

This means that you must prepare yourself for any question that will be asked.

So, to have the answer to all the questions, you have to do a bit of research about the company.

Read through their website to know their core values, mission and vision.

Know what they do and how your skills and experience can help them to achieve their goals.

That is exactly how you are going to win this opportunity.

4. Check your device and network connection:

Make sure that your device well charged or connected to a power source.

This will help to prevent you from getting cut out in the middle of the interview.

If you are connecting with your mobile phone, then make sure that you have your power bank by the side in case of batter issues.

Another thing that you must check is your network connection.

A poor network connection would mean that you will always have issues during virtual meetings.

So, do well to look for a good spot with a good internet connection and set up for your interview there.

5. Follow up

After your interview with the organization, make sure that you follow up and stay up to date with the recruitment process.

You can send a good follow-up email to whoever is in charge of recruitment.

Also, if you have the contact of any of the hiring team, then you can send the person a private message or email.

By doing this, the company will regard you as a person who is serious about getting a remote internship with them.


The world is going digital and companies are now very comfortable with having their workers work from home.

So, getting a remote internship is possible for you as long as your skills and experience are transferable over the internet.

Now you can enjoy the benefits of doing your internship from the comfort of your home and save the cost of daily transportation.


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