UTEP Acceptance Rate 2024 and Average GPA

Learn about UTEP’s acceptance rate and average GPA for 2023. Discover the competitiveness of admissions at UTEP and the academic standards with the UTEP acceptance rate 2023.

There are many questions to ask before college, and it’s normal to have them. In this article, we have curated answers to many of your questions. 

We’ll discuss admission requirements to UTEP and the acceptance rate at the school.

Most importantly, we’ll help you decide if you stand a chance in the admissions at UTEP.

As you read through, you’ll develop insight into what it feels like studying at UTEP. 

More so, you’ll decide if it’s a great fit for you or just a good one.

Not to mention a full breakdown of the UTEP transfer admission and GPA requirements.

With this in mind, let’s get started!!

Brief History of the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP)

In El Paso, Texas, there is a public research university called the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP).

UTEP is included in the University of Texas System.  About 80% of UTEP students are Mexican-American.

UTEP is the second-largest university in the US, with a majority Mexican-American student body.

Only after the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. UTEP was established with the signing of SB 183 by the Texas governor on April 16, 1913.

On September 28, 1914, UTEP formally opened and received its first 27 students.

Presently, UTEP is recognized as an R1: Doctoral University.

In effect, being directly indicative of Very High Research Activity.

What’s more, UTEP’s School of Engineering is the top source of M.S. and Ph.D.-level Hispanic engineers in the country. 

In addition, UTEP serves as the venue for the annual Sun Bowl college football game.

Given that it is home to the Sun Bowl stadium.

Aside from Bhutan or Tibet, the campus is one of the few places in the world with buildings designed in the Dzong architectural style. 

UTEP and its environs are indeed a beauty to behold. 

In like manner, it is situated on slopes with views of the Rio Grande River and Ciudad Juárez.

Both of which are located across the Mexican-American border.

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Why Choose UTEP?

Given that UTEP is such a large university, a high acceptance rate isn’t all there is to consider.

So let’s look into more exciting features.

First, you have so many programs to choose from at UTEP.

To point out, there are 168 degree Programs offered at UTEP.

While in your program of choice, you are sure to be surrounded by thousands of like minds.

In detail, UTEP has about 24,879 enrolled students.

Of that population, 83% are Hispanic students.

What’s more, if you are interested in research or studying, UTEP has you covered. The school spends about $108 MILLION on annual research expenditures.

Coupled with being one of the lowest out-of-pocket costs of any U.S. research university.

UTEP also has millions in grants and scholarships to make the best of students.

With this in mind, let’s consider UTEP’s national ratings.

Firstly, it tied for 162 Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs in the country out of thousands.

More so, UTEP is ranked 87th out of Texas’ 136 universities.

Another key point is the student-to-faculty ratio.

Generally, the ratio is a common indicator of how much access you’ll have to your professors.

The student-to-faculty ratio in UTEP is 21:1.

However, this is relatively high compared to the national average of 15:1.

While this may be true, it reflects that UTEP had a lot of students.

What is UTEP Acceptance Rate?

UTEP has a 100% acceptance rate. Yes, and that’s right, it’s a 100% acceptance rate at UTEP.

To illustrate, in the Fall of 2020, UTEP received over 11,000 applications.

Later on, UTEP announced an overall acceptance rate of 100%. 

To point out, this included admissions for both in-state and out-of-state applications.

The University of Texas at El Paso has an acceptance rate of 76%, greater than the national average for all universities.

The national average is only roughly 56.7%.

Many students view UTEP as a ‘safety school’ due to its high acceptance rate. 

However, don’t assume that admission is a done deal. Spend enough time on your application to ensure that it is flawless.

UTEP Transfer Acceptance Rate

Transfer acceptance rates into UTEP are not entirely clear. 

However, a closely projected estimate is 93%.

Transfer students into UTEP are admitted if they’ve satisfied the admission requirements.

You should have completed at least 12 credits of college-level coursework among the requirements.

Also, it should be completed following your high school studies, and you’d have a minimum GPA of 2.0.

What are the Necessary Requirements for the University of Texas at El Paso?

Despite the acceptance rate at UTEP being 100%, there are still some requirements to get in.

UTEP uses the ApplyTexas application, just like other public universities in Texas. 

Applications are received all year round at UTEP as well.

Also, there is no application fee for domestic applicants.

Here are UTEP’s admission requirements. 

  • Complete the application on ApplyTexas (www.applytexas.org)
  • Official high school transcript or official GED score report
  • At least one of the following college placement test scores
  • Official SAT and/or ACT scores
  • Texas Success Initiative Assessment scores
  • Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate credits that demonstrate college readiness placement
  • A writing sample (optional)

UTEP SAT / ACT scores

Typically, you are free to submit whichever you wish or even both.

However, the testing agency must send the official test scores directly to UTEP.

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Official High School Transcript or Official GED Score Report

In this case, the document you submit must indicate the following:

  • The high school curriculum completed
  • Rank
  • Graduation date (expected or actual)

Note, however, that your high school must directly submit the document to UTEP.

If you completed Advanced Placement courses, then you should also submit your official score to be awarded credits.

Similarly, other eligible programs are: 

  • CLEP (College Level Examination Program)
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) 
  • SAT II Subject Exams
  • DSST (DANTES Subject Standardized Tests)

Writing sample (optional)

Firstly, submitting a writing sample isn’t required. 

However, you have the option of submitting one to UTEP. 

Generally, writing samples may help expedite the admissions process for some students.

Especially those who are unable to submit standardized test scores.

Alternatively, it helps students whose scores don’t adequately reflect their academic potential.

UTEP Requirements for International Students 

International students also have their admission requirements.

In contrast to domestic student applications, international students must pay an application fee to UTEP.

UTEP’s application fee is $65.00.

  • Official Transcripts
  • Test Scores
  • Proof of English proficiency

All international students must submit standardized test scores to UTEP. 

Given this, you should request your scores to be sent directly to UTEP from the testing center.

Similarly, your official High School or College transcripts must be sent directly from the schools attended.

However, it must be accompanied by a Credential Evaluation by a certified credentialing service.

Regarding test scores, the following are the minimum requirements to attain. Note, however, that UTEP does not accept IELTS scores for admission.

  • SAT (minimum 1070)
  • ACT (minimum 23 with a score of 19 in the English section)
  • TOEFL (minimum 500)
  • Internet-Based TOEFL (minimum 61)
  • PAA (minimum 1000)
  • Pearson Test of English (PTE) (minimum 44)

UTEP Transfer Requirements 

Transfer student application requirements to UTEP are also important to be considered.

Here are the requirements to make your application.

  • Submit College Transcripts
  • Complete online application 

Your transcript must be sent directly to UTEP’s office of admissions from your school.

Also, it must document all college credits earned while in high school. Similarly, your college transcript must be sent through your school.

It’s important to realize that if your transcript isn’t original, your school may not be able to send them on your behalf.

Of course, UTEP would not accept your transcript in person.

Finally, you should make your application online and state your academic accomplishments, including college credits.

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UTEP GPA Requirements

Although UTEP has a high acceptance rate, students must meet the requirements to get in.

The GPA requirement at UTEP is just higher than average.

To be sure, students who get admitted have an average GPA of 3.3 on a 4.0 scale in high school.

That is to say, UTEP admits many B+ students.

By and large, the GPA requirement at UTEP is moderately competitive.

What are UTEP’s Deadlines?

UTEP always has its application deadline set out for the academic year.

For this reason, you should have your documents ready and apply before this time.

So far, UTEP has three admission timelines.

They are Fall, Spring, and Summer.

Typically, the deadlines for application to UTEP in each of these are:

  • Fall – May 1
  • Spring – October 1
  • Summer – March 1

Above all, remember that domestic applicants don’t have to pay an application fee.

Furthermore, international students must submit applications and have an application fee of $65 by the due date.

Some departments have deadlines on their page on the school’s site. Ensure to check it too.

Application Due-DateMay 1Oct. 1March 1
Document DeadlineJuly 31Nov. 30April 30

What are UTEP’s Decision Dates?

UTEP decision dates are not rigid year-on-year. 

However, you could expect feedback about 4 to 6 weeks from the application deadline.

During this time, the reviewers pour through the various applications to select those that make it.

Another key point is that admission considerations are only for students with complete applications as of the due date.

Furthermore, admission schedules often vary among different programs in the school.

Thus, don’t be surprised when your notification comes.

What is UTEP’s Tuition?

So far, we’ve discussed the criteria and how to get into UTEP.

At this time, let’s consider the actual cost of attendance.

The Cost of Attendance (COA) covers the fall and spring semesters (9 months).

This is an estimate and NOT a bill from UTEP.

The COA covers tuition and fees, lodging, and a stipend for books and supplies.

It also covers travel expenses and loan costs.

Tuition costs and fees at UTEP are $8,508 for resident students and $21,164 for non-resident students.

Overall, you’ll pay around $19,558 for resident students combining the other fees noted above.

While non-resident students pay around $32,214.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is UTEP easy to get into?

Admissions at the University of Texas at El Paso are less competitive.

UTEP has a 100% acceptance rate, making it almost guaranteed to get in. 

Typically, students require ACT scores between 17 to 22 or SAT scores between 900 and 1100 for admission to UTEP.

Nevertheless, 25% of accepted applicants received scores above these limits.
Similarly, 25% also received scores that were below these levels.

Does UTEP have a 100% acceptance rate?

Yes, UTEP has a 100% acceptance rate for undergraduate students.

Although there are a set of requirements to attain, you’re almost sure of getting in as long as you meet them.

What is UTEP best known for?

UTEP is well known for its accomplishments in competitive research and student social mobility.

Given that, UTEP ranked first in those categories in the United States. 

UTEP is also one of the few elite research colleges in the nation, with a predominance of Hispanic students. 

What GPA do you need to get into UTEP?

The average GPA requirement for UTEP is 3.3 on a 4.0 scale.

UTEP expects students to have above-average high school grades. 

Because of this, it’s clear that UTEP ultimately accepts many B+ students.


So far, you must have met many answers to your many questions.

We can only hope to have pointed you in the right direction, and you can now make a choice.

UTEP is an excellent school and much like an adventure.

The acceptance rate at UTEP (100%) also strongly indicates that you stand a good chance.

Best of luck!!



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