CalArts Acceptance Rate 2024: Admissions, Courses, And Scholarships

CalArts acceptance rate is very low and competitive compared to other colleges in California. This and many more questions are what you need to ask before sending your application to study at any institution.

This article has been able to deal with possible questions you would have concerning this institution and their respective answers to give you more knowledge on the school, including CalArts acceptance rate, tuition fee, and, lest I forget to mention, the specific requirements you’ll need to study there. Just don’t stop reading, and let’s dig a little deeper.

About California Institute of Arts CalArts

The California institute of arts, popularly known as CalArts, is a private art university in Santa Clarita, California.

It is highly known as the first degree-granting institution of higher learning in the US, specifically for visual and performing arts students.

Presently, this art university offers admission and enrolls over 2000 undergraduates each season at its campus. Consequently, CalArts has topped the list of high-ranking colleges in the states, giving it the recognition it deserves in terms of academic excellence and great value.

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Why Choose the California Institute of Arts?

Amongst other private art institutions in California and around the states, there are good reasons you should choose this college. CalArts offers various undergraduate and graduate degrees in programs related to art majors and other programs like Music, arts, film, dance, theatre, writing, and animation.

This university gives students intensive professional training in any area of their creative aspirations without following a rigid pattern. It focuses on an experimental multidisciplinary and several art practices with the mission to enable future artists to transform the world through their art.

It has six colleges, and they all have a wide range of programs. Whichever program you pick, the colleges are bent on providing the best knowledge you need to succeed in your field. This doesn’t go down to just students from the states; it also includes international and transfers students.

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What Is CalArts Acceptance Rate?

CalArts acceptance rate is 27.6%. The acceptance rate is relatively low, and this rate has made CalArts one of the arts institutions with the lowest acceptance rate in the US.

This rate makes admission into the California institute of arts very competitive and selective, as the university only seeks to admit the best students who can achieve a lot outside the school walls.

Every intending applicant for this university should have in mind that it is a little challenging to get into, especially with the CalArts acceptance rate, but that shouldn’t scare you because if you meet the basic requirements, there is no possible way you wouldn’t get admitted.

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What Is CalArts Transfer Acceptance Rate?

CalArts acceptance rate for a transfer student is 25.76%. This explains that for every 100 transfer applicants’ applications received, only 26 students are accepted.

Transferring to this university requires you to be one of the best students in your previous college. The high rate of students transferring into this institution every year, it has made it relatively difficult to transfer into the university, especially with the low acceptance rate.

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What Is CalArts Tuition And Fees?

The tuition for the California institute of arts is $52,850 each year, which means the average fee for each semester is $26,425. Alongside the tuition fee, there are several fees you would need to pay and they are listed below.

  • Student activity fee: $616
  • Room: $7,040
  • Meal: $5,046
  • Books/Supplies: $1,000
  • Transportation: $2,000
  • Personal expenses: $3,000
  • Medical: $2,756
  • The estimated cost of studying at CalArts: $74,308

Most students’ average cost of studying at this university is relatively high. However, most students receive income, financial aid, and grants from CalArts and various organizations that subsidize the amount for students and their respective families.

CalArts Acceptance Rate By Major

You must’ve noticed by now that CalArts has a really low acceptance rate, which still applies to most majors, including the ones in high demand with increased competition. The majors below have an acceptance rate of 27.6%.

  • Acting
  • Cinematography and film/video production
  • Costume design
  • Dance
  • Film, video and photography arts
  • Film and studio arts
  • Graphic design
  • Intermedia/multimedia
  • Jazz/jazz studies
  • Music performance
  • Music technology
  • Music theory and composition
  • Music
  • Photography
  • Technical theatre/theatre design and technology
  • Theatre/theatre arts management
  • Visual and performing arts
  • Voice and opera

CalArts Admission Requirements

Your admission into this university relies on you meeting the basic requirements. Students are only admitted on a full-time basis, applicants can only apply directly to a program of study, and most follow the auditioned requirements for the intended program.

  • Application fee of $70 ($85 for international applicants)
  • Fill out the online application form through the school’s website
  • Official high school transcripts
  • Writing supplement
  • Teacher’s evaluation
  • Counselor’s evaluation

Additional requirements for international students

  • IB course with a higher level of examination result of 5 or more
  • English language proficiency result (minimum of 80 TOEFL/6.5 IELTS/53 PTE/105 Duolingo)
  • Declaration of Finance

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What are CalArts Transfer Requirements?

CalArts values transfer students as they believe that the students bring with them different experiences and skills that could enrich the educational community and expand the landscape of arts.

  • Fill up the transfer application through the school’s website
  • Personal statement/Essay
  • Previous college transcript
  • High school transcript
  • Transfer credit from an accredited institution
  • College report
  • Academic evaluations/recommendations
  • Financial aid application (if needed)
  • Interviews

What are CalArts GPA Requirements?

The GPA requirement for CalArts is 3.34 on a 4.0 scale. CalArts doesn’t necessarily require you to be at the top of your class; as a matter of fact, they accept below-average students.

Your transcript should show that you have some Bs mixed with As, as it reveals to CalArts that you have what it takes to handle college classes.

What Are CalArts Deadlines

  • Deadline for fall intake: January 5
  • Deadline for Spring intake: Rolling


CalArts is one of the best value arts institutions worldwide. It offers quality education to students with high-quality professors, quality classes, and a good learning environment for all students. You only have to fulfill all the basic requirements to become one of the students and enjoy the benefits of studying there. Good luck.

CalArts Acceptance Rate FAQs

Does California Institute Of Arts Give Merit-Based Scholarship?

CalArts offers merit-based scholarships depending on the strength of the student’s academic work, including school performances, supplements, auctions,s and teachers’ recommendations. There is no particular application for merit-based scholarship consideration.

How Can I Get An Application Fee Waiver From CalArts?

Getting an application fee waiver isn’t tasking. You can get a fee waiver by submitting a request for one in writing, and it should be sent after your online application. It doesn’t end there; a letter must be sent to CalArts from a high school or transfer counselor who can verify your family’s financial needs.

How is CalArts Admission Decision Made?

An admission decision is made after thoroughly scrutinizing an applicant’s portfolio, audition, statement, and recommendation letter. The admission office then reviews the academic coursework and official language test scores to ensure that the student is prepared for the academic component of their coursework at CalArts.

Are International Students Eligible For Financial Aid In CalArts?

International students are not eligible for financial aid but institutional funds through scholarships and grants are made available. These funds are limited as they are based on merit.


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