Best Carpentry Schools in Kenya 2024 | All You Need to Know 


Applying to schools, Universities, and colleges with carpentry programs is one of the ways to become a carpenter in Kenya. 

Becoming a carpenter in Kenya is a massive way of contributing to the country’s economic growth. Carpentry is an Artisan profession that creates room for self-employment. Thus, it creates employment opportunities, thereby reducing the unemployment rate. 


From the job outlook, the demand for good carpenters would continue to increase because construction is still very much in progress. 

Therefore, to become a carpenter in Kenya, one has to register with carpentry schools, universities, and colleges in Kenya for proper education and training. 


Without much ado, let’s go into detail on the carpentry careers and carpentry schools in Kenya. 

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Is Carpentry a Promising Career in Kenya? 

Carpentry is a skilled trade with job security in a country like Kenya and other countries. Again, It is a good profession with several areas of specialization. 


Further, A carpenter in Kenya earns ksh18, 951 to ksh93. 352 per month. Meanwhile, on a starting point, a Carpenter makes ksh 18, 951 to Ksh 39,834.

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What do Carpenters do? 

Carpenters do a lot of things. Wherever woodwork or construction is done, a carpenter must be there. A carpenter does most of the following ;

  1. Building foundations and roofing systems for commercial and residential buildings 
  2. Constructing, repairing, and renovating wooden structures 
  3. Installing and fitting in trims, doors, windows, etc
  4. Cutting and measuring woods
  5. Turning timbers into furniture for homes, schools, offices, etc. 

Types of Carpenters. 

The Versatility of the carpentry trade has created different areas of specialization. As such, one needs to select a particular niche and master it. Other types of carpenters include;

  1. Cabinet maker
  2. Restoration carpenter
  3. Residential carpenter
  4. Industrial or rough carpenter
  5. Scenic Carpenter
  6. Log builder 
  7. Finish carpenter
  8. Trim carpenter. 
  9. Preservation carpenter
  10. Commercial carpenter. 

How do I Become a Carpenter in Kenya?

Provision of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions under the Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA) are made specifically to assist and train people in different Artisan skills in Kenya. 

To become a carpenter in Kenya, one has to 

  1. Acquire a Kenya certificate of secondary education (KCSE) with a minimum of E grade. 
  2. Proceed to a TVET institution and enroll in an Artisan course(Carpentry).

Are there Carpentry Schools in Kenya? 

Yes, many colleges, universities, and vocational schools are accredited by the Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA) Kenya, which offers Carpentry and joinery programs. They include;

  • Mutisya Technical training institute 
  • More Vocational training center 
  • YMCA National training institute 
  • Wanjohi youth polytechnic 
  • Ukunda vocational training center
  • Subukia vocational training center
  • SOS technical training institute 
  • Rau Vocational training center 
  • Waithaka Vocational training center
  • Tausa Vocational training center
  • Matuu Vocational training center 
  • Sagalla Vocational training center 
  • Mishkan school of fine arts
  • Muteithia polytechnic.

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How Long does it Take to Qualify as a Carpenter in Kenya?

In a maximum of 2 years, One would have completed a carpentry program with compulsory industrial attachment. 

Top 10 Best Carpentry schools in Kenya 

The following schools are top-notch in carpentry and joinery programs in Kenya. They include 

#1. YMCA National Training Institute 

Location: Nairobi, Kenya. 

This is one of the carpentry schools in Kenya. Thus, YMCA National Training Institute aims to coach students who will provide satisfactory client services. However, This goal is made possible by providing quality and quantitative education to students and training. 

Also, It is one of the technical and vocational educational training (TVET) institutions in Kenya. It offers different certificates, diplomas, and craftsmanship training to students. 

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#2. Wanjohi Youth polytechnic 

Location: Kiriaini, kiharu constituency, Muranga County, Kenya. 

This institution is Equipped with technological infrastructures to enable students to carry enough practicals and training needed in their particular field. Hence, This school aims to produce qualified trainees who meet up with society’s taste in their various choice of Artisan crafts. 

In addition, Wanjohi youth polytechnic is a public vocational college and carpentry school in Kenya. 

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#3. Kenya coast National polytechnic 

Location :Mombasa, Kenya. 

Kenya Coast National Polytechnic, initially known as Mombasa technical training institute, offers certificates, diplomas, and post-graduate level courses in various Artisan crafts. 

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#4. Mutisya Technical Institute 

Location :Machakos, Kenya. 

Mutisya Technical Institute is a private college accredited by technical and vocational training. Also, It is a training center in Machakos. In Mutisya, different Artisan skills and craftsmanship training are available. 

Thus, The carpentry and joinery program aims at developing students’ skills and Knowledge of many aspects of the carpentry trade. Some of the areas covered include construction, installation of wooden frameworks, etc. 

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#5. Ramogi Institute of Advanced technology 

Location: Ramogi, South Africa. 

Ramogi Institute of Advanced Technology offers diplomas, certificate-level courses, short courses, apprenticeship programs, etc. Undeniably, RICT has a good reputation for quality and excellence. 

Also, it is among the carpentry colleges in South Africa and awards certificates in Carpentry and joinery. Students from this school have proven extremely good at technical and vocational skills in their different career paths. Hence, RCIT is one of the country’s highest performing and best colleges. 

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#6. SOS Technical Training Institute 

Location: Nairobi, Kenya. 

SOS training institute is a carpentry school in South Africa that offers a 2-year certificate level course in wood technology.

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The program, which focuses on woodwork, aims at providing the students with essential skills and Knowledge in woodwork, joinery, etc. Therefore, Career opportunities available upon completion of the program include Carpentry, business management, woodwork crafts, etc. 

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#7. Kiambu Institute of Science and technology 

Location: Kiambu, Kenya. 

This is also one of the TVET institutions in Kenya, accredited by the Technical and vocational education training authority (TVETA). 

Kiambu Institute of Science and Technology offers skilled-based training. Thus, The objective of this training is to create employment and generation of wealth through science and technology innovation. Likewise, students are groomed on basic skills that will enable them to succeed in the labor market. 

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#8. Nairobi Institute of technology 

Location: Nairobi, Kenya. 

This is a privately owned and managed mid-level educational institution. Yet, It is among Kenya’s accredited TVETA colleges and carpentry colleges. Recognized by the ministry of education and the Board of Registration of Architects and quantity surveyors. 

Here, Students are taught the necessary skills and knowledge to engage in the carpentry trade. This includes constructing and installing wood products, cutting wood, etc. 

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#9. Kitale National Polytechnic Institute 

Location :Kitale, Kenya. 

Kitale National Polytechnic Institute is the leading TVET college in the Kitale Municipality in Kenya. Also, They are known for producing qualified and holistic graduates in different careers. Hence, They undertake research and broaden their knowledge of innovations. 

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#10. Rau Vocational training center 

Location :Muranga, Kenya. 

This training center is among the TVET colleges in Kenya. The Carpentry and Joinery/ Cabinet making course is a skill upgrading course. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Carpentry schools in Kenya. 

How long does a carpentry course take in Kenya?

 How long does a carpentry course take in Kenya? 

What qualifications do carpenters need? 

A carpenter has to be detail-oriented 
He must have good communication skills 
Good Knowledge of basic mathematics is very important 
Physical strength and stamina are much needed as the profession is labor intensive 
He should be able to solve problems related to his field.

What is the highest level of Carpentry?

 Masters carpenters. 


You can actualize your dream today bu choosing a carpentry school around you in Kenya. Carpentry is a good and reliable profession, so it is worth the time and effort. 


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