10 Best Driving Schools in Texas 2024

A wise man once told me that learning to drive, especially in Texas, can seem simple until you start the journey. But another wise man said, not when you attend a driving school in Texas.

Yes! According to a proverb, the first step is often the toughest. The same is true for learning to drive, particularly in Texas, which was placed 160th out of 200 US states to drive safety in 2019.

It seems challenging to consider how you might advance from having no information to being an expert.

You also reside in a city where traffic congestion and accidents are a perpetual worry.

To save you time, we’ve researched Texas’ top driving schools. Below is a list of vetted, reputable driving schools to choose from. 

How Do I Choose the Right Driving School in Texas?

You want to pick a driving school with reputable evaluations and knowledgeable instructors. Consider your learning objectives as well. Are you primarily interested in passing the behind-the-wheel test, brushing up on your skills, or becoming more at ease with a particular issue? 

Pick a school that focuses on the subject you want to learn. Continue reading for a rating of Dallas’ top driving schools and a description of their areas of expertise.

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How Do I Maximize My Chances of Passing the Behind-the-Wheel Test?

Practice makes perfect when it comes to passing your driving test! Visit one of the driving schools mentioned in this article for professional assistance if you wish to boost your self-assurance. 

Also, teenagers in Texas are obliged to complete driver education, but adults can also take driving lessons to become familiar with the laws of the road, stay safe, and pass their driving test. 

The road test concierge service, the top-rated road test service in the U.S., may assist if you are an experienced driver or need aid with your road test after taking lessons.

How Much Does Driving Schools Cost in Texas?

Although the price of driver’s education classes in Texas varies, they are often reasonable, with courses for adults costing between $45 and $75 and courses for teenagers in school costing between $95 and $150.

Apart from Texas, there are 10 Best Driving Schools in Delaware that are good at what they do.

What are the Best Driving Schools in Texas?

Yes, there are more advantages to online driving schools.

Just a few teenagers like traditional schools, though. That’s how they perform better.

Here are some of Austin’s top physical driving schools if that describes you:

#1. Austin Driving School

One of the institutions with a solid reputation is Austin Driving School.

It has taught driver’s education for more than 40 years and has assisted more than one million people in getting their licenses.

Its courses are offered at more than 18 sites and are taught by more than 100 qualified instructors.

The Austin Driving School provides a full teen driver’s education package, including classroom and in-car instruction. The price range for the education packages is $230 to $390.

For more than 40 years, Austin Driving School has taught thousands of teenagers and adults how to drive. There are 18 places where you can take courses available in English or Spanish. To provide the greatest level of service to every one of our clients, all our services are state-certified, bonded, and insured. They offer

  • Online Courses
  • Teenage Drivers Education
  • Adult Drivers 18 and over
  • Defensive Driving
  • DPS Authorized Road Test (Third Party Skills Test)
  • Courses are offered in English and Spanish

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#2. Travis Driving School

Regarding client satisfaction, Travis Driving School is among Austin’s most well-liked physical driving schools, with over 260 Google reviews.

Most former trainee drivers praised Travis Driving School’s helpful, courteous, and professional service.

They were pleased with the instructors’ excellent professionalism and willingness to accommodate them. Additionally, the sessions are very engaging and dynamic.

The teen driver education package includes classroom and on-the-road instruction costs about $350.

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#3. 1-2-3 Driving School

For teens and adults, 1-2-3 provides individualized and tailored training on safe driving. They also provide tests for driver’s licenses.

They concentrate their instruction on their student, the most significant individual they know. They aid pupils in realizing how exceptional, valuable, and amazing they are. 

Every choice they make counts when they are operating a motor vehicle. They also think that once students realize how unique they are, protecting themselves by making wise judgments comes naturally to them and is something they respect. This sense of self-worth produces outstanding lifelong drivers. 

They know how important it is to you and to them that your child is protected. Join now to help your child develop the safe, confident driving skills you desire.

Also, they provide the following services:

  • Third-Party Testing – Take Your Driving Test Today (ALL AGES)
  • Teen Drivers Education Course for 15 to 17-year-olds
  • 32-Hour Online Teenager Drivers Education Course
  • Individual Adult Driving Lessons
  • 6 Hours of Online Adult Drivers Education ages 18 or older

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#4. Right Start Driving School

For adults and teenagers, Right Start provides in-car and classroom instruction in various driving approaches. Also available is testing.

They are committed to the neighborhood. They think they have improved the reputation of driving schools in their area and achieved excellent success in their local industry.

They are a cutting-edge driving school that connects with clients through various channels. All of their clients can have a satisfying experience with them.

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#5. The Driving Institute

The Driving Institute provides online and in-person driving instruction for adults and teenagers. They provide a range of packages to meet the demands of students.

The Driving Institute is an online driving school that provides a variety of courses to help you become a better driver. Numerous packages are available, including online classroom classes, driving lessons, and practice behind the wheel. 

To make Texas the best driving state, they teach drivers of all ages to drive through their driver education program. They are here to assist if you are a novice driver so you can get on the road. 

Their driving lessons help students become excellent drivers and prepare them for the D.P.S. road test. To suit various schedules, they offer these courses during the week and on weekends.

Their local driving school is close to your neighborhood: Areas around Keller, Grapevine, Haslet, Southlake, Trophy Club, and Colleyville

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#6. Champions Driving School

Houston and Pinehurst are home to Champions Driving School. The business also provides online courses, defensive driving instruction, and classes for adults, teens, and corporate clients. 

For kids who participate in sports like football, volleyball, and club sports, the company offers the Spring Blitz Program, which enables them to fulfill six hours of training in the fall, obtain their permission, and finish the remaining state requirements in nine months.

The most innovative lesson plans are available at Champions Driving School, and they are created to encourage self-assurance, critical thinking abilities, and, most importantly, safe driving. This family-run company is here to serve your family.

Their company’s basic values include respecting YOUR time and making their services available to you seven days a week in addition to safety and efficiency. They have 21 years of safe driving experience, are a BBB-accredited company, and have two locations to serve you. 

Also, their driving schools are split between Cypress, Texas, and Pinehurst, Texas, which are close to the Tomball/Magnolia area.

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#7. Elite Driving School

Elite Driving School in Humble offers driving lessons. For students switching from parent-taught, online, or other driving school courses, the company offers a comprehensive teen driving course that satisfies Texas requirements and an in-car course. 

Teenagers can obtain a classroom-only education if they need a particular vehicle modification or accommodation to drive. The business has been permitted to provide teenagers and young people between the ages of 16 and 24 with the Department of Public Safety’s driving and road skills test. Additionally, the business offers CPR, first aid, and AED certification.

Most 16- and 17-year-olds must commit to their teen driver’s education program for at least 6 months before they may get their license. Enrolling in driver’s education this season can help you get your teen (age 14+) ready for their license after getting their Permit from DPS. 

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#8. Monroy Driving School

Houston is home to Monroy Driving School, a driving school. The business offers classes for both adults and teenagers. 

After six hours of in-class training, students in the adult class, which satisfies the statutory requirement for adults ages 18 to 24, take the state written exam and are awarded their driver’s education certificate. 

Pay only $70 cash for the class when you mention the website’s advertisement. Students obtain a completion certificate to apply for their temporary license after completing the six-month complete teen course, which includes 32 hours of classroom instruction and seven hours each of driving and observation.

They offer the following courses:

  • Teen Drivers Ed
  • Adult Drivers Ed
  • Adult Behind the Wheel Lessons
  • Road Test for Teens & Adults

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#9. International Academy For Professional Driving

A driving school called International Academy for Professional Driving is situated in 100 Commons Road #7, Dripping Springs, Texas 78620, United States.

The company is categorized as a driving school.

They have created courses over the past 40 years for police enforcement organizations, fire departments, emergency medical responders, public works operations, commercial fleets, and specialized applications worldwide. 

All IAPD courses started using appropriate adult learning techniques in 2010, when they met post-secondary educational standards.

Upon request, IAPD can offer to consult on the enhancement of a certain driver ability that is specific to a fleet operation. 

All IAPD course certifications are granted in accordance with traditional accredited post-secondary institutional standards, necessitating the successful completion of several assessments, exams, and competency tests by both students and instructors with a minimum passing score of 80%. Practical exercises establish final marks, and tests are evaluated on a pass/fail system.

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#10. National Driver Training

Located at 1901 Ranch Rd 620 N, Cardinal Hills Estates, Lakeway, Texas 78734, US, National Driver Training is a driving school.

Furthermore, the company is categorized as a driving school. Online classes are one of their offerings.

Leading supplier of driver education, National Driver Training® supports laws intended to keep our teenagers and roadways safe.

The first state-approved online driver instruction program, National Driver Training, provides solutions to satisfy the needs of teenagers, adults, and businesses.

Their curriculum is divided into simple, digestible chunks with videos to aid in student learning. To help the student get ready for the state test, comprehension tests are offered following each section. Even better, you can take the permit tests online.

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What are the Driving Schools in Austin, Texas?

There are many driving schools in Austin. As a big city in Texas, it is not surprising to see many driving schools. Some of the driving schools in Austin, Texas include:

  • Easy Street Driving School
  • ABC Driving School
  • Travis Driving School
  • Austin Driving School

What are the Driving Schools in Dallas, Texas?

Below is a list of the best driving schools in or around Dallas, with experienced instructors, flexible scheduling, and commitment to student success.

  • 1-2-3 Driving School
  • Road to Success Driving School 
  • The Driving Institute
  • Ideal Driving School
  • Right Start Driving School 

What are the Online Driving Schools in Texas?

Many teenagers even dread having to begin a driver’s education course. They struggle to manage their coursework, much less enroll in driving school.

But what if there was a simpler approach?

Leave live classes, rigid schedules, and tedious lectures behind. Take an online driver’s education course.

Let me introduce you to some of the top online driving schools in Texas in 2023 to understand better what an online driver’s ed offers.

  • DriversEd.com
  • MyImprov.com
  • Driver Ed To Go
  • Safe2Drive
  • DriversEd.com
  • Aceable

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What is the Truck Driving Schools in Texas?

There are more advantages to becoming a truck driver than you might realize. You can earn at least $64,000 each year, and you also get several fantastic advantages.

But it’s not just the assurance of financial security that makes it a job worth taking into account. Truck driving is also a fairly simple profession to enter.

A CDL and a four-week truck driving course are all you need.

It seems feasible, right?

We’ve put together a list of training facilities in Texas to make it easier for you to get started.

They include:

  • Roadmaster Drivers School
  • Southwest Truck Driver Training
  • Phoenix Truck Driving Institute

What are the CDL Driving Schools in Texas?

A CDL, also called a commercial driver’s license, can lead to various employment possibilities. Because there will always be a need for the transportation of commodities, there is a constant demand for truck drivers with CDLs.

Texas offers accessible and cheap CDL training at numerous locations throughout the state. It’s a good idea to learn as much as possible before beginning a truck driver career. 

Here are some of the CDL driving schools in Texas:

  • ATDS Truck Driving School
  • Vision CDL Truck Driving School
  • Continental Truck Driver Training & Education School
  • AAA CDL School

What are the Performance Driving Schools in Texas?

Even if you imagine yourself to be the next Lewis Hamilton, learning from more experienced people is the best way to improve as a high-performance driver. 

Performance driving schools can help with that: These schools, which can be found at racetracks across the nation, offer a curriculum that will teach you how to handle a car on a road course by turning, braking, using the throttle, and practicing your concentration.

These are some of the performance driving schools in Texas:

  • Team Texas Driving School
  • Rally Ready Driving School
  • MSR Houston

What are the Driving Laws in Texas For 16-Year-Olds?

According to Texas law, courses must contain 30 hours of supervised driving experience and 32 hours of classroom instruction. 

Teens who have successfully completed a teen driver education course and are at least 16 years old are eligible to take the driving test. The teen may be granted a provisional license after watching the mandatory Impact Texas Drivers (ITD) Video and passing the driving test.

These people are allowed to drive alone but not necessarily in a car:

With more than one person under 21 who is not a family member riding in the car.

Unless the use of the vehicle is required for the driver to work, attend or engage in a school-related activity, or because of a medical emergency, between midnight and 5:00 a.m.

Except in an emergency, those under 18 are prohibited from using wireless communication equipment, including a hands-free device, until they reach that age.


Learning how to drive is not at all an easy job. Fortunately, online driving schools make the first step so much easier. 

You have options to choose from if you want to learn to drive. You can choose to learn online or in person.

Check out these best driving schools in Texas to know more about teen driver’s ed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is driver’s ed required in Texas?

Yes, Texas requires anyone under 24 years old to complete a driver’s education course before obtaining a license. 

Is it better to take driver’s ed online?

Online driver’s ed has fewer opportunities for social interaction than traditional classroom instruction, but it has more advantages overall. Saving time and money are the two main benefits of taking driver’s ed online.

Can you take driver’s ed online in Texas?

The state authorizes online driving schools to provide courses for teen and adult driver’s ed. 



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