10 Best Driving Schools in Alabama 2024 | How to Apply


Driving schools in Alabama: A driving school will allow you to learn the basic and advanced aspects of driving, traffic regulations, and road rules. You’ll also get professional assistance in overcoming hindrances like anxiety and anger. And that’s why we recommend you go to the best driving schools in Alabama.

Alabama is a state located in the Southeastern region of the United States. It’s popular for its amazing beach views, football, and hospitality. Not only that, it’s home to excellent, well-equipped driving schools.


As such, you’ll go through a list of Alabama’s 10 best driving schools and get answers to some frequently asked questions. 

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How Do I Choose the Right Driving School in Alabama?

The right driving school doesn’t have to be the most expensive. So, check the school’s affordability. Don’t forget to check if the school has certified instructors. Kind and friendly instructors can be better options. 

Additionally, go for a school that specializes in your requirements. If you require a truck driving school, choosing a trucking school might be better than a general driving school. You can also look at feedback from students, parents, and guardians. That, too, will help in making the right choice. 

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How Much is Driving School in Alabama?

Although extra charges may arise, a driving school in Alabama costs between $40 and $60 per hour. However, you can enjoy discounts from some driving schools, should you pay for all your courses in advance.

How Long is the Driving Course in Alabama?

It can take eight hours to complete a comprehensive driving course in Alabama. Online alternatives can take you through the same course in four hours. You’ll also need to take in-car tutorials, so it depends on how fast and well you learn.

10 Best Driving Schools in Alabama

Driving schools in Alabama accommodate new and experienced drivers, preparing them for real-time driving. They include:

  1. Madison Driving Academy
  2. Alabama Driving Academy of Huntsville
  3. Premier Driving Academy
  4. Arrows Driving School
  5. VAR Driving Academy, LLC
  6. Agape CDL Training
  7. Alabama Safety Institute
  8. Porsche Track Experience 
  9. Midstate Driving Academy
  10. Stick Shift Driving Academy

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#1. Madison Driving Academy

Madison Driving Academy is focused on providing comprehensive driver’s education. Its programs are well spelled out and channeled toward students’ improvement.

Teen and adult drivers are welcome as they’ll be taken through the rudiments of driving, traffic rules, road signs, and other related topics. Madison Driving Academy is located in Madison and has a 5/5 stars rating on Google Reviews.

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#2. Alabama Driving Academy of Huntsville 

With over five years of experience, this Huntsville-based driving school offers students outstanding driving programs in an interactive space.

The school’s instructors work hard to ensure that the training sessions are exciting and beneficial to the students. The Department of Higher Education licenses the school in Alabama. It’s rated 5 stars out of 5 on Google Reviews.

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#3. Premier Driving Academy

Apart from regular driving lessons, Premier Driving Academy provides exclusive truck driving classes. It’s located in Theodore, Alabama, and provides every driving instruction necessary for obtaining your Commercial Driver’s license (CDL).

With skills from this school, you can get a job and live off your skills. It’s rated 4.8/5 stars on Google Reviews. 

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#4. Arrows Driving School

Since every driving school in Alabama has a goal, here’s what Arrows Driving School has to say: “We are committed to our students passing the driving test on their first try.” Nice, isn’t it?

To achieve their goal, programs at the school have been designed to fit every student’s convenience. This way, students learn from individualized viewpoints, feel free to ask questions, get answers, and get corrected where necessary. The school’s services extend to Madison, Decatur, Athens, and Huntsville. It’s rated 5/5 stars on Google Reviews.

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#5. VAR Driving Academy, LLC

Over 1500 students have benefited from VAR’s driving lessons—classroom, behind the wheel, and road test prep. There’s also a provision for private tutorials if you desire, and the instructors are more than happy to help. 

If you’re anxious behind the wheel or scared of other cars on the road, this school will help you. Through a supervised in-car training session, your fears will be subdued. VAR is one of the best driving schools in Montgomery, AL, and rated 5/5 stars on Google Reviews.

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#6. Agape CDL Training

Agape CDL Training is located in Montgomery, AL. The school offers adult and teen classes, CDL training, truck driving, and night driving. Agape’s a great choice if you’re seeking to refresh your driving skills. 

They also train participants on job-related matters. Instructors are excellent and always available to teach. The school’s rated 5/5 stars on Google Reviews.

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#7. Alabama Safety Institute

Located in Mobile, AL, the Alabama Safety Institute attends to the classroom and in-car training and behavioral aspects. The school’s instructors prove their quality by combining theory and practicals with psychology.

Through anger management and substance abuse programs, they teach students the causes, processes, and consequences of these behaviors. The school is rated 4.3/5 stars on Google Reviews.

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#8. Porsche Track Experience

Here, students enjoy basic and advanced courses from experts. Driver’s education at the school is detailed, easy to assimilate, and simplified. Top of it all, you get to feel the heat on the tracks – inside a Porsche! 

Instructors are qualified and ready to help at any time. The school in Birmingham, AL, rated 4.9/5 stars on Google Reviews.

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#9. Midstate Driving Academy

Getting your Commercial Driver’s License cannot be easier than at Midstate Driving Academy because you don’t have to endure much stress. Driving programs are structured as flexible and comprehensive. As such, students can learn as they want during the day and at night. Midstate Driving Academy’s situated in Montgomery and rated 5/5 stars on Google Reviews.

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#10. Stick Shift Driving Academy

Stick Shift is unique as it takes students back to the oldies. Although the world embraces automatic cars, some still prefer manual transmission vehicles.

As a result, Stick Shift takes students through some driving classes, including gear control, clutch-accelerator relationships, and parallel parking. It’s in Birmingham, AL, and rated 5/5 stars on Google Reviews.

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Truck Driving Schools in Alabama

The flexible and detailed training at truck driving schools in Alabama has earned them good ratings from participants. Also, they make truck driving more fun for students. They include:

  • Truck Driver Institute, Inc.
  • ESD School LLC
  • Bishop State Truck Driving School
  • CDL of AL

Driving Schools in Birmingham, AL

From driver’s education courses to in-car training, driving schools in Zachary are great choices. They include:

  • 160 Driving Academy of Birmingham
  • Boyd Driving Academy
  • Stick Shift Driving Academy

Driving Schools in Mobile, AL

Read on for a list of driving schools in Mobile, AL, where you’ll learn other aspects of driving, like anger management and anxiety control. You’ll enjoy your stay at these schools.

  • Alabama Safety Institute
  • 160 Driving Academy of Mobile

Driving Schools in Huntsville, AL

Here’s a list of driving schools in Huntsville, AL, where students can take Driver’s Ed classes and prepare for their road tests:

  • Madison Driving Academy
  • Alabama Driving Institute of Huntsville
  • Scissum Driving Academy

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Truck Driving Schools in Montgomery, AL

You’ll find many driving schools in Montgomery and its environs where you can learn truck driving, road rules, and behavioral management. They include:

  • Midstate Driving Academy
  • VAR Driving Academy, LLC
  • Agape CDL Training
  • U Can Drive Academy

Truck Driving Schools in Decatur, AL

Just as any truck driving school in the U.S., Decatur-based truck driving schools enlighten students on substantial truck driving skills, operational procedures, as well as state and local laws concerning truck driving. They include:

  • ESD School LLC
  • Madison Driving Academy

Truck Driving Schools in Dothan, AL

In addition to the traditional system of lessons, you can take online classes at driving schools in Dothan. The only Dothan-based driving school on our list is:

  • Davis CDL Truck Driving School

Truck Driving Schools in Tuscaloosa, AL

If you require access to detailed truck driving lessons and guides to a successful truck driving career, check out these driving schools in Tuscaloosa:

  • Drive-Safe
  • Shelton State Community College

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How excellent your driver’s training is can determine how confident and professional your driving will be during the road test and in real life. As such, do well to practice often. Take your time to know the rules, follow them, and you probably won’t get your license seized – lol!

Frequently Asked Questions About Driving Schools in Alabama

Do You Have to Parallel Park in A Driving Test in Alabama?

You can be asked to perform several maneuvers during your road test in Alabama. But you mightn’t be asked to parallel park. However, you might be asked to do other maneuvers like Three Point Turn, Backing, and Quick Stop.

How Many Points Can You Have on Your License in Alabama?

You should note that the Alabama State Government uses points to record violations. And should you have a total of 12 points within 2 years, your driver’s license will be suspended.

Is Driver’s Ed Required in Alabama?

Unlike most states in the U.S., Alabama doesn’t make Driver’s Ed compulsory for both teen and adult drivers. Notwithstanding, Driver’s Ed is instrumental and applicable. So, taking it isn’t a bad idea.



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