Best Esthetician Schools in Las Vegas in 2024

If you live in Nevada, you are in a great place to make a name for yourself as a beautician. There is an excellent list of Esthetician Schools in Las Vegas.

Think of the Nevada beauty industry. Not only do you have residents who want to maintain the health and beauty of their skin in the dry air of Nevada, but you also have millions of state tourists.

What is the Requirement for Esthetician License in Las Vegas?

The cosmetologist’s license goes through the Nevada Cosmetology Council. They test your study hours and take a law, theoretical, and skills exam before allowing you to obtain a license.  Once they approve your license application, it’s time to start your career!

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How Much are Esthetician Schools in Las Vegas?

Although most states have a stable license price, in Esthetician Schools in Las Vegas, Nevada, it is different. Let’s break it down into parts: First, you pay $110 for the test. The other cost, which fluctuates, is the initial license fee. 

Depending on your birthday, it can be as little as $35 or, at most $102.08. Nevada is one of the few states where the speed varies depending on your birthday. Then renewing the license every two years costs $70.

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How Long are Esthetician Schools in Las Vegas?

To obtain a license, cosmetologists in Nevada must undergo 600 hours of training or 1200 hours of training and pass exams in law, theory, and skills. 

The following Esthetician Schools In Las Vegas, NV, discussed on this page, can help you earn your training hours and prepare you for the tests.

How to Become an Esthetician in Las Vegas

The Nevada Board of Cosmetology requires you to take 3 exams with test scores above 75% to obtain an aesthetic license. This includes the Nevada Law Exam, the Written Exam, and the Practice Exam.

The Nevada State Council hires a National Interstate Adviser to review all practical and written exams. After you complete these two exams and the Nevada Law exam, you will receive a license to study aesthetics.

Written exam

Before you begin, take the time to read and download the newsletter with information for written exam candidates. The exam will take about 1.5 hours and help assess your skills as a cosmetologist.

Practical exam

You will want to read and download a newsletter with information for candidates for practical exams. This exam takes a little longer, so give yourself over two hours to pass it.

Nevada Law Exam

Download and read the newsletter for the Nevada Law Exam. The Nevada State Council requires you to understand working knowledge of codes and bylaws. To do this, you must go online and order the Nevada Law Book. 

After passing and completing the exam, the Board recommends that you be aware of the laws while being a board member or attending a board meeting.

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What are the Best Esthetician Schools in Las Vegas?

#1 Academy of Hair Design Beauty School of Las Vegas 

The Academy of Hair Design is a local property and has been operating since 1971, and its teachers have seen everything from Farry Fawcett’s classic haircut to the big hair of the 80s. 

This experience is essential: the school reaches our top three: high rates of timely completion, high levels of employment of graduates, and low student debt. 

Scholarships and acceptance of GI Payouts help reduce costs. At the same time, the sleek and sexy salon floor in AHD helps students feel at the center of coolness as they learn the profession!


#2 Aveda Institute – Las Vegas

The Aveda Institute in Las Vegas is a mecca for local stylists, so it quickly took its place on our list. 

In the industry, Aveda is synonymous with natural beauty, and the gorgeous, relaxed style of the lounge that greets students when they walk in the door evokes a degraded elegance. 

The high level of employment at the school Is partly due to the preferential employment of students in the nationwide Aveda salon network. More than half of the students complete the program on time.

As if it could not be better, the program is also available – the school is recognized for the lower average cost of education. 

The school also accepts VA benefits and offers a generous scholarship program for worthy students.  Finally, the school encourages students to participate in charity events such as Catwalk for Water.


#3 G Skin & Beauty School

Another school of cosmetologists on the list is G Skin & Beauty School. A small institution and one of the beauty colleges in Las Vegas with a good reputation in the industry.

The aesthetics program offered by G Skin & Beauty is designed to engage students in aesthetics theory and practical experience. 

Students prepare for entry-level work and state licensing exams after completing this program. You can get more information about this program by visiting the school’s official website at the link below.


#4 NIMA Institute

The NIMA Institute is where you can gain knowledge and technical skills in aesthetics.  It is one of the best beauty colleges in Las Vegas and other states of the United States.

The facility offers Advanced Esthetics, which includes courses in advanced exfoliation, microblading, advanced waxing, classic eyelash extensions, professional makeup, and vampire facial care.

The NIMA Institute has a reputation for the highest level of aesthetic and technical training.  In addition, they also offer certification courses for licensed cosmetologists seeking to pursue a career.

To learn more about applying to the NIMA Institute, visit their official website at the link below.


#5 Euphoria Institute of Beauty Arts & Sciences – Las Vegas

The Euphoria Institute is just 15 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, placing students in the thick of Vegas style and glamor. 

The location may be because 77 percent of graduates are already waiting for a job when they finish the program, or perhaps it is a career service offered by the school! 

The institute is part of the educational network of Lincoln Technical Schools, and thus students have access to more than $ 15 million in scholarships awarded annually across the country.


#6 Expertise Cosmetology Institute – Las Vegas

The examination aims more than to prepare students for work in cosmetology – it prepares them to leave their mark in the industry. 

Achieving high goals includes a course on business skills training, preparing graduates to manage their salons.  Most students complete the program within 11 months and have a relatively low level of debt. 

The institute provides employment assistance after graduation.  It also offers exceptional value with a lower-than-average tuition rate.


#7 International Academy of Style – Reno

The International Academy of Style recognizes that the bar set by state licensing requirements for cosmetologists is relatively low and that real success requires more depth and education. 

Accordingly, they offer in-depth business training to prepare students for careers in the industry fully. Graduates usually complete the program with very little credit arrears. 

The Academy prides itself on supporting charities like the Wounded Warrior Project and the Food Bank of Northern Nevada.


#8 Paul Mitchell School – Las Vegas

Paul Mitchell is a well-known name in hairstyles wherever you go in the country, and Las Vegas is no exception. Paul Mitchell’s exclusive haircut system is the foundation of this program. 

Scholarships and veterans’ benefits help students do this, although in any case, the school offers excellent value with a lower average tuition fee. 

High-quality, modern classrooms and student lounges in large numbers. Students participate in various regional and national charities, earning school recognition for community participation.



Fortunately, Nevada has many of the best Esthetician Schools to choose from! However, finding a school in your exact location can be difficult. That’s why we’ve provided this handy little tool to help you find the best school of aesthetics near you.

Esthetician Schools in Las Vegas FAQs

Is Esthetician in Demand in Las Vegas?

In Vegas, skin care is a big business. Not surprisingly, Nevada ranks second in the concentration of cosmetology jobs in all of the United States: nearly one licensed cosmetologist for every two thousand employees employed in the state. In particular, the Las Vegas and Reno-Sparks areas have the highest employment rates for cosmetologists in the state, thanks to the numerous resort spas that serve tourists and shops that serve animators, servers, and casino staff that help tourists branch of government.

What is the Cost of Esthetician Schools in Las Vegas?

Nevada’s aesthetic schools are among the best in the country and have some of the highest tuition rates: the state average is $14,004. But affordable education and employment opportunities are more than worth enrolling Nevada beauticians.

Is Esthetician Paid Well in Las Vegas?

It is usually tricky for cosmetologists to predict how much they will take home, as much of their income depends on commissions, tips, and other incentives, which can be in the thousands over the base salary. Tipping is given to almost anyone in the industry, whether they are offered as cash after a day at the spa or automatically added to the bill, which is standard practice in high-end establishments.

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