How to Job Search Without Being Too Picky in 2024


Have you been feeling frustrated, stressed, or upset lately about your Job search? It could be because people around you are saying things like “why don’t you have a job yet?”, “why are you being so picky?” “I think you should do {XYZ} that should be a stable job”.

Perhaps, you may not have an idea of what you want to do next, but, at the same time, you do know what you don’t want to do in your next job. You may have some sort of idea and you may have been applying it, but not with much success and not many results. This can keep you wondering if you’re on the right track or not.


In this article, you will learn three ways you can strategically navigate your Job search and career. Sometimes you may have to deal with external pressures and people telling you that you’re too picky with your Job search.

There are 3 questions you should ask yourself about how to navigate through your job search.


How to Job Search without being too picky

Now, to the first question, you should ask yourself, 

#1. Why do I want the job I want?

Sometimes you may know what you want, but people around you are telling you that it is unrealistic, so the first thing here is to ignore what they are saying and ask yourself, “Do I want this job?” Do I want it because of the money? Is it because of the prestige or is it because it’s the hottest job in the marketplace now and many are going into it because it has security?

If these are the main reasons why you want this job then I think you should rethink if this is the right job for you.


You have to go for a job that is going to give you fulfillment. The job has to leverage and make use of your natural talent and strength. If it is not going to make use of your natural talent and strength, you may find that working every day on that job may be like an uphill climb. 

If that is how you are going to feel every day in that job, in the long run, you will feel unhappy in that position.

#2. Is the job heading in the direction of your calling?

Calling in this context is just a way to describe the feeling that you get when you think of your career that is going to be most fulfilling. Something that you’re driven towards intentionally.

You have to be sure that the job will pull you towards the direction you’re aiming in life career-wise if the job is not the end goal for what you are aiming at, but it’s taking you there step by step, then that’s the perfect job for you. 

But if the job is not the type that will lead you towards that direction then it means that you’re only going to be frustrated in that job in the long run.

Don’t get me wrong, not every job is going to come naturally, you’re going to learn the key skills that are needed to pull that job through. As much as this is a fact but it must also align with you in some ways that make you love doing it. 

Let it not be that the only reason you went into it is the reputation or the paycheck. There is more to that when it comes to your job search.

#3. Am I learning how to impress employers to get the job I want?

Let’s say there’s a job you want and it will take a while to get there, maybe because it is very competitive, and there may only be a handful of positions and companies that will hire for this job. 

This may likely take a while for you to be called for an interview and get that position because there may be periods where these companies are not hiring and you have to wait for when they will put up a job offer.

What you have to do in this case is to maximize and optimize your time and money so that when you get the opportunity to go for an interview, you’ll stand a chance of being hired over your competitors.

Instead of wasting your time and money, invest in yourself and stand a higher chance to nail that job offer.

For example, let’s say you know that your resume and interview strategies can be improved, instead of wasting time and trying for months and not getting that job offer, you can invest your time and money in working with someone who will help you to improve in those areas. 

That will result in you getting that job offer faster than if you just went all alone by yourself. 

Follow the tips provided in this article to nail your dream job without being picky or confused about not knowing what to do.

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