Kenyon College Acceptance Rate 2023 and Average GPA


Kenyon College Acceptance Rate: It can be a daunting experience deciding what college to attend. So, you’ve just finished high school or are about to graduate, and here’s your big decision. 

Would you rather stay close to home or go far away? How would you like your college experience? 


What are the admission requirements, and how do you compare to other students?

This post will briefly discuss Kenyon College’s acceptance rate and requirements.


Sneak peek, Kenyon College is a thrill to attend! As you’ll soon find in this article, the acceptance rate at Kenyon College is quite competitive. 

However, we’ll give you the necessary guidance to complete your application and get admitted.

Without further ado, let’s get to it!!


Brief History of Kenyon College

Kenyon College is a private liberal arts college in Gambier, Ohio. Philander Chase established the institution in 1824. Presently, Kenyon college has accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission.

Overall, the Kenyon College community comprises nearly 1,750 students and 00 faculty and staff. Also, the academic curriculum is both deep and wide.

This way, you can choose from 50 majors, minors, and concentrations at the school.

You can also choose to double major or design your study style.

At this time, Kenyon college sits on a massive 1,000-acre campus.

The Brown Family Environmental Center (BFEC) is also located on the school’s campus. 

BFEC aims to conserve natural diversity and engage everyone with nature.

Furthermore, BFEC provides opportunities as well for education and research.

On campus, BFEC is a 500-acre preserve that houses several ecosystems.

Moreover, the SummeTheholars program is one of the educational possibilities offered by the BFEC. 

Kenyon College has more than 120 student clubs and organizations on campus. 

More so, the NCAA Division III North Coast Athletic Conference is where Kenyon athletes compete.

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Why Choose Kenyon College?

Many reasons exist to choose Kenyon college as your dream college.

Regardless, we’ll add a few to the pile for you.

To begin with academics, Kenyon college has 50 majors, minors, and concentrations available to you.

You even have the liberty to double major or create your style.

In any case, the curriculum is comprehensive and flexible enough to accommodate you.

So, a little sports now.

Kenyon College has 60 national championship medals. They have the most of any other NCAA Division III university. 

Kenyon college is also ranked second in the country for producing NCAA Postgraduate Scholars.

Kenyon College also tied for the 30th-best liberal arts college in the US.

This was according to the 2022 U.S. News & World Report rankings. 

In like fashion, Kenyon college has been one of the top universities producing Fullbright undergraduate fellows.

Kenyon has held its spot among the top schools for 16 years in a row so far.

More Facts About Kenyon College

Still, on rankings, Kenyon beats even Ivy League schools.

Kenyon college ranked ninth in the US for the percentage of STEM graduates who go on to get a doctorate in a STEM discipline.

In this case, it came ahead of all Ivy League schools.

Thus, even if you are a ‘study bud,’ Kenyon is an excellent fit for you.

To sum up, let’s consider student life on campus.

Your typical class in Kenyon has 15 students.

In effect, this provides space for careful and targeted conversation.

Kenyon is also one of the few entirely residential institutions in the United States.

As a result, Kenyon has all of its students living on campus.

It has students from 48 different states in the US.

Generally, Ohio, California, and New York ranking in the top three.

Similarly, international students at Kenyon college come from 49 different countries.

What is the Kenyon College Acceptance Rate?

Kenyon college is a very selective college to apply to. Kenyon College has an acceptance rate of 37%. This demonstrates just how selective the school is. 

To illustrate, only 37 of every 100 applicants are accepted to the school.

However, provided you meet the admission requirements at Kenyon college, you have a strong chance.

Nevertheless, you’ll have to compete with many other students who meet the requirement.

Admitted students at Kenyon college usually have SAT scores between 1280 and 1460.

Similarly, others had ACT scores between 30 and 33.

Kenyon College Transfer Acceptance Rate

Kenyon College has an even lower acceptance rate for transfer students.

The transfer acceptance rate at Kenyon college is about 29.55%. 

To transfer to Kenyon college, you must demonstrate academic readiness.

In detail, all applicants must prove they can do the work required by the college.

As a result, there will be specific requirements from you upon application to verify this.

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What is the Kenyon College Acceptance Rate By Major?

The Kenyon College Acceptance rate by major include:

  • English Language and Literature, General- 16%
  • Political Science and Government, General- 11%
  • Psychology, General- 7%
  • Sociology and Anthropology- 7%
  • History, General- 5%
  • Economics- 7.2%
  • Mathematics- 3.6%
  • Physics- 3.6%
  • Fine arts and art studies- 3.6%
  • Spanish language and literature- 3.4%
  • Biology/biological sciences- 3%
  • Philosophy- 3%
  • Drama and dramatics/theatre arts- 3%
  • Biochemistry- 5%
  • Neuroscience- 5%
  • International/global studies- 4%
  • Multi-/interdisciplinary studies- 3%
  • Art history, criticism and conservation- 3%
  • Music- 3%
  • Environmental studies- 7%
  • Film/cinema/video studies- 5%
  • Russian language and literature- 6%
  • Chemistry- 9%
  • Molecular biology- 9%
  • Religion/religious studies- 6%
  • Women’s studies- 5%
  • French language and literature- 7%
  • Classics and classical languages, literatures, and linguistics- 6%
  • Chinese language and literature- 5%
  • German language and literature- 4%
  • Dance- 6%
  • Japanese language and literature- 5%
  • Italian language and literature- 3%
  • Arabic language and literature- 2%

What are the Necessary Requirements for Kenyon College?

The requirements for admission into Kenyon college are briefly outlined here.

Although the acceptance rate may seem challenging, what’s better than a little challenge right?

It should inspire you to make the best possible application you can.

Here’s a list of the admission requirements at Kenyon college.

  • Complete the application via Common App or Coalition App 

You should create an account in either of the apps and select Kenyon college.

Add it to your list of colleges and complete the application.

  • Secondary School Report, including transcript
  • Counselor Recommendation
  • Teacher Evaluation 

Kenyon College prefers a teacher who teaches you in a year-long traditional college preparatory course.

They equally have a preference that the instructor in their junior year.

  • Mid-year Report 

Optional Requirements

  • Portfolio

If you have an interest or talent, you’d like to share, that’s great. You can submit a portfolio through the Kenyon Applicant Portal.  

  • Temporary Test-Optional Policy

Kenyon college adopted a temporary test-optional policy.

That is to say, students applying for admission in fall 2023 may choose not to submit their test scores.

  • Interviews 

Generally, interviews are only recommended but not required. 

Typically, the admissions office gets to know you better, and you can also ask questions to them.

International student’s requirements at Kenyon college

Generally, international students are also required to satisfy the requirements already stated.

However, you must also demonstrate English language proficiency.

Unless your primary language of instruction in secondary school was English, you’d need proof.

Kenyon college accepts the following English proficiency exams: 

  • Duolingo English Test (minimum 120)
  • IELTS Academic Test (minimum 7.0)
  • IELTS Indicator Test (minimum 7.0)
  • TOEFL (minimum 100)
  • TOEFL – iBT Special Home Edition (minimum 100)

Transfer Requirements for Kenyon College

Kenyon college welcomes students who apply after commencing studies at another university.

As a result, Kenyon needs to select the students it accepts carefully.

Because of this, Kenyon college only allows a certain number of transfer students each year.

All things considered, another factor affecting your admission into Kenyon is the availability of housing.

As you’ve noticed so far, the transfer acceptance rate at Kenyon college isn’t exactly flying.

Thus, Kenyon college requires you to demonstrate your capacity to undertake academic rigor.

Generally, successful transfer candidates typically have grades of B or higher in their current courses.

Here are the requirements for transfer students.

  • Complete the Transfer Common Application.
  • Official transcript(s) from all high schools and colleges you’ve attended. 

The transcripts should obtain your courses and grades.

  •  Test requirements

Presently, Kenyon college has a temporary test-optional policy. However, you could still submit your grades for consideration.

  • College Report (PDF)
  • Academic Evaluation (a recommendation from a professor).
  • Mid-Term Report (PDF).

Kenyon College GPA Requirements

The average GPA at Kenyon College is 3.6.

Even though many colleges have minimum GPA requirements, in reality, it isn’t one.

In contrast, that is frequently the bare minimum needed to apply.

It often guarantees that you can apply without it being rejected right away.

In effect, the GPA that counts is the GPA you need to have a legitimate possibility of being admitted.

Also, in a school as competitive as Kenyon college, the higher, the better.

Thus, if your GPA exceeds this Kenyon college average, then your chances are stronger.

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What are Kenyon College’s Deadlines?

Kenyon College has deadlines for applications for both new and transfer students.

After these deadlines, the evaluation processes to determine successful applicants begin.

Generally, you should always keep these dates at your fingertips.

They’ll help you keep to time and apply when due.

Given that, here are the necessary dates.

Early Decision Option 1

Application Deadline: November 15

Decision Released: Mid-December

Early Decision Option 2

Application Deadline: January 15

Decision Released: Early February 

Regular Decision

Application Deadline: January 15

Decision Released: Mid-March

In the same vein, transfer applications also have their deadlines. Here they are:

Option 1

Application due: March 15

Decision released: April 1

Option 2

Application due: April 15

Decision released: May 5

Option 3

Application due: May 15

Decision released: May 25 

What are Kenyon College’s Decision Dates?

The decision dates from Kenyon college widely depend on when you make your application.

However, you typically get a notification about 4 weeks after the deadline.

As shown above, the different application deadlines also have their corresponding decision dates.

On the other hand, the decision dates for transferring students often take about 2 weeks after the deadline.

Kenyon College Tuition and Cost

Tuition costs at Kenyon college are comparable to many colleges of its class.

Kenyon college tuition costs about $66,240. However, this does not include other fees you’ll attract as a student.

To demonstrate, housing and board fees at Kenyon cost $5,600.

Ultimately, the total price after combining all fees would be $80,100.

Remember that all students must reside on campus, so housing cost is a must.

In any case, different rooms also have different rates attached to them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kenyon College known for?

Kenyon college is known to offer its students a top-notch education.
There are 50 majors, minors, and concentrations at Kenyon college. 
30% of students major in the natural sciences. These fields are exceptionally well-liked.
In addition, Kenyon College is known for the Brown Family Environmental Center (BFEC).

Is Kenyon College hard to get into?

Kenyon College has an acceptance rate of about 37%.
This demonstrates how selective the school is. 
However, you have a strong chance if you meet the requirements and impressive results.
Kenyon college can be hard to get into if your application doesn’t compete favorably against others.

What GPA do you need for Kenyon college?

Kenyon College has a GPA requirement of 3.6. 
Besides satisfying other admission requirements, you’ll need to make a good application.
The acceptance rate at Kenyon college is quite competitive, so your application needs to stand out.

Is Kenyon a good college?

Most people see Kenyon as an excellent college to attend.
It is also evident in many rankings in the US.
By and large, Kenyon College can be a great place to make your college years.
It is the 30th liberal arts college in the country and has been one of the top universities producing Fulbright fellows.

Does Kenyon College give full aid?

Grants, student loans, and on-campus jobs are just a few of the need-based financial aid options that Kenyon provides.

Does Kenyon College offer athletic scholarships?

For the NCAA Division I, NCAA Division II, NAIA, and NJCAA, athletic scholarships are offered.


Kenyon College has a 37% acceptance rate and a GPA requirement of 3.6 for freshmen. 

So far, you’ve seen the complete admission requirements at Kenyon college. Given the competitive acceptance rate at Kenyon college, it’d be best if you dot all your is. Don’t forget to cross those Ts too.

In essence, ensure your application stands out, and you’ll have a great time at Kenyon College.



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