EIU Acceptance Rate 2022 and Average GPA

EIU acceptance rate: Do you want to get a premium education at one of the best schools in the US? Eastern Illinois University (EIU) may be the best option for you.

The acceptance rate at EIU is a little competitive. Plus students all across the US submit applications each year.

Anyways, EIU is well equipped with amenities to give you a great education and college life.

In this article, we’ll discuss the EIU acceptance rate and admission requirements.

We’ll also give info on EIU’s tuition, their notable alumni, and more!

Having all the info you need before submitting your application at EIU gives you a better edge.

We’ll prepare you for a better application and increases your chances of admission.

As you follow through you’ll be best prepared to secure your spot at EIU in the coming session.

About Eastern Illinois University

Eastern Illinois University got established in 1895 as a public university in Illinois.

Today, EIU sits on about 320 acres of land and is home to over 6,900 undergraduate students.

EIU is also located in Charleston, Illinois, approximately 180 miles south of Chicago.

EIU runs a semester-based academic calendar and provides you with various learning opportunities.

Whether you want an undergraduate or graduate program, EIU has the facilities for you.

You’d meet a wide variety of degrees upon getting admitted to EIU.

Arts, humanities, business, applied sciences, education, and professional studies are a start.

At EIU, there are more than 25 master’s degree programs available to choose from.

Also, you can attend courses offered by the Lumpkin College of Business.

By rankings, Eastern Illinois University is the 54th among the Midwest Regional Universities.

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EIU Admission Requirements

As with many colleges in the US, EIU has its admission requirements for students.

EIU seeks students who can also contribute to the school’s community. This is much like many colleges nowadays.

The admission requirements at EIU are also a bit easier. EIU participates in the test-optional policy.

This means it’s no longer compulsory to send in test scores with your application.

Hence, ACT/SAT exam scores will no longer be compulsory for admission to EIU. Also, EIU does not have an application fee.

The GPA requirements at EIU are fairly considerable, with an average of 2.8.

This does not in any way guarantee you admission at EIU yet, but you stand a good chance.

Students with lower GPAs are still often considered although the bar stops at 2.8. However, this consideration usually goes to students who do not submit SAT or ACT scores. Their applications are then reviewed specially to give them a chance.

Generally, the admission requirements at EIU are:

  • A minimum GPA of 2.8 (although there are often considerations for 2.5)
  • Minimum SAT/ACT scores of 960/18
  • High school diploma
  • Recommendation letters
  • A personal statement

Even if you feel that your application does not meet the requirements for EIU, there’s still hope.

To boost your application, include a personal statement and a letter of reference as well.

This comes in handy in any case, but especially if your result had any noticeable decline in your GPA. Or if you feel you don’t exactly meet the requirements.

More Tips

Your personal statement should contain background info about your life and aspirations.

It’s a chance for you to explain why you’d excel at EIU as a student.

Finally, your acceptance into EIU is not only based on your GPA and SAT/ACT scores.

However, your coursework, and extracurricular activities, are also often considered.

Letters of recommendation and personal statements are also taken seriously.

What is the Acceptance Rate at EIU?

Eastern Illinois University’s application process is quite a competitive one as you’d expect.

EIU has a 56% acceptance rate for undergraduate admissions.

This rate of acceptance into the EIU is encouraging for any prospective student.

Coupled with the fair admission requirements at EIU, getting in should not be so hard.

Furthermore, many admitted students at EIU had SAT scores between 960 to 1140. Or on the ACT, between 18 to 23.

The application deadline at Eastern Illinois University application deadline is usually Aug. 15.

You’d also have to pay an application fee of $30.

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EIU Graduation Rate

EIU graduation rates have remained moderate for years now.

Eastern Illinois University has a graduation rate of 57.5%.

The retention rate at EIU has been quite good so far.

Retention rates indicate the percentage of students who stay after their first year.

Admissions into EIU are quite a competition to win, so a good number of students often stay back.

Year on year, a little above half of the student community chooses to stay.

You’ll be better informed to making your decision if you also knew the EIU graduation rates.

The graduation and retention rates point to how much satisfaction you may get at EIU. Knowing how the statistics affect you can be a plus for you.

You should have in mind that each semester you delay in graduating increases the cost of your degree.

EIU instate and out-of-state Tuition

The EIU tuition is an important consideration when choosing to apply.

If you live within Illinois, you’ll pay the in-state tuition for EIU which costs $23,714.46.

Whereas the Eastern Illinois University out-of-state tuition costs $26,141.76.

In-State Tuition for Out-of-State EIU Students is good news.

More so, there is no additional tuition to pay if you are from one of the bordering states.

Bordering states to Illinois are:

  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kentucky
  • Michigan
  • Missouri
  • Wisconsin

If you’re from these states, you pay the same tuition rate as someone from Illinois.

The rate remains even throughout your four years of study as well.

For these cases, there’s no need to jump through hoops to qualify for in-state rates.

You are already qualified for the Eastern Illinois University in-state tuition.

Moreover, there is an additional category called the Distinguished Out-of-State Student Rate.

You qualify for this if you live outside the neighboring states but have a 3.0 GPA or better on a 4.0 scale.

Even if you fall short of this minimum, you can still submit an application.

Your application will get reviewed to see if you qualify for in-state rates.

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Best Programs offered at Eastern Illinois University

Taking a brief glance through the best EIU programs would surely give you a scope of the academic field at EIU. It could even strengthen your resolve to study there.

The Eastern Illinois University course catalog contains all possible courses you could want.

Although the school does not have a specific ranking by majors, here’s a good list for you.

Below are some of the most popular majors offered at EIU:

  • Liberal Arts and Humanities
  • Psychology
  • Kinesiology and Exercise Science
  • Family Studies and Consumer Sciences
  • Biology
  • Management Sciences and Information Systems
  • Elementary Education
  • Communications
  • Accounting
  • Marketing

Scholarships Available at Eastern Illinois University

The average freshman retention rate is 73% at EIU. This is typically a good sign of student satisfaction.

Besides that, EIU has scholarships available to many students.

The scholarships from Eastern Illinois University are into two categories.

EIU acceptance rates are really a welcoming hand, but more so are their scholarships.

At EIU, there are scholarships for freshmen, transfer students, and international students.

Even currently enrolled students can win scholarships too.

Freshmen scholarships include:

Freshmen can obtain automatically awarded scholarships or apply for competitive scholarships.

The automatic merit scholarships will get issued to you upon application.

However, this is only if you meet the stipulated criteria to get any of them.

Distinguished Merit Scholarship

The Distinguished Merit Scholarship is given to students with a GPA between 3.85 and 4.0.

The scholarship has a value of $16,000 ($4,000 Annually).

High Achieving Merit Scholarship

High Achieving Merit Scholarship targets EIU students with a GPA of 3.60 – 3.84.

The award is worth $12,000 ($3,000 Annually).

Academic Merit Scholarship

This scholarship is worth $8,000 and is for students between 3.0 and 3.59 GPAs.

The reward is paid $2,000 Annually.

Below are the competitive scholarships open to freshmen as well.

Pemberton Presidential Scholars Award

The Pemberton Presidential Scholars Award grants you approximately $22,500.

For any freshman willing to get this, your GPA must be at least 3.75 (or top 10% class ranking).

Presidential Scholars Award

The Presidential Scholars Award is valued at about $12,7503.75.

To qualify, you must be in the top 10% of your class ranking or have a GPA of 3.75.

Honors Award

The Honors Award gives each student who gets it a sum of $3,000 for each year.

The eligible GPA for this scholarship is 3.75, and at least 3.40 to renew it.

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Scholarships for Transfer Students

Honors Transfer Student Scholarship

The Honors Transfer Student Scholarship is worth $1,500 for each awarded student at EIU.

Panther Promise Tuition Waiver

Panther Promise Tuition Waiver varies in amount but can get up to $2,500.

International students scholarships

The international student scholarships for international students only cover part of the tuition.

Freshman merit and transfer merit scholarships are not available to international students.

You can apply directly for the international scholarships only when you’ve gotten admitted.

Notable alumni of Eastern Illinois University

Eastern Illinois University alumni are an amazing set of people represented worldwide.

The accomplishments of each student resound throughout the world.

Some of the notable alumni who have helped EIU make its mark are all included here.


Bob Jachino – President and CEO, Thomson Information-Publishing Group (retired)

Daryll Fletcher

Vice president of quantitative research and analytics, Allstate Insurance Company (retired)

Don Gher -Founder and managing director, Coldstream Capital Management (retired)


Al Bowman – President, Illinois State University

Author Hughes – President emeritus, University of San Diego

Barbara McLaughlin – Disney American Teacher Award recipient


Claibourne I. Dungy, M.D.

  • Director, general pediatrics and adolescent medicine, University of Iowa Hospitals (retired)

Gordon Grado, M.D. – Founder and medical director, Southwest Oncology Centers

James Allen –

  • Former lead engineer, International Space Station payload and integration engineering groups
  • Recipient of multiple achievement awards from the Boeing Company and NASA

News, Media

Karen Meyer

  • President, Karen L. Meyer, and Associates
  • Feature reporter, ABC 7 Chicago
  • Two-time recipient: “One of the 100 Women Who Are Making a Difference in Chicago”

Larry Smith – Founder, JayeliTV

  • Former CNN sports anchor

Ray D’Alessio

  • Sports anchor, WAVE Louisville
  • Former CNN sports anchor


Brad Childress

  • Head Coach, Alliance Atlanta (Alliance of American Football)
  • Former head coach, Minnesota Vikings
  • Former offensive coordinator, Philadelphia Eagles, Cleveland Browns, Kansas City Chiefs

Dan Steele

  • 2002 U.S. Olympian, bronze medal, bobsled
  • U.S. Olympic trial qualifier, decathlon
  • 1992 NCAA Division I 400M hurdle champion

Eastern Illinois University ranking

Eastern Illinois University ranked 54th among the Midwest Regional Universities by USNEWS.

EIU also ranked first in Illinois as the best online college for students with autism in 2020.

Charleston is the most affordable college town in Illinois. This is according to CBD news money watch.

It is also the 3rd most affordable college town in the US.

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How to get into Eastern Illinois University

At the top of your consideration should be the requirements to get admitted into EIU.

ACT/SAT exam scores are no longer required for admission to EIU.

If you have a GPA of 2.8 and some college preparatory work, then you stand a good chance.

If you don’t have any exam scores and have a GPA of 2.5 to 2.79, then you can also apply.

The admissions office will have your credentials reviewed to see if they are eligible at EIU.

Academically, it has very low entrance test score criteria.

Often admitting students who score in the top 65 percent of their class.

Eastern Illinois University usually admits students with a “B” average in high school.

Is EIU hard to get into?

EIU has a 55.5 percent acceptance rate, which makes it the 9th lowest in Illinois.

It is not as hard to get into EIU as with many other colleges with a lower acceptance rate.

It can be slightly difficult to get into depending on what kind of student you are.

If you meet or exceed the admission requirements at EIU, it’s often easy.

The institution has also highly relaxed SAT and ACT admission requirements.

Most often it attracts B-average high school students and is not usually so hard.

What is Eastern Illinois University known for?

On the list, EIU is the highest-ranked public university in Illinois.

The school’s faculty, and not teaching assistants, teach 98 percent of the classes.

Eastern Illinois University leads in preparing undergraduates for doctoral studies.

It is also known to be the most affordable college town in Illinois.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the EIU transfer acceptance rate?

EIU has a 76.7% transfer acceptance rate.
The school received 3277 transfer candidates in 2019.
A total of 2513 students got admitted into the school. As a result, EIU’s transfer acceptance rate is 76.69 percent.

Is EIU a good school?

EIU has strong academics and community qualities.
It has also ranked top across different metrics for colleges in the US.
On the list, EIU is the highest-ranked public university in Illinois.
Among the regional Midwest universities, EIU ranks 54th.
It has a full variety of undergraduate and master’s degree programs.

What jobs are there at EIU?

There are a few jobs from time to time at Eastern Illinois University.
EIU’s Office of Employment and Examinations dedicates to offering unified professional services.
The goal is to ensure a better environment to work and learn.
EIU has a variety of job openings, including:
Civil Service Personnel
Temporary Extra Help in the Civil Service
Academic Support Professionals and Administrative and Professional Faculty
To find out more jobs at EIU follow this link here.

What are the GPA requirements for Eastern Illinois University?

EIU requires applicants to have a GPA of at least 2.8 to get admitted.
The university usually admits students who have an average SAT score of 960 or ACT scores of 18.
The Eastern Illinois University SAT requirements are generally low compared to many others.
However, they provide a good learning community for all their students.



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