Top 5 Massage Therapy Schools in Ghana in 2023 | How to Apply

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This article fully reviews the best massage therapy schools in Ghana, including the requirements, cost & how to apply to these schools.

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Massage therapy is a rewarding career with flexible working hours; it is an excellent choice if you want to help people feel better. 

Massage therapy has numerous applications. Therapists assist clients with relaxation, stress reduction, health promotion, chronic pain management, injury recovery, and dealing with specific ailments.

Many external and internal factors cause our bodies to undergo unwanted changes. This could be due to an injury, wear, and tear from a hectic work schedule, or excessive travel, among other things. 

However, it requires correction when the human body is subjected to conditions beyond its capabilities.

Massage is effective in various situations, including when you are tired on the weekends.

Massage therapists have been in high demand in recent years, owing to a significant public trend toward using massage as a primary healthcare option. 

These therapists can work on a contract basis or for hospitals, sports organizations, and healthcare facilities.

If you are interested in knowing about the massage therapy schools in Ghana, then keep reading:

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Are there Massage Therapy Schools in Ghana?

There are a few massage therapy schools in Ghana. These massage therapy schools include:

  • Spa Body N Beyond
  • Diza’s World Beauty College
  • 2nd Image
  • Beauty Therapy Institute Accra

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How Does One Become A Massage Therapist in Ghana?

If you want to be a massage therapist in Ghana but don’t know where to begin, read these five steps to get a better idea of what you’ll need to do.

  • Learn about the profession and set goals.

Massage therapy is a rewarding career path, but there are some critical decisions before beginning. You don’t have to have everything figured out ahead of time, but having goals is essential.

Begin by deciding what type of massage you want to learn. Numerous modalities are available, including deep tissue, sports, Swedish, and trigger point. 

Most massage therapists practice various techniques but only specialize in a few. You don’t have to know yet because you’ll learn many different styles during a massage therapy training program.

  • Finish a therapeutic massage program.

You can enroll in a massage therapy program if you have a high school diploma and an interest in massage. 

A diploma in massage therapy typically takes about 15 months to complete and can be obtained at a vocational or career training college.

  • Obtain a License

Most states regulate massage, and many more are on their way. Massage therapists in Colorado must have 500 hours of training from a board-approved massage therapy school. 

You’ll need to get some hands-on experience massaging real clients in a professional setting.

  • Obtain a business license (optional)

Although this is an optional step, a business license is required if you intend to work as a solo practitioner, which accounts for 67 percent of all practicing therapists, according to the Ghanaian Massage Therapy Association. 

If you want to work as an employee in a spa, healthcare setting, or somewhere else, you can skip this step.

  • Continue to learn and teach others.

Learning never stops in almost any career. There are numerous techniques and philosophies related to the profession that you can add to your professional repertoire, ranging from Swedish massage to deep tissue, hot stone, Thai, and prenatal massage, among others.

Marketing and customer service are also things that business owners will want to improve on over time.

What are the Best Massage Therapy Schools in Ghana?

Below are the best massage therapy schools in Ghana:

1. Spa Body N Beyond

This school believes that everyone should have the opportunity to study at Spa Body N Beyond. Courses are available for students ranging from junior high to university graduates. 

Applicants do not need a high level of education to enroll. The classes are welcoming to mature applicants who are changing careers.

All applicants must complete a registration form and pass entrance exams to demonstrate their ability to read and write.

Short-term intensive courses are also available for those who have limited time.

Also, they welcome international applications and hold everyone to the same high standards of excellence.

The programs combine professional massage techniques with scientific knowledge, communication skills, and business practices. 

The graduates will have the tools and training to be exceptional massage therapists or aestheticians once they complete the program. The National Vocational Training Institute has certified the programs (N.V.T.I.).

The students benefit significantly from supervised hands-on practice in the teaching clinic. This experience boosts confidence and skills. Graduates have a competitive advantage when it comes to starting their careers.

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2. Diza’s World Beauty College

At B26 Okpewho Mensah Avenue, Ashaley Botwe Adjiringanor East Legon, Accra, Diza’s World Beauty College is easily accessible. The environment is ideal for learning about the profession of beauty.

There is air conditioning in the facility. Theoretical and demonstration classes are held in separate classrooms.

The basic philosophy at Diza’s World Beauty College is to provide training that successfully prepares graduates with the skills needed to secure employment in their chosen field. 

With this in mind, they survey the profession regularly to stay current on current trends, designs, and techniques employers demand.

The Skin Care program lasts three months and includes at least two months of technical instruction and practical operations covering all spa therapies, essential aromatherapy, and hair removal. 

Additionally, the technical instruction phase and the opportunity for the student to acquire the necessary skills through practical applications developed under the supervision of the school’s instructors are included in the minimum combined total months.

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3. 2nd Image

Age is not a barrier at this school; the youngest student could be 16, and the oldest could be over 80. 

Mature students who want to keep up with modern technology and better themselves are encouraged to attend the academy.

Courses are available for J.H.S., S.H.S., and higher-level students. Short courses are also available for those who have limited time or who want to learn specific modules within the profession. 

Furthermore, postgraduate courses for qualified hairdressers and beauty therapists are also available. To be accepted into the classes, they are confident that the student can handle the breadth and depth of the subjects covered. 

According to the range and depth of subjects, the courses are organized into levels awarding certificates, diplomas, and advanced diplomas.

Their goal is to become the most prestigious Technical and Vocational Training Institute.

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4. Beauty Therapy Institute Accra

This school has been committed to excellence since 1996 by providing students with high-quality trainers. 

They take pride in providing flexible, part-time modular training courses in Health, Beauty, and Skincare Therapy that allows you to study at your own pace and in your own time. 

Small class sizes ensure one-on-one attention, and I.T.E.C. International / S.A.A.H.S.P. National accredits all campuses.

They offer massage therapy courses such as:

  • Swedish Holistic massage
  • Aromatherapy massage
  • Reflexology
  • Indian head massage
  • Manual lymphatic massage
  • Sports massage
  • Stone massage
  • Pregnancy massage

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How Long are Massage Therapy Schools in Ghana?

Massage therapy schools in Ghana can be completed in as little as six months full-time or 12 months part-time, but selecting a school can be challenging. 

All legitimate massage therapy programs will provide the tools you need to start. Still, there can be a lot of variation in things like teaching style, classwork, and learning environment, all of which can affect how quickly you learn. 

These factors will have varying degrees of impact on different people. You must understand what aids and hinders your learning from selecting a program that will provide you with the best learning experience possible. 

You should also learn everything you can about any massage school instructors in the program. 

This way, you’ll know whether or not the program you’re considering has experienced, expert massage school instructors from whom you can learn.

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How Much are Massage Therapy Schools in Ghana?

Massage therapy school tuition may be less expensive than a four-year college degree, though costs vary greatly depending on the program.

Before granting a license to practice massage therapy, most institutions require 500 to 1,000 hours of study, and more intensive programs are more expensive to enroll in.

As you consider your educational options, ensure you have the right financial advice.

The cost of attending massage therapy schools varies significantly.

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How Much Do Massage Therapists Make in Ghana?

A Massage Therapist in Ghana typically earns around 2,810 GHS per month. Salaries range from 1,380 GHS (the lowest) to 4,390 GHS (the highest) (highest).

This is the average monthly salary, which includes housing, transportation, and other perks. Massage Therapist pay varies greatly depending on experience, skills, gender, and location.

Salary Range

Massage therapists’ salaries in Ghana range from 1,380 GHS (minimum wage) to 4,390 GHS (maximum compensation) (maximum salary).

Median Salary

The median monthly salary is 2,870 GHS, which means that half of those working as Massage therapists (s) earn less than this amount, while the other half earn more.


Two values are closely related to the median: the 25th and 75th percentiles. According to the salary distribution diagram, 25% of Massage Therapists earn less than 1,910 GHS, while 75% earn more than 1,910 GHS. 

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Your massage school education is an essential factor in your success as a massage therapist. 

You will have no authority or credibility unless you have formal training and certification. As a result, you must find and enroll in a massage school program. 

The good news is that training to become a massage therapist is highly affordable, especially compared to many other health and wellness-related professions.

I hope you find this article helpful.


How do I become a masseuse in Ghana?

You could study massage or complementary therapies at the Level 3 Diploma level. The Council for Soft Tissue Therapies (G.C.M.T.) is the governing body for massage therapy and establishes the profession’s standards.

Is massage therapy hard to learn in Ghana?

Massage therapy programs are intense but exciting, demanding but not grueling, and engaging but not difficult for students with a passion for wellness.

What do massage therapists in Ghana learn in school?

Anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology are some of the courses you should expect to take. Those courses study the human body—where organs, muscles, and tissues are located and how the body’s mechanics work.


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