Top 10 Best Mechanic Schools in Georgia 2023 | Requirements & Admission

Automotive schools in Georgia train learners with the requirements to apply and train to become auto mechanics in the state with the skills and proficiency they need to diagnose and fix autos.

Automotive mechanics play a crucial role in the workability of autos. Skilled auto mechanics ensure that the rate of casualties on the roads caused by poor vehicle diagnosis and repair is minimized. 

The auto mechanic schools in Georgia tutor learners theoretically and give them the hands-on work proficiency they need to diagnose and repair autos. 

So, are you interested in an automotive career? Have you been searching for the best automotive school to get your degree?

This article lists 10 of the best automotive schools in Georgia to help secure your career as an auto mechanic in the state.  

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What Kind of Individuals Succeed as Auto Mechanics in Georgia? 

Although an auto mechanic career is relevant and has a great job outlook in Georgia, not everyone can succeed in the business or this profession.

To figure out your way efficiently and effectively, you must have the skills and technical know-how to excel.

Now here are the kind of individuals who can succeed as automotive technicians in GA:

  • Learners who enjoy manual work.
  • Individuals who prefer to fix vehicles with their hands. 
  • Students who pay attention to details.  
  • Those who can function in fast-paced work surroundings. 
  • Learners who possess excellent problem-solving abilities. 
  • Students who know the importance of safety on the road 

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How to Become an Auto Mechanic in Georgia?

Often, people think an internship is a decent way to become an automotive mechanic. 

Indeed, internships help students become better automotive mechanics. Still, on-the-job experience is not the only requirement to become a competent automotive mechanic, especially in Georgia.

Recently, employees have liked hiring automotive technicians with degrees and certificates. Also, one must be certified to stand out in the industry and land good-salary jobs. 

To become an auto mechanic in Georgia, here are the basic steps and requirements for a successful journey effectively and building a career:

#1. Have Basic Diploma Or GED

A basic diploma or GED is your first certificate to qualify for an automotive career. Diploma programs offer internships to introduce learners to basic automotive terms and equipment.

You can get a beginner-level automotive job with a diploma, but the salary may be low. Also, automotive shops will not allow you to operate highly intelligent autos or give you technical duties. However, you can earn an entry-level job with a diploma or a certificate. 

The National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF) approves schools that can give students this diploma.

Confirm if NATEF authorizes any of the auto mechanic schools listed below before enrolling for a diploma course with them in Georgia.

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#2. Acquire an ASE Certification

Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) organizes assessments for intending automotive mechanics. On completion of the assessment, successful candidates will be certified. And with a series of ASE certificates, an automotive mechanic can become a master mechanic.

ASE provides over 40+ auto mechanic certifications to those who pass the assessment.  Some of these certifications include;

  • Truck Equipment.
  • Light Repair Certification and Collision Repair.
  • Refinish Certification and Auto Maintenance.
  • Estimating Certification and Damage Analysis.

To be successful at this assessment, one has to have some years of work experience. A minimum of 2 years of experience is expected before one can sit for the exam. However, some auto manufacturer companies and disciplines require one year and others three years of experience.  

It’s advisable that as you advance in your automotive career, you should acquire more certifications from the mechanic schools in Georgia. It can help you earn a higher income and get better work opportunities.

Conclusively, automotive mechanics must reassess their skills every five years to retain their certification. This shows that you can still diagnose and operate an automobile and are active in the industry.

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#3. Get EPA 609-Refrigerant Certification

Attention is given to EPA 609 refrigerant certification in Georgia because it’s complicated. Getting a refrigerant diagnosis and repair wrong can be disastrous. Conducting any duty on an EPA 609 refrigerant system demands a specific certification.

To get certified, first, you need to enroll in training to learn the system’s operation. After which, you can sit for the EPA 609-Refrigerant Certification to showcase your proficiency.

Some programs related to this regulated refrigerant are available online for those who need this certification. There are some online programs to study for the certification assessment, and you can also try the assessments online. The pass mark for the EPA 609 refrigerant assessments is 85.

The good thing about getting an EPA 609 refrigerant certification is that it doesn’t need renewal after five years. It has a one-time exam sitting and no expiration date certificate guarantee. 

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#4. Obtain Manufacturer Certification

Automotive mechanics who want to work with exceptional auto manufacturers like Benz, BMW, and Toyota must obtain their desired certification. A manufacturer’s certificate is appreciated because it equips mechanics with specific knowledge.

To operate brilliant machines and car models. Without acquiring this knowledge, the outcome of repairs on specialized automobiles can be fatal.

With a manufacturer certification, one can quickly get specialized goods and paid jobs at top manufacturing companies that require the certification.

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List of 10 Best Mechanic Schools in Georgia  (GA)

Automotive schools in Georgia have the potential to train future skilled automotive mechanics. They offer programs that are combined with theoretical lessons and hands-on job experience.

Also, graduates from these schools are competent to sit for National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification.

Automotive learning institutions offer learners opportunities that can help them develop intellectual and technical skills and industry proficiency. These skills are needed for job operation, retention, and growth.

The training programs are usually a mix of automotive theories and practical operations needed to be hired into the industry.

This article will introduce you to the 10 best automotive schools in Georgia, where you can start your career as an auto mechanic.

#1. South Georgia Technical College

  • Address: 900 South GA Tech Parkway, Americus, GA, 31709, Sumter County. 

South Georgia Technical College (SGTC) is an adult training technical college with a branch campus in Cordele, Georgia.

The automotive programs they offer for undergraduates includes auto diagnosis and repair, transmissions, automotive engine, and electronics.

South Georgia Technical College is a mechanic school in Georgia and some surrounding counties like Webster, Crisp County, Macon, and Sumter. 

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#2. Albany Technical College

  • Located at 1704 S Slappey Blvd, Albany, GA 31701

At Albany Technical College, academics can register for up to two diploma programs and three automotive training certificates.

Also, learners can acquire an automotive technology diploma in brake diagnosis, transmission diagnosis, motor repairs, steering and suspension engine performance, environment control, and electrical systems.

Albany Technical College provides an 18-unit credit auto transmission certificate, 14 unit credit weather control certificate, and a 17-unit credit auto chassis certificate.  

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#3. Athens Technical College

  • Located at 800 US-29, Athens, GA 30601

Athens Technical College provides an automotive technology associate’s degree program in electrical and electronic systems.

Also, they offer programs in climate control, steering systems, engines, and brand performance to students. They also offer certificates in automotive technology with 9–18 unit credits in automotive chassis, automotive transmission, and other courses.

Athens Technical College’s automotive diploma is 44 unit credits and provides opportunities for students to partake in apprenticeship programs to acquire job-on-hour experience. 

Because of such a curriculum, Athens Technical College is considered one of the best automotive schools in Georgia.

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#4. Wiregrass Georgia Technical College

  • Located at 4089 Val Tech Rd, Valdosta, GA 31602

Wiregrass Georgia Technical College is one of the mechanic schools in Georgia that offers diploma programs in automotive fundamentals and automotive technology courses. Their technology program contains engine analysis and automotive repair. While the fundamental automotive program specializes in engine and electrical performance.

Wiregrass Georgia Technical College also has a 16-unit credit program in auto engine performance to offer students who enroll with them. Also, certify learners on 18 unit credits for the auto transmission certificate, 17 unit credits for the auto chassis, and 16 unit credits for the auto engine performance.  

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#5. Central Georgia Technical College

  • Located at 3300 Macon Tech Dr, Macon, GA 31206

Central Georgia Technical College offers a 40-credit fundamental automotive diploma course in automotive motor and electrical performance. They have two diploma training programs and three certificate programs that teach learners all they need to know before they can operate as automotive mechanics.

Central Georgia Technical College focuses on the brake and electrical systems; their tuition fee is $89 per credit hour. The automotive chassis certificate program is 17 unit credits, the engine performance certificate is 16, and the weather control certificate is 14 unit credits.

Learners registering for automotive technology diplomas at Central Georgia Technical College must earn 55 unit credits. Also, register for automotive electrical, engine repair, and engine performance courses. 

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#6. Georgia Northwestern Technical College

  • Address: 265 Bicentennial Trail, Rock Spring, GA 30739

The school is passionate about providing automotive learners with certificates, diplomas, and associate automotive degree programs. Georgia Northwestern Technical College offers 63 unit credits in automotive technology for an associate’s degree. They also include standard schooling requirements and automotive courses in their program curriculum. 

Students can enroll for certification in automotive courses like auto electrical systems, chassis, and environment control. Also, engine diagnosis, repair and performance, and transmission. Diploma programs are available in automotive fundamentals and automotive technology. 

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#7. Savannah Technical College

  • Located at 5717 White Bluff Rd, Savannah, GA 31405

Savannah Technical College offers a 65-unit credit for an associate degree in automotive technology. Students can enroll in courses in machine performance, electrical systems, environment control, automotive transmissions, and others.

Savannah Technical College offers elective courses to learners looking to participate in an internship. Also, to those interested in enrolling in welding courses and energy technology.

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#8. Southern Crescent Technical College

  • Located at 501 Varsity Rd, Griffin, GA 30223

At Southern Crescent Technical College, learners can enroll for automotive technology diplomas or fundamentals in automotive. Their automotive tuition is $395 per credit hour as of fall 2016, and their credit unit degree is 59.

They have a unique automotive academy because they provide its learners with multiple automotive teaching opportunities during its training program. 

Southern Crescent Technical College offers certifications in automotive areas such as chassis and weather control systems, auto electronic systems, transmission systems, and brake systems.  

Southern Crescent Technical College should be part of your consideration if you’re looking for one of the best auto mechanic schools in Georgia.

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#9. West Georgia Technical College

  • Located at 1 College Circle, 1302 Orchard Hill Rd, LaGrange, GA 30240

West Georgia Technical College is a reputable automotive institution in Georgia that offers 55 credit unit courses. They have programs that can earn learners their high school diplomas and automotive certifications.

Some certification programs at West Georgia Technical College offer control and auto chassis courses. Also, electronics and electrical systems, machine repair and engine performance, and transaxle systems. 

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#10. Gwinnett Technical College

  • Address: 5150 Sugarloaf Pkwy, Lawrenceville, GA 30043

Gwinnett Technical College offers students manufacturer certification programs. Auto manufacturers include Nissan, Jeep, Chrysler, Toyota, and Dodge.

In-state students at Gwinnett Technical College pay $419 per credit hour as a school fee. Students interested in the Nissan automaker’s automotive training can choose between a diploma certificate or an associate degree program. 

At Gwinnett Technical College, learners offer programs to acquire certifications in auto-electronic systems. Also included are certificates for auto weather control and chassis, auto engine repair and performance, a transaxle certificate, and an automotive fundamentals diploma.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Mechanic Schools and Colleges in Georgia

How Much Do Automotive Mechanics Earn In Georgia? 

Automotive mechanics earn depending on certain factors like certifications, years of experience, and job location. 
Also, to stand a chance of better job opportunities that pay well, you should enroll in the automotive schools in Georgia that are affiliated with brands.

Do I Need a License to Work as an Auto Mechanic in Georgia? 

A license is not mandatory in Georgia before you can work as an auto mechanic. If you have your necessary ASE certifications, diploma degree, and experience, you can be an automotive mechanic. 

What is ASA Georgia? 

Automotive Service Association (ASA) – Georgia is a subset association of the Automotive Service Association (ASA). It is a famous non-profit trade organization serving automotive service professionals. ASA is managed by independent automotive service and repair professionals. 


Automotive mechanics is a profitable vocation, and there are a lot of career opportunities in the industry. Georgie is one state where high-value automotive mechanics are in constant need.

Aspiring auto mechanics in Georgia can enroll in any of the numerous automotive colleges and schools listed above to kick off their careers. These Georgia automotive academies offer programs for intending auto technicians and mechanics.

Many of these programs graduate students with industry certificates, associate degrees, and diplomas. 

However, you must visit the websites of these mechanic schools in Georgia to know the school-specific requirements you need to apply.


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