Top 10 Best Mechanic Schools in Michigan 2024 | Requirements & Admission


In this blog post, I have curated a list of the best mechanic schools in Michigan, including the requirements, Cost, and admission process.

Are you looking for the best automotive schools in Michigan and the requirements you need to apply to study to become an auto mechanic?


Do you want to know the in and how of mechanics and how their earnings are made?

Then we can put you through the how and why you should study mechanics in Michigan.


Also, we have answered the questions: how much a mechanic earns in Michigan, what the top 10 best automotive schools in Michigan are, and what are the requirements on what to study to become a Mechanic in Michigan?

Let’s continue reading to learn about the mechanic school, mechanic jobs, and everything else you might need to know to get in without a hitch.

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How do you Become a Mechanic a Michigan?

Becoming an electrician can be easy and swift only if the proper process is followed, such as having an interest in and desire to study automotive studies. It’s a worthwhile study and goal to pursue.

Secondly, take a stand on what the course is about. Am I willing to go for it? And lots of questions about self-help.

Thirdly, take up apprenticeship programs, training, and seminars for this study in Michigan.

Fourthly, look for the top automotive schools in Michigan to take up a program for in-depth knowledge as an auto mechanic.

Lastly, get certified with an automotive license to be an achieved mechanic in Michigan and beyond. And with those processes, you will reach the peak of being one of the best Mechanics you desire to be.

So why become a mechanic in Michigan? Let me give you an outlook to consider.

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Why Become a Mechanic in Michigan?

Having known the process of how to become a mechanic in Michigan, I will drive you to why you become one, and this is because you have chosen it. 

A male or female mechanic is a skilled worker who repairs and maintains vehicle engines and other machinery. A mechanic is also an artist, skilled tradesperson, or technician who uses tools to build, maintain, or repair machinery. Mechanics are trained to use particular tools and often work in shops or garages. 

There is a high demand for mechanics in Michigan, and people depend on them to fix their vehicles or other appliances. 

It’s your dream job, so you will find it interesting to handle; secondly, you tend to get recommendations from other customers who have been a specialist with an accredited licenses.

You won’t and can’t lack work to do as a mechanic. There are open job opportunities for mechanics in Michigan. Problem-solving skills play a big part, and you will find yourself solving, diagnosing, and uncovering problems as time progresses.

Being good at this skill challenges you and requires you to use your critical thinking skills well to achieve drive and purpose. And lastly, there are a whole million and thousands of cars on the road, so you can lack a job or work as a mechanic in Michigan.

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What is the Salary Outlook for a Mechanic in Michigan?

The earnings of a mechanic in Michigan vary from skills, experience, employer, bonuses, tips, training, and lots more, as it is the higher you go, the higher you earn.

As a mechanic, the average salary in Michigan is about $48,700 annually. And the salary can vary from $25,600 to $96,800 and above, depending on the level of learning and certificates obtained. 

A tabular description below shows an hourly salary earned by Mechanics in Michigan 

Years of experiencePayment per hour
1-2 years$26.27
3-5 years$27.00
6-9 years$29.50
Ten years and above$33.55
Salary outlook Of Mechanics in Michigan

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Top 10 Best Mechanic Schools in Michigan 

We will now drive into getting and having assurance to the best Automotive schools in Michigan and having the best auto mechanic study center to arrive at your best when it comes to automotive study. 

Different schools have their time-long study, tuition fees, and a whole lot more that you can carefully check out for, and visiting the school’s website will give a direct contact to more information needed from the school and how you can apply. 

The list of the top 10 mechanic schools in MI are: 

#1. Lansing Community College 

  • Location: 600 N Grand Ave, Lansing, MI, United States.

Aside from being a public community College, its main Campus is in Lansing, Michigan. And other campuses are located on an Urban, 42-acre site in downtown Lansing.

The College is one of Michigan’s top schools for studying automotive engineering and technology.  The school has around 8,992 students. It is a two-year program with an average tuition of $5,300 and an imposed tuition of approximately $8,200. The college runs a licensed, certified practice. 

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#2. Siena Height University  

  • Location: 1247 E Siena Height Dr, Adrian, MI, United States

Siena Heights University, a private Roman Catholic university, has its campus in Adrian, Michigan. The school is accredited. It has a graduation rate of 77%, with around 1,800 undergraduate students.

It runs a four-year program in automotive studies with a tuition rate of $22,456, and its certification is licensed for practice. 

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#3. Muskegon Community College 

  • Location: 221 Quarter line Rd, Muskegon, MI, United States.

The public community college is located on a 111-acre campus in Muskegon, with other campuses from Ottawa and others.

The Higher Learning Commission accredits the college (HLC), has about 3,774 undergraduate students, runs a two-year program, and is best equipped to serve you well.

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#4. Northern Michigan University  

  • Location: 1401 Presque Isle Ave, Marquette, MI, United States

Northern Michigan University is rated among the top schools for automotive study, with its campus at Presque Marquette, Michigan.

It’s a public university with a 47% graduation rate and a 70% acceptance rate, totaling 7,998 students. It offers a four-year program specializing in all degrees, including master’s degrees, doctorates, and many others.

Its tuition fees range between $17,389 and $28,567, with aid available for both. It’s among the best auto mechanic schools in Michigan’s rankings and accreditation. 

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#5. Southwestern Michigan College  

  • Location: 58900 Cherry Grove Rd, Dowagiac, MI, United States.

The Southwestern Michigan College is a public college with a campus near Dowagiac, Michigan, with a total enrollment of about 2,768 students and a high rating and ranking in academic activities and accreditation.

The college runs for about two years, depending on the program. The college tuition fees range from $9,657 to $8,903, with both in-state aid and an average cost after aid.

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#6. Monroe County Community College 

  • Location: 1555 S Rainsville Rd., Monroe, MI, United States.  

The college is in Monroe County in the United States of Michigan, with its main campus located at Monroe Charter Township, with a total average of about 2,784 students, and other campuses around the County.

It runs a two-year program. The college is accredited with its ranking, ratings, and certification from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). The college tuition covers the in-state and average cost after the aid of about $7,804 and $5,567. The college certificates are Licensed for practice. 

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#7. Ferris State University  

  • Location: 1201 States St, Big Rapids, MI, United States.

Ferris is one of the top mechanic schools known and accredited for its automotive program. Its campus is in Big Rapids, Michigan, with other campuses around the city.

The study of Mechanic engineering with its ranking and rating to a graduation rate of about 51%, an acceptance rate of 84%, and a total of 10,673 students.

The tuition fees are affordable, ranging from $13,563 to $27,465 after and before aid. The program has been running for four years and has received accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). 

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#8. Oakland University 

  • Location: 2200 North Squirrel Road, Rochester Hills, MI, United States.

Oakland is a fast-growing University with the Study of Automotive Engineering, with its main campus at Rochester Hills, Michigan, and other sites.

The program gained a top ranking and rating of 79%, an acceptance rate of 80%, and a total of 3,987 students and more. It has been accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and has a certified License.

The tuition fee covers an average aid of $14,783 and $19,653. 

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#9. Wayne State University

  • Location: 656 West Kirby Street, Detroit, MI.

The university is also rated for its Automotive Engineering program, with a ranking of about 70% average, and its campus is all around Detroit, Michigan.

And beyond covering a total student body of about 19,745 undergraduates and more with its licenses and valid certifications, the tuition fee is affordable. It varies according to the automotive program selected.

The university is a public setting and offers different programs. 

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#10. Michigan State University

  • Location: 220 Trowbridge Road, East Lansing, MI.

With its campuses around East Lansing, Michigan State University has an automotive program that imparts knowledge to its students in a comfortable and serene environment.

The school has an acceptance rate of 76%, a graduation rate of 81%, and a total of about 8,567 students and more, including distance learning.

The university’s accreditation covers its high ranking and ratings by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and more certified licenses. 

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Other top Universities in Michigan 

  • Kettering University 
  • Lawrence Technological University 
  • Western Michigan University
  • Michigan Technological University
  • University of Michigan
  • E.T.C

What are the Requirements for the Study of Automotive Engineering in Michigan?

Automotive engineering is an easy course, following all the procedures, training, apprentice programs, and all needed.

To be a certified mechanic in Michigan, you must have gained educational experience from the state’s top mechanic schools and obtained a trainee permit to work with a certified mechanic.

To become a certified mechanic, you can get about 20 different mechanic certifications in Michigan and become a certified master mechanic, and you must pass certification exams.

Having the necessary knowledge to study is an A+ for becoming a mechanic. Some important subjects you will need to know for the engine tune-up, and performance exam include carburetor and fuel injection, ignition systems, and emission control systems.

After passing the certification exam, you must complete and apply for motor vehicle specialty or master’s mechanic certification. You will be asked about your previous school experience and other category certification.  

A mechanic certification fee is paid to set up the exams, which is about $10, and to apply, which is about $26. And you must be detail-oriented in picking out the problems while fixing parts.

The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence offers a certification program to improve mechanics knowledge. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Mechanic Schools in Michigan 

What Qualification do I Need to Become a Mechanic in Michigan?

To become a certified mechanic in Michigan, you must have to have the following qualification as follows: 
Paying attention to detailed jobs assigned 
Engineering knowledge 
Customer service skills 
Registered certification 
The know-how to use, maintain, acquire and repair machines and tools. 

Do You Need a License to be a Mechanic? 

Yes, to be a certified Mechanic and to take this as a full-time job, you will have to be certified first and get your license to work.

How Long Does it Take to be a Mechanic? 

To be a mechanic in Michigan, it takes two-four years to be. After going through all the necessary programs, you will have to get job training and a certified university or college to get your degree and then further for other certified and master’s programs, respectively. 

How do I Get My License to be a Mechanic in Michigan?

After attending any of the best auto mechanic schools in Michigan, the next is to obtain your license.
You must complete and pass all the necessary exams, mechanic tests, and training to get your license.
Also, you will need a mechanic trainee permit which you can get from work under the supervision of a trained and certified automotive engineer.
You can obtain a full license from a certified university or college and then proceed to the country headquarters to get your license to practice. 

What is an Automotive Engineering Degree called?

An accredited university setting gives a Bachelor of Science (Bs) in automotive technology. The university offers a four-year course, while the college offers about two-three years of courses. Where the basics are being taught and prepares you to be a mechanic. 


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