10 Top Mechanic Schools in Arkansas 2024 | Requirements & Admission

Are you looking to advance your career in the automotive industry by seeking out the requirements you need to apply to the best auto mechanic schools and colleges in Arkansas?

Auto mechanic schools provide a learning hallway for those who intend to start a recognized technical occupation or who have an occupation but wish to advance in their career with skills to secure for themselves a stable or better career path. 

If you are the type that derives joy from repairing faulty cars and machines and picks up details fast, you will excel as an auto mechanic. 

You might be familiar with some of the roles of an auto mechanic: inspecting cars, fixing car tyres, changing oil, replacing and recharging batteries, and performing tune-ups. On the other hand, an auto mechanic plays a larger role in managing vehicles and machines. 

Job descriptions and requirements for auto mechanics vary according to location. So, it would be best if you were prepared to transfer your mechanic skills to any location and work on any vehicle. You’ll learn these skills to perfection in an auto mechanic school.

Are you interested in becoming an auto mechanic in Arkansas? Arkansas  Are you searching for the best auto mechanic school to entrust your career? Check out our list of the top ten auto mechanic schools in Arkansas that we researched for you so that you can train to be an automotive technician. 

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What are the Requirements to Become an Auto Mechanic in Arkansas?

Some people may choose to develop the skills needed to perform an auto mechanic operation by their selves. Others may go through the path of attending a vocational-technical school to acquire a degree before they can perform auto mechanic duties. 

The job of an auto mechanic can be demanding because if a vehicle is poorly fixed, it can experience casualty on the road. It is wise you go to an auto mechanic school and acquire the certificates, so you won’t fix up a car that will return faulty the following day. Also, auto mechanics with degree certifications are paid better in the industry. 

Some basic requirements before you enroll in an auto mechanic school include English and Math proficiency. Experience in working with a computer and a love for details. This section will guide you through all you need to know to become an auto mechanic in Arkansas 

#1. High school graduate or have a GED

Before being accepted into any college or vocational program, you need proof that you passed high school or have a GED certificate.  

Passing high school or the GED shows recruiters and admissions representatives that you can exhibit proficiency in some subjects and areas, such as math, English, critical thinking, and attention to detail, and you can adhere to instructions.  

#2. ASE Certification

ASE certification approves of you as a legally recognized auto mechanic. The number of companies that accept applicants with associate auto mechanic degree certificates is increasing. The recognized body for giving out these certificates is the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (NIASE). Also, they prepare the criteria that aspiring auto mechanics need to follow before certification and review them when necessary. 

The NIASE body is also in charge of giving diplomas to auto mechanic experts. An important takeaway from this section is that you can only proceed to get your ASE certification after NIASE approves it. You must have 2 years of work experience before taking the ASE certification exam. Auto mechanic aspirants must sit for an ASE certificate in person. An ASE diploma offers certification in medium-heavy trucks, automobiles and light trucks, truck equipment, refinishing, and Collision repair.

There is no restriction on the number of ASE certificates an auto mechanic can get; the certificate needs to be retested every 5 years. This retesting helps auto mechanics retain the right to function as professional mechanics. Also, ASE offers test series, and passing all the ASE test series earns you a master mechanic title.  

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#3. Earning the EPA 609-Refrigerant Certification

A lot of advanced cars come with MVAC systems.  It’s required that an auto mechanic interested in installing or fixing a car with an MVAC system must have a 609 certification. 

A 609 refrigerant certificate shows that you have the right knowledge to perform the task and check your work to ensure it meets industry standards. You can get the certification assessment online; the certificate does not need a (5)years interval retest like ASE certifications. 

#4. Manufacturer Certification

It would be best if you acquired manufacturer certificates to work on a vehicle designed specifically for you. These certificates give you explicit knowledge about a set of auto-manufactured cars. That will give you the understanding to operate cars without causing personal casualties or leading to commercial accidents.

A company certificate will give you an edge in landing a job at the company. Also, car owners can trust you with their cars, knowing you are certified with specific knowledge to handle their cars effectively. 

Some car producers fund degree programs for auto mechanics to complete their learning. Those who attend a degree program funded by auto companies can get apprenticeships or job offers from the company. The knowledge from the course can be further transferred to similar auto companies, but if it’s different, you need the company certification. 

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# 5. Apprenticeship or internships 

After acquiring your certificates, if you feel you didn’t get enough hands-on experience in the technical program. Signing up for an apprenticeship position is your best shot.

Having practical knowledge in a course is the best way to master the trade of auto mechanics. Enroll for internship opportunities got shops. 

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10 Top Mechanic Schools in Arkansas 

Now without further ado, here is a list of the best automotive schools and colleges in Arkansas and the requirements you need to apply:

#1. Arkansas Northeastern College

  • Location: 2501 S Division St, Blytheville, AR 72315

Arkansas Northeastern College offers a two-year higher education degree program with a flexible course schedule. ANC provides students with the lowest schooling fee in the state to support them throughout their learning phase. The principal focus of Arkansas Northeastern College is to teach student career courses that can improve their financial status. 

ANC offers training programs that give students the skills to perform auto mechanic operations in the workplace. Graduates have the guarantee of starting entry-level jobs with standard payments in a year or less.

They also make provisions for students to get their technical certification. ANC courses provide students with the knowledge to deliver quality jobs when they get the opportunity to learn in various career fields. 

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#2. The University of Arkansas – Pulaski Technical College 

  • Location: 3000 West Scenic Drive, North Little Rock, AR 72118

The University of Arkansas – Pulaski Technical College provides students with a four-semester automotive technology program. Their technical program covers eight service areas of the Automotive Service Excellence(ASE) program.

Tutors of various auto mechanic courses at the University of Arkansas – Pulaski Technical College are master mechanics with several years of hands-on job experience and numerous ASE certifications.

National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation approves learning programs (NATEF). Their program includes a Certificate of Proficiency in Brake and Chassis, a Drivetrain and Drivability Specialist, and others. 

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#3. Arkansas State University

  • Location: Beebe, AR 1000 Iowa Street

Arkansas State University, as a public research university, offers certification programs in graduate and undergraduate programs in more than 70 approved courses.

Their vocational programs range from Industrial Electronics Technology to advanced auto mechanic learning. They provide financial assistance to support students in training and also make available some courses online.

Arkansas State University is one of the best automotive schools in the state.

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#4. Arkansas Tech University 

  • Location: 215 West O Street Russellville, Arkansas 72801

Arkansas Tech University offers a two years certified auto mechanic technology program by the National Automotive Technician Educational Foundation (NATEF). The program gives students the proficiency they need to fix advanced vehicles and graduate with hands-on practical ideas.

The course provides learners with transferable employable technical skills from auto companies and car repair shops. They have well-furnished workshops and utilize advanced technology, tools, and craft for teaching students.

Also, the principal program focus includes brakes, electronic systems, suspension, light repair, and others. Learners who complete the Arkansas Tech University program get an auto mechanic service technology certificate and 16 hours of credit. 

Arkansas Tech is one of the best auto mechanic colleges and schools in the state for automotive technicians.

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#5. Black River Technical College

  • Location: 1 Black River Drive, Paragould, AR 72450

Black River Technical College offers career pathways in technical career industrial electronics and Machine Tool Technology. Students learn the auto mechanic skills that can help them succeed in the industry after graduation.

They also have a free technical college’s career and technical center program. That introduces junior and high school students interested in becoming auto mechanics. The Technical Center and BRTC Career provide residential areas for students and visitors. 

They also have programs like auto repair, collision technology, and others. Hence why it is one of the best automotive schools in Arkansas. 

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#6. North Arkansas College

  • Location: 1320 N Spring Road Harrison, AR 72601

Degree and certificate programs that will provide students with the competence to meet industry standards. Also, to develop skills they can use to operate vast auto vehicles are offered in North Arkansas College.

Students are trained to stand out in the auto mechanic industry with recognized certification from ASE. Degree programs range from Automotive Service Technology, Gas Engine Repair, and Truck Driving. 

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#7. Southern Arkansas University Tech

  • Location: 6415 Spellman Road, Camden, AR 71711

If you are looking for a renowned adult institution to acquire auto mechanic technology certification and degree?  Southern Arkansas University Tech is one of the automotive schools available to give you the best learning experience.

They give the best auto career teaching and training experience that develops skills for dealership employment opportunities. Furthermore, the program helps to broaden the personal development of students. Also, they offer transferable thirty (30) hours of college credit from another recognized university.  

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#8. University of Arkansas Community College

  • Location: 1537 University Blvd Morrilton, AR 72110

University of Arkansas Community College offers an exclusive two-year associate auto mechanic degree program. Their extensive curriculum offers students career-oriented programs and transferrable university skills.

They also organize outreach programs for the community, workforce training, and adult education. HVAC, industrial machines, automotive service technology, and maintenance advanced training programs are offered at the University of Arkansas Community College. 

University of Arkansas Community College also has customized classes to improve learning performance for students. Furthermore, they have special workforce training classes for both new and old industries.

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#9. South Arkansas Community College

  • Location: 300 S West Ave El Dorado, AR 71730

South Arkansas Community College welcomes students of different colors and is dedicated to refining the lives of those who enroll for their career courses. They provide easy learning, industry, and quality training for students. 

Their vocational certification program is fashioned to develop students with industrial knowledge that can get them entry-level roles in auto repairs, mechanic servicing, and diagnostics. Their learning program is recognized by the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF).

Also, their academic lectures are certified by National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). 

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#10. Northwest Technical Institute

  • Location: 709 S Old Missouri Springdale, AR 72764

Northwest Technical Institute was established in 1976, and since then, it has provided excellent educational support to students in various careers. They provide training programs that promote skills and knowledge for various career fields.

The Northwest Technical Institute has both physical and online training for students. They also have a professional development program in their curriculum, making them one of the best automotive schools in Arkansas.

Northwest Technical Institute’s devotion to empowering students with skills to maximize their ability by providing standard and accessible education in a conducive learning sector is admirable.   

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Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Mechanic Schools in Arkansas

How Much Do Auto Mechanics In Receive Per hour In Arkansas? 

The average auto mechanic receives $17.27 per hour, and the minimum payment is about $13.50 from accumulated stats. However, your hourly rate increases as you gain more years of on-the-job experience and acquire more certificates.

What math do you need for auto mechanics?

Auto mechanics need basic arithmetic knowledge. Some calculations involving measurements, proportions, and fast conversions should be familiar to an auto mechanic. 


Auto mechanic schools provide certification, skills, and on-the-job experience for various technical careers. If you want to start a mechanic career, attending one of the institutions listed above would be a great choice.


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