Top 10 Best Mechanic Schools in Virginia 2024 | Requirements & Admission


Are you looking for the requirements to apply to the best mechanic schools in Virginia to train to become an auto mechanic?

Then welcome to my detailed guide as I put you through this and more for your questions ranging from why automotive engineering is the best career path to take and how to become a Mechanic in Virginia.


Also, we will consider the outlook of salary payments and if mechanics are well-paid in Virginia.

Furthermore, we discuss what requirements you need to meet to apply for the study of auto mechanic programs in various schools in Virginia and what their apprenticeship programs are like. 


Also, we consider the best schools and the procedures for getting into the best automotive schools, universities, and colleges in Virginia. 

As we read, we will know more about why and how to choose the best automotive schools in Virginia. 

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What do Mechanics do? 

A mechanic performs general maintenance and repairs on cars, trucks, small engines, and other vehicles. A mechanic repairs or replaces worn parts, such as brake pads, wheel bearings, and sensors.

They perform basic care and maintenance, including changing oil, checking fluid levels, and rotating tires. The mechanic does the maintenance of the machine and ensures customer satisfaction. 

The duties and responsibilities of the Mechanic are:

  • Check and conduct repairs for the reliability of the end user.
  • Perform maintenance and checking on machinery, equipment, and systems. 
  • Assemble and work on machines and components according to the requirements 
  • Be of good reputation to the customer and manufacturers working for.
  • Inspect and check machines, engines, transmission, and oil gages. 
  • A mechanic should develop skills in problem-solving, attention, and communication to detail.

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Why Become a Mechanic in Virginia?

With the desire to work with your hands and work on cars, becoming a mechanic is a good choice. In automotive engineering, there are different areas and skills you can enroll in, such as collision repairs, auto body works, auto glass repairs, diesel mechanics, and so on.

In Virginia, mechanics must not be licensed to practice, but the license gives leverage to better opportunities, so becoming a mechanic in Virginia is a good career choice.

But first things first, you have to train in any of the best auto mechanic schools if you reside in Virginia.

How Much do Mechanics Earn in Virginia?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are about 50,000 mechanics employed in Virginia. All major in automotive fields, such as auto mechanics, service technicians, auto body specialists, bus and truck mechanics, and diesel engine specialists. And they all earn according to their choice in the engineering field. 

The salary range for mechanics in Virginia is $23.70 per hour and $48,000 per year. The highest-paid engineer in Virginia is an auto body repair technician. And the lowest paid are the auto glass repair specialists.

Another way to earn more in Virginia as an auto mechanic is to gain more certification and get licensed. With these, you can get jobs with high-paying companies. 

The table below shows the jobs in Virginia and the earnings.

Mechanic SpecializationHourly paid wageAnnually pad wage
Bus and truck mechanics/diesel engine specialist$25,45$49,050
Automotive service technicians and mechanics$24,05$46,600
Automotive glass installers/ repairs$23,90$46,700
Automotive body/ related repairs$26,78$52,400
Salary Structure Of Mechanics In Virginia

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List of the Best Mechanic Schools in Virginia

Choosing the best career has a lot to do with choosing a school. In picking the best school for your career choice, it is advised to pick schools accredited and located at the best location with the best tuition rate, high ranking, and graduation rate at an excellent percentage. 

Below are the top best auto mechanic schools in Virginia: 

#1. Virginia Highlands community college

  • Location: 100 VHCC Drive ABINGDON, VA.

The Virginia highlands community college is a public institution with a good grade teaching in Automotive engineering located in Abingdon, VA.

It is rated with good ranking and graduation rates, with a total of about 900 students.

The school has a 100% acceptance rate and cost fee ranging from the average cost of  $5,674 and state of $7,765. The school also offers different programs, and the tuition fees vary according to the program chosen and a tattoo year program.


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#2. Tidewater community college 

  • Location: 121 College Place Norfolk, VA. 

‌Tidewater Community College is one of the best auto mechanic schools in Virginia. The community college ranks highly in many programs, including automotive engineering.

Currently, Tidewater Community College has a total enrollment of about 5,000 students. The school’s program runs for two years, depending on the course taken.

The college is on a 100% acceptance rating and high graduation ranking on other best programs the school offers.

The school’s tuition fee is, on average, $6,056 to  $7,673, depending on the program taken. 


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#3. Northern Virginia Community College 

  • Location: 4001 Wakefield chapel RD Annandale, VA.

‌Northern Virginia Community College is a public college with study programs in automotive engineering and other associated programs.

Its campus is located in Annandale, Virginia, and has a total enrollment of 15,500 students with a two-year run-down program and more.

The school has a high ranking, a 100% acceptance, and a 59% graduation rate. On the other hand, the school tuition fee ranges from an average cost of  $6,178 to an in-state cost of $6,785.

Also, the school runs different programs with high rankings from other accredited institutions. 


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#4. Virginia Western Community College 

  • Location: 3094 Colonial AVE Roanoke, VA.

‌Virginia Western Community College is a public college with one of the best automotive engineering programs. The school is highly ranked, with a 100% acceptance rate and a 74 graduation rate.

Also, the school’s Roanoke campus has a total enrollment of 2,000 undergraduate students. The school is graded as one of the best automotive schools in the Virginia area.

Furthermore, the school tuition fee is the average cost of  $5,256 and the in-state cost of  $6,754 on the move of different programs. The college runs a two-year program


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#5. Southside Virginia community college

  • Location: 109 campus drive, Alberta, VA.

‌The Southside Virginia Community College is a public-based college with the best study of automotive engineering and a high ranking in the other two years’ programs, depending on the course taken.

The school has a total of 900 undergraduate students and 100% acceptance with a 67% graduation rate. Also, the school offers different programs engaged in the automotive engineering program.

The fee rounds through from the average cost of  $5,855 and an in-state cost of  $7,895, depending on the course taken. The course runs student financial aid also.

Southside Virginia Community college is one of the best auto mechanic schools in VA.


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#6. Danville Community School 

  • Location: 1008 Main St Danville, VA 

‌The college is a public community with an aesthetic campus based in diverse areas of Danville, which runs the automotive engineering program. Depending on the program, Danville Community School runs its programs for two years or more.

The school is ranked highly, with 100% acceptance and a 65% graduation rating. The school provides the best programs that fit one’s knowledge of study and gives their students the best career options.

Also, the school enrolls a total of 990 undergraduate students and more. According to the program chosen, the tuition fee at the school is an average of $4,674, with an in-state cost of $6,877. 


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#7. J Sargeant Reynolds community college 

  • Location: 1651 East Parham Road Richmond, VA 

J Sargeant Reynolds community college is one of the best mechanic schools in Virginia that offers auto mechanic programs.

Sergeant Community College is a public community college with 2,467 undergraduate students. It runs different programs, of which the automotive engineering program ranks highly among the others.

Also, the school’s campus in Richmond, Virginia, runs a two-year program depending on the course taken. The school is ranked high at 100% acceptance and 75% graduation rates.

The school tuition rate falls between the average cost of $4,795 and the in-state cost of $7,654; the fee runs through depending on the programs taken. 


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#8. Southwestern Virginia community college 

  • Location: 369 Claypool, cedar bluff, VA 

‌The Southwestern Virginia community college is a public college with its campus located at cedar bluff Virginia with a high ranking in the study of Automotive engineering.

The school has a total of 1 059 undergraduate students. Southwestern Virginia community college ranks high with a 100% acceptance rate and 56% graduation rate.

The school runs a two-year program. The school tuition fee is an average of $6,699, and the in-state cost is $7,657, according to the chosen program. 


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#9. Germanna Community college 

  • Location: 2130 Germanna HWY, Locust Grove, VA.

‌Germanna Community College is a top-ranked public college in the Virginias, with a high rating, an acceptance rate of 100%, and a graduation rate of 50%.

The school runs automotive engineering and other relevant programs and is accredited with its campus at Locust Grove, Virginia.

Germanna Community College has a total enrollment of about 3,000 undergraduates. Depending on the program, the school offers a two-year program.

The school tuition fee falls between an average of $5,320 and an in-state cost of $7,653, according to the program taken. 

Germanna Community college is one of the best auto mechanic schools in VA.


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#10. Patrick & Henry community college 

  • Location: 645 Patriot Ave Martin’s Ville, VA 

‌The Patrick and Henry community college is a public college with its campus located at Martin’s Ville in Virginia with a high ranking in the study of Automobile engineering programs.

The school has an average of 1,500 students and is ranked among Virginia’s top schools. The school has a 100% acceptance rate for the suitability of all programs and offers two years of study. The school’s graduation rate is 75%, and accredited rates.

Also, the school’s tuition fee is an average cost of  $4,868 and an in-state cost of  $6,657. 

Remember that Patrick and Henry Community College is one of the best automotive schools in Virginia.


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Other top best automotive engineering schools in Virginia

  • ‌Advanced Technology Institute 
  • ‌Thomas Nelson Community college 
  • ‌Blue ridge community college 
  • ‌ New river community college. 

Are There Apprenticeship Programs for Mechanics in Virginia

The apprenticeship programs for mechanics in Virginia are being carried out through a lengthy process. However, it will give you a great insight into what it’s all about and the processes to arrive at your dream job.

The program can be run for two years or more, depending on the aspect of engineering taken, and it goes on to provide training and give you time to study for the Automotive Service Excellence exams (ASEs).

With this program, apprentices can benefit from loan offers to get tools and other training materials. Prepare to take on this program because it provides a training guide for everything from cover breaks to steering and suspension to automatic transmission. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Mechanic Schools in Virginia 

What are the Requirements to Become a Mechanic in Virginia? 

To become a mechanic in Virginia, you must follow all the processes and procedures, get the correct requirements, and be licensed to practice. 

What Type of Mechanic Gets Paid the Most? 

The Automotive body and related repairers are the highest-paid Mechanics, followed by bus and truck mechanics, diesel engine specialists, and automotive service technicians and repairers.  

Is it Hard to Become a Mechanic? 

No, it’s not difficult to become a mechanic in Virginia. When you have the interest and drive to become one, becoming a mechanic won’t be challenging. You can become a mechanic without a degree, but first of all, you won’t be licensed and get high-paying jobs or be recommended to high automotive companies. 

How do I Become a Mechanic in Virginia?

To become a mechanic, you will have to build up interest, go for training and programs that will build up your skills, attend apprentice programs and gain certificates in automotive engineering and lastly, gain an ASE license. However, you must not have a license to practice a license helps you stand out, and you can earn high and get jobs with high-paying companies.

What Should an Auto Mechanic Know?

An engineer should possess the following top talents to become a great mechanic or other people: work ethic, technical sense, problem-solving skills, diagnostics skills, customer service skills, a wide array of knowledge on this skill, and more customer service skills and experience. With this, you can be bold to be a mechanic. 


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