Top Military Schools in Michigan 2023 | All You Need to Know 

From records, there are not too many military schools in Michigan, but there are a lot of military-friendly colleges for boys, girls, and any troubled youth in the state.

If you’re on the search for the best military school in Michigan, you have just a few options to find the perfect fit to train your cadet in academics, character, and discipline.

Here is a guide on the best military colleges for boys and girls and any troubled youth in Michigan. We have specified the criteria for admission,  admission requirements, and the factors to consider when choosing a military school. We have also answered most of the questions that linger in your mind about this subject. 

Let’s dive in!!!

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Military School in Michigan 

While there are not many military schools in Michigan, choosing to attend any of the military-friendly schools should be well thought out. 

Certain factors must be considered from the handful of options in Michigan when choosing military schools. Here are some of the factors to checkmate when choosing from the list of best military colleges in Michigan for boys, girls, or any troubled youth,

  • Consider the start dates
  • Cost of tuition (Average of $45,000)
  • Does the school allow for transferring credits?
  • What’s the average starting salary (not less than $40,000)
  • Are the courses available on online programs to harness time? 
  • Ensure the school’s programs are accredited by recognized bodies
  • Are there financial aids? What financial aid is available?

List of Admission Criteria to Get into Military Schools in Michigan

Before it really needs to be any of the military schools for young girls or young boys in Michigan, you should consider the admission requirements. 

Because of the peculiarity of each school, chances are that the admission requirements would differ from school to school. Therefore, it is an important factor to checkmate when looking out for the best school for your ward.

Each military school in Michigan has its admission requirements for admission. However, there are admission requirements that are common to all the military schools in the state be it for girls or boys, high school or college or undergrad.

Here are some of the general admission requirements for Michigan military schools for troubled youth;

  • Be of the required age range.
  • Be free of felony charges and no pending court proceedings
  • Must be physically and mentally capable to participate in the program
  • Be free from the use of illegal drugs or other substances.
  • Also, applicants must submit all supporting documents completely filled in as required by the school.

Any additional requirements will be school specific. 

How Many Military Schools are in Michigan?

Following the 2022 publication by Military School USA, there is just one recognized military school in Michigan: Great Lakes Maritime Academy.

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List of the Top Military Colleges in Michigan 

Michigan is home to one recognized military school. However, there are other military-friendly schools as well as schools for troubled youth: boys and girls in Michigan. 

Here we have listed and explained all you need to know about all the military schools in Michigan to help you make a choice of which is the best for your child. 

Keep in mind the requirements and location of each school are different. For clarity, we have specified which school is a high school and which is a college.

#1. Great Lakes Maritime Academy

  • Founded: 1969
  • School Type: Public
  • Location: West Grand Traverse Bay, Traverse City, Michigan

Great Lakes Maritime Academy is the only recognized military school in Michigan. As the name suggests. Great Lakes Maritime Academy is a maritime academy and one of the six state-operated maritime academies in the United States.

What this means is that if you are interested in a career in waters then Great Lakes Maritime Academy is a good option to consider. 

Great Lakes Maritime Academy is a boarding school for both boys and girls, men and women. Both genders undergo training in the academy to become licensed mariners. Upon graduation, cadets from Great Lakes Maritime Academy are equipped to take on all kinds of ships including cruise ships, research vessels, and tankers.

Also, note that Great Lakes Maritime Academy offers cadets the opportunity to earn First Class Great Lakes Pilotage. Cadets can also earn a BSc degree as well as a federal license to sail on oceans and the Great Lakes. 

The good thing about applying to GLMA is the easy online application method as well as various financial aid opportunities that can ease the cost of tuition. 


#2. Benton Harbor High School JROTC

  • Founded: N/A
  • School Type: Public
  • Location: Benton Harbor, Michigan

Benton Harbor High School, as the name signifies, is a military high school for grades 9-12. The school is one of the public coed military boarding schools in Michigan.

Benton Harbor High School operates a comprehensive Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) for interested students. The Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) fashions students to become self-disciplined and imbibe leadership qualities regardless of their respective career interests.

As a rule of law at Benton Harbor High School, all cadets in the JROTC program must maintain good grade points, and physical fitness and engage in community service.


#3. Central Michigan University AROTC

  • Founded: 1892
  • School Type: Public
  • Location: Mount Pleasant, Michigan

Central Michigan University is one of the best military schools in the state. As a high-class prestigious public research university, Central Michigan University Army ROTC program has earned the school a big reputation. 

The Central Michigan University Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (AROTC) program focuses on preparing and developing America’s future leaders. The institution allows all cadets to participate in the program but no cadet is under no obligation to enlist for military service when they graduate. It’s a choice each cadet has to make.

Cadets who choose to commission into the US Army by completing the Army ROTC program get scholarships that cover two to four-year tuition, $600 for textbook money each semester, and a monthly stipend of $420.

As a university, the CMU Army ROTC program also allows students to pursue an academic degree as well as a unique leadership-focused program. The latter focuses on equipping cadets with the required values and skills necessary to become an efficient leaders.


#4. Michigan Youth Challenge Academy

  • Founded: 1999
  • School Type: Public
  • Location: Battle Creek, Michigan

Michigan Youth Challenge Academy is one of the military-friendly schools in Michigan for troubled youth: boys and girls. The academy was established by the US Department of Military and Veteran Affairs to train, educate and mentor troubled youth in a quasi-military environment. 

As a public and government-owned military school, no tuition is charged. The academy is free and every student is provided with everything from meals to dorms, and linens. 

Training at Michigan Youth Challenge Academy focuses on equipping young boys and girls with the necessary skills to become productive and responsible citizens. Academics are taken seriously and as such cadets are encouraged to take advantage of the various academic opportunities while learning life skills.


How much does military school cost in Michigan? 

Michigan Youth Challenge Academy requires no tuition or cost to attend as the US Department of Defense and the State of Michigan take care of all expenses. On the other hand, tuition at the Great Lakes Maritime Academy depends on the program. However, in 2021, maritime courses at Great Lakes Maritime Academy cost $445 per credit hour.

For other military-friendly schools in Michigan, tuition costs will depend on the level of education you’re enrolling for, the location of the Academy, and the duration of the program.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Military Colleges in Michigan 

How Old Can I Get Into Military Schools In Michigan?

The age requirement will differ from school to school. Every school has its specified age requirements in Michigan. To get a grasp of the school’s expectations age-wise, we advise you to visit the school’s website once you have made a choice. 

Is there a free military school in Michigan?

Yes, the Michigan Youth Challenge Academy offers a free program of the National Guard. Hence it is a free military school.

What are the best military schools in Michigan?

Some of the best military schools in Michigan include Michigan Military Academy and the Great Lakes Maritime Academy which is the only recognized military school in Michigan. 

What kind of education do military colleges in Michigan offer?

Military schools in Michigan do not just train cadets in physical exercises to become soldiers, rather they also offer a rigorous academic program that includes a traditional core curriculum of English, math, science, and social studies, as well as specialized courses in leadership, character development, and military history.

How do I apply to a military school in Michigan?

How do I apply to a military school in Michigan?
– Submit an application, transcripts, test scores, letters of recommendation, and a personal statement. 
– You may also be required to interview school officials.

What are the admission requirements for Michigan military schools?

Admission requirements for Michigan military schools vary but typically include a 

– minimum GPA
– standardized test scores
– physical fitness standards
– demonstrated interest in military leadership and character development.

What kind of extracurricular activities are available at military colleges in Michigan?

Military schools in Michigan offer a range of extracurricular activities, including 

– athletic programs
– leadership training
– community service opportunities, and social clubs.
– Some schools also offer JROTC or ROTC programs for students interested in pursuing a military career.


      I believe at this point we have answered all your questions about military schools for troubled youths in Michigan, both for boys and girls. 

      Keep in mind that each of the admission requirements is school specific therefore I would always advise that you visit the school website once you’ve made the choice of the institution you want your child to attend.

      Learn more about the schools, apply, or contact the admissions officer for more information that is not included here.


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