Top Military Schools in Utah 2024 | All You Need to Know 


Searching for the best military high schools and colleges in Utah can be a herculean task seeing that there are just a few of them in the state. 

As of 2022, there are just five military schools in Utah, with a larger number being colleges. Each of these colleges and academies has been duly accredited and is nationally and internationally recognized.  


Students in Utah military schools enjoy exploring the great outdoors and beautiful environments. Many students prefer to spend their winter break skiing or snowboarding. 

Picking a military academy in Utah does not have to be complicated. That’s why we have put together this guide on the best military academies in Utah, their admission requirements, tuition cost, and academic style.


Let’s dive in!!! 

How Many Military Schools are in Utah?

There are 5 military schools in Utah: 4 colleges and 1 high school.

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Top Best Military Schools in Utah 

Now we are about to review the best military schools and academies in Utah. With specificity, we have stated the school type and the requirements for each school. Without further ado, let’s review the best military colleges in Utah;

#1. The University of Utah AROTC

  • Grades: College
  • Number of Faculty: 2,500 
  • Number Of Students: 30,000 
  • School Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

One of the military schools emphasizing leadership and academic prowess is the University of Utah. The University of Utah has an Army and Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps unit.

Through its rigorous academic curriculum, cadets undergo training to become the best possible leaders within and outside the military. Besides military careers, there is a special program for cadets becoming nurses at the University of Utah military school.

To excel in the University of Utah ROTC program, cadets must give themselves to academic excellence and hard work. As a military school in Utah, cadets keep up with physical fitness, especially those who want to become second lieutenants in the Army upon graduation. 

Remember that the University of Utah has two ROTC programs: the Air Force ROTC and the Army ROTC. 


#2. Weber State University AROTC

  • Grades: College
  • Number of Faculty: 850 
  • Number of Students: 25,000 
  • School Location: Ogden, Utah

Weber State University is a college military school in Utah and one of the colleges highly regarded for its military program. Weber State University is home to the Wildcat Battalion, an Army Reserve Officer Training Corps unit. 

Like most military schools, Weber State University emphasizes leadership development and academic excellence. While taking military classes, cadets also take on traditional college courses, and they must excel in them excellently.

Keep in mind that all cadets are required to work hard to earn promotions throughout the school year. 


#3. Utah Valley State College AROTC

  • Grades: College
  • Number of Faculty: 2,000 
  • Number of Students: 30,000 
  • School Location: Orem, Utah

The popular Cougar Battalion is in Utah Valley State College. As the name signifies, Utah Valley State College is open to college students and remains one of the few best military schools in the state.

The Army Reserve Officer Training Corps unit in Utah Valley State College focuses on honing the military skills of all cadets in the Cougar Battalion during field training exercises. 

While the emphasis is placed on military training, Utah Valley State College also encourages cadets to achieve academic excellence in the traditional courses they are taking. In other words, cadets take both military science courses and traditional courses. 

Cadets are also required to participate in the Warrior Forge and get marksmanship training and engage in field exercises as well as leadership training.


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#4. Brigham Young University AROTC

  • Grades: College
  • Number Of Faculty: 1,200 
  • Number Of Students: 30,000 
  • School Location: Provo, Utah

Brigham Young University is one of the military schools in Utah. Like Utah Valley State College, Brigham Young University is home to the Cougar Battalion. 

Over the years, Brigham Young University Cougar Battalion has had a track record of producing outstanding second lieutenants for the U.S. Army. 

Just like most military colleges in Utah, Brigham Young University makes academics a priority despite the military presence. Besides the traditional college courses, cadets engage in military science classes to understand the military way of life. 

On record, Brigham Young University is faith-based. As such is one of the best schools with a blend of leadership, religion, academics, and military training.


#5. Utah Military Academy 

  • Grades: 9-12 
  • Number Of Faculty: N/A
  • Number Of Students: N/A
  • School Location: Riverdale and Lehi, Utah

If you’re wondering if there is a military high school in Utah, yes, there is, just one; Utah Military Academy. Utah Military Academy has multiple campuses across Utah with the same purpose of building tomorrow’s leaders today.

Utah Military Academy focuses not just on graduation but also on building careers. Cadets are in a structured environment and have the opportunity for robust academic and extra-curricular instruction that will develop their academics, character, and, ultimately, leadership. 

Utah Military Academy is a public charter school. Although a military school, it is not a reform program or a treatment school as such, not one of the schools for troubled youth. Emphasis is placed on appropriate behavior, leadership, responsibility, self-discipline, and community involvement. 

Cadets annually perform over 5000 service hours, including involvement in the UMA annual day of service every April in support of our local communities. UMA offers various opportunities, such as Liberal Arts and Music, STEM, Computer Technology, and Aviation Science. Since UMA opened, cadets have been awarded over 7.5 million scholarships, 13 Service Academy Appointments, 2 Ivy League acceptances, and 1 National Merit Scholar.

Utah Military Academy is the largest, nationally recognized AFJROTC program in the Western United States. 


Are There Military High Schools in Utah?

There is just one military high school in Utah open to 9-12 years and that is Utah Military Academy. If you need a handful of options when it comes to military high schools, there are other US states that have a handful of those. See the best military schools in Georgia, Indiana, Michigan etc

What is the Cost of Attending Military Schools in Utah? 

From school to school, the cost of military schools in Utah will vary due to the nature of the program and school requirements. Utah Military Academy requires tuition of $9,431 per student each year and that differs from other schools. 

To clarify the cost of tuition fees in Utah Military Schools, visit the school’s website once you’ve decided to enrol your child in any of the schools in the list above.

Also keep in mind that some schools may offer financial aid, scholarships and some payment plans.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Military Colleges in Utah  

What are the Admission Requirements for Military Schools in Utah?

Admission requirements for military high schools and colleges in Utah can vary depending on the specific school. Generally, students must meet age requirements, have a minimum GPA, pass a physical fitness test, and be of good character.

How Long is the Training Program at Military Colleges in Utah?

The length of the training program at military schools in Utah can also vary depending on the school and program. Some programs may be a few weeks or months, while others may last several years.

What Types of Military Academies are Available in Utah?

There are several types of military academies in Utah, including public military schools, private military schools, and military academies. Each school has its unique focus and approach to military training.

Do Military Colleges in Utah Offer Academic Programs in Addition to Military Training?

Many military schools in Utah offer academic programs in addition to military training. Schools such as Utah Valley State College and Brigham Young University encourage cadets to excel in traditional courses and military programs.

These programs can range from basic high school education to college-level courses and may be tailored to specific career paths such as engineering or aviation.

Are There Any Age Restrictions for Students Attending Military Schools in Utah?

Age restrictions for students attending military schools in Utah can vary depending on the specific school and program. Some schools may accept students as young as 12, while others may have a minimum age requirement of 16. Utah Military Academy accepts cadets as young as 9 years.

What Career Opportunities are Available to Graduates of Military Schools in Utah?

Graduates of military schools in Utah may have various career opportunities, including military careers, civilian government jobs, and private sector careers in management, engineering, and technology. The skills and discipline learned in military schools can be valuable in various career paths.


Although Utah has few military academies, its colleges and high schools are nationally and internationally recognized. For instance, the military program at UMA is the largest, nationally recognized AFJROTC program in the Western United States. 

While examining the schools we have listed above, choose the school whose program best suits your preference. Ensure to check out these schools’ websites for more details before applying.

We hope you find it a perfect pick for your child. If not, visit our website to explore other states in the USA and the available military schools. 


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