15 Best Welding Schools in Utah 2023 | How to Apply

Are you in search of the best welding schools in Utah? Search no more; we’ve got you covered.

This article fully reviews the best welding schools in Utah, including the requirements, cost & how to apply to these schools.

Utah is undoubtedly one of the USA’s most inventive states, not simply because it can make the most of what they have but also because they make significant investments in business and education. As such, you will unlikely not find high-quality welding schools in the state.

To become a professional welder, you must study the fundamentals of welding and joints and different types of joint classifications. Also, you’re expected to be well-versed in welding procedures and techniques.

Even though it may seem like a lot of work, a high-quality welding school can help you understand the fundamentals and provide practical experience. That’s where welding schools in Utah come in.

Welding schools in Utah provide you with the necessary welding knowledge both in the classroom and on the job. Here are some of the top welding schools in Utah if you live there and want the best.

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Are there Welding Schools in Utah?

Yes! There are welding schools in Utah where students can learn the art of welding from quality instructors and with quality tools. These schools have conducive learning spaces, and classes are flexible. Also, they’re located in different parts of the state, making welding education easily accessible to students.

How Long is Welding School in Utah?

On average, welding schools in Utah take about two years to complete. Typically, the duration of the program depends on the school. As such, your preferred welding school in Utah mightn’t take up to two years before completion. In some cases, it can exceed it.

12 Best Welding Schools in Utah

The top welding programs in Utah will be mentioned in this subsection. By visiting their websites, you can apply to these institutions.

#1. Bridgerland Technical College

Formerly known as Bridgerland Applied Technical College (BATC), this school ensures that students become professional welders in no time. Students learn about welding requirements, symbolism, and designs through a comprehensive curriculum. It’s located in Logan, UT.

Also, they receive training in eleven distinct welding/cutting procedures. By passing certification exams organized by the American Welding Society, students can become competent welders upon graduation.

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#2. Dixie Technical College

Utah’s St. George is home to Dixie Technical College (also known as Dixie Tech), a public technical school. The welding curriculum uses cutting-edge welding equipment to focus on practical training. Primary welding techniques are taught to students, and they are all taught per the standards of the American Welding Society. These techniques are used in almost 100% of welding careers in the industry.

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#3. Davis Applied Technical College

Davis Technical College (Davis Tech) is located in Kaysville, Utah. Students get competency-based education in an open entry and exit atmosphere, preparing them with professional and technical skills.

Also, students can generally begin or finish at any point during the school year and move forward at their own pace. Students in the Welding Technology program will receive practical education in welding and cutting on a range of ferrous metals.

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#4. Mountainland Applied Technical College

In addition to Orem and Spanish Fork campuses, Mountainland Technical Institution (MTECH) is a public technical college in Lehi, Utah. Students will learn more than 100 distinct welding techniques that a welder can employ to produce the best possible weld, depending on the joined metals and the welding environment. Here, instructors are experienced and ready to help students with any difficulties.

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#5. Ogden-Weber Applied Technical College

Ogden-Weber Technical College is located in Ogden, Utah. It is also known as OTECH, Ogden-Weber Tech, or OWTC. The college provides competency-based instruction geared toward developing technical skills. At the school, students receive entry-level employment skills from the Welder Production training program, enabling them to work as welders in various settings. 

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#6. Southwest Applied Technical College

This school is a public technical college located in Cedar City, UT. The school’s welding program provides students with professional skills, preparing them to take up welding tasks later. Also, state-of-the-art materials are available to facilitate learning. Also, students get to earn AWS certification at the school.

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#7. Salt Lake Community College

Students learn to interpret blueprints competently, pass certification exams, and follow documented industry norms. The Salt Lake-based school accepts all kinds of students – new and experienced welders. Furthermore, the school has modern equipment handled by certified instructors who, in turn, provide students with the necessary knowledge, skill, and experience.

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#8. Tooele Technical College

Located in Tooele, UT, this school introduces students to various welding aspects. Examples include Gas Metal Arc Welding, Shielded Metal Arc Welding, and Oxy-fuel and Plasma Cutting. Also, students develop soft skills, including effective communication, problem-solving, and time management.

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#9. Uintah Basin Applied Technical College

Uintah Basin Applied Technical College serves Daggett, Duchesne, and Uintah counties. The school accepts adults and teens interested in learning the art of welding. At the school, three welding certifications are up for grabs, the most popular being the AWS.

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#10. Canyons Technical Education Center

If you’re a Salt Lake County resident and want to become a welder, this school is a great choice. The school’s welding course focuses on a thorough analysis of fundamental welding techniques and business procedures. Hence, graduates are qualified for entry-level jobs in the general fabrication and steel construction industries.

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#11. Utah State University

Utah State University is a public research institution with a land-grant mission. It’s accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities and is located in Logan, UT. By enrolling in the welding program at the school, students stand to earn degrees in Associate of Applied Science in Welding Technology.

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#12. Snow College

Snow College is located in Ephraim, UT. It’s a public community college where students are exposed to various welding methods. From welding symbols and gas welding to blueprint reading and cutting techniques, instructors are available to train students. Furthermore, the school has stellar equipment to ease learning processes.

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How Much are Welders Paid in Utah?

There is a continuing need for qualified personnel because welding is employed in most industries. Another benefit of choosing this profession is its on-demand position and pay. Welders in Utah receive an average yearly salary of $37,455, but the highest-paid earn is around $43,030.

How to Become a Licensed Welder in Utah

To become a licensed welder in Utah, you should:

  • Be willing to research the position. Spend time reading and watching videos about welding. Keep in mind that you won’t study everything there is to know about welding within the confines of your institution; instead, you must train independently by making full use of the internet.
  • Connect with other industry professionals. Connect with a network of other welders to exchange ideas.
  • Be tenacious. Because it involves a lot of effort, determination helps you attain your intended goals. You should also have a good eye and be artistic.
  • Obtain welding certification by enrolling in any of the institutions mentioned above.
  • Every six months, you must renew your certification by filing some documentation.
  • By continuing your training, you can improve your abilities and knowledge. This keeps your certification current and makes you employable for lucrative positions.


Is Welding School Hard?

Since welding involves hands-on activities that require more than reading, it can be challenging. Also, it takes time to be an expert welder, and sometimes, it takes years to be well-experienced.

What Is the Most Difficult Type of Welding?

The most challenging type of welding is Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW/TIG). This is because it is very slow to complete. As a result, it mightn’t be easy for beginners to master.

What Are the Types of Welding Courses Available?

The four primary forms of welding are Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW/MIG), Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW/TIG), Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW), and Flux Cored Arc Welding (FCAW). Enrolling in a welding school in Utah will expose you to these aspects and cutting techniques.


As said earlier, you need to be determined to succeed as a welder. Welding might not be for you if you’re someone who gets easily disheartened after running into a tricky obstacle. Give it your all and see solutions in challenging situations. This way, you’ll not only be certified, but you’ll also develop skills needed for a lifetime.


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