Best Physician Assistant Schools in Indiana 2024


Do you know that many medical processes will not occur without physician assistants?

Well, now you do! Physician assistants are critical medical personnel tasked with ensuring patients’ health and, at most, saving lives. Coupled with the efforts of doctors, nurses, and surgeons, PAs perform simple and challenging medical tasks.


If you’re a resident of Indiana or its environs and want to pursue your PA career in the state, this guide is for you. Physician assistant schools in Indiana are well-equipped, and the teachers utilize detailed learning techniques to make you the best PA. As such, Indiana isn’t a bad idea.

To this end, we’ll take you through some of Indiana’s best physician assistant schools. Also, we’ll be treating you to sub-topics and questions related to this topic.


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Are There Physician Assistant Schools in Indiana?

With PAs being among the most sought-after medical personnel, it’s unsurprising that Indiana has schools that groom students for the PA career. Students become professional physician assistants through state-of-the-art equipment and excellent teaching styles in no time.

How Do I Get into A Physician Assistant School in Indiana?

The process is simple – but not as ABC! 


You need to attend a good college for your undergraduate degree. It can be in any science or health-related course like biology, physics, chemistry, physiology, anatomy, etc. During this time, you should take good care of your grades as you will submit your final GPA to your preferred PA school in Indiana.

Also, experience is essential. Whether it’s at a big hospital or a local clinic, try to gather clinical expertise. Most PA schools accept students with proof of clinical experience.

Your application will be more convincing if you have evidence of shadowing experience. This way, the school will be assured that you’re interested in the program.

Don’t forget to prepare your GRE score and reference letters – you’ll need those too!

How Long Are Physician Assistant Schools in Indiana?

Although not all PA schools in Indiana have the same program duration, it takes about three years to complete a PA program in the state. Within this duration, students are equipped with every possible skill and knowledge required to excel in their PA careers.

Best Physician Assistant Schools in Indiana

Knowing that Indiana has excellent choices for students seeking to attend the best PA schools, let’s go through our list of the best Personal assistant schools in the state. They include:

#1. Butler University

The PA at Butler University is one of the oldest in Indiana. The program takes about two years to complete, after which students can take the state’s PANCE and obtain their licenses. Through the program, students are trained in various specialties, enabling them to fit into different medical roles as they proceed in their careers. Butler University is located in Indianapolis, IN.

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#2. Indiana State University

In Terre Haute, Indiana State University offers physician assistant programs to produce compassionate and competent PAs. The school’s programs are student-oriented and handled by qualified teachers. Due to its teaching style, the school boasts a graduation rate of over 95%.

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#3. University of Saint Francis

Within 27 months of intensive classroom teaching and lab sessions, students at the University of Saint Francis are groomed to be professional physician assistants. The school’s located in Fort Wayne, where students get a deeper insight into the PA career. Also, they’ll gain first-hand training and relatable clinical experiences necessary for their PANCE exam and beyond. 

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#4. Franklin College

Ranked among the best Indiana-based physician assistant schools, Franklin College does a great job training to-be PAs. The school’s PA program is divided into two parts – maybe three. The initial part is the first year in which you’ll do every possible classroom work. During this time, you’ll be taught theoretical aspects of specialties like anatomy, patient diagnosis, and psychology. 

The second part is the second year, during which you’ll be involved in clinical sessions across various fields. This way, students can thrive in the ever-changing medical world. The last part is the concluding month, where you’ll handle a supervised project. Franklin College is located in Franklin, IN.

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#5. University of Evansville

If you require a PA school in Indiana with functional facilities, the University of Evansville is never the wrong choice. The school environment’s accommodating and conducive to learning, coupled with its excellent teachers. Due to its excellent academic quality, the Evansville-based school boasts a 100% PANCE pass rate.

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#6. Trine University

Trine University is located in Fort Wayne. You’ll learn what it takes to be a professional, compassionate, competent PA at the school. The program not only equips students in substance use, human behavior, infections, anatomy, emergency medicine, and surgery but also helps develop soft skills. These soft skills include time management, effective communication, interpersonal relationship, etc.

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#7. Valparaiso University

Here, teachers are committed to training students across various clinical specialties. Through the program, you’ll become a PA with exceptional reasoning, leadership, and relationship skills. The Valparaiso-based school has modern-day equipment to enhance easy assimilation by students, thus, improving their clinical skills. You’ll also be well prepared to take your PANCE exam, which will help certify you as a professional physician assistant.

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#8. Indiana University School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

Popularly known as Indiana University – Purdue University, Indianapolis (IUPUI), this school is for passionate students who seek to make huge differences in the healthcare sector. It’s located in Indianapolis and offers a quality PA program. Facilities in the school include patient evaluation rooms, conducive classrooms, a medical library, and a cadaver lab. Through comprehensive training sessions, students become competent physician assistants. Consequently, they become indispensable members of exceptional medical teams.

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What Are the Easiest PA Schools to Get into in Indiana?

While our list shows the 10 best PA schools in Indiana, you should note that not all are easy to enter. Some are very strict in selecting students and you mightn’t be a fan of that. If that’s your case, check out the most accessible Indiana-based PA schools below:

  • Franklin College

What Are the Cheapest PA Schools in Indiana?

It’s one thing to want a good PA school in Indiana; it’s another to afford it. Usually, the best schools are the most expensive. But a costly school mightn’t be the way forward for you. In other words, you should go for the one you can afford because PA schools in Indiana offer quality training. As such, you won’t be missing anything. Here’s the cheapest PA school in Indiana:

  • Indiana State University

Can Physician Assistants Practice Independently in Indiana?

Every physician assistant in Indiana can work anywhere due to their training in various specialties. However, they’re to work with a supervising physician responsible for their conduct. If, as a PA, you’re caught operating independently, your license can be seized or revoked – and you don’t want that!

How Much Does A Physician Assistant Make in Indiana?

Several factors can determine how much you’ll make as a PA in Indiana. These range from your location, specialty, and employer to your experience level. An Indiana-based physician assistant earns an annual salary of about $99,646.

PA Schools in Indiana That Don’t Require GRE

Many approved PA schools include students’ GRE scores as part of their credentials before entering the program. However, this doesn’t go down well with all students. If you don’t have enough time to study or have a job or anything worthy that won’t allow you to hit a high GRE score, this list is for you. Here are the PA schools in Indiana that you can apply to without a GRE score:

  • Franklin College
  • Valparaiso University

Are There PA Masters Programs in Indiana?

Of course, yes! Most physician assistant schools offer Master’s degree programs. The difference is the duration within which the programs are completed. PA Master’s programs in Indiana include:

  • Franklin College
  • Butler University
  • Indiana State University
  • Indiana University School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
  • University of Saint Francis – Indiana

Are There Online PA Courses in Indiana for International Students?

Currently, there are no online PA programs that can benefit international students. Instead, all courses are handled within the schools’ campuses.

How To Become A Physician Assistant in Indiana

To become a physician assistant in Indiana, you must earn an undergraduate degree in any science or health-related course. Your GPA must be high or just enough to process your admission into a PA school in the state. Most PA schools in Indiana accept a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Then, you attend a physician assistant school. The most common duration is three years, although some might be lesser or more. During your stay at the school, you must develop clinical skills or build on clinical experiences. Also, you’re expected to work with your soft skills like decision-making, effective communication, time management, etc.

To complete your career at the PA school in Indiana, you must take the required PANCE exam – which you must pass. After passing it, you can apply for licensure.

Physician Assistant Certification Council of Indiana

The Indiana Professional Licensing Agency handles activities regarding licensing of professionals in various fields in the state. Should you need to be licensed as a PA, you can check in at the agency, get the requirements ready, and good luck!


Is the PA Program Hard?

The simple answer is yes. Just like any medical program, physician assistant programs are challenging. But with sound teachers, hands-on training, and personal commitment, it’ll be an almost smooth ride.

What Is A Physician Assistant School?

It’s an academic setting for aspiring PAs to acquire the necessary training and experience. It’s the same as law schools for students who want to become lawyers.

Which State Has the Most PA Programs?

With about 28 approved PA programs, New York tops the list of states with the most. Other states with many PA programs are Pennsylvania, Florida, and California.


In your PA career pursuit, it’s expected that you equip yourself with the best knowledge, skill, and experience. As such, you should attend an accredited PA school. This way, your certification will be valid in your state and outside.

In this regard, we’ve compiled the best PA schools in Indiana and related sub-topics. We hope you find the best choice for you and your budget. Best regards!


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