10 Best Boarding Schools in Alaska 2024 | How to Apply

Living at school may not appeal to children, and they may dismiss boarding school. Boarding schools aren’t the issue, though; the quality is. Variety appeals to students, yet many boarding institutions don’t provide it. 

Even though most students don’t want it, they wouldn’t object to living comfortably while away from home. Alaskan boarding schools serve those requirements.

Alaskan boarding schools are among the best in the nation. Alaska has long been at the forefront of leveraging computers and online learning to increase educational opportunities. The boarding schools in Alaska are especially well-known for their outstanding academic standards and extracurricular offerings.

This article will give you details on the top boarding schools in Alaska. What your child is likely to receive and other details you might find helpful.

Does Alaska Have Boarding Schools?

In Alaska, there are various boarding schools. Since Alaska has maintained a strong track record in education, this shouldn’t surprise me. These independent schools are committed to giving pupils the highest academic preparation. 

Also, it ensures that parents are raising their children in a nearly ideal environment. Students can participate in a wide range of wonderful activities, including athletics.

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What History do Alaskan Boarding Schools Have?

To absorb native Alaskans into Euro-American culture, American settlers established ancient boarding schools. Christian missionaries launched the first American boarding school in 1878 in Sitka, Alaska. However, boarding schools spread throughout the state in the years that followed. 

Christian missionaries were running these boarding schools before the federal government took control. Some Alaskan Natives were transferred during this time to Indian Residential Schools outside of Alaska. These included schools such as Carlisle Indian Industrial School situated in Pennsylvania. 

Most of Alaska’s boarding schools had closed by the late 20th century. To fully immerse youngsters in Euro-American culture, most of these programs took them away from their families and communities. Students were taught about Western civilization; we could not communicate in their language and were attired in Euro-American fashion. 

Indigenous communities continue to criticize both the current initiatives that strengthen Euro-American pedagogy.

Also, they downplay the legitimacy of indigenous educational institutions and pedagogy and these historical, educational practices. These days, many tribal nations insist on having community-based educational institutions, including tribal colleges and universities.

What are Alaska’s Best Boarding Schools?

A few boarding schools in Alaska give students the knowledge and abilities they need for advanced study.

It’s interesting to note that these schools respect each student’s interests in addition to grooming them. The top boarding schools in Alaska are listed below:

1. Pacific Northern Academy

The school aims to develop extraordinary learners and self-reliant thinkers who possess vision, courage, and integrity. This boarding school’s culture is infused with and informed by critical thinking. They help students take an active role in their education, consistently push themselves, and engage in courteous and transparent communication.

In managing admissions or programs, the school does not engage in any form of discrimination. Be it gender-based, race, color, religion, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, or any other factor.

Students, instructors, and parents collaborate to foster a learning community committed to education from preschool through eighth grade.

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2. Galena Interior Learning Academy

This is Alaska’s largest and oldest residential, vocational school and has been in operation for many years. This is the school of choice for Alaskan high school students looking for an educational opportunity to prepare for college. Their objective is to encourage engaging, enthusiastic, and active teaching that motivates daily learning for every student.

It gives every high school student in Alaska a chance to acquire credentials accepted by businesses. Relevant fields like drone aviation, applied mechanics, building trades, health science, media, and information technology are where teachers are hired.

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3. Mt Edgecumbe High School

Joining Mt. Edgecumbe High School is choosing to become a lifelong family member. Teachers and hostel staff develop close relationships with pupils and help them thrive. The boarding school offers a wide range of novel experiences that challenge students within and beyond the classroom. 

Students come from all across the state, and their faculty appreciates the varied familial and cultural backgrounds. A student who wants to be challenged and learn from others might consider this boarding school. Students at this school join an extended family network of parents and former students throughout the state. 

Many former boarding school students say their time there changed their lives.

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4. Grace Christian School

This boarding school aims to approach education so that the truth of God is revealed. Students are equipped for lives of service and communion with their Creator. The school’s mission is to provide a Christ-centered spiritual and academic foundation in collaboration with the home and the church. 

The school provides a nurturing environment to produce citizens who will transform their society.

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5. Anchor Lutheran School

This boarding school partners with families to create an inclusive environment where kids can thrive intellectually, spiritually, socially, and emotionally. It also provides a Christ-centered community concerned with the complete child’s development. The school wants all students to have successful communication skills, advanced thinking, a strong knowledge base, and positive behaviors. 

Positivity in the community, good values, and behaviors are shown in the Christ-centered school environment. Self-assurance, spirituality, courteousness, empathy, and courage are all values that this boarding school teaches.

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6. Amazing Grace Academy

This school is aware of your desire for your child to attend a PK–12 school where they will feel cherished. This school isn’t overburdened with administrative red tape, has smaller class sizes, and has safe peer groups.

The good news is that this area of Alaska has an excellent schooling option: Amazing Grace Academy. This boarding school considers every student in their community by allowing them to feel safe at school. Students also can comprehend Truth and develop a relationship with Jesus daily.

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7. Holy Rosary Academy

It is regarded as the top Catholic high school in the nation and the greatest private high school in Alaska. The school emphasizes classical education, with the core academic abilities of reading and writing. It also includes mathematics as well as philosophical ideas, and the classical languages of Latin and Greek.

The students at this school live the truth daily rather than merely studying it. Together, they go to Mass, pray the rosary, and go through the Stations of the Cross. They go on hikes, sing around bonfires, skate on ice, paint, play soccer, act, and volunteer in the school’s community. 

The excitement and genuine joy of the students are contagious.

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8. Eagle River Christian School

This boarding school is a dynamic and powerful school that teaches students about Jesus and how to demonstrate his love. This inspires the school to excel academically and showcase its community’s best qualities. The school’s team is committed to helping and guiding, working hard to ensure your kids’ success.

The school invites you to book a visit so that you may see for yourself what makes them unique. Your child will be respected, cared for, taught, stretched, and held to account for their moral compass in Christ.

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9. Our Lady of the Valley Catholic School

This boarding school is situated on the lovely island of Kodiak, about 250 miles south of Anchorage, Alaska. This boarding school was founded to aid the Christian home and church throughout a child’s formative years.

Preschool through eighth-grade institutions adopt a holistic approach to education. It strongly emphasizes academic prowess, the joy of learning, and unwavering devotion to God. This boarding school aspires to be parent-responsive in its decisions and advancement.

A Board of Directors governs it made up of parents and Christians from the neighborhood.

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10. St. Elizabeth Ann Seton School

This Catholic elementary school serves PK1 through 7th-grade kids with a strong religious foundation and academic dedication. The mission of this school is to serve God through prayer, reception of the sacraments, and acceptance of one another. As a parish ministry, this school abides by this mission statement and makes the same commitment.

This boarding school works to help its students grow in a compassionate and caring environment. They give their students a rigorous academic program. They also allow them to participate in various sports, clubs, and extracurricular activities. 

It will help them develop into well-rounded young adults. The slogan at St. Elizabeth is “Our eyes are fixed on the Lord,” and they live by it daily.

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Alaska Military Boarding Schools

Most of Alaska’s military schools are renowned for having high academic standards. These are not the best venues for children who are having academic difficulties. Instead, the objective is to get your child ready for the entrance standards of the best universities in the nation.

  • Alaska Military Youth Academy
  • Sundance Canyon Academy 

Alaska Therapeutic Boarding Schools

You could require assistance as a parent with your child’s psychological well-being. As a result, the ideal option for disturbed children is a therapeutic boarding school. Certain boarding schools in Anchorage, Alaska, provide just that.

The top therapeutic boarding schools in Alaska are listed below:

  • Evangelhouse Christian Academy
  • WinGate Wilderness Therapy 

How Much Does Boarding School Tuition Cost in Alaska?

In Alaska, the average annual boarding school tuition is $6,926.

The average annual tuition for private elementary schools is $7,003 and for private high schools is $5,999.

The private school in Bristol Bay with the lowest tuition is the Christian Learning Center; it costs $2,295. Pacific Northern Academy charges students a tuition of $18,468.8, making it the most expensive private school in Alaska.

Which Boarding Schools in Alaska are Affordable for International Students?

Several boarding schools in Alaska have been identified for their affordable tuition fees. We have spent time researching and listing them so you can review your budget and plan. 

Some of these boarding schools are listed below.

  • Bristol Bay Christian Learning Center
  • Far North Christian School
  • St. Mary’s School
  • Holy Name Catholic School
  • North Pole Christian School

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Which All-girls Boarding Schools are there in Alaska?

These boarding schools in Alaska include those that are exclusively for girls. Only girls are admitted to these boarding schools. Here are several Alaskan boarding schools for girls if you’re looking for one for your child:

  • Turning Winds 
  • Clearview Girls Academy

Which All-boys Boarding Schools are there in Alaska?

Some boarding schools in Alaska accept male students. Here are some Alaska boarding schools that only accept boys, in case you’re looking for one:

  • Safe Habor
  • Master’s Ranch


The goal of boarding schools is to help students accept themselves as they are, without judgment but with direction.

Alaska’s boarding schools are close by and have everything needed for kids’ overall growth, including academic and extracurricular resources.

Giving to charity improves the world. Innovative groups have and will continue to treat many diseases, but they require funding. By mid-career, 60% of graduates from boarding schools donate to social service organizations compared to 48% from day schools. 

Alaskan boarding schools broaden your child’s outlook and help them realize that everyone must contribute to improving the world.

In addition to helping you become a well-organized person today, boarding prepares your child to contribute to society. Interactions with tutors and friends will mold your child into a person who has the potential to alter things. 

If you’re prepared to make the change for your child, try one of these best Alaskan boarding schools.

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Why would you take your child to an Alaskan boarding school?

Students who live together are more likely to bond, which helps them improve their social abilities. In boarding schools, kids engage with others, encouraging them to step outside their familiar surroundings. The child gains confidence. As a result, making it easier for them to handle real problems.

Is it possible for a 10-year-old to attend a boarding school in Alaska?

Yes. Children as young as 10 are accepted into junior boarding schools. 

Does housing exist at boarding schools?

Yes. Modern boarding schools frequently have hostels with bedrooms, study spaces, dining rooms, and kitchens. Religious boarding schools may have a chapel for each residence.

How long is a term in an Alaskan boarding school?

Up until 18, children may attend boarding school for a year, twelve years, or longer.

In boarding schools, where do the teachers sleep?

Most boarding school staff reside on the grounds. Your child will live in the same building as one or more teachers. They can consequently get to know their teachers and the other way around.



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