Best Boarding Schools In Oregon | 2022

The only times when students love living away from home are on vacation and camping. Thus, the thought of living at “school” mightn’t be so desirable for them and they might try different methods to avoid boarding school. 

Well, boarding school isn’t the problem. The problem is the quality. Students love varieties and many boarding schools don’t offer that. While that isn’t what most students want, they still wouldn’t resist living at home, away from home. That’s where boarding schools in Oregon come in!

Oregon isn’t just a place full of pools, voodoo doughnuts, and lighthouses, it’s also a place for excellent academic experience. That’s why the boarding schools in Oregon are known for their superb academic quality as well as other extracurricular activities.

In this article, we’ll be providing you with information about the best boarding schools in Oregon, what you or your kid stands to get, and some additional information that you might need to know.

Are There Boarding Schools in Oregon?

There are several boarding schools in Oregon. Well, this isn’t a shocker as Oregon has maintained a good record in education.

These schools, located in separate locations, are keen on providing students with the best academic training possible, coupled with near-perfect upbringing on behalf of parents.

Students also stand the chance to engage in varieties of mind-blowing activities; sports inclusive. 

It’s noteworthy that these schools are accredited by constituted authorities like the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC), The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS), Western Boarding Schools Association (WBSA), and Northwest Association of Independent Schools (NWAIS), to name a few.

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What are the Best Boarding Schools in Oregon?

Oregon has quite a several boarding schools that prepare students with the necessary skills and knowledge for advanced learning.

Interestingly, these schools don’t only groom students, but also respect each student’s interests. 

Here are the best boarding schools in Oregon:

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#1. Delphian School

At the Delphian School, you get to enjoy the serenity of a mixed student community, excellent classroom structures, and friendly tutors. Here, students are exposed to the theoretical and practical aspects of what they learn.

The school is NWAC-, NWAIS-, TABS-, and WBSA-accredited and it runs a program – the Delphi Program.

This program is designed to encourage students to balance their knowledge with their future careers. Thus, the personal interests of students are highly catered for.

You can be sure to learn organizing, ethical, and leadership skills, as well as oral and written communication techniques. 

  • Location: Sheridan, OR
  • Application Fee: $100
  • Acceptance Rate: 53%

Tuition & Fees: $45,178 and $65,522 (upper class day and boarding)

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#2. Wy’East Mountain Academy

This school is best for academic-oriented sport-loving students. Here, you’re sure to develop talents in sports, especially the outdoors. 

Students are admitted after being thoroughly screened based on their academic performances, abilities, unique traits, and potential.

Available outdoor sports include skateboarding, mountain biking, and snowboarding. Sounds like fun, right?

The school also accepts payments through cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin.

  • Location: Sandy, OR
  • Acceptance Rate: 95%
  • Tuition & Fees: $52,500

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Christian Boarding Schools in Oregon

#3. Canyonville Academy

While this is the only Christian boarding school on our list, the quality of this school’s academic training coupled with the way they build students’ potential is top-notch. 

The local community students enjoy day classes while boarding options are open to students in grades 9 to 12. In addition to both provisions, the school allocates time for prep.

International students are also welcome as English as a Second Language (ESL) is included in the curriculum, to improve the proficiency of non-native speakers.

Location: Canyonville, OR

  • Application Fee: $50
  • Acceptance Rate: 90%
  • Tuition & Fees: $48,900.

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#4. Oregon Episcopal School (OES)

If you’re looking for a boarding school in Oregon with a practical learning environment, this school is it for you. The school’s system supports students in discovering themselves while they exchange ideas with their peers.

Also, OES students are known for their successes in science and engineering competitions. Thus, be rest assured that you’ll be learning and your knowledge will be tested. OES is TABS-, NWAIS-, and NWAC-accredited.

  • Location: Portland, OR
  • Application Fee: $75 for locals, $100 for international students.
  • Acceptance Rate: 36%
  • Tuition & Fees: $39,900 (day), $71,200 (boarding)

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Military Boarding Schools in Oregon

#5. Willamette Leadership Academy (WLA)

If you’re interested in a boarding school with a flair for academics and military vibes, this school is for you. 

They groom students to become organized, accountable, and consistent individuals. 

The teachers are qualified and the Department of Education, Oregon, and the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges (NWASC) accredits the school. Not only that, the U.S. Armed Forces recognize WLA.

  • Location: Eugene, OR
  • Acceptance Rate: 23%

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Indian Boarding Schools in Oregon

#6. Chemawa Indian School

You should note that this is the oldest boarding school in America; thus, you can’t underrate the quality that this school offers. It’s coeducational and students get to learn about both Native American and Indian cultures. Sports are also part of the school’s activities.

  • Location: Salem, OR

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Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Oregon

As a parent, you might need helping hands regarding your kid’s psychological welfare. As a result, a therapeutic boarding school or an alternative school for troubled youths is best and that’s exactly what some boarding schools in Oregon offer.

Here are the best therapeutic boarding schools in Oregon:

#7. Academy At Sisters

At this school, they take extra care to develop positive emotional and behavioral patterns in troubled adolescents. It’s an all-girls school where each girl gets to meet like-minded girls who’re seeking to improve their ways of life.

The Academy responds to young women’s issues like anxiety, loneliness, depression, and isolation while nurturing them for academic excellence. 

The academy is small, with a student population of 28 students and about 20 school staff. This way, they shower each girl with attention.

  • Location: Bend, OR
  • Tuition & Fees: $10,875 (monthly tuition)

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#8. New Leaf Academy

While the name speaks the message, the academy doesn’t attend to students in a way that’ll make them feel punished. Instead, they cater to the academic, social, and emotional needs of their students.

Being a private all-girls school, they walk young women through their developmental stages while assisting them in maximizing their potential.

  • Location: Bend, OR
  • Acceptance Rate: 70%
  • Tuition & Fees: $114,000

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How Much Is the Tuition of Boarding Schools in Oregon?

You should note that boarding schools in Oregon are well-furnished and that might be the reason for some high prices. 

They split the money across expenses ranging from individual, group, and family therapies, to recreation and community services. The average yearly tuition is about $45,000.

Frequently Asked Questions About Boarding Schools in Oregon

What Is the Perfect Age to entering Boarding School?

There are no specific age requirements to enter boarding schools, but there are provisions for age ranges. Junior boarding schools are for under-13 students. However, they aren’t common. The common ones are those for students above 13 years of age.

Are Boarding Schools Free?

Of course not! They aren’t free but you can get a scholarship. Through a scholarship, you won’t be the one paying the bills. Technically, it’s still not free.

How many boarding schools are Oregon?

There are over 20 boarding schools in Oregon.


The essence of boarding school is to make students see themselves for who they are without restrictions, but with guidance. 

Boarding schools in Oregon are not far from this call and are well-equipped with materials for students’ all-around development – academics and extras.


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