Best Culinary Schools in Germany | 2024 Ranking

Culinary schools in Germany may allow you to further your knowledge and technique as a professional cuisine while also cultivating your inner artist.

Also, cooking schools in Germany provide their students with the culinary training they need to pursue a profession in cooking.

In this article, we will talk about the culinary schools in Germany and some of the reasons you would like to attend these culinary schools.

In culinary school, students can partake in stimulating investigations of art, culture, and gastronomy.

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Are there Culinary Schools in Germany?

Yes, there are culinary schools in Germany. Germany is known for its rich culinary traditions and high-quality culinary education. Several renowned culinary schools and institutions throughout the country offer comprehensive programs in culinary arts, pastry arts, hospitality management, and more.

These schools allow students to learn from skilled chefs, gain practical experience, and develop the necessary skills for a successful career in the culinary industry.

These include:

  • Institute of Culinary Arts 
  • Taste Academy 
  • Edelweiss Cooking School
  • Grill Academy
  • Lemperhaus 
  • Cologne Taste Academy 
  • BP Culinary Institute
  • Miomente GmbH München
  • Kochschule Berlin

Are there Culinary Schools in Germany for International Students?

Yes, there are culinary colleges in Germany that accept international students. Germany offers a range of culinary programs and courses tailored for international students who are passionate about culinary arts and gastronomy.

These schools provide excellent opportunities to learn from experienced chefs and gain hands-on experience in a diverse culinary environment.

What are the Best Culinary Colleges in Germany?

We have shortlisted the best culinary schools in Germany below; these schools were shortlisted based on their rankings.

These include

  • Institute of Culinary Arts 
  • Taste Academy 
  • Edelweiss Cooking School
  • Grill Academy
  • Lemperhaus 
  • Cologne Taste Academy 
  • BP Culinary Institute

1) Institute of Culinary Arts

The ICA Global Apprenticeship has a program geared towards expanding the professional qualifications of young professionals. 

It is one of the culinary schools in Germany that allows hiring the most qualified, carefully screened, and highly driven young individuals from around the world to fill its roles in the food service business.

The ICA Academy and the GBZ provide a joint course (Gastronomic Education Center Koblenz).

During your program, you get to understand your job better and give your career impetus.

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2) Taste Academy Cologne

This is one of the cooking schools in Germany that is located in the popular Ehrenfeld/Beckendorf neighborhood in the center of Cologne.

Their conveniently placed rooms feature an industrial yet welcoming appearance, and the contemporary furnishings and the newest AEG appliances pique interest in group cooking.

In addition to partner programs, they provide cooking classes and food shows customized to your needs.

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3) BP cooking school Cooking Stuttgart

BP cooking school Cooking Stuttgart also ranks among the best culinary colleges in Germany with a team of fully qualified individuals with years of high gourmet experience.

DeHoGa and the Stuttgart Chamber of Industry and Commerce have also authorized them as a training organization, making them the only independent cooking school in Stuttgart.

However, not only cooking courses from their portfolio are available.

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4) Edelweiss Cooking School

Edelweiss Cooking School is one of the German culinary schools that allows you to prepare meals on your own under the watchful supervision of skilled chefs.

You can be sure that this culinary school will provide a very laid-back and enjoyable environment to gain a plethora of culinary expertise and knowledge.

They have a maximum class size of 10 students, and the instruction is in English.

This is one of the few cooking schools in Germany that gives room for private classes.

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5) Grill Academy Chechorke

Cooking is a sensual experience that starts with the careful selection and preparation of the ingredients, which is why we have been inspiring you with our courses and events for more than 14 years.

This is one of the top culinary schools in Germany that creates something new with every move.

Genuine hospitality is evident in the happiness of shared pleasure.

Since it is common knowledge that the best parties take place in the kitchen, The Kochschule & Grillakademie Tschetschorke is not just a culinary school but also an event venue and party site for your cooking event, team event, customer event, or family event.

It is ranked among the best culinary schools in Germany.

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6) Lemperhaus

The Kuh (Cool) district, in the heart of Münster’s stunning old town, is where our cooking school and events are held.

The listed building is about 300 years old and has a so-called nave. 

You can experience your unique event with your friends, coworkers, or family in a setting with an updated kitchen and vintage charm, which is why it’s one of the top culinary schools in Germany.

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7) Cologne Taste Academy

This is one of the top culinary colleges in Germany, and it’s located in the well-known Ehrenfeld / Beckendorf district right in the heart of Cologne.

Their conveniently located rooms, which have an industrial yet aesthetically pleasing design, are equipped with the newest AEG appliances, whetting the appetite for cooking together.

They are at the very top of culinary schools in Germany with customized cooking lessons, food demos, as well as partner activities.

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8) BP Culinary Institute Stuttgart cuisine

BP Cooking Stuttgart, one of the best culinary institutes in Germany, comprises full-time experts with extensive knowledge of high cuisine.

Additionally, they hold DeHoGa and the Stuttgart Chamber of Industry and Commerce certifications as training organizations, making them the only independent cooking school in Stuttgart.

However, this offer goes beyond just cooking classes.

Catering, workplace events, and incentive events are all available.

Activities involving food in the workplace foster camaraderie, are pleasurable, and benefit everyone who takes part.

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9) Kochschule Hamburg

The best place to find the most vibrant selection of courses for both beginners and professionals is the Kochschule Hamburg. 

Hobby chefs have had more than ten years to master the preparation of their favorite dishes and find fresh culinary ideas. 

Whether it’s upscale steaks, delectable steakhouse fare, or low-carb meals, Hamburg’s oldest cooking school has the proper class and a wealth of helpful advice. 

Couples courses, blind date events, and appointments solely for males round out the selection. They range from 65 to 120 euros per person.

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10) Kurkuma

Plant pioneers can be seen here operating the stove: 2015 opened Kurkuma, Germany’s first entirely vegan cooking school. 

The extensive selection of courses available takes you through the various culinary cultures. There are also a variety of specialized seminars focusing on wine, cakes, chocolates, or nutrition that promote health.

Participants discover how diverse and delectable the green kitchen can be through in-depth product knowledge and learning by doing. 

Even ardent omnivores receive value at the very least with the tasting. Between 50 and 65 euros, depending on the course.

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11) Hensslers küche

In the Hanseatic city, star chef Steffen Henssler has operated a cooking school since 2015. 

In contrast to his Hamburg eateries, the diners stand at the stove to prepare Californian-Japanese specialties with assistance from the staff.

Henssler’s cooking crew demonstrates its “sushi secrets” in the chic setting on the Elbe, has participants create “The ultimate 4-course menu,” and teaches other delectable skills under course names like “We adore fish” or “Here’s the Beef.” 

For a beautiful evening in Henssler’s kitchen, chef lovers pay 135 euros.

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The demand for unusual culinary delicacies is increasing quickly in Germany. Thus the schools on this list will help you advance your culinary education.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. In Germany, how much do chefs earn?

In Germany, the average income for a Chef is €111,210.

2) Are culinary schools worth It?

Others argue culinary school is unnecessary because cooks can learn “on the job.” While some skills are best understood in a professional kitchen, such as how to work in a crowded line or how to manage your time during service, there are some advantages to learning in a classroom setting that cannot be replicated in a working kitchen.

3) What are the formal qualifications for working as a cook in Germany?

European Union citizens who want to work as cooks in Germany usually only need the necessary German language skills and knowledge.

Health certifications are also required in Germany, but they are frequently applied in collaboration with employers.

Applicants who are not European Union citizens must now meet the following criteria:

– At least B1 German language proficiency (with proof)
– Completion of an approved vocational training program in Germany in the profession


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