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Academic Related has put up this article, “Top 20 Online Courses for Kids in 2023,” in our quest to contribute our quota towards investing in kids’ lives, and then the ball is right in your court to play by having your kids go through them. Aside from these online courses specifically for kids, there are also free courses for teenagers.

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Top 20 Free Online Courses for Kids in 2023

Children, they say, are tomorrow’s leaders, but their leadership starts today, and with this being the case, they need to be invested in it. This investment is quite necessary because no man is an island. There are several ways to invest in kids, but most involve educating them.

Since distance is no barrier to online learning, an online course for kids isn’t just a means to invest in kids but a viable, flexible and productive one.


These online courses for kids are the product of in-depth research by a team of experts. You should know that some of these courses are paid for, while others are free. I hope you didn’t just say that it will be costly. Have you thought of trying ignorance? You won’t like the outcome!

So, play this ball in your court well! Enjoy the ride!

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Free Online Learning Sites for Kids in 2023

Free Online Courses for Kids

We bring you the best online learning sites for kids that will teach free online courses for kids in 2023.

  • Tekkie Uni
  • DIY
  • Tynker
  • Kodable
  • Code Avengers
  • Codemoji
  • Udemy
  • E-Learning for kids
  • Codeacdemy
  • Idtech
  • Pluralsight
  • Sylvanlearning
  • Coderdojo
  • Funtechsummercamps
  • Codeclub
  • First Code Academy
  • Codakid
  • CodeCombat
  • Simplystem
  • Kidscancode

#1 Tekkie Uni

Tekkie Uni is part of the eTeacherGroup and is one of the best online learning sites for kids. If you are looking for a site that allows you to have much ease in remote learning while also making it fun, this is the site for you. They have this ability due to the years of experience of the staff. Some of its top features that kids will be introduced to in this course include:

  • Project-based learning,
  • Teacher-led classes, and
  • Encouraging teamwork.

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#2 DIY

DIY is among the best online learning sites for kids that offer free online courses. Their module is designed to teach kids through visual aids. This is a multi-subject online learning site for kids because its enormous video library has many subjects to choose from. This online course teaches kids about coding.

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#3 Tynker

Tynker offers free online courses for kids, and a good number of them are self-paced. The online coding courses that Tynker offers for kids assist them in learning coding at home. This site intends to help kids learn coding the fun way, as it teaches coding through visual code blocks that represent real programming concepts. Some languages your kids can learn on this site include HTML, JavaScript, Python, and Swift.

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#4 Kodable

Learning with Kodable is fun, and it does this via online courses and helpful videos. The courses and lessons taught by Kodable cover everything you can think of, from problem-solving to JavaScript. One interesting thing about learning with Kodable is that a parent can also keep track of the kid’s progress on this website.

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#5 Code Avengers

The online courses offered by Code Avengers made it to this list of free courses for kids because their approach to learning to code is effective and fun. The courses offered by Code Avengers are divided into foundational, intermediate, and advanced sections and suit children of all age groups.

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#6 Codemoji

Here, students of grades 1–8 are provided with various online code learning courses. Codemoji is an adaptive platform that also provides free online courses for teenagers. These courses focus on coding and web development fundamentals, including JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

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#7 Udemy

Udemy offers eight lectures for kids that focus on improving coding skills in its scheme for a free online course for kids. The coding lectures are designed for children in elementary school classes.

Aside from the free online courses it offers specifically for kids, Udemy also offers free online courses for teenagers.

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#8 E-Learning for kids

E-learning for kids is among the free online courses for kids. It promises quality, free, and fun digital education on the web for kids worldwide via comprehensive lessons designed specifically for children to assist them in improving their coding basics.

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#9 Codecademy

Its coding lessons for kids cover everything from HTML to JavaScript to Python and SQL. In addition, the site offers free courses that are designed to teach your kid one new skill in coding daily. 

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#10 Idtech

This site offers online private lessons for kids to teach them anything from coding to development to designing and more. All lessons are customizable, and you can customize them to fit your schedule.

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#11 Pluralsight

Pluralsight lessons are tailored for kids and focus solely on HTML. Learning the fundamentals of HTML is the first leap towards becoming a web developer, and if you are one of those fellows who want to become a web developer, this site is a great place to get started.

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#12 Sylvanlearning

The online code learning offered by this site is innovative. It is tailored not just for kids but also for teenagers, just as it is for elementary and middle schoolers. Hence, it also offers free online courses for teenagers. Coding here is taught here through exciting and interactive projects.

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#13 Coderdojo

Not every site is designed to accommodate kids, teach them according to their pace of understanding, and have them understand and learn programming languages in a relaxed and fun way. CoderDojo is one of those great sites! Right now, their Dojo sessions feature over 200 ready-made coding projects.

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#14 Funtechsummercamps

The various coding courses offered by FunTech are specifically designed for summer camps. Their courses suit kids of all ages and include everything one can think about, from Java coding to Game Design, 3D modeling, etc.

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#15 Codeclub

One of the free online courses for kids is this network of thousands of code learning clubs across the United Kingdom. Present in their session or module is more than 75 projects aimed at teaching children the basics of coding and programming languages.

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#16 First Code Academy

This academy offers customizable coding courses tailored for kids between the ages of 8 and 18 and free online courses for teenagers. The site is very popular in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, and its coding classes include:

  • Holiday coding camps,
  • Weekly coding courses, and
  • STEM workshops.

#17 Codakid

The fundamentals of programming languages include Java, JavaScript, Python, etc. CodaKid aims to teach kids these fundamentals and the basics of using popular tools in companies like Intel, Facebook, and Google.

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#18 CodeCombat

Are you looking for a site that teaches programming with the help of gaming? Here is CodeCombat! Their courses are perfect for kids as games encourage trial-and-error, interaction, and discovery. CodeCombat’s courses will assist your kid in having an excellent computer science class.

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#19 Simplystem

Coding and real-world programming skills stand the test of time, and this site is tailored towards turning your kid’s interest into the skills above. Their coding instruction curriculum is explicitly designed for kids of all age groups.

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#20 Kidscancode

This site, among the free online courses for kids, teaches students how to create amazing projects for personal use. Imagine your kids building their own websites and creating video games. These are some of the skills that Kidscancode is here to offer. Classes are not open to all but for various ages and experience levels.

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