39+ Professional Short Courses in Nigeria with Certificates 2023| How to Apply

Do you want to know about professional short courses in Nigeria with certificates you can enroll in to increase your knowledge in your field and boost your CV? If yes, then keep reading.

This content contains lists of professional short certificate courses in Nigeria; all you need to enroll in any of these courses is the first degree.

In this article, you will learn about the short certificate courses in Nigeria and what each of these courses entails.

Certificates and knowledge from professional short courses are among the best ways to land a good job. Short courses are a great way to acquire new skills or refresh existing ones.

These skills on your CV put you in a better position to land that dream job.

Read through as we take you through these courses to help you develop better skills.

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What to do before you Choose a Course

You can study a short course for anything from a few hours to a year or more.

Before you finally choose a course, you should ensure you understand the course’s basis. You must understand the course’s career opportunities and know the O’Level requirement and UTME subject combination.

It is equally important to know the competitiveness of the course by checking the total number of candidates that applied for the course.

What to Know about Short Courses in Nigeria

Short courses are an excellent way to learn new skills or improve your existing skills, e.g., managerial, technical, or computer skills, into new areas of interest.

The course material is designed to incorporate the theory behind the skill and the reasons why you need it. Classes are presented in such a way that students can easily understand the content.

Some short courses in Nigeria may require you to take exams, attend various courses, or assign assignments to meet the requirements. Success is up to you, but the benefits are worth it.

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Professional Short Courses in Nigeria

We have successfully categorized these courses into different sections according to the profession; You are required to choose the courses that are available to you and apply.

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Professional Short Certificate Courses in Nigeria 2023-2024

The short training courses in Nigeria include the following;

  • Chartered Institute of Personnel Management 
  •   Project Management Professionals (PMP) 
  •   Institute of Management Technology Certification 
  •   Human Resources Management Certification (H.R.) 
  •   Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (CIPM)
  •   Centre for Law and Business (CLB)
  •   Center for Regulation and Business Certificate
  •   Chartered Institute of Marketing of Nigeria certification (CIM) 
  •   Certified Pension Institute of Nigeria certification (CPIN)
  •   Nigeria Institute of Real Estate Surveyors and Values
  •   Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN)
  •   Association of general and private medical practitioners of Nigeria certification (AGPMPN)
  •   Oil and Gasoline Educated Trained Services Limited
  •   Financial Risk Management
  •   Certified Cost Engineering Consultants 

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Management Training Courses in Nigeria

The Management Training courses are designed for individuals who are moving into a new role as a manager and would like to improve their current management skills or have the ambition of becoming a manager.

These short management training courses in Nigeria with a certificate also cover the following related questions;

  • What are the best short management courses in Lagos?
  •  How can I find the best short management courses in Lagos?
  •  Does Lagos State have the best short management courses with certificates?

The training courses include,

#1. Chartered Institute of Personnel Management

This institution gives certificates to folks enrolled in their professional personnel management training programs, adding value to certified and organizing staff supervisors. This program is for Holders of SSCE, ND, HND/BSC.

Official Link

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#2. Project Management Professionals (PMP)

This is another Management Training course in Nigeria. Get trained by professionals in this field and be certified as a professional project management professional. The course usually takes up to six months or more.

Official Link

#3. Institute of Management Technology Certification

This is another professional short certificate course in Nigeria. This association awards a leadership certificate to qualified men, mainly students who participate in their short-term training courses.

The field does not matter; you can attend the courses provided you have the minimum requirements. N.D., HND, and B.Sc. students are generally qualified to participate in orientation classes, increasing job opportunities.

Official Link

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#4. Human Resources Management Certification (H.R.)

When considering the requirements for human resources management work, it soon becomes clear that the certification of human resources is moving from the preferred state to the required criteria.

This is a revealing sign that organizations from the profit or nonprofit sectors are seeing professional certification with tremendous respect.

Human resources certification is now considered a fundamental addition to any H.R. professional resume, especially when today’s professionals in human resources management face complex challenges. Like the need for more specialized talent and the globalization of activities.

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#5. Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (CIPM)

This is another professional short certificate course in Nigeria. CIPM provides plenty of programs in the field of personnel management. You can go to cipmnigeria.org to see what training opportunities are available for your requirements. They have a Learning and Development Calendar, where each couple offers different courses.

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Professional Courses for Lawyers in Nigeria

There are various training courses for Lawyers in Nigeria. These Short training programs for lawyers will enhance lawyers’ different legal skills.

They include;

#1. Centre for Law and Business (CLB)

This training program is one of the best short training courses for Lawyers in Nigeria.

CLB is a center for the study, learning, teaching, and practice of law, as well as commercial and related problems.

It offers professional and academic training programs for those who want to learn more about business and law.

You can find more information about the programs and their classes at clb.com.ng or email info@clb.com.ng.

Official Link

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#2. Center for Regulation and Business Certificate

The center of the law and the corporate certificate allows people to become business leaders, industry strata, and business leaders.

Before issuing the certification, it must have been present in the entire application for a short-term certificate, which shows that the person has real experience in business administration, commercial law, and expertise in the business.

If you want to be successful in practicing law, you must take this course because it is one of the best short training courses for Lawyers in Nigeria.

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Administrative Short Courses in Nigeria

Other Short training courses in Nigeria with certificates covered in this content include;

#1. Chartered Institute of Marketing of Nigeria certification (CIM)

This is an advertising and expert marketing strategy for marketers and professionals in related disciplines, such as mass marketing and marketing communication professionals, general managers, sales supervisors, etc.

By having an additional benefit in your field when obtaining the certification of this group of experts, it is even possible to obtain this expert certification out of the field once you have obtained the minimum required.

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#2. Certified Pension Institute of Nigeria certification (CPIN)

The accredited retirement institute of Nigeria is just a National Institute that’s accountable for training and retraining professionals of pensions Herein Nigeria.

You stand a fantastic likelihood of gaining a working connection with precisely the things you will face.

No matter your field, you can register within their certificate method and acquire certification via this human body, consequently fostering your CV.

The accredited retirement institute of Nigeria is just a National Institute that’s accountable for training and retraining professionals of pensions Herein Nigeria.

Official Link

#3. Nigeria Institute of Real Estate Surveyors and Values

The association was established in 1969 by competent surveyors capable of conducting surveys in general and trained clinics in the United Kingdom.

In 1975, the organization gained the fame of the government, and since then, it has trained and certified several topographers and values.

As a graduate, you can participate in your short-term program and obtain certification, which increases your employment prospects.

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#4. Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN)

Many monetary institutions prefer to employ a candidate with ICAN certification than people with only BSc or HND.

Therefore, like a grad, it is possible to be certified by this human body after engaging in their short-term program.

Official Link

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#5. Association of General and Private Medical Practitioners of Nigeria Certification (AGPMPN)

This is an umbrella business for most health professionals. Founded in 1921, this institution brings together private and general health professionals from Nigeria, such as dentists and all health professionals, as employees or owners.

You can go further in your health profession by obtaining the AGPMPN certification.

Official Link

#6. Oil and Gasoline Educated Trained Services Limited

This native oil and gas association provides quality training to those considering entering the industry.

You can get higher education and be certified by this human body by participating in their training programs, thus offering better employment prospects.

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#7. Financial Risk Management

Are you a graduate of any financially related courses or planning to work with any financial institution?

You can acquire this certificate, boost your CV, and increase your chances of employment.

Official Link

#8. Certified Cost Engineering Consultants

It is truly an organization that serves sustenance throughout the world.

The AACE certificate is an excellent brand of differentiation in engineering fees.

People with HND & B.Sc. generally take advantage of this to boost their CVs by partaking in their administrative training courses and obtaining the certification they need, giving them an advantage over those who meet the exact requirements.

Official Link

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Free Online Professional Courses in Nigeria

Online studying, also known as e-learning, is something every young professional in today’s world should do. It opens opportunities to improve yourself and learn outside your professional field.

With online learning, you can learn almost anything, such as programming, finance, marketing, photography, etc.

If you are a business owner, you can undertake online courses to help you grow your business. Some courses help you develop new skills or improve your skills.

DoviLearn provides free online courses in Nigeria. These are some free online courses with a certificate available on dovilearn.com.

  • Advanced iOS for iPad Programming
  •  Affiliate Marketing and CPA Marketing Training Program
  •  Basics of Accounting
  •  Basics of International Finance
  •  BigData and Hadoop Training
  •  Bootstrap Development Mastery Training
  •  Capital Market Instruments
  •  E-commerce Business for Start-ups and Entrepreneurs (Types, Tools, Starting, Marketing, and Strategy)
  •  E-commerce, Online Selling, Online Store
  •  Email Marketing with Autoresponders
  •  Finance for Managers
  •  Fundamentals of Accounting Study
  •  Node js Training – Node js is an open-source, cross-platform environment for creating server-side and network applications.
  •  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist Training
  •  The complete Google Analytics course for beginners
  •  Ultimate Android 5.0 Lollipop Development Training
  •  Ultimate JavaScript and JQuery Training
  •  Unity 3D Mobile Game Development Training
  •  Video Plus YouTube Marketing Training
  •  White Hat Hacking and Pen Tester
  •  WordPress Speed and Security Optimisation
  •  WordPress Website Development
  •  Create a Mobile App for Your Business
  •  Financial Management – A Complete Study
  •  Google AdWords Training
  •  HTML5: Beginner Web Development
  •  How to Make 10k USD Monthly through Amazon Sales
  •  How to Start a Start-up Human Resource Management (HRM) Training
  •  ITIL Foundation Basic
  •  Marketing Management Training

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Conclusion: Professional Short Certificate Courses in Nigeria

There are a variety of short professional courses offered in Nigeria.

Typically, all you need to be eligible for these courses is an A-level.

So If you are already working and seeking to improve your C.V., any of these short certificate courses will be beneficial.

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