Top Military Schools in Kentucky 2024 | All You Need To Know 

If you are wondering if there are military schools for troubled youth in Kentucky, you just have a guide leading you to the state’s several colleges and universities. 

Kentucky is a wonderful place to go to a military academy. There is a fine blend of options, including the ROTC programs at the University of Kentucky and Western Kentucky University. The military schools in Kentucky are for students interested in serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. 

Searching for the best military high schools and colleges in Kentucky can be difficult, seeing that there are just a few in the state. 

That’s why we have put together this guide on Kentucky’s best military academies and colleges, their admission requirements, tuition cost, and academic style.

Let’s dive in!!!

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How To Choose The Right Military School In Kentucky 

To ensure you are choosing the right military school, it’s important to weigh factors like location and cost before applying.

Consider how close your family lives to school. Proximity is essential if you want to visit as often as you want. Also, consider the academic curriculum and military training programs as well.

How Many Military Schools Are In Kentucky?

There are 5 military schools in Kentucky.  All are colleges and universities. What this means is that there are no military high schools in Kentucky. 

Top Best Military Schools In Kentucky 

Without further ado, let’s review the best military high schools, colleges and universities in Kentucky;

#1. Bluegrass Challenge Academy

  • Established: 1995
  • Phone: (877) 599-6884
  • Address: 114 Conroy Ave, Fort Knox, KY 40121

One of the top picks when it comes to the best military schools in Kentucky is Bluegrass Challenge Academy. Bluegrass Challenge Academy (BGA) since its inception has established a track record of excellence in producing students excellent in the military and martial arts.

Martial arts?

Absolutely. BGA is affiliated with both martial arts and military programs such as military training, weaponry, and hand-to-hand combat. All tutors at Bluegrass Challenge Academy have recognition and have been inducted into the hall of fame status from their respective fields.

In addition to the par educational curriculum, Bluegrass Challenge Academy instils discipline, respect, leadership and good citizenship skills in every cadet.


#2. Captain M.J.Caboose’s Military School

  • Established: N/A
  • Phone: (618) 535-2728
  • Address: 176-108 E Prong Rd, Richmond, KY 40475

Captain M.J. Caboose’s Military School as its name signifies is a school in Kentucky open to ages 7-12.  Its military program is regarded as one of the best in the state.

Captain M.J. Caboose’s Military School combines traditional college courses with military training making it a dual college. While Captain M.J. Caboose’s Military School curriculum focuses on military training and academics, it also focuses on instilling discipline and leadership skills in every cadet. 

After enrollment into the school, cadets get uniforms, weapons, physical training, and other tools necessary for success.


#3. The University of Kentucky AROTC

  • Established: N/A
  • Phone: +1 (859) 257-6865
  • Address: 101 Barker Hall, Lexington, KY 40506

The University of Kentucky offers a 4-year Army ROTC program. The focus of the Army ROTC program at the University of Kentucky is to train students: boys and girls to become officers.

The military training program at the University of Kentucky includes logistics, military intelligence, and Air Defense Artillery.

Upon enrollment, students must complete two summer training sessions. In the first year, students engage in weekly drilling throughout and study sessions every Monday evening.


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#4. Western Kentucky University ROTC

  • Established: N/A
  • Phone: (877) 599-6884
  • Address: 114 Conroy Ave, Fort Knox, KY 40121

Western Kentucky University is one of the best military schools in Kentucky. Its ROTC programs are nationally and internationally recognized.  

Western Kentucky University has two ROTC programs; the Army ROTC program and the Air Force ROTC program.  Both of these focus on producing outstanding students upon graduation ready to join the workforce. 

Keep in mind that Western Kentucky University is one of only two schools in Kentucky that hosts a Military ROTC program (the other is the University of Louisville).


#5. The University of Louisville

  • Established: N/A
  • Phone: (877) 599-6884
  • Address: 114 Conroy Ave, Fort Knox, KY 40121

Next on the list of best military schools and colleges in Kentucky is the University of Louisville. The University of Louisville is a public research university with a military training program.

In addition to military training, students can also undertake any of the traditional college courses. There are also a variety of support services to ensure success.

Remember that The University of Louisville is home to the Cardinal Battalion Army Reserve Officer Training Corps unit. 


Are There Military High Schools In Kentucky?

Kentucky has no military high school. You can find other states with numerous lists of military high schools such as North Carolina, Georgia, Indiana, and Oklahoma.

How Much Does It Cost To Attend Military Schools In Kentucky? 

There is no specificity on the cost of military schools in Kentucky. Depending on the school, program, location of the school, and duration of studies, the cost of tuition will vary across military colleges in KY. 

From a general perspective, the average annual cost for private military schools ranges from $6,000 to $22,000 per year, and public schools range from $1,800 to $5,400.

To be exact on the cost of tuition fees in Kentucky Military Schools, visit the school’s website once you’ve decided to enrol your child in any of the schools in the list above.

Also keep in mind that some schools may offer financial aid, scholarships and some payment plans.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Military Colleges In Kentucky  

What are some of the best military schools in Kentucky?

Some of the best military academies in Kentucky include the Kentucky Military Institute, Army ROTC at the University of Kentucky, and Bluegrass Challenge Academy.

What are the admission requirements for military schools in Kentucky?

Admission requirements for military schools in Kentucky may vary depending on the school but typically include 

  • A minimum GPA
  • Passing physical fitness tests
  • Meeting age and citizenship requirements. 

Some schools may also require an interview and letters of recommendation.

What kind of curriculum do military academies in Kentucky offer?

The curriculum at military schools in Kentucky typically includes a mix of academic courses, leadership development training, and military instruction. Students are expected to maintain a rigorous academic schedule while also participating in physical fitness and leadership training.

What types of military training do students receive at military colleges in Kentucky?

Military schools in Kentucky offer a range of military training, including 

  • marksmanship
  • drill and ceremony
  • physical fitness training
  • leadership development.

What are the benefits of attending a military school in Kentucky?

Attending a military school in Kentucky can provide students with a structured and disciplined environment, as well as opportunities for leadership development, character building, and community service. 

Additionally, military academies often have high academic standards and can provide students with a competitive edge when applying to college or pursuing a career in the military.

Are there any scholarship opportunities for students attending military schools in Kentucky?

Many military schools in Kentucky offer scholarships, financial aid and a smooth payment plan to students who demonstrate financial need or academic excellence. Prospective students should research individual school websites for specific scholarship opportunities.

What kind of extracurricular activities are offered at military schools in Kentucky?

Extracurricular activities at military schools in Kentucky can vary but may include 

  • music
  • drama
  • athletics
  • community service projects
  • military-focused clubs and organizations. 

Additionally, some schools may offer summer camps or leadership programs for students who are interested in further developing their skills.


Although there are no military high schools in Kentucky, Kentucky is home to colleges and universities that adopt military-style training in combination with academics. 

You can start your military career by applying to any of these colleges. Apply to as many as possible to stand a chance. While examining the schools we have listed above, choose the school whose program best suits your preference. Ensure to check out these schools’ websites for more details before applying.

We hope you find it a perfect pick for your child. If not, visit our website to explore other states in the USA and the available military schools. 


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