Top 10 Flight Schools in Alabama in 2023

How you can become a pilot in Alabama is easy because the pilot/flight schools do not cost much compared to other parts of the US.

Since there are different jobs available within the Aviation industry, it is agreeable that this is a vast field with many different positions. Some pilots are hired by commercial airlines, while others work for companies and government agencies. A few choose to become independent contractors and offer flights for hire. But that is not all; there are even opportunities in education.

So if you want to become a pilot, Alabama is an excellent option with the ten best flight schools.

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Requirements to Become a Pilot in Alabama:

Before getting into any flight school in Alabama, there are certain things to acknowledge. Some of these requirement includes the following;

  1. Applicant must be at least 17 years old to attend training. 
  2.  At least a high school diploma must be presented to the school of choice.
  3.  You must hold a current medical certificate issued by a licensed physician, valid to FAA medical requirements.
  4.  Pass the criminal background check, which will be conducted both in your absence and personal interview.
  5.  You must enroll in any of the accredited centers for flight training programs.

However, this may be the general requirement for pilot schools in Alabama. You may still be subject to the school of choice requirements.

How to Become a Pilot in Alabama

To become a pilot in Alabama, you must first meet the requirement above.

You are left to choose which kind of pilot you want to be so that you can know the school/center training people in that field. There are many flight schools, ranging from large commercial operations to small local flying clubs. Flight schools can offer lessons in single-engine aircraft, multi-engine airplanes, helicopters, gliders, ultralights, sailplanes, and even hot air balloons. Some flight schools focus on teaching students how to fly commercially, while others teach recreational pilots how to learn to fly and earn their pilot certificate.

The accredited Flight schools in Alabama adhere to the federal aviation law called Part 61 and Part 141. These regulations govern pilots’ instruction and licensing requirements, including ground and flight instructors. 

The difference between Part 61 and Part 141 is significant because it affects what type of education you receive, the number of hours required to complete your training, and the certification level you achieve upon completing your coursework.

Once you have completed the designated hours for training for each pilot course, you will be eligible to take the exam; the flight exam is partitioned into two parts. The 1st is the written exam and then the flight exam, which your supervisor will closely monitor.

Best Flight Schools in Alabama 

1. Sanders Aviation 

This is a unique and accredited flight school in Mobile, Alabama. Sanders Aviation is one of the best flight schools in Alabama, providing quality aviation training in 6 different courses. 

As a student, you will be confident of receiving instructions from Sanders Aviation because they are Part 141 FAA Certified Flight Training Centre. Flight courses like Private Pilot Course, Commercial course, Instrumental Rating Course, Airline Career Program, ATP- CTP course, and even the Military to ATP Transition course are all available.

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2. Auburn University Aviation Center

This school ranks well as one of the best pilot schools in Alabama due to its curriculum organization. They offer quality education in aviation through 2 primary divisions of the program. You can get a degree in professional flight training if you are interested in flying. On the other hand, they have an aviation management degree concerning business operations. 

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3. Revolution Flight:

The school was founded by professional pilots based on helping aspirants seamlessly become knowledgeable pilots. This aspiration reflects in their training curriculum, Leading to their growth in popularity over the years in the US.

The flight training ranges from zero to private pilot, instrument rating, commercial single, and airline transport pilot licenses. Sadly, they do not offer helicopter training, but you can get transitioned through their Military Rotorwing-Fixed Wing Conversion program.

This is one of the best aviation schools in Alabama that gives hands-on training by FAA-certified instructors.

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4. Lightning Aviation:

This is among the few best aviation schools with more than six ratings. You can get training in any of these below;

  • Sport Pilot
  •  Private Pilot
  •  Commercial rating 
  •  Multi-Engine Private
  •  Multi-Engine Commercial
  •  Certified Flight Instructor CFI (Initial)
  •  Certified Flight Instructor CFII (Instrument)
  •  Certified Flight Instructor MEI (Multi-Engine)
  •  Tailwheel Endorsement
  •  Complex Endorsement
  •  ​Spin Training

Even if you are new to a pilot school or want to finish a rating, the instructors in this school are highly qualified, 

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5. Over The Mountain Aviation

Over The Mountain, Aviation is a business located in Birmingham, Alabama. They offer both ground school and flight training classes. The school seeks to provide quality aviation training to produce a reliable and safe flight.

Their curriculum is also shaped to train anyone, either a newbie or otherwise. This is because they believe anyone can learn how to fly, regardless of age, experience level, or skill set.

With their highly trained pilots and educators with years of experience in the aviation industry, you’ll receive one of the best training possible.

They offer different courses and strive to make each student feel welcome and comfortable during their learning process. If you are still determining which course you want to take, you can visit the school and rent a plane where trained staff will accompany you.

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6. Birmingham Flight Center:

Birmingham Flight center is one of the best aviation schools in Alabama. With over 30 years in the maintenance of air flights, the school has grown into a reputable one. The staff is also trained aircraft technicians.

Furthermore, the school is dedicated to young flyers to teach them how to take off and land. The school also has various training programs: from private pilot courses to multi-engine. Also, you can learn aircraft maintenance from Birmingham. Regardless of your course, the school prioritizes a fun learning environment.

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7. Aeropro:

Aeropro flight school has earned the title of the best pilot school with the highest investment return. There offer pilot courses like Private Pilot training, Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot training, and drone pilot training.

Aeropro also offers flight instruction and a ground program, for which you will get certification afterward.

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8. Dream Airline Aviation Academy:

The Dream Airline Aviation Academy builds on the philosophy that everyone deserves to learn how to fly. Hence they make provision of quality instruction to people who want to become pilots, regardless of experience level.

The academy offers three different programs: Private Pilot License (Pilot), Commercial Pilot License (Commercial), and Instrument Rating (Instrument). These courses are designed to teach students everything they need to know about flying, including aerodynamics, navigation, weather, and safety.

Their instructors are experienced professionals committed to teaching each student how to navigate the skies safely. In addition, they make sure that every student gets the best possible training and support throughout their course.

One might select a Private Pilot License (Private) for leisure flying. This program allows individuals to fly recreationally without obtaining a commercial license.

Alternatively, one might study for a Commercial Pilot License (Commercial). This program allows individuals with a private pilot license to continue working toward a commercial license.

Finally, one might select a Career as an airline pilot. This program helps aspiring pilots gain the skills needed to work for an airline.

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9. Executive Flight Center:

The Executive Flight Center is one of the leading providers of private and commercial aircraft training in the US, thus one of the best pilot and helicopter schools in Alabama.

Training in general aviation aircraft are available. This includes single-engine airplanes, helicopters, and multi-engine jet aircraft like the Learjet 35, Gulfstream IV, Citation XLS+, and Challenger 604. Moreover, if you want to become a certified instructor, you can obtain it from this center.

You will be satisfied with the instructors and the state of art facilities you will find in this center. 

Furthermore, the school also provides training for seaplanes and organizes preparatory classes for aerobatic competitions. Either way, you should check them out.

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10. Box Aviation, Inc.:

Indeed, studying in any of these best pilot schools in Alabama comes with an added advantage. You will get real-life training from this school because it is in the airport base. You will get access to stuff like Air Traffic Communication (ATC). All these little details to make people differential Pilot are provided in this school. 

Furthermore, the school also boosts high passing of the FAA exams.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do Flight Schools in Alabama Cost?

It is no news that most flight schools cost much in Alabama. However, compared to other states, Alabama pilot fees are offered at a competitive rate. 

Sadly, there is no fixed cost for how many flight schools in Alabama would be. But the average fee is $5,590.

This is because the choice of flight course and school varies. As a veterinarian, you will get discounts from most flight schools in Alabama.

Are pilots in demand in Alabama?

Aviation is a large field with numerous job prospects in the public and private sectors and educational institutions. Nonetheless, not all applicants become a pilot. Over the years, the pilot’s profession has been affected in the US and Alabama.

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