Top 10 Best Flight Schools in Massachusetts 2024-A Detailed Guide

It’s not enough to want to know how to become a pilot in Massachusetts. Do you meet the requirements to apply to the best flight schools, colleges, and universities in Massachusetts?

This article is a guide toward answering the above question; therefore, follow us on this ride.

Massachusetts is one of the 50 states in the United state of America. It’s among the first 13 colonized states.

Based on livability, education, income growth, housing cost, and quality of hospitals, Massachusetts is ranked no. 2 according to WalletHub’s 2021 ranking of the best states to live in.

Moreso, it is known for its fame as it’s considered the most populous state of New England in the Northeastern state.

In this article, you and I will quickly examine “Best Flight Schools In Massachusetts.”

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Is Becoming A Pilot A Good Career? 

Yes, yes, yes!!! Being a pilot is one of the highest-paying careers. The exposure that comes with it, spatial awareness, intelligence, critical thinking, and geographic navigation are fantastic.  

You have to be well-skilled and active. By skill, I mean possession of both soft and hard skills required for the job, not just knowledge alone.

This is a high-paying career path with future promises. If your mind is tilting toward this direction, be obedient to it.

Lovers of games, especially video games, consider this career fun, engaging and exciting.

What Are The Factors To Consider When Choosing A Flight School In Massachusetts?

Airline pilot is not a game for the faint-hearted as there are so many responsibilities that encompass this career; I advise that before applying to any of the best flight schools, colleges, or universities in Massachusetts or any state of your choice, kindly check your strength or perhaps build on the following areas of your life. 

These factors to consider when choosing a flight school to attend in Massachusetts are;

1. Patience

This career requires a lot of patience; if you want to thrive as a pilot or in any profession, patience is a key to hold onto.

The saying, a patient dog gets the fattest share, still stands valid. 

2. Coping With Variable Schedules

If you don’t stay aware of family and friends, think twice, as this career comes with irregular schedules that may extend to holidays.

You may need to work at odd hours, and your availability shouldn’t be jeopardized; most of the time, pilots live close to the airports for accessibility’s sake; as I said, there will be unpredictable schedules.

3. Teachability

 Learning never stops for pilots. Therefore you will be required to heed teachings and submit to experienced instructors and managers for safety’s sake as a pilot is responsible for the crew members, copilots, and overall passengers.

Paying attention to details will make you an outstanding pilot.

4. Pressure Management

Are you quick to make the right decision during times of uncertainty? This career is for you. If you faint during emergencies and unpredictable conditions, do good by working on that aspect of your life, as being a pilot isn’t for babes.

Are There Flight Universities In Massachusetts?

There are flight schools in Massachusetts; some are considered training schools since they offer programs for becoming a private pilot or a sport pilot. 

Other schools are the best schools, colleges, or universities that equip students with on-the-job experience and knowledge that keeps them going in their career path in Massachusetts. 

However, each university or school has different requirements to apply to flight schools in Massachusetts, just like in other states. Please fasten your seat belt as we continue this ride.

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How Long Does It Take To Go To Flight Schools In Massachusetts?

Each training requires a certain amount of logged hours; the minimum is 40 hours for a private pilot license, while an ATPL license requires 1,500 hours minimum for Certification.

Depending on your flexibility of schedule, choice of Certification, and program of interest, the Length of time for flight training differs significantly.

Similarly, it also depends on the school of interest. For instance,, a bachelor’s degree in aviation takes about 4 years to complete with full-time study.

Here’s the course outline for a bachelor’s degree in aviation.

  •  Privates Pilot in the first year
  •  Instrument Rating in the second year
  • Commercial Pilot in the third year
  •  Flight Instructor in the fourth year

Additionally, one can earn accelerated programs certification between 2 weeks to 9 months.

What Are The Requirements To Apply To Flight Schools In Massachusetts?

Here are some of the requirements to apply to flight schools in Massachusetts and begin training as a pilot:

1. High School Education

Aspiring pilots are expected to have completed higher education with a pass in English, mathematics, and physics at GCSE. A degree is not required to apply to the best flight schools, colleges, and universities in Massachusetts.

2. Medical Examination

No matter your program of interest, you must have a third-class pass in the FAA medical examination. For higher programs like CPL and ATPL, a 2nd class medical Test Certification is expedient. 

 Pilots are expected to have this certificate throughout their flying careers. 

3. Valid Personal Traits

These traits and qualities shouldn’t be toiled with as it’s a determinants to your success story as a pilot—features like passion, pressure Management, teachability, coordination, and awareness.

4. The Age Factor And Eligibility

For programs like PPL, students can have their first solo flight at 16, but training commences at 17. Conversely, with Certifications such as CPL, IR, and ATPL, Students are expected to be up to 18 years of age to start training in Massachusetts.

Also, the eligibility criteria require that an applicant lives in the state where the flight training takes place. Therefore, consult TSA for residential approval before applying to any school.

5. Assessment Test

Assessment here implies a computer-based aptitude test required to enter a flight school. Your spatial knowledge and coordination will be tested.

These and many more are the requirements to apply to flight schools in Massachusetts.

Therefore, if you want to know how to become a pilot in Massachusetts, the above information shouldn’t be toiled with.

How Do I Choose A Flight School To Attend In Massachusetts?

There are four comprehensive laid down ways or factors to consider while choosing a flight school to attend in Massachusetts, amongst others are;

1. Eligibility

Requirements to apply to flight schools in Massachusetts differ per college. Therefore it’s wise on your end to checkmate all the criteria by the school to ensure you’re eligible and qualify to apply to these schools.

2. Geographic Location

 Massachusetts is one of the snowiest states in the USA, with a no 8. Choosing a flight school in this state requires adequate concentration on the area, although Boston has the highest number of Massachusetts flight schools in its domain.

It is also researched that snow takes place in the Northeastern region of this state.

Therefore if your health is unstable, kindly pick a school with a good location. 

3. Training Fee

Training Fee differs by the school; you can research low-budget and affordable schools in Massachusetts to fix yourself in line with your pocket size. There are good training schools with low tuition fees, which are a pass.

4. Program Of Choice 

The type of program per school differs significantly in Massachusetts; some schools train for PPL, and others will help take your career to the next turn.

These variations and differences should direct your application to schools offering such programs in Massachusetts.

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List Of The 10 Best Flight Schools In Massachusetts

Below is a list of the 10 best airplane flight universities in Massachusetts and their locations.

#1. Bridgewater State University

BSU is the only school in the Northeastern United States that offers a four-year program in aviation science with an award of a degree. 

It’s one of Massachusetts’s best schools that offers domestic and international flying career courses.

Graduates of BSU go on to work at FAA Port authority; they are highly qualified and successful in their pursuit. It is among the best-accredited flight schools, colleges, and universities in Massachusetts, having retainer positions for its graduates.

Location: New Bedford, Massachusetts

Visit BSU

#2. Blue Hill Helicopters 

This school is considered the best flight school in Massachusetts for quality helicopter training. Having over 13 years of experience in business, this school employs the services of FAA-certified flight instructors. The more experienced an instructor is, the better for their students.

Location: Norwood, Massachusetts

Visit Blue Hill

#3. Alpha One Flight Services

This school has qualified instructors that will train you in the latest and best flying techniques. They develop skills and maneuvers that will aid your final flight test.

 This is the perfect place to start if you’re interested in aviation as a hobby.

Location: Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Visit Alpha One

 #4. Fly Lugu Flight School and Flight Training

Fly Lugu is a leader in flight training offering the safest quality standards. 

They pride themselves on celebrating each Pilot as they achieve a new milestone; with this, one can tell every student will put in their best game. 

Location: Westfield, Massachusetts

Visit Fly Lugu

#5. ATP Flight School

ATP is the largest flight school in the nation and one of the best highly-sorted schools established in Massachusetts. Also, it is accredited by the FAA with an endorsement for the following courses;

  • Private Pilot
  • Airline Transport Pilot (ATP)
  • Instrument
  • Commercial Flight Instructor (CFI)
  • Multi-Engine Instructor (MEI)
  • Flight Instructor Instrument (CFII)

If you’re interested in how to become a pilot in Massachusetts, do not sleep on this school. Their career pilot license takes only seven months to acquire.

Location: Norwood, Massachusetts

Visit ATP

 #6. Avier Flight School

Avier trains with the best equipment, and they have a relatable relationship with students that makes them learn comfortably. This school guarantees students are learning to fly with current aircraft.

It’s the safest, most price-friendly, and most reliable training school in Massachusetts.

Location: Beverly, Massachusetts

Visit School

#7. Beverly Flight Center

 Beverly Flight School is the North Shore’s premier and best flight school.

They are highly professional, with experienced instructors and staff.

With 13 aircraft in their fleet, they provide quality Part 141 and Part 61 flight training transporting students from Student Pilot Certificate to Airline Transport Pilot License( ATPL)

Location: Danvers, Massachusetts

Visit School 

#8. Aptis Aviation School

The Aptis Private Pilot Training Program (PPL) provides the basic knowledge and skills students will need to become competent pilots and the ground training you will need to pass the FAA exam.

Aptis offers accelerated flight training for its students and pilots.

 Location: Stow, Massachusetts.

 Visit Options

#9. Atlantic Aviation And Flight Center (AAFC)

Great flight programs are designed to help you acquire your license in the minimum Length of time plus added value. 

AAFC incorporates an FAA-approved syllabus and Scenario Based Training during flight training.

 They have been tested and approved for quality service, results and progress.

Visit their website for more information.

Location: East Taunton, Massachusetts

Visit AAFC

#10. Colonial Air Inc.

This school is the least among the top ten best-flight colleges in Massachusetts. Remember, the requirements to apply to flight schools in Massachusetts differ, which isn’t an exception.

From experienced instructors to quality and competent pilots.

Location: New Bedford, Massachusetts

Visit Colonial Air

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Frequently Asked Questions About How To Become A Pilot In Massachusetts

Are commercial pilots in demand?

Yes, of course!!! There’s a projected increase in employment of 13% from 2020 to 2023 in states like Florida and New Jersey. Therefore, I urge you to up your game, attend a flight training school, and take up this career path.

How much do flight schools cost in Massachusetts?

This greatly depends on the school of interest and course of study. For instance, Bridgewater state university (BSU) offers the following courses at this tuition fee,

Private Pilot: $11,460
Commercial Pilot: $10,527
Commercial Multi-Engine Add-On: $3,547

How much do pilots earn in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts ranks No. 2 out of the 50 United States for livability and is the most populous.

 Stipends vary with Certification for Airline Pilots, as many certifications and grading exist. Therefore, depending on the degree and job location, regional pilots’ stipends differ significantly from national or international pilots’ salaries.

Generally, pilots earn $103,894 in Massachusetts, which is higher than the national average, so it’s not a bad place to start your aviation career.

Must flight schools be accredited in Massachusetts?

Yes, the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) accredits bachelors in aviation degrees in the United States of America.

It’s of importance that a flight school be accredited before commencing commercial flight training. 

So I suggest you plan to attend an accredited University of flight school.


If you need more information about the best flight schools, colleges, and universities and the requirements to apply to flight schools in Massachusetts, kindly further your research by visiting the schools listed in this article.


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