8 Best Physician Assistant Schools in Georgia 2024 | How to Apply

The influence of a good physician assistant school can’t be underestimated because it’s at such schools that high-quality, confident, and skilled PAs are produced.

Thus, becoming a professional physician assistant requires learning at a good school. Hence the suggestion of Georgia-based physician assistant schools.

Physician assistant schools in Georgia are designed to give every student the working knowledge necessary for leisurely sailing through their PA careers.

For a long time, the state has housed several establishments, ranging from elementary and high schools to driving and medical schools. 

Should you want to pursue your PA career in Georgia, read on as we provide explicit information about some of the best physician assistant schools in the state.

Let’s get into it!!!

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Are there Physician Assistant Schools in Georgia?

Yes, there are physician assistant schools in Georgia. These schools have comprehensive curricula designed to train students to become expert-level physician assistants. Also, they’ve got stellar facilities that aid students’ skillfulness and connection to real-life medical scenarios.

How Do I get into A Physician Assistant School in Georgia?

The steps involved in getting into a PA school in Georgia include the following:

  • Enrolling in an undergraduate degree program (any science or health-related course)
  • Having a minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Taking and passing the GRE
  • Getting your reference letters and proofs of clinical experience ready
  • Preparing for an interview (not in all cases)

How Long are Physician Assistant Schools in Georgia?

PA schools in Georgia take a minimum of 24 months to complete. During this period, students will be exposed to various medical training in classrooms and laboratories. Not only that, students will have to do capstone clinical projects before graduating.

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Best Physician Assistant Schools in Georgia

From sophisticated equipment, experienced staff, and accommodating environments to comprehensive coursework and collaborative learning spaces, PA schools in Georgia offer quality training. Here are the best PA schools in Georgia:

#1. Emory University

With a GPA of 3.0, you can enroll in the physician assistant program at Emory University. The school’s located in Atlanta, GA, where students are trained to become professional healthcare administrators.

The school enjoys the services of qualified and experienced staff who treat students to dishes of experience and skill. This way, you’ll become an expert-level PA even before you graduate.

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#2. Augusta University

Among the top 100 PA programs in the United States, Augusta University has its place as an exceptional PA program. The school ensures students’ professionalism by exposing them to various healthcare specialties. This way, students become more interested in the program and more skillful in their careers.

Self-discovery and good interpersonal relationships are vital qualities that Augusta University promotes. The school’s located in Augusta, GA, and you must meet its requirements to benefit from this program.

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#3. Mercer University 

Geared towards training students to become excellent clinical researchers and highly sought-after health providers, Mercer University is a great choice. The school’s environment is conducive and open to international students.

At the school, you get to learn from experienced physicians and physician assistants. The curriculum’s comprehensive and well-designed, enough to take you through your PA career. Mercer University’s located in Atlanta, GA.

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#4. South University, Savannah

Due to the school’s comprehensive PA curriculum, students can learn across various medical disciplines, thus, becoming versatile medical practitioners. The school focuses on producing skilled physician assistants, and it achieves this through regular classes and lab sessions.

Located in Savannah, GA, the school’s environment is open to students from all parts of the world. However, applicants with many hours of shadowing or general clinical experience have higher chances of being accepted.

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#5. South College, Atlanta

The PA Master’s degree at Atlanta-based South College is among the best in Georgia. Here, you can gain helpful classroom and practical experiences that’ll help your PA career. This way, you’ll become well-equipped to adapt to the ever-changing medical world.

Although shadowing experience isn’t mandatory before applying, submitting proofs can increase your chances. The program is student-oriented, top-notch, and takes about 27 months to complete.

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#6. Brenau University

Brenau University’s located in Gainesville, GA. Since its inception, the school has focused on producing exceptional PAs who’re more than ready to perform their duties. Through a well-designed curriculum, students enjoy hands-on training sessions, thus, becoming competent PAs.

At the school, you learn from experienced teachers, some of who’re practicing physicians and PAs. Soft skills you can gain from the school include research & analysis, decision-making, effective communication, and interpersonal relationship.

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#7. Morehouse School of Medicine

Here, you get trained across various specialties like family health, infections & diseases, patient diagnosis, and emergency medicine. This way, the school achieves its aim of producing proficient physician assistants.

Teachers at the school expose students to many interesting medical areas like anatomy, thus, strengthening their interest in the program and bringing out their best.

The program takes about 28 months and is full of different clinical activities. In the concluding semester, you’ll handle an actual clinical practice – although you’ll be supervised. Currently, the Atlanta-based program doesn’t accept international students.

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#8. Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM), Georgia

Established in 2016, PCOM remains one of the best PA schools in Georgia. The program focuses more on exposing students to real-life clinical situations rather than just theory. Also, the school environment is designed to be an academically challenging one that helps students develop skills such as time management, problem-solving, and critical thinking.

PCOM is located in Suwanee, GA, where the small class size allows easy learning and close teacher supervision. In addition, the school accepts international students as long as they’ve got their TOEFL scores.

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What are the Easiest Physician Assistant Schools to Get into in Georgia?

Like in other states, Georgia-based PA schools have high standards. And to keep up with this, they set strict procedures for accepting students. As such, getting into a PA school in Georgia mightn’t be difficult. In this regard, here are Georgia’s most accessible PA schools to get into:

  • South College, Atlanta
  • Brenau University

What are the Cheapest Physician Assistant Schools in Georgia?

Read on for a list of the cheapest PA schools in Georgia. Here, you can find a school that fits your budget and go for it. The pro is that all PA schools in Georgia offer high-quality training. So, the cost doesn’t determine the quality. The cheapest PA schools in Georgia are:

  • Augusta University
  • Mercer University
  • South College, Atlanta

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Can Physician Assistants Practice Independently in Georgia?

Physician assistants based in Georgia can’t be involved in independent practice. The law forbids it, and any defaulter might have his license seized or revoked. Instead of a separate course, legal permission allows you to own a private healthcare establishment alongside a supervising physician

Simply put, a licensed physician must monitor a Georgia-based PA’s activity.

How Much Does A Physician Assistant Make in Georgia?

Several factors affect the salaries of PAs in Georgia – just like in any other state. These factors include the healthcare sector (public or private), years of experience, payment agreements, etc. Averagely, a PA in Georgia makes about $108,785 per year.

Physician Assistant Schools in Georgia that Don’t Require GRE

Some physician assistant schools in Georgia don’t require applicants to submit their GRE scores. Instead, they focus on other requirements like recommendation letters, GPA, and proof of experience. They include:

  • South College, Atlanta
  • Mercer University
  • Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, Georgia

Are there PA Master’s Programs in Georgia?

Yes! Most PA programs in Georgia are master’s programs. This program exposes students to professional training and more realistic healthcare approaches. 

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Are there Online PA Courses in Georgia for International Students?

Unlike Wisconsin, Texas, and Nebraska, Georgia has no online PA courses. You can take all courses on-campus across the various PA schools in the state.

How to Become A Physician Assistant in Georgia

Firstly, be accepted into an accredited physician assistant school in Georgia. After that, you should focus on the school’s classroom drills and laboratory sessions. Don’t forget to give your clinical projects your best as part of the training.

That done, you’re expected to take the Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam (PANCE). This is a significant examination that’s required for your licensure. Should you pass the PANCE, you can obtain your license and practice.

Physician Assistant Certification Council of Georgia

If you’re seeking licensure in Georgia, you should note that the Georgia Composite Medical Board will approve your application. The agency is responsible for the certification of all PAs in Georgia.

Also, the agency oversees the affairs of physicians, pain management clinics, perfusionists, and other health practitioners.

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Can A PA Write Prescriptions in Georgia?

If a PA in Georgia is under the supervision of a licensed physician, he can write prescriptions. Also, he can order drugs but with the approval of his supervising physician.

How Long Does It Take to Get A PA License in Georgia?

It takes about a month and two weeks to obtain your PA license in Georgia. This depends on how fast you are about your submission and how quickly they attend to it.

Is It Worth Becoming A Physician Assistant?

Well, it’s worth it! You can fit into different medical roles as a PA and be involved in special healthcare provisions. Ultimately, you can save lives in various medical specialties.


Becoming a physician assistant can be a challenging career pursuit. That’s why you need to attend an outstanding PA school where you can get the best skills and experience. If you’re or will be a Georgia resident and want to become a physician assistant, check out our list and enroll at your most preferred school. 


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