Top Military Schools in Ohio 2024 | All You Need to Know 

Ohio is home to just military colleges for troubled youth: boys and girls, not high schools. This means that if you’re looking to enroll a high school student into a military school, Ohio is not the state.

However,  with the availability of just colleges, Ohio military schools have an exception in training students in character, physical education, and academics. Its variety of programs and extracurricular activities help teenagers gain discipline and find their way to a better life through physical and mental conditioning.

Although the number of military colleges in Ohio is also limited, we have taken turns to explain each and what makes it unique. Here is a detailed guide on the best of Ohio military schools and colleges for troubled youth, those for boys and girls and those open to international students.

Let’s dive in!!! 

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How Many Military Schools are in Ohio?

First, there are no military high schools in Ohio, just colleges. And as of 2022, there are four military colleges in Ohio.

What are the Admission Requirements for Military Schools in Ohio?

When it comes to the admission requirements for schools in Ohio, the requirements differ from school to school. While each school may require certain documents, most schools do not care about them. While others require an interview, some schools do not require an interview. However, certain requirements are peculiar to all schools, and they include;

  • A minimum GPA
  • Physical fitness standards
  • A clean disciplinary record
  • Passing a standardized test such as the SSAT or ACT.
  • Some schools may also require an interview or letters of recommendation.

Admission Criteria 

To be considered for admission into a military academy or program in Ohio, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Fall within the age range accepted by the military academy or program.
  • Applicants must be residents of Ohio and either U.S. citizens or permanent residents.
  • They should not have any felony charges or pending court proceedings.
  • Applicants must be physically and mentally capable of participating in the program.
  • They should be free from the use of illegal drugs or other substances.
  • Applicants must complete and submit all required supporting documents, such as the application form, transcripts from previous schools attended, recommendation and reference letters, and any other relevant documents.
  • Finally, applicants must pay the application fee, if required, to complete the application process.

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Top Best Military Schools in Ohio 

Without  ado, let’s explore the best military colleges in Ohio while bearing in mind that there are no military high schools or academies in the state;

#1. John Carroll University ROTC

  • Grades: College
  • Established: 1886
  • School Type: Private 
  • Number of Faculty: 240
  • Number of Students: 3,000 
  • Location: Cleveland, Ohio

John Carroll University is a private Jesuit university open to undergraduate studies in business and liberal arts. Besides its academic programs, John Carroll University offers a comprehensive Army ROTC unit, a military program students can participate in to develop in leadership, self-discipline, and many more. The Army Reserve Officer Training Corps unit at John Carroll University is the best in Ohio. 

Enrolling in the John Carroll University ROTC program will require you to have a traditional college student experience. Tuition is free for John Carroll University ROTC program however, cadets must commit to serve in the Army after graduation.

To enroll, prospective students will apply to the school for admission first, if accepted, then you’d make a separate application for your interest in the Army ROTC program.


#2. Capital University AROTC

  • Grades: College
  • Established: 1830
  • School Type: Private 
  • Number of Faculty: 200
  • Number of Students: 3,500 
  • Location: Columbus, Ohio

One of the best military schools and colleges in Ohio is Capital University. Capital University has been a prestigious citadel of learning operating since the 18th century. 

Besides its academic programs and law school, Capital University has an Army Reserve Officer Training Corps unit. Enrollment into the Capital University AROTC program gets you into the Crusader Battalion. Cadets in the Crusader Battalion work hard to achieve their academic and personal goals. 

The Capital University AROTC program is set up to prepare students for leadership careers in the Army. Upon graduation, cadets have commissioned second lieutenants in the U.S. Army. If you do not intend to join the military, do not enroll in the Capital University AROTC program.


#3. The University of Akron AROTC

  • Grades: College
  • Established: 1886
  • School Type: Public 
  • Number of Faculty: 500
  • Number of Students: 4,500 
  • Location: Akron, Ohio

The University of Akron’s Army Reserve Officer Training Corps unit is known as the Volunteer Battalion. This military program at the University of Akron makes it one of the best military schools in Ohio.

The University of Akron AROTC is an elective program open to undergraduate and graduate students to pursue the degree of their choice while learning valuable leadership skills. As a public school, tuition and fees for books and monthly allowance are free. 

Besides the Army ROTC program at the University of Akron, the University offers STEM-focused polymers, advanced materials, and engineering programs and over 300 undergraduate and graduate degree programs.


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#4. Ohio State University NROTC

  • Grades: College
  • Established: 1886
  • School Type: Public 
  • Number of Faculty: 240
  • Number of Students: 3,000 
  • Location: Columbus, Ohio

Next on our list of best military schools in Ohio is the Ohio State University. The Ohio State University offers a Naval ROTC program for undergraduates. 

Ohio State University is a prestigious, public land-grant research university consistently ranking among the best universities in the US and in the world. 

The emphasis of the Naval ROTC program at the Ohio State University is to produce leaders in the U.S. Navy. This makes it the best fit for anyone wanting to start a marine industry career while serving in the US Navy.

Mapped-out activities for the Ohio State University NROTC program include engaging in a sailing team, drill team, rifle-pistol team, engineering societies, etc.


Are There Military High Schools In Ohio?

As of 2022, Ohio has no military high schools, just colleges. If you want to enrol your child into a military high school, other US states have a handful. See the best military schools in Alabama, Florida, New York etc

How Much Does It Cost To Attend Military Schools In Ohio? 

There is no specific cost for military schools in Ohio. This is so because each school has its tuition requirements. Schools such as the John Carroll University ROTC program are tuition-free.

To clarify the cost of tuition fees at Ohio Military Schools, it’s best to visit the school’s website once you’ve decided to enrol your child.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Military Colleges In Ohio  

What age requirement is fit for military schools in Ohio?

Because all of the military schools in Ohio are colleges,  the age requirement falls between 12-23 years. Only college and university-ready students can apply. 

What types of programs do military colleges in Ohio offer?

Ohio military colleges offer a wide range of programs that cuts across the following;

– Honour classes
– Army ROTC programs 
– Naval ROTC programs
– Summer camp programs 
– military training programs.
– leadership development programs.

Does Missouri have a tuition-free military school?

Yes, John Carroll University ROTC is a free military school in Ohio. However, cadets must commit to serving in the Army upon graduation.

Are military schools in Ohio only for troubled youth?

Ohio military schools are open to cadets seeking a structured and disciplined environment to improve academically, physically, and socially, not just for troubled youth. 

Must I Become A Soldier If I Attend A Military School in Ohio?

Enrolling in schools such as John Carroll University will mean you will be joining the army after graduation. The same applies to Capital University and Ohio State University.

What is the admission process for military schools in Ohio?

The admission process for military schools in Ohio typically involves an application, academic records, personal essays, recommendations, and an interview. Some schools may also require a physical fitness test or a medical examination.

How do military schools in Ohio differ from traditional public or private schools?

Ohio military colleges differ from traditional public or private schools in several ways. 

– They typically have a more structured and disciplined environment, with strict rules and regulations that govern student behavior. 
– They also place a greater emphasis on physical fitness, leadership, and character development. 
– Finally, they may offer unique opportunities such as military training and specialized programs that prepare students for careers in the military or other fields.


Although Ohio is not a state for military high schools, the colleges available are highly recognized nationally. So Ohio is the best state to look out for when looking for military colleges nationwide. Keep in mind that not all military colleges are free. Ensure to check out these schools’ websites for more details before applying.

We hope you find it a perfect pick for your child. If not, visit our website to explore other states in the USA and the available military schools. 


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