Top Military Schools in Oregon |  All You Need to Know

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the top military schools in Oregon. Whether you’re considering a future in the armed forces or seeking a structured and disciplined environment for personal growth, these institutions offer exceptional opportunities.

It’s without a doubt that Oregon is one of the states in the USA with some of the best military high schools, colleges, and academies open to civilians, troubled youth, and students whose parents are on active duty.

Oregon, which is known for its beautiful Pacific coastline and scenic Cascade Mountain Range, is an excellent choice for students interested in attending military schools. 

Due to the limited number of military academies in Oregon, it’s often daunting to pick a school for your ward. If you’re here searching for the best military schools and military-friendly colleges in Oregon, you’re sure to find the best pick.

Identifying the best military school doesn’t have to be a task. Here we have shown you the best military high schools and colleges in Oregon as well as their admission requirements, tuition cost, and academic style.

Let’s dive in!!!

How Many Military Schools are in Oregon?

There are 4 military schools in Oregon and 5 military programs. Just one of the four military schools is a military high school: Oregon State University NROTC program and the others are military colleges. Keep in mind that the Oregon Youth Challenge Program (OYCP) which is one of Oregon’s military schools is a military-friendly school.

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Oregon’s Best Military Schools to Apply to

Let’s explore the best military high schools and colleges across Oregon state that have a track record of excellence in academics and military training;

#1. Oregon State University

  • Grades: 9-12
  • Phone: 541-737-6289
  • Number of Faculty: 3,000 
  • Number of Students: 20,000 
  • Military Program: Naval ROTC 
  • Address: 2201 SW Washington Way, Corvallis, OR 97331

If your high school ward is interested in the Navy or Marine Corps, one of the best military schools for such training is Oregon State University.  Oregon State University has a track record of raising and graduating excellent and highly sought-after Naval officers. 

The NROTC program emphasizes leadership, character development, and naval science. Classes are open to civilians as well as students whose parents are in the military.  In addition to the Naval science classes and training, cadets engage in midship training outside the classroom. 

Students in need of financial aid have a long list of scholarships they can apply for in the Oregon State University Naval ROTC program. Upon graduation, cadets are commissioned to Ensign in the Navy or Second Lieutenant in the Marine Corps.


#2. University of Oregon Army

  • Grades: College
  • Number Of Faculty: 2,000 
  • Number Of Students: 20,000 
  • School Address: Eugene, Oregon
  • Military Program: Army ROTC, Air Force ROTC 

From its name, it’s easy to deduce that the University of Oregon is a military school open to just college students. The University of Oregon is one of the best military schools in Oregon.

Through its Army and Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps program, the University of Oregon has produced cadets who flawlessly join the Army and Air Force through rigorous military training and academics.

Hard work is the foundation of the program at the University of Oregon. As such, students are encouraged to do excellently in academics as well as in military programs. Keep in mind that the physical fitness program at the University of Oregon is mandatory for all cadets. The curriculum includes military science classes and traditional coursework. 


#3. The University of Portland

  • Grades: College
  • Number Of Faculty: 300
  • Number Of Students: 3,500 
  • Military Program: Army ROTC
  • School Address: Portland, Oregon

Next on our list of the best military schools in Oregon is the University of Portland. The University of Portland offers an Army Reserve Officer Training Corps program to college students. 

The Army ROTC program at the University of Portland is open to students who want to be commissioned officers in the U.S. Army after graduation. Through the Army ROTC program, cadets develop leadership skills. 

Also, it is essential to know that the  Army ROTC program at the University of Portland is not an independent program. The AROTC program is taken in conjunction with traditional college courses.


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#4. Oregon Youth Challenge Program

  • Grades: 16 – above
  • Phone: 541-317-9623
  • Number Of Faculty: N/A
  • Number Of Students: N/A
  • Military Program: Army ROTC
  • Address: 23861 Dodds Road, Bend, Oregon 97701

The Oregon Youth Challenge Program (OYCP) is not an official military school; it is best referred to as one of the military-friendly high schools in Oregon. 

The public high school is open to all but particularly more at-risk adolescents, high school dropouts, or those failing in the traditional public school setting. Prospective students with felony convictions are not eligible to attend.

Following the OYCP curriculum, students enrol and live on-campus for 5 1/2 months following a strict military model. The curriculum has three phases and all students must complete all three phases. 

Phase one involves physical development, learning the structure of the program, discipline and military indoctrination and it lasts for two weeks. The second phase involves classroom instruction which lasts for twenty weeks. The third phase is a mentorship program which lasts twelve months. 


#5. Detachment 685

  • Grades: 17 – above
  • Phone: 541-737-3291
  • Number Of Faculty: 300
  • Number Of Students: 3,500 
  • Military Program: Air Force ROTC
  • Address: 308 McAlexander Fieldhouse, Corvallis, OR 97331

Last on the list of the best military schools in Oregon is Detachment 685. Detachment 685 is a 4 year Air Force ROTC program affiliated with Oregon State University. 

All students who gained admission into the Detachment 685 program go through the training for free and have a job awaiting them upon graduation. The free tuition comes at a cost, cadets get to serve the Air Force four years after completion of the four-year college program.

Only students who pass the fitness test and background check get accepted into the Detachment 685 program. Keep in mind that there are height and weight restrictions put in place by the Air Force. 

Also, keep in mind that all applicants for the Detachment 685 must have parental consent.


Are there Military High Schools in Oregon?

The only military high school program in Oregon is the Oregon State University Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps unit program open to ages 9-12. 

If you’re looking for other high school options when it comes to military schools, we recommend you explore our website for military high schools in states such as Texas, Alabama, Arizona and a list of others. 

How Much Does it Cost to Attend Military Schools in Oregon? 

Oregon does not have a fixed tuition stamp on all of its military schools. Each military school in the state has its own tuition cost except for the Detachment 685 program which is totally free. 

To be exact on the cost of tuition fees for the military school of your choice in Oregon, visit the school’s website for details. Also keep in mind that some military schools in Oregon offer financial aid, scholarships and some payment plans to ease the weight of its tuition cost. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Military Colleges in Oregon  

What is the Best Military School in Oregon?

The choice of the best military school in Oregon depends on your expectations as a person. However, some of the best military high schools and colleges in Oregon include Oregon State University, The University of Oregon, the University of Portland and the Oregon Youth Challenge Program.

Are there Free Military Schools in Oregon?

Yes, the Detachment 685 Air Force ROTC program at Oregon State University is totally free. However, graduates of this program will have to serve the Air Force free for four years after graduation. 

What is the Student-Teacher Ratio at Military Schools in Oregon?

Due to the few numbers who enrol for military programs in Oregon schools, the student-to-teacher ratio is usually small. The small class sizes as believed by many schools in Oregon foster one-on-one engagements and interaction. 

Do Cadets Participate in Extracurricular Activities in Oregon Military Colleges?

Extracurricular activities are also a core aspect of military schools as it is believed that extracurricular activities help produce all-around students. 

Most military colleges and academies in Oregon offer a range of sports teams, clubs, and other extracurricular activities for students to participate in.

What are the Graduation Requirements for Military Schools in Oregon?

Depending on the school, graduation requirements vary. But typically graduation requirements include completing a certain number of academic credits, participating in military training and leadership development, and passing a physical fitness test. Military programs such as Detachment 685, require 4 years of full service in the Air Force upon graduation. 

What are the Admission Requirements for Military schools in Oregon?

Here are the admission requirements for military schools in Oregon:

  • A minimum GPA
  • Passing physical fitness tests
  • Meeting age and citizenship requirements. 

Some schools may also require an interview and letters of recommendation.

Do Military Schools in Oregon Accept Troubled Youths?

Not all military schools in Oregon accept troubled youth. The military school for troubled youth in Oregon is the Oregon Youth Challenge Program (OYCP).

OYCP is open to all but particularly more at-risk adolescents, high school dropouts, or those failing in the traditional public school setting. 

However, note that the Oregon Youth Challenge Program (OYCP) does not accept students with felony convictions.


Attending any of the military schools we have listed above can never be wrong as all have an established track record of excellence in raising cadets who have effortlessly and efficiently excelled in their careers.

To get started, visit the website of the school of your choice and apply. Apply to as many as possible to stand a chance. As you examine the schools above, ensure to choose the school whose program best suits your preference. 

We hope you find a perfect pick for your child. If not, visit our website to explore other states in the USA and the available military schools. 


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