7 Best Esthetician Schools in Dallas 2024 | How to Apply


If you’re looking to start your cosmetology career in Dallas, Texas, the esthetician schools in Dallas below, all of which meet state requirements, are a great place to start.

You must attend school in the state in which you wish to practice. Most states require that you graduate from an accredited school. 


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Is Dallas a Good Place to Study Cosmetology?

Dallas, Texas, is usually known for the Dallas Cowboys and the State Fair of Texas, but this popular tourist destination has a thriving beauty scene that gets bigger every year.


Popular beauty brands started in Dallas include Mary Kay, Sally Beauty, and Cetaphil. Almost every year, there is a new brand that is very successful. 

Big brands can bring in millions and even billions of dollars annually.

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Are there Esthetician Schools in Dallas, Texas?

The Dallas metroplex offers several Esthetician schools in Dallas to choose from, and many offer financial aid or help students find resources for scholarships and grants. 

Cosmetology schools in Dallas offer a wide range of courses, from hair and makeup to esthetics and nails.

If you are planning to attend esthetics school in Dallas, TX to be able to work in a salon or start your own business, this is a great place to live and work. 

They have the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) system, which offers light rail and buses to connect remote parts of Dallas with downtown Dallas. 

They are home to several malls with plenty to do and eat, so you can easily keep yourself entertained when you have free time.

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How Long is Dallas Esthetician Schools?

The first step to becoming licensed as a cosmetologist in Texas is to complete a commission-approved training program of at least 750 hours in one of the estheticians’ schools in Dallas, Texas. 

The approved esthetics program includes both classroom and clinical (hands-on) training, where you’ll learn everything from sanitation and safety to the practice of aromatherapy.

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How to Become an Esthetician in Dallas, Texas

Texas is one of only a few states that offer a cosmetologist/manicurist license.  If you want to get this dual license, you can complete an esthetics program first and then a manicure program, at least 600 hours, or a blended program that consists of 1,200 hours. 

The Commission must approve the blended esthetician/manicurist program you choose.  Licensed cosmetologists in Texas enjoy opportunities in many locations, such as spas, salons, and medical professionals’ offices. 

As a licensed esthetician, you can specialize in one of several areas, such as makeup, facials, or waxing, or you can enjoy a broader professional practice.

In addition to working in a salon or spa, many estheticians work as independent contractors.  Wherever your career as an esthetician in Texas takes you, you can be sure that there are various opportunities for you.

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What are the Best Esthetician Schools in Dallas 2023?

#1 Aveda Arts & Sciences Institutes

Aveda is ideal for entrepreneurs who want to learn cosmetology and start their businesses. Their cosmetology course covers business development, retail, and how to attract and retain new clients.

In addition to the business aspect, the program covers hair cutting and coloring, hair texturing, makeup, and nails. The course will start with classroom learning, move to practical practice, and end with studying the business aspect.

The program will allow you to complete several specializations, including those of a colorist, make-up artist, salon manager, or training at Aveda.


#2 Fort Worth Beauty School

The esthetics program at Fort Worth Beauty School prepares students for the world of skin in a spa environment. 

The theory and hands-on training will cover the basics of skincare. Still, they will also include courses required for additional certifications to give graduates a competitive edge in the industry. 

The school is a Dermalogica partner school, so students will benefit from their education and products.

You must be a high school graduate and provide a copy of your diploma, transcript, GED, or homeschool diploma.


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#3 Ogle School

The Ogle School of Hair, Skin, and Nails offers a cosmetology program that teaches you everything you need to know about hair, including washing, cutting and styling, and coloring. 

The program will train students in manicures and facials and cover salon management. The cosmetology program does not cover makeup. If you want to learn it, their beautician course will cover it and skin care.

The Ogle School uses modern technology to facilitate student learning. Students can choose an iPad with their studies to access several valuable tools that will make studying and communicating with other students easier.


#4 3D Lash and Brow Academy

3D Lash and Brow is a Dermalogica partner school, so esthetician students can get the best education possible.  The school is licensed and approved by TDLR. 

The curriculum includes intensive training for a career as a cosmetologist in accordance with industry standards.  Students can complete the program online (100), in person, or as a hybrid student. 

Hybrid students will complete 50% of their coursework online.  Course topics include eyelash extensions, eyebrow lamination, eyebrow tinting, facials, makeup, waxing, light therapy, client care, chemistry, nutrition, aromatherapy, eyebrow tinting, and more. 


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#5 Paul Mitchell the School Dallas

For over 30 years, Paul Mitchell’s School of Dallas has been transforming students into professionals through its cosmetology program. The program has three levels: basic, adaptive, and creative. 

The basic level will teach students the basics, such as weaving and styling, perming and straightening, and cutting and coloring hair. It also covers makeup, nails, and facials. All students practice on mannequins.

The adaptive level gives students a salon-like room to practice their skills with real people.  This is the stage where students learn to provide excellent customer service.

The creative level allows students to work independently under supervision to build a portfolio, improve skills and develop speed.


#6 Salon Boutique Academy

Salon Boutique Academy offers a flexible cosmetology program that fits perfectly into any schedule.  They offer full-time, part-time, day, and evening classes so you can work around your schedule.  Spanish classes are also available.

Their cosmetology program spends 800 hours teaching students hair cutting, coloring, and styling, as well as the skills needed to be a professional and own a salon. 

200 hours are spent on skincare, such as facials and hair removal. Nail care takes 100 hours. Students will practice on mannequins and models and will later be able to test their skills on clients under the supervision of instructors.


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#7 Dallas Skin Institute

Dallas Skin Institute’s cosmetology program covers hair, nails, and eyelashes.  In this 1,000-hour program, students will learn how to cut and color mannequin hair, manicures and pedicures, and eyelash extension techniques.

The course will prepare students for the state exam and introduce them to business ideas. This will help them apply their skills almost immediately after graduation. 

Students will also have the opportunity to do a freehand beauty show to work independently and show off their new skills as they learn them.



Cosmetology goes hand in hand with many services, such as massage or hair removal, so we have taken care to show you various schools for every taste.

On this list, most of the Esthetician schools in Dallas, Texas, offer financial aid, although some do not. If they cannot provide financial aid, they have staff who are happy to help you find sources of scholarships and grants to make the course more affordable.

Many cosmetology schools in Dallas offer training in cosmetology, nail care, hairdressing, and esthetics. When looking at different schools, you may notice that the length of the program varies from school to school. 

However, all schools must meet the requirements set forth by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. Requirements range from 600 hours for nail technicians to 1,500 hours for estheticians.

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Esthetician Schools in Dallas FAQs

How Much Do Estheticians In Dallas Make?

Dallas has the fourth-highest employment rate for cosmetologists, employing more than 1,800 people.  If you are a cosmetologist in Dallas, you can expect your starting pay to be around $12.92 per hour, slightly lower than the national average.

However, because cosmetology schools in Dallas train you to obtain a combined cosmetology and manicurist license, you will have double the opportunity to find work.

Are Estheticians in Demand in Dallas?

While the national job outlook for cosmetologists and beauty professionals is excellent, Texas cosmetologists can predict an even better job outlook. Estimates show a 21% increase in job openings between 2010 and 2020, which translates to approximately 1,800 new beauty jobs across the state annually.

What Do I Do After Completing the Commission-Approved Esthetics Program In Dallas?

Upon successful completion of a Commission-approved esthetician program in Dallas, TX, you must apply for licensure as a cosmetologist by completing a cosmetology license by examination (select an esthetics major) and submitting it along with a $50 fee to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR).


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