Fellowship Opportunities in Germany in 2021 – How to Become a German Fellow

Fellowship Opportunities in Germany in 2021 - How to Become a German Fellow
Fellowship in Germany

Clicking on this article suggests you want to become a German Fellow. Or let’s say, you’re yet to make a choice but don’t know if Germany is a great option. Well, this piece gives you those answers. We have outlined over 10 fellowship opportunities and programs in Germany in 2021.

Let’s explore them!!! Welcome Aboard!!!


Most scholars say that fellowshiping in Germany is a dual experience. What this means is that fellows get to enjoy the rich and thrilling German culture. The beautiful European countryside scenery, the Christmas market and amazing landscape characterize Germany. Not to forget the German cuisine; tasty.

Talking about Fellowship Opportunities in Germany, everyone can apply. That is up to say, regardless of your country, you’re welcome to Germany for fellowship. These Fellowship opportunities in Germany are open to both US and non-US citizens.

Knowing how to secure any of the fellowship programs in Germany is an important criterion. This piece will enlighten on which and where to start. Don’t forget to make a choice out of the list. Without further ado, have a good read.

15 Fellowship Opportunities in Germany

Regardless of your level, discipline or profession, Germany has a spot for you. Germany fellowships are open to graduates, mid-career professionals, and experts. Let’s explore these opportunities below.

Einstein Fellowship

Aim: To support outstanding thinkers in their projects.

Offered by: Einstein Forum and the Daimler & Benz Foundation.

Open to: Outstanding Young Thinkers.

Age of Applicants: Under 35 years.

Duration of Program: 5-6 months.

Fund Type and Amount: EUR 10,000 and reimbursement of travel expenses.

Nationality of Applicants: All Nations.

Deadline: April 15th, 2021.

Note: Applicants must hold a “University degree” in humanities, natural or social sciences. They expect fellows to present their project in public lecture. This takes place in Einstein Forum and the Daimler & Benz Foundation. Also, they give fellows accommodation.

German Chancellor Fellowship

Aim: To support leaders carryout their designed project.

Offered by: German Government.

Open to: Prospective leaders.

Age of Applicants: Not specified.

Duration of Program: One year.

Fund Type and Amount: 2,150-2,750 EUR (Monthly).

Nationality of Applicants: Brazil, China, India and USA.

Deadline: 15th September 2021.

Note: Applicants must have 12 years old BA at the time of application. In other words, this fellowship program in Germany is not open to recent graduates. Also, knowing how to speak German is not a prerequisite. Prospective fellows will carryout their project in cooperation with a host in Germany.

All candidates from the selected countries can apply. But candidates in humanities, law, economics and social sciences have a high acceptance rate.

McCloy Fellowship on Global Trends

Aim: To support projects on Transatlantic Agenda.

Offered by: Not Specified.

Open to: Journalists, think tanks, lawyers, non-profits and cultural organizations.

Age of Applicants: 45 Years and below.

Duration of Program: Three Weeks.

Fund Type and Amount: $5,000

Nationality of Applicants: America and Germany.

Deadline: Not Specified.

Note: Project topics must address any of the global trends: climate change and sustainability, demographics and social change, technological breakthroughs, and urbanization. The dynamic nature of this fellowship program allows Germans to travel to USA and Americans to Germany.

Also, applicants must have a minimum of 5 years of relevant, full-time work experience.

International Climate Protection Fellowship

Aim: To support research based climatic projects.

Offered in: Germany.

Open to: Climate Experts.

Age of Applicants: Not Specified.

Duration of Program: One year.

Fund Type and Amount: 2,150–2,750 EUR per month.

Nationality of Applicants: Developing Countries.

Deadline: Not Specified.

Note: Majorly, this fellowship supports professionals who have an interest in climate conservation. Fellows must be active in scientific, engineering-based, legal, economic, health-related or social aspects of climate change. One interesting feature of this fellowship program is that fellows choose their supervisors.

Furthermore, they provide intensive German language study. This is so because German is the major language instruction.

Émigré Memorial German Internship Program–German States Parliaments (EMGIP)

Aim: To provide scholars a platform to gain Government work experience.

Offered by: German States Parliament.

Open to: Scholars who have an interest in Specific Policy Issue.

Age of Applicants: Not Specified.

Duration of Program: Not Specified.

Fund Type and Amount: Not Specified.

Nationality of Applicants: U.S and Canadian Students.

Deadline: Not Specified.

Note: The deadline for this program differs. This is so because EMGIP runs three times a year: fall, spring and summer. Peculiar to this fellowship program is the opportunity to improve your German language skills, & learn about German culture.

EMGIP is for fellows who have the intention to pursue their career at the regional level of government in US and Canada. Also, your interest should be in environment, education, or healthcare).

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Hans Fischer Senior Fellowship

Fellowship Programs in Germany
German Fellow

Aim: To support innovative and high-risk projects.

Offered by: TUM in Munich.

Open to: Outstanding Scientists.

Age of Applicants: Not Specified.

Duration of Program: Three Years.

Fund Type and Amount: 60,000 EUR + 50,000 EUR for travel, housing and research + 50,000 EUR (Available on needed basis)

Nationality of Applicants: All Nations.

Deadline: Not Specified.

Note: Fellows stay in TUM, Munich for 9 months, after which they receive an award. Interestingly, fellows carryout their research with a team of professionals: TUM Research Group. In addition, Fellows receive support for one doctoral candidate at TUM for 3 years.

Bayer Foundation Fellowship Program

Aim: To support Young scholars who have interest to carryout a research project in Germany.

Offered by: Not Specified.

Open to: Students and Young Professionals.

Age of Applicants: Not Specified.

Duration of Program: Two Years.

Fund Type and Amount: Fully Funded.

Nationality of Applicants: All Nations.

Deadline: Not specified.

Note: This Fellowship mainly offers financial support in form of scholarships. It’s open for fellows in Life Sciences, Medicine, Agro Sciences, Biology, Chemistry, Healthcare, Technology, and Business.

American Academy in Berlin Prize

Aim: To support Scholars who wish to engage in an independent study in Berlin.

Offered by: American Academy in Berlin.

Open to: Established and Emerging Scholars, Writers and Professionals.

Age of Applicants: Not Specified.

Duration of Program: An Academic semester or 6-8 Weeks.

Fund Type and Amount: $5,000 monthly stipend + Benefits.

Nationality of Applicants: U.S based Scholars

Deadline: Not Specified.

Note: German fellow(s) free accommodation is at the Academy’s lakeside Hans Arnold Center in Berlin-Wannsee district.

Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange for Young Professionals (CBYX)

Aim: To equip scholars professionally.

Offered by: Not Specified.

Open to: All Professions.

Age of Applicants: 18-24 Years.

Duration of Program: One Year.

Fund Type and Amount: Fully Funded.

Nationality of Applicants: USA

Deadline: Not Specified.

Note: This fellowship program is dynamic. Fellows undergo professional trainings at different locations in Germany. The goes thus; 2 months language training, 4 months study at a German university, and a 5-months internship in a German-speaking work environment.

Global Challenges Fellowship Program (GCFP)

Aim: To foster alternative forms of collaboration across international borders by inviting fellows.

Offered by: Not Specified.

Open to: Researchers and Policy Makers.

Age of Applicants: Not Specified.

Duration of Program: 7-8 months.

Fund Type and Amount: Fully Funded.

Nationality of Applicants: Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Iran, Mexico, Nigeria, South Africa, and Turkey.

Deadline: Not Specified.

Note: They invite fellows to Budapest, Hungary, Berlin, and Germany to forge closer ties between nations. This fellowship program attempts to solve some of the world’s most pressing public policy challenges.

However, it focuses on projects in development and governance, Internet governance and changing global institutions.

Other Fellowship Programs you could look out for in Germany include;

Other Fellowship opportunities for a German Fellow include;

  • DAAD Visiting Professorships
  • German-Israeli Journalists’ Fellowship
  • Robert Bosch Foundation Fellowship Program

Application Requirements For Fellowship in Germany

Applying to fellowship programs in Germany is an impressive feat. Before applying, get these documents ready.

  • Cover letter
  • Certificates
  • Transcripts
  • References (2)
  • Motivation Letter
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Statement of Purpose.
  • Language Proficiency: IELTS, TOEFL, GRE or anyone Specified.

These are the basic requirements. Although there might be additional requirements depending on the fellowship opportunity. Once you make a choice of fellowship, look up their requirements and apply. Similarly, students must have a master’s degree (or equivalent).


Germany welcomes scholars to take part in fellowship opportunities and programs. German fellow or fellows testify that the rich blend of culture will remain an indelible experience. We wish you best of luck. Gracias!!!

We hope this piece was worth your time. Get back to us once you become a German fellow.

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