Study Abroad in Japan 2024 | Cost and Scholarship in Japan


Do you want to study abroad, and your preferred country is Japan? If yes, then you should read this article to the end.

In this article, you will find everything you need to know about studying in Japan.


While reading, you will discover some of the cheapest universities in Japan and some scholarships available for international students who wish to study in Japan.

While reading, you will also learn how to get cheap accommodation in Japan and how to save money while studying there.


To top it all up, this article also contains the requirements for getting a student visa.

If you desire to study in Japan, you shouldn’t hesitate to read this article carefully.

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Study Abroad in Japan for Free 2023

Study Abroad in Japan

Things You Need to Know Before Studying Abroad in Japan as an International Student

If you’re wondering why most international students choose to study in Japan, then I think you need to hear this. After graduation from any university in Japan, international students have many work opportunities. You don’t get that everywhere!!!

This is so because these Japanese universities have internship agreements with companies such as Honda, Toyota, and Sony. This gives the most international student a 70% chance of finding a job there in Japan.

I’m sure you must be impressed with that information. Still, before you start your application process, you must familiarize yourself with all the information required to avoid getting stuck.

Will there be challenges? Yes, but there is nothing a good piece of advice can’t fix. So here are some things you need to know before studying abroad in Japan.

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You have to know the Japanese Language!!

Right before you get started on your application process, you need to go learn the Japanese language. Although some universities lecture in English, that is no excuse because most conversations are in Japanese. Moreover, this is a great opportunity to improve your language!!!

You can Study and Work.

This is why most international student study abroad in Japan. Japanese universities offer full-time and part-time studying; this is almost impossible in countries such as the USA and Canada, where tuition is high. So, if you don’t have enough cash to carry through your years in school, you could get a job to sustain you.

Get your Finances in order.

You could start by getting yourself an ATM card (Visa card preferably), a traveler’s check, and a credit card. This is important because you need different means of receiving and sending cash. You can use a credit card or traveler’s check.

You also need to know that even though you’re allowed to work as a student, you must have a particular amount of cash to be allowed into the country. So you got to start putting some cash together.

Pack Light

Japanese are known to be fashionable, simple, and addicted to quality dressings. You might need to have that in your mind when packing. Just a few of your classy clothes will do; you must buy another.

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Study In Japan for Free in 2023

Of course, there are opportunities for international students studying abroad in Japan to study for free. When I mean free, I mean FREE!!! You only have to get a scholarship and leave in the student environment. This allows you to save quite a sum while studying abroad in Japan.

Also, direct enrollment into Japanese universities gives you access to study for free as an international student studying in Japan. That’s why you need to learn the Japanese Language.


How to Study Abroad for Free

Learn how to study abroad for free.

Find out more on how to study in abroad in Japan for free


Can international students study abroad in Japan for free?

Yes, the possibility of an international student studying abroad in Japan for free is 100%. The free opportunities to study in Japan are for citizens and international students.

You could make this possible by having the proper documents and applying through suitable bodies. Here’s a little detail I would like you to know, before considering studying in Japan for free, you must understand that this opportunity is open in the government and public universities.

This might not give you the best education you need. Therefore, it’s advisable to look out for cheap universities in Japan.

Are there Cheap Universities in Japan for International Students?

Yes, there are cheap universities in Japan. One striking feature about cheap universities in Japan is that they’re not just cheap. They offer quality.

So if you’re an international student thinking of quality education at an affordable cost, then Japan is the place. You must know that this largely depends on your program of study and your location in Japan.

Below, you will find a list of cheap universities in Japan for international students with their links.

Cheap Universities in Japan for International Students

  • Osaka University Undergraduate 535,800 Yen per year Graduate Tuition – Fee: 535,800 Yen per year
  • Waseda University Undergraduate – Tuition Fees: Starting From 999,000 Yen per Year Graduate Tuition Fees: Starting From 624,000 Yen per Year
  • Kyushu University Undergraduate Tuition Fee: 535,800 Yen per Year Graduate Tuition Fee: 535,800 Yen per Year
  • Hokkaido University Undergraduate Tuition Fees: 535,800 Yen per Year Graduate Tuition Fees: 535,800 Yen per Year
  • Tohoku University Undergraduate: 535,800 Yen Per Year Graduate: 535,800 Yen Per Year
  • University of Tokyo Undergraduate: 535,800 Yen Per Year Graduate: 535,800 Yen Per Year
  • Kyoto University Undergraduate: 535,800 yen per year Graduate: 535,800 yen per year
  • Keio University Undergraduate: Starting From 870,000 yen per year Graduate: Starting From 940,000 yen per year
  • Kansai University Undergraduate Tuition Fees: Starting From 890,000 Yen per Year Graduate: Starting From 729,000 Yen per Year
  • Tokyo City University Undergraduate: Starting from 1,380,000 Yen per Year Graduate: Starting from 1,190,000 Yen per Year

Suppose you’re in doubt about which university to choose. In that case, I recommend the University of Tokyo; it’s located in the nation’s capital and allows you to see Japan’s beautiful structures and impressive features. But before you make that decision, look at the cost of living in Japan as an international student.

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Cost of Living in Japan as an International Student

Studying abroad in Japan as an international student could be more fun due to the affordable cost of living in Japan as an international student.

Below you will find the necessary information you need to know about the cost of living in Japan as an international student.

Shikoku region has the lowest cost of living at about 104,000 yen, whereas the Kanto region has the highest cost of living at about 154,000 yen.
So choose wisely.

What is the Average Cost of Living in Japan?

Here’s what you need to know, the average cost of living in Japan as an international student each month/year largely depends on where you live in Japan, and the city you live in majorly contributes to the cost of living. Living in Tokyo: the nation’s capital will increase your cost of living compared to when you’re living in Shikoku.

This also applies to other essentials such as food, internet, electricity, and fun time. Wise spending is advised as Japan has a lot of things to catch your eye and make you spend money.

How much money do you need to Live Comfortably in Japan?

If you, as an international student living in Japan, want to live comfortably regardless of the city, you should earn 80,000 yen or more. Don’t forget this depends on where you live; living in Tokyo or Kanto is more expensive compared to Shikoku, Osaka, and other areas in Japan.

So, to have a decent and comfortable life studying in Japan, you must get a job to make that happen.

Can I work as an International Student Studying Abroad in Japan?

Yes, even though this is very rare. Japan is one of the countries that allow international students to work and school at the same time. All you have to do is to get a work permit and proof that you can juggle the two together without issues.

Japan offers international students 90 hours per month to work, so yes, you can work as an international student living in Japan.

Cost of Living in Japan: Sample Monthly Budget

Aside from tuition fees, we have carefully put together a sample budget to give you an insight into the possible cost of living in Japan for an international student living in Japan.

Electricity Bills5000-10,000
Phone bills/internet5000
Entertainment/social activities1000
Books/study materials5000
Other miscellaneous8000

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Scholarships in Japan for International Students 2023

Yes, Japan offers scholarships for international students. This scholarship scheme or opportunities can come from the government or the universities themselves; either way, it’s legit.

Some scholarship opportunities in Japan and their links

To find out more about these Japan scholarships, click on the links!!!

Government Scholarships in Japan for International Students

Yes, there are Government scholarships for international students in Japan. As an edge, you must know the Japanese language because you must pass their exam to gain this scholarship.

It’s also essential for you to know that this scholarship opportunity is open to all international students at all academic levels, e.g., college, undergraduate, master, and Ph.D. programs.

The JASSO international student scholarship is a program the Japanese government offers and usually lasts three months to one academic year. The exciting part is that it covers every expense.

University Scholarships in Japan for International Students

Now, just in case you are not lucky to get into the Japanese government scholarship scheme, universities in Japan offer scholarships to international students.

You could check out the university’s official website to get first-hand information.

Requirements to Study Abroad in Japan in 2023

The requirements might differ depending on the University and program you to want to study. We have put together the basic requirements you need to study in Japan.

  • Valid passport
  • 12 years of school in your home country or an International Baccalaureate diploma (many universities also accept the German Abitur)
  • Proof that you can pay all of your expenses while studying
  • Japanese language skills (not technically a requirement, but you will struggle in university courses without a working knowledge of the language)
  • Visa application form from the Japanese embassy or consulate
  • One photograph was taken within the past 3 months.
  • Certificate of Eligibility – the original document and one copy
  • Certificate of Admission – given to you by the school
  • University application requirements
  • Universities in Japan usually request these documents.
  • References from professors/teachers
  • Proof that you can financially support yourself while studying
  • High school transcripts and/or diplomas
  • A valid passport
  • Passport-size photographs

Once you have these documents, you will have smooth sailing in applying and being accepted into Japanese universities.

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Japanese Student Visa Requirement

To obtain a student visa to Japan, you must apply at the Japanese embassy or consular post in your country of residence. You will need these requirements.

  • A valid international passport that remains valid after the expiration of your visa
  • Proof of admission from the school you are to attend in Japan.
  • A passport photograph that was not taken more than six months before your visa application.
  • Certificate of Eligibility (COE) issued by the regional immigration authority in Japan.
  • Certificates showing academic accomplishments.
  • Recent bank statement
  • The receipt shows that you have paid for your tuition or accommodation.
  • If your parent or a sponsor pays for your education in Japan, you need their recent bank account statement.
    • Your parent or sponsor must also write a letter stating their intention to sponsor your education and other living expenses for your studies in Japan. Your sponsor must sign this letter. You must also provide a copy of your passport and birth certificate.
  • A flight itinerary or proof of flight reservation
  • A visa application form that was filled as directed and completed honestly.

Note that when applying for a visa, you apply for a student visa, not as a tourist.

How can International Students get Cheap Accommodation in Japan?

The easiest way international students can get cheap accommodation in Japan is by arranging for home staying with a Japanese family.

You should apply for this before arriving in Japan; you can apply through your University.

Another thing you need to know is that you must be respectful to your host family and abide by their family rules and regulations.

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Conclusion: Study Abroad in Japan for Free

Japan is a lovely country for international students to study in.

Since you have read this article, I believe you know practically everything you need to know about studying abroad in Japan.

Before I end this article, here is a tip on how to save money while studying in China: visit local markets more often; also, try renting or buying your bike to save yourself the cost of boarding public vehicles.

I believe this content benefited you, so be kind enough to share it with friends who may also want to study in Japan.


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