How to Study Abroad for Free in 2023 | How to Apply

Are you looking for ways to study abroad for free beginning with the 2023 academic year?

If so, then today is your lucky day.

Studying abroad can be an excellent opportunity to meet new people and immerse yourself in an unknown and exciting culture.

By challenging yourself to try new things and meet others, you can have a big impact on how you see the world.

This article has a well-detailed explanation of how to study abroad for free.

Also, we have put together a list of different countries that offer free study abroad programs.

If this sounds like what you want, continue reading to the end.

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Can Students Study Abroad for Free?

Getting a quality education is not cheap! Especially if we consider the countries with an excellent education system, without a five-figure budget, it seems impossible.

While university fees and other living expenses are increasing in all countries, students are looking for options so they can continue studying in a recognized course without feeling too much support in their pocket. This brings us back to our question: Can students study abroad for free?

You will be relaxed to listen theoretically … yes! Now comes the next step, how is this possible? It is possible to study abroad for free, but it has many elements.

The aspects mentioned below can help students partially or fully cover their tuition. We will provide you with countries offering free study abroad programs and equivalent scholarships.

study abroad for free

Is there a Way to Study Abroad for Free?

Some countries offer free tuition to students who study abroad. We have taken the time to give detailed information concerning those countries in this article below.

Additionally, you can apply for a 100% scholarship. Many organizations provide academic scholarships, and by getting a scholarship, you can study anywhere for free.

Find Scholarships to Study Abroad in 2023-2024

Click on any of the following countries to find scholarships for your study abroad destination choice.

To find more scholarships to study abroad in 2023, visit our scholarship search engine at

How to Study Abroad for Free as an International Student

This will guide you on ways you can study abroad for free, and later in this article, we will list 10 countries that offer free study abroad programs.

Stay with us as we take you to different ways to study abroad for free as an international student.

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#1. Choose the Right Study Abroad Destination / Country

There are countries where colleges do not charge tuition fees. Take the example of Germany, where many states ban tuition fees.
You might think it’s strange. But the government sees education as an investment rather than an expense.

There is a catch, though. The communication medium for many of these free diplomas in Germany is German. Brazil also has meager tuition fees for foreigners, but the language challenge arises again.

Nevertheless, if you consider the language a barrier, you can engage in three weeks of intensive learning of the destination country of study.
Some might say it’s not possible, but I say it’s possible. Just put your mind to it.

#2. Choose the Right Degree (MS vs. MBA vs. Ph.D.)

Popular study-abroad countries like the U.S. don’t have tuition-free colleges. But they have many financial assistance options (scholarships) for international students.

However, not all degrees are created equal. Take the example of master’s degrees: MBA, MS, MPhil, and MiM. You are more likely to get scholarships for an M.S. than for an MBA.

Doctoral-level education (Ph.D. degrees) is also popular in some countries. Finland offers doctorates for free.

But you will encounter the same cultural problems as those mentioned above.

#3. Apply Early in Your Career

Applying early in your career will save you time and money.

The perception of the admissions office changes when they see candidates with significant experience.

They think these students have spent enough time working, earning money, and saving. They can pay the tuition without much support from the university.

When you apply earlier, they know your bank balance isn’t as colorful as your Facebook profile, and not getting any support might scare away the good students.

#4. Crack the Study Abroad Entrance Exams

All universities want to please external evaluators regardless of the degree or country.

In most cases, there are two dimensions: placement statistics (average salary) and selectivity (where the entrance exam scores count a lot).

Your GRE, GMAT, SAT, and ACT scores matter greatly in this race. The higher your score, the greater your chances of getting more honey in your bread.

English proficiency test scores (TOEFL and IELTS) are also important for admission, but they are not as crucial for the decision to acquire a scholarship.

Countries that offer Free Study Abroad Program

I’ve explained how to study abroad for free; here are lists of countries offering free programs.

If you want to study abroad but cannot deal with the expensive tuition, consider one of these countries that offer a free study-abroad program

1. Germany

Germany is known for its excellent university system, and all international students can study there for free after paying annual administrative fees, usually less than € 350.

The country has many interesting cities where you can study abroad without paying anything for your studies, and with a low cost of living if you study in important cities like Munich. I believe Germany is the best option to study abroad for free.

This video is from a German and an American exchange student in Germany; they explain what you need to know about studying in Germany. Please try watching this video if you consider Germany as an option.

Below are lists of universities that offer free study abroad programs in Germany.

2. Brazil

Brazil is a fascinating place for all graduate students who want to live in a country known for its exciting cities, vibrant culture, beautiful beaches, and incredible biodiversity.

A master’s degree in Brazil allows you to experience all this while studying at some of the most recognized universities in Latin America.

If you speak Portuguese, you could get a free education at one of Brazil’s esteemed public universities for a small registration fee when your course begins.

You’ll need to take a test, just as other potential Brazilian students will do, and to demonstrate your Portuguese skill level; you’ll need to get a CELPE-Bras certificate. Brazil is a sure plug if you want to study abroad for free

See a typical day of an American study abroad student in Brazil:

Below are lists of universities that offer free study abroad programs in Brazil.

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3. Iceland

This is another great country that allows students to study for free. Public universities in Iceland are free for all students, irrespective of where you’re coming from.

The only problem is that most of the classes are taught in Icelandic. If you can speak it or find some great English classes, you’ve got a study abroad semester (or years) in one of the most popular countries to visit.

Iceland offers a vibrant and fulfilling student life, with fantastic nature and stunning landscapes on your doorstep, to active and exciting student life within the university and the local community.

So are you thinking of a country you can school abroad for free? Think of Iceland.

Watch Freddy talk about his experiences studying abroad in Iceland.

Below are lists of tuition-free universities in Iceland for international students.

4. Luxembourg

Luxembourg is another country that provides tuition-free study-abroad opportunities. Unlike others, you must learn their language first; if you can speak Luxembourgish, German, French, and English, you study for free in Luxembourg.

Situated in the heart of Europe and the Greater Region, between the pleasures of life, the culture, and the high-end infrastructures, your student life in Luxembourg will be a unique and memorable experience!

Here are 10 things you’ll be able to do in the capital city if you end up studying abroad here:

Below are universities that offer study abroad free tuition programs in Luxembourg.

5. France

France is one of the most popular places to study abroad for free. Furthermore, they do not charge tuition at their public universities, no matter where they come from. Just expect to pay a small admin fee and know some French.

Students who attend a university in France are exposed to the incredible French culture in their daily student life.

While studying, students can expect a wonderfully interactive environment that brings together students from all over the world.

With many people from all over the world attending university in France, it is undoubtedly a new experience that can provide you with a lot of fun and adventure.

Not every day do we have the opportunity to meet with such a diverse group of people, so it is a time to learn and grow while you learn so much.

The video below covers 10 things you need to know if you want to study abroad in Paris. You have to watch this video.

Below are free tuition universities where you can study for free in France;

6. Sweden

Sweden is another great country where you can study for free. You can study in Sweden for free if you have an EU/EEA or Swiss passport.

However, other nationals can expect to pay a few thousand dollars a year; furthermore, Ph.D. studies are usually free, and you even get paid.

As a student, there are several things that you could and should do during your time in Sweden. The country’s geography is stunning, the people are warm and welcoming, and the entire country is diverse in terms of climate, population, and landscapes.

To know more about Sweden, this five minutes video explains five things you need to know before coming to Sweden.

Find universities that offer free tuition studies in Sweden below.

7. Czech Republic

If you can speak Czech fluently, no matter where you’re from, you can study abroad in the Czech Republic for free. But don’t worry; even if you can’t, you can enroll in a language class for about $900 per semester.

It’s a small price to pay for free education in one of Europe’s coolest and most affordable countries.

However, you do not need a lot of money to study abroad. Consequently, with extra effort, patience, and flexibility on location, you can study abroad for free or at a meager cost.

The guys at Honest Guide give some great info about studying abroad in the Czech Republic:

Find universities that offer free tuition studies in the Czech Republic below.

8. Norway

Are you an ambitious student seeking to improve your career possibilities while having the time of your life? Then Norway is worth checking out.

Although Norway is small, Norwegian universities and colleges offer a quality education that benefits international exchanges and students seeking degrees.

Education in Norway is reasonably free regardless of your nationality.

Do you speak Norwegian? Awesome. You can school abroad for free in Norway for just a registration fee of about $50.

However, if you can not speak Norwegian, several degree programs and courses are taught in English. Similarly, you can engage yourself in learning their language.

This video explains how you can study in Norway as a foreign student.

9. Greece

Specifically, in Greek public universities, EU/EEA students are usually not charged any tuition fee; the only exception is a few Master’s programs.

However, all other international students will have to pay tuition fees ranging from 1,500 to 9,000 EUR/year, including textbooks for the chosen courses.

Additionally, Greece is one of the cheapest European countries for foreigners, tourists, and international students. You will, however, need to learn Greek if you don’t know it already.

Below is a list of free tuition universities where you can study abroad for free in GREECE.

This video will take through students’ life in Greece

10. Austria

Austria is also one of the safest countries in Europe. If we add that universities charge low tuition fees, you probably agree that Austria is a great choice for studying abroad.

Anyone with an EU/EEA passport can study for up to eight semesters for free in Austria, plus a couple of small admin costs.

However, If you’re not an EU national, the university is still really cheap, around €725 per semester at the country’s public universities.

This little video below will show you more international students living in Austria.

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