Ithaca College Acceptance Rate 2023 | Average GPA

The Ithaca College Acceptance Rate is highly competitive and selective.

A private college called Ithaca College is located in Ithaca, New York. It was established in 1892 as a music conservatory by William Egbert and is surrounded by the city of Ithaca (which is distinct from the town), Cayuga Lake, waterfalls, and gorges. 

However, the college is most renowned for its extensive list of former students who have succeeded in the media and entertainment sectors.

In its five schools, the college offers a curriculum that includes more than 100 degree programs:

  • School of Business
  • Roy H. Park School of Communications
  • School of Health Sciences & Human Performance
  • School of Humanities & Sciences
  • School of Music

Also, the Division of Interdisciplinary and International Studies houses several cross-disciplinary degree programs and the Center for the Study of Culture, Race, and Ethnicity until the spring of 2011.

In 2011, the school eliminated the division, its programs, centers, and institutes.

Why Choose Ithaca College?

Ithaca is home to tech startups, a “killer music scene,” Broadway-caliber theaters, top-notch eateries, and alumni-owned ice cream shops.

In addition to its main campus, IC has satellite campuses in London and Los Angeles.

Ithaca College fulfills all of my requirements for a university. The town is incredible, the class sizes are tiny, and the music education program is just fantastic! 

Not to mention that the Music School offers a welcoming and encouraging atmosphere where students support one another’s success.

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What is the Ithaca College University Acceptance Rate?

Ithaca College applications are more stringent, with a 76 percent acceptance rate and a 93.7 percent early acceptance rate. 

Ithaca College requires an ACT score of 26 to 31 or an SAT score between 1160 and 1320 for admission to Ithaca College for half of the candidates. 

Nevertheless, 25% of accepted applicants received scores above these limits, while 25% received scores below these.

However, to apply, visit the Application Portal: Morehouse Application or Common Application

What is Ithaca College Tuition?

The cost of attendance for the 2022–23 academic year has been set at $64,060, a 2.68 percent increase from the previous academic year. 3.25 percent more in tuition is included in the increase. 

Tuition, previously fixed at $46,611, will now be $48,126 for the following academic year. 

The cost of lodging has increased by 1%, from $8,976 to $9,066 for a basic double room, and the cost of the board has increased by 1%, from $6,800 to $6,868.

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What is the Ithaca College Transfer Acceptance Rate?

Transfer students make up 5% of the total student body at Ithaca College.

Ithaca College accepts Transfer applications in 48.53 percent of cases, which is competitive.

Also, your current GPA must be at least 3.63; ideally, it should be around 3.78 if you want to transfer to Ithaca College.

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What is the Ithaca College Acceptance Rate By Major?

Ithaca College offers a good number of majors. Some of the majors with their acceptance rates include:

Business Administration and Management, General- 9%

Radio and Television- 7%

Physical Therapy/Therapist- 7%

Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communication- 6%

Cinematography and Film/Video Production- 5%

Occupational Therapy/Therapist- 3%

Creative Writing- 3%

Psychology, General- 3%

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What are the Necessary Requirements for Ithaca College?

First-year applicants must provide the following:

  • Official high school transcripts and a secondary school report.
  • A single referral letter or teacher evaluation
  • Application fee of $60
  • SAT or ACT scores are not required (see the exception below) and SAT subject examinations are not considered.

International students must provide the following:

  • A complete, authentic secondary school transcript or marks sheet (grades) that has the institution’s seal and the attestation of a school official. Moreover, include certified copies of all attended universities’ transcripts. Applicants must provide all transcripts that are not in English and a verified English translation.
  • A letter of reference is delivered directly from your school to Ithaca College from the principal, school head, or college counselor.
  • English proficiency certification

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What are the Transfer Requirements for Ithaca College?

Transferring to a college requires you to submit some documents before admission can be considered.

In Ithaca College, transfer applicants must submit the following:

  • Official high school transcript(s)
  • Official college or university transcript(s)
  • Letter of recommendation or academic evaluation
  • $60 application fee
  • SAT or ACT scores are optional 

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What is the GPA Needed to Get into Ithaca College?

The GPA of an applicant is a key academic consideration for Ithaca College admissions officers.

Ithaca College needs you to be above average in your high school class with a 3.65 GPA. 

Therefore, a combination of A and B grades is required, preferably with more A grades than B. Harder coursework, such as AP or IB courses, might make up for a low GPA.

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What is the Ithaca College Deadline?

Application TypeApplication DeadlineLatest Notification DateEnrollment Confirmation Deadline
Spring Admission
(First-Year and Transfer)
November 1
(priority consideration)
Early DecisionNovember 1December 15February 1
Early ActionDecember 1February 1May 1
Regular Decision for music and theatre arts (First-Year and Transfer)December 1April 15May 1
Regular Decision (First-year) February 1April 15May 1
Regular Decision (Transfer)March 1April 15May 1

The application deadline for transfer students is November 1st.

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What is the Ithaca College Decision Dates?

Applications for early decisions must be submitted by November 1. By December 15, an early decision notification will be made available. The enrollment deposit for early decisions is due by February 1st. Applications for early action must be submitted by December 1.

Also, May 15th is the school’s deadline to decide on transfers.


Finally, Ithaca College is a top-notch educational institution. You won’t regret choosing this university.

I hope this article addressed your concerns about acceptance rates, the average GPA, and admission requirements.

Please remember to leave a remark below if they were.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Ithaca College have rolling admissions?

The spring, fall, and winter periods are when students at Ithaca College enroll.

What is Ithaca College best known for?

The Roy H. Park School of Communications at Ithaca College is well-known worldwide. Many organizations consider it one of the best schools for journalism, media, and entertainment. 

What type of students goes to Ithaca College?

The majority of Ithaca’s pupils are middle-class Caucasians.

Is Ithaca College a prestigious school?

U.S. News & World Report has once again named Ithaca College as one of the best colleges and universities in the nation.


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