10 Best Christian Schools in Pennsylvania 2024 | How to Apply


Christian schools in Pennsylvania: Have you been looking for a good school that suits your children’s needs? Or you’re in search of universities/colleges to continue your education? This article provides you with various selections of Christian schools in Pennsylvania.

Do you want to know the cost of studying in Christian schools in Pennsylvania?


This state is home to lots of great school regions.

Do you want to know the best Christian schools in various cities in Pennsylvania?


This state comes in fourth place nationally regarding the proportion of full-time college students who graduate with a bachelor’s degree.

So if you’re looking for Christian universities in Pennsylvania that will help grow your mind spiritually and academically, this guide is for you.

Therefore, carefully read through and you’d be able to decide on the right school or college for yourself.


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Are there Christian Schools in Pennsylvania?

There are various elementary, secondary, and higher institutions and Christian schools. 

Therefore, there are 182 Christian private schools serving 24,145 students. However, more religiously associated schools can be found in Pennsylvania.

Although we won’t be mentioning all, rather we’d list out the notable Christian schools in Pennsylvania.

They include:

  • The Christian Academy
  • Plumstead Christian School
  • Delaware County Christian School
  • Germantown friends school
  • The Episcopal Academy
  • George School
  • Westtown school
  • Friends’ central school
  • William Penn Charter school
  • Friends select school 
  • Abington friends school
  • Coventry Christian School 
  • Covenant Christian Academy
  • Grace prep high school 

How Much do Christian Schools in Pennsylvania Cost?

The average tuition cost is $6,068 in Pennsylvania.

What are the Best Christian Schools in Pennsylvania?

Deciding on the best Christian schools can be confusing since many schools exist in Pennsylvania.

However, selection can be much simpler with the best Christian schools. 

These Christian schools include:

#1. The Christian Academy

This Christian private school in Brookhaven, Pennsylvania, enrolls children from kindergarten to grade 12. The tuition is $12,100 for the top grade available.

This school helps the students to discover their unique traits and talents that will be useful to them as they grow. 

Additionally, they have trained teachers committed to developing these students to be strong influences wherever they go. 

These elementary, middle, and high school teachers encourage the students and make them challenge themselves, which helps build their self-confidence. 


#2. Coventry Christian School 

Are you searching for the best Christian schools in Pennsylvania that will build your child intellectually in a Christ-centered atmosphere?

This private Christian school is in Pennsylvania with a Tuition of $10,800.

 Coventry Christian school not only assists its students spiritually but also challenges them in their academic life and makes them become critical thinkers.

Additionally, with the aid of their well-structured curriculum, there’s a balance in their studies and fun activities such as clubs and sports.


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#3. Covenant Christian Academy

This is one of the top Christian schools in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

It is a well-regarded private Christian school. 

There are 233 pupils in PK–12, with a student-teacher ratio of 10:1. 

The cost of tuition for the top grade available is $9,655.


#4. Plumstead Christian School

It is an independent, nondenominational preschool through 12th-grade college preparatory school in Pennsylvania.

Plumstead Christian School offers a warm environment where students are taught to think biblically, serve productively, and live their lives centered on Christ. 

Are you searching for Christian schools in Pennsylvania that will prepare your kids for life via education, morality, and faith?

This Christian school ensures that its graduates make a difference wherever they find themselves.

It is an accredited Christian school with a tuition of $16,710.


#5. Delaware County Christian School

This is a Christian private school that enrolls children students from Kindergarten to grade 12.

They have a multicultural group of exceptional teachers who strive to ensure the students pursue excellence in everything they do. 

Furthermore, this school develops the students to affect the world for Christ via academics, the arts, and athletics. 

It is one of the top Christian schools in Pennsylvania, with a tuition of $19,283.


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#6. Germantown Friends School

This independent school in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, serves preschool through grade 12 with a tuition of $41,500.

This school makes the best out of its students. Also, the students in this school are intelligent and motivated.

They can also make the students fully engage in a program of academic study and positively contribute to the school and their community. 


#7. The Episcopal Academy

This coeducational independent day school enrolls students from PK–12 with a tuition cost of $39,900.

The Episcopal Academy is situated in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania. Episcopal’s objective is to inspire boys and girls to pursue meaningful lives based on their religion and characterized by integrity. 

Furthermore, this school has an attractive environment, supporting teachers and coaches as they provide outstanding academic, athletic, and artistic activities. 

In a nurturing setting where students can attain satisfying results, Episcopal offers a curriculum that successfully integrates traditional and modern teaching techniques. 


#8. George School

This is a co-ed high school located in Newtown, Pennsylvania. The tuition cost is $46,100.

Furthermore, the students participate in 25 team sports and complete physical health workshops. 

Additionally, graduates of this school enroll in some of the world’s most prestigious colleges and universities. They become confident, competent leaders who can listen intently to others while maintaining a high level of self-awareness.


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#9. Westtown School

This institution is one of the best Christian schools in Pennsylvania. They put an extraordinary amount of effort into assisting their students in identifying their skills, interests, passions, and sense of direction. 

Furthermore, with the belief that everyone possesses a different Light, specific wisdom, and a developing sense of purpose, They work with the students to assist them in finding these within themselves. 

Westtown provides them with the tools to continue exploring with confidence, academic preparedness, and passion. 

Therefore, their graduates leave the school with a clear sense of direction, defined interests, and the tools to do so. $39,720

Additionally, their tuition cost is $39,720 for the top grade available.


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#10. Friends’ Central School

This is a school for children in kindergarten through grade 12 with a tuition of  $39,990.

It is an independent, coeducational, quaker-day school that prepares students for college. 

They cultivate the potential of their students.

Furthermore, this school not only provides an excellent education but also upholds each person’s dignity and encourages the students to specifically change the world. 


What are the Best Christian Schools in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania?

Are you living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and searching for the best Christian schools around there?

These are a few notable Christian schools that are best for your children.

  • Cornerstone Christian Academy
  • Hunting Park Christian Academy
  • Calvary Christian Academy
  • Cedar Grove Christian Academy
  • Holmesburg Christian Academy
  • High Street Christian Academy

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What are the Best Christian Schools in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania?

With its current status as one of the state’s main metropolitan areas, Harrisburg draws many tourists all year long. It is renowned for its natural beauty and extensive past. 

Additionally, it does Not lagging behind the educational system. Some of the top Christian schools are listed here for your ward.

  • Covenant Christian Academy
  • St. Stephen’s Episcopal School
  • Londonderry School
  • Harrisburg Christian School
  • Harrisburg Adventist School

What are the Best Christian Schools in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania?

Given Pittsburgh’s cheaper cost of living, it isn’t easy to find a place with a better quality of life.

Furthermore, this town has high-quality city amenities, culture, excellent schools, and universities, expanding career possibilities.

Here are some of the top Christian schools in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

  • Imani Christian Academy
  • Jubilee Christian School
  • Pittsburgh Urban Christian School
  • The Neighborhood Academy
  • Harty Bible School

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What are the Best Christian Schools in Erie, Pennsylvania?

Do you want your child to grow up with correct Christian values? 

Here are Erie’s best Christian schools.

  • Bethel Christian School
  • Erie First Christian Academy
  • Luther Memorial Academy
  • Cathedral Preparatory School
  • Saint Jude School

What are the Christian Schools in Mechanicsburg, PA?

This city is one of the best places to live and raise a family in Pennsylvania and has great schools for your children.

Here’s a list of some of the best Christian schools in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

  • Heritage Christian Academy
  • Saint Joseph School
  • Elmwood Academy
  • Northside Elementary School

What are the Christian Schools in Allentown, PA?

This town has been ranked one of Pennsylvania’s top 100 best places.  And as such, there are also great schools within this community.

Below are some of the best Christian schools in Allentown, Pennsylvania. 

  • Lehigh Christian Academy
  • Central Catholic High School
  • The Swain School
  • Executive Education Academy Charter School
  • St. John Vianney Regional School

What are the Christian Schools in Reading, PA?

Are you in search of good Christian schools in Reading for your child?

Here’s a list of the top 5 Christian schools for your children.

  • Fairview Christian School
  • Sacred Heart School
  • Saint Catharine of Siena School
  • Faithful Friends Christian Academy
  • Holy Guardian Angels Regional School

Christian Schools in York, PA

Are you a York resident looking for an excellent school for your ward?

Are you interested in sending your kids to a Christian school in York?

Here are some Christian schools that might be best for your children.

  • Tidings of Peace Christian School
  • Logos Academy
  • Christian School of York
  • York Country Day School
  • Bible Baptist Christian Academy

Best Christian Schools in Lancaster

Lancaster has some of the top family-friendly activities in the area. 

It’s also a city where your children can develop spiritually and intellectually and learn about ethics and manners.

Here are some of the top Christian schools in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

  • Lancaster Country Day School
  • Lancaster County Christian School
  • New School Montessori
  • Lancaster Mennonite School

What are the Christian Universities in Pennsylvania?

While specifics such as student population size and accreditation status differ between Christian colleges/universities, they all share the same objectives.

Their objectives include fostering academic growth in their students while deepening their spiritual connections through chapel services.

Thus, here’s a list of the top Christian universities in Pennsylvania.

  • Villanova University
  • Duquesne University
  • Lafayette College
  • Gannon University
  • La Salle University
  • Saint Joseph’s University
  • University of Scranton
  • Grove City College
  • Eastern University
  • Chestnut Hill College


Many schools in Pennsylvania make it tough to choose the finest Christian school for your kids. 

With this guidance, you could choose the one that works best for you based on your location. 

Uncertain about the best Christian schools in Pennsylvania? You can find the ideal one by reading this post.


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